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Names you can't believe you got.

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I recently picked up "Cryptology" and "Cypheri", both currently on CB black dragons, though I may repurpose them at some point in the future.

I also found a lovely little pun in the form of "Parasoar" that was available.

"Lord Greenbriar" and "Lady Greenbriar" have also found homes on my scroll as CB Vine dragons.


I'll probably have more in the coming weeks as I'm slowly working my way through my scroll to be sure that every dragon (except for a handful with neat codes) is named and is appropriately updated to my new notation.

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Julie Andrews

Copper Benzoate


Echo Flower

King Dreemurr

You're meeting all my standards

Karmic Retribution

B'scotch Pie (thanks sans)

The Great Diamond Authority

Oh Santa

Life Day


Franklin Pierce

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Featuring and Rivaling.

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I got Asgore awhile ago! The only Undertale name I got, I think. :3

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Ya'll I hit the jackpot. I already had Hawkeye Pierce (from 2009) but look what I got:

Henry Blake

Sherman Potter

Trapper John

Max Klinger

BJ Hunnicutt

Father Mulcahy

Charles Emerson Winchester III

Major Burns

Radar O’Reilly

Nurse Kellye


There seems to be a ton of people nabbing my second favorite character, Margaret Houlihan. I'm watching ya'll.


Jk. Just got "Houlihan".

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I'm surprised I got these:

Chubby Rosebud




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- Firebolt

- Soulslayer

- Eaglefeather

- Ingrum



- Cadbury Creme

- Corona Topaz

- Erimija Orange Johnson (Pronounced Air-imi-uh)


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Some real word names: Express, Oblivious, Potatoes, Irremissible, Cephalopod, Turkmenistan, Dolichocephalic, Rickroll'd, Oshawott, Zoroastrianism


Other cool ones: Scary Godmother, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Rcio O0oj Nxako Thuwed (Blue Eyes White Dragon.)

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For the new Xmas dragons:

-Rahk of Aegis

-Aegis Immaterial


Giggle at them everytime.

Love those. I have


Oracle Of Aegis

The Rock Of Aegis

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