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Names you can't believe you got.

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All these cool names...

I got to snag Helios for a male balloon though.

I thought that would have been taken

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I got a decent amount of new Bloodborne/Soulseries names for my collection, these are my favorite biggrin.gif


Sir Alonne





Lady Maria

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i've been on dc since 2010, so i have a fair amount of nice names! they're not too stunning, but i rather like them. :3 i'm up for name trades if anyone is actually interested in any of these, or trading offspring from dragons with fun names!


Cello, Snowpants, Obama, Mrr, and Orthodontist, all winters



Trends, Troops, Trucks, Travels, Treadmill, Trapezoids, Trenches, Tramps, Trailers, Tractors and Trainers (don't ask why, i don't know)



Star Fox




Grumpy Bear




frozen hollies Aaron Burr, Angelica Schuyler, and Eliza Schuyler (Hamilton fans, anyone?)



Hot Tub



and a variety of frozen hatchlings named:









Mountain Goat





i love my dragons very much and i am grateful to them for putting up with my silly names

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The Man The Myth The Legend (That's a TAZ reference) and I EAT MEMES. Also Pre-Alcoholism.

Edited by enemom

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I'm a little surprised that I just got the name Tagalog, which is the language spoken in the Philippines.

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Elysabeth Victoria Mortimer

Owen Kiskaddon

King Severn

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These were done years ago. I have lots of kings, Queens, Princesses, Princes and other cool names but these I like the most. I used to be so crazy to name. Somewhere along the way I got lazy and stopped.


All Cheese dragons:

Mmmmm Cheese

Holy Swiss Batman

Chester Cheeto

Cheesus Saves


That's Nacho Cheese

All kinds of Tillamook cheeses

I just love cheese

Really I do


Bubba Gump Shrimp (baby Dino)


All Paper dragons:

Antique Wallpaper

Official Document

Origami Perfection (baby)

Ouch Paper Cut (baby)

Blank Scroll (baby)


All Two-Headed dragons: (They are all real people. I have more reserved.)

Ann Landers 'n Abigail Van Buren

The Atomic Carrot Girls

Tegan and Sara Quin

The Dolly Sisters

Helen and Clytemnestra

The Doublemint Gum Twins

Millie and Christine McKoy

Jenna and Barbara Bush

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Rosalyn and Marilyn Borden

Tia and Tamera Mowry


All Darkgreen Dragons:

Beware the Briar Patch

Kudzu Vine

There is Danger in the Woods

Dragon Vine

Dragon Grass Vine



Original Frill dragons:

I'm Very Frilled to Meet You

I'm Frilled to See You Too (^mated pair!^)

I'm Frilled You're Here

It's All Very Frilling


All Chickens:

Buffy the Worm Slayer (baby)

Egghead Jr (baby)

Cheepster (baby)

Henny Penny

Foghorn Leghorn

Cocky Lockey

Superhero Chicken


Fried Chicken 'n Waffles

Waffles and Chicken

Chicken and Dumplin's

Ms Cluck

Chicken Alfredo

Yolk-O Ono


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I am very sad that I could not name this dragon "Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade". It was too long.


I got the next best thing though.

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The Dip for Turpentine.

Anyone get that reference?

"One of these days, you're gonna die laughing!"


I can't believe I just got Warren G for my male diamondwing. Seriously? With all these Valentine Dragons no Warren G? I bet they got Barry White though.

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Just got "Natural Twenty" for my new CB Prize Dragon.


How was that not taken?!

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Inspired by a physics course I took, I decided to name one of my red Zyumorphs Thermo Dynamis, and even if I had a feeling that the name might be taken, it actually wasn't. My other Zyus also got some names that I was surprised to see available: Cheminee, Siarc and Deinosor.

My male Sinomorph got a bit of a silly name as I was thinking of something that has 'thorn' in it and then the word thorn accidentally collided with cornbread, creating Thornbread.

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I got "Bolded" for on of my CB Blacks and "Italicized" for her daughter. P: I also got "Tats".

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