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Names you can't believe you got.

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So, so many... Metalocalypse, Heavy Metal Angel, The Glittering Darkness. SLC Punk, My Nerdy Valentine, & The Love Theif. Zombie Stomp, Alice in Zombieland, Headstoned, & Graveshroud. Pyromantic, Deathsplosion, Cheshire Rabbit, A Way Away. Psychotik + Neurotika = Neuroses. Dark Prophet & Dark Faith... and that's barely scratching the surface. I never cease to be amazed at the names I find that aren't taken. I mean, who would want Table Flippin Good Time or American Rebel? xd.png Or maybe my brain just works weird... o.o

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I had a bunch, then ended up on hiatus for a few months a while back (no Internet), and when I came back my dragons were all unnamed! I have a few though. smile.gif


The Pale Emperor

Mephistopheles of Los Angeles

Glenn Hetrick

Gul Dukat

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Tralfaz - I'm really surprised it hadn't been taken and had to keep checking to make sure I hadn't misspelled it.

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Yule Yearling for my new xmas.


Also some of mine off top of my head:

Check Cave - has code ChkCv

Thunderstruck Rocks

Cheezy Mozzarella

Messy Neo

Shallow Dead

Serpent Snack food - for my frozen chick biggrin.gif


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Few Harry Potter names that I recently got


Professor Bathilda Bagshot

Professor Dippet

Professor Marchbanks

Mr Orion Black

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