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Names you can't believe you got.

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Teo Torriate.

It's the title of a Queen song, it means "Let us cling together." Brian May wrote it. Beautiful song, very heartfelt and tender. Good name for the Avatar of Creation I gave it to smile.gif

I saw the code had "teo" in it and thought, "Teo Torriate." Then, "no way, it's GOTTA be taken!" I tried it anyway, and was amazed and delighted smile.gif

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Imagine my surprise just a minute ago when Professor Kettleburn wasn't taken. ohmy.gif


Of course, I'm happy I got the name. biggrin.gif

I think someone's scroll died- a while back, I got tons of Harry Potter names. I recently got Professor Longbottom, which made me happy.

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@toyofubl: Wow, congrats! That's too good a name. biggrin.gif

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I just got "Calm Down Man" and "Kitty Hisses" for my Pacified and Enraged Aegis. xd.png

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It's mostly holiday dragons that I don't have a set naming scheme for and experiment with names with, so the following list predominantly consists of holiday dragons:


Tooth Ache

Silvered Candy

Surprise Hugs

Sculpted Snow

Ivory Antlers

Tempered Blizzard

Turpentale, since I noticed I'm not the only one with the Turpen<t-word> naming scheme for turpentines. smile.gif


Through The Heart (which, while it can be taken to be generic, is supposed to be an homage to Panzer Dragoon Saga's final boss fight, where this is the name of one of the enemy's moves)

Radiant Virtue

Poisonous Lust

Sweet Tisane

Blood-tipped Wings

Silk Strider


Radiant Peach

Twisted Ice

Ishvara (--> Wikipedia)

Extinguished Flame


Tortured Nerve

Polished Skull

Picked Bones


There's a huge box of names that I gave for mates for my Desipes that I was surprised to get, too:

Fragmented Thoughts

Fractured Mind (Though I was very pleased to see one of PieMaster's alts is called Fragmented Mind and thus not at all bummed about not getting that one xd.png)

Fragmented Wild

Fragmented Volition

Fragmented Psyche

Splintered Thoughts

Splintered Mind

Splintered Will

Splintered Volition

Splintered Psyche

Crushed Thoughts

Crushed Mind

Crushed Will

Crushed Volition

Crushed Psyche

Cracked Thoughts

Cracked Will

Cracked Volition

Cracked Psyche

Cracked Mind


I also went on a SOMA naming spree last Halloween and was surprised nothing game-specific seems to have been taken by anyone else:

Johan Ross

Structure Gel

Carl Semken

A Beast Like Any Other

Imogen Reed


And while I'm not directly surprised about this SOMA pair, I'm pleased I got the names: the final efforts to stop x the comet have officially failed

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Every time I think I'm done finding Harry Potter names, I'm ... not.


Miss Potter

Mrs Granger

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Every time I think I'm done finding Harry Potter names, I'm ... not.


Miss Potter

Mrs Granger

I envy your naming luck sometimes. xd.png


I got "Mr Green Goblin" for my Green Dino and "Wilhuff Tarkin" for my 2G Magma. Heh.

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Now that I've finally finished gleaning all the Harry Potter names I could, here are my favorites:


Miss Hermione Granger

Mr Ronald Weasley

Mr Weasley

Miss Weasley


Mrs Norris

Recently got:


Mr Lupin

Mr Lovegood

Miss Ginny Weasley

Miss Evans

Mr Snape

Mr Dursley


I'm going to stop listing. I think Mr/Miss "everybody in Harry's year," plus a bunch of others of Mr/Miss "full name," including the Marauders, Dumbledore's Army, and the Order of the Phoenix.


... now all my dragons sound incredibly formal. I'm pretending to read them aloud in a disapproving McGonagall voice.


And last of all:


Male maybe


It's not particularly interesting, but I needed a placeholder name that told me the gender, and it is a simple enough name that I was surprised.

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Harry Potter names that I just got:


Professor Dippet

Mr Orion Black

Professor Bathilda Bagshot

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Hah, I managed to get "Too Gay to Function" which is pretty surprising. xd.pngFigured it would have been taken because, you know. Mean Girls.

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