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Names you can't believe you got.

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Gave a Celestial the name Todd Haberkorn.


Honestly, after managing to get Yuri Lowenthal, I'm surprised neither of these popular anime dubbers had been taken.

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hmmm let's see:








These Words Oughta Mean Somethin


That Sounds Nasty




As well as:


Brother From Another Mother

(Considering how many sibling/half sibling eggs are fished out of the AP every week, I'm really surprised it was available laugh.gif)


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Thread Count, Catch-Phrase, Disruptions, Disarray, Have a Cup of Cheer, and finally, I have a set of trio dragons named "shock-and-awe, frost-and-awe, and scorch-and-awe.

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The most recent name I couldn't believe I got was Gregorian Chanting. A few others that were within the last few weeks include The Last Bastion (which is on a name holder for now), Rare Potion Ingredient, Greenish Pink, Old Gum Tree, and Festive Tree.

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Butterfly Repellent.


I was wondering what to name my 2G Caligene from monarch when I clicked on the view page and saw it's description.

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The name I honestly still do not believe I was able to get was 2016. While I named him in 2013 it was still hard for me to believe that a dragon had not been named 2016 yet ohmy.gif! I also have 2003, 1997, F0X, 80, 2008, 2009, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and Tori Kelly.


I was honestly flabbergasted nobody had taken 2006 considering dragcave was released that year!


I also find it very hard to believe nobody had named there dragon Tori Kelly.


I cannot wait to see what other names I will get that are surprisingly untaken.

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Got a little carried away with witch and contagion names, but some of my favorites are




Ways of the Strega



Briar Hexe

Bramble Hexe

Haakneus, Pierehaar and Steketand


Contagion Carrier

Cradle of Contagion

Spreading Contagion

Curious Contagion

Child of Contagion

Contagion Control

Sweeping Contagion

Galsreim Contagion

Contagious Witch

Contagion Event



Uncertain Death

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ohmy.gif How was 'Haunted Woods' not taken?! I'm not gonna complain but dang, I'm stunned.

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I got 'Garlic Clove' for one of my pygmies. smile.gif


I also got:

You Cannot Hurt Me

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The Witchlight


King of the Ducks



Saxxy Awards


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Basically my halloween dragons this year


Tetzahupapalotl (butterfly of terror)

Mictlanpapalotl (Butterfly of death land)(both are a reference to "black butterfly"/"Ascalapha odorata" and those are some of their names in Nahuatl.)

Corpse Ashes

Anfiptero (An Herald animal, basically a winged serpant)

Ghost Vessel

Pihuchen (the most common name is Peuchen but was taken, this is one of other of their name. Quote by Wiki "It has often been described as gigantic flying snake which produced strange whistling sounds, while its gaze could paralyse an intended victim and permit it to suck its blood. It has often been reported as the cause of sucking blood from sheep.")

Shishi-Odori (it's a Japanese "Deer Dance", I used a lot the cervidae theme on the witchlights)

Gilled Antelope (it's a cryptid "This species was rumored to be either an antelope or deer which had the capability to breathe underwater by use of a set of gills on its muzzle. " )

Cierva de Cerinea (Ceryneian Hind in spanish)

Oak-thorny (is the old norse of Eikþyrnir, a stag which stands upon Valhalla in Norse mythology)

Tupilaq (quoting wiki "was an avenging monster fabricated by a practitioner of witchcraft or shamanism by using various objects such as animal parts (bone, skin, hair, sinew, etc.) and even parts taken from the corpses of children. The creature was given life by ritualistic chants. It was then placed into the sea to seek and destroy a specific enemy. (...)

Today, tupilaqs of many different shapes and sizes are carved from various materials such as narwhal and walrus tusk, wood and caribou antler. They are an important part of Greenlandic Inuit art and are highly prized as collectibles.")

Criptozoologia (Criptozoology in spanish)



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I've gotten a few good ones before:











Clinical Psychology



Neon Demon








And I could go on...almost always, whenever I select a name I make sure that I like it a lot.

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Some of my recent names:


Coral Blue Semi-Gloss Lipstick

Seanut Brittle

Holographic Meatloaf


Goofiest Goober

Undersea Peanut

Shell City

Nasty Patty

Chum Bucket Bucket Helmet

Kelp Nougat Crunch


(I really like SpongeBob tongue.gif )

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