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Names you can't believe you got.

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The Sidekick


Edit: Maybe I should breed him to "The Femme Fatale." Mess with some tropes.

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Now that I've finally finished gleaning all the Harry Potter names I could, here are my favorites:


Miss Hermione Granger

Mr Ronald Weasley

Mr Weasley

Miss Weasley


Mrs Norris

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I got these:


(from the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan)


(from the How to Train Your Dragon series by Cressida Cowell)


(From the 100 Cupboard series by N. D. Wilson)

As you can see, I like books. rolleyes.gif I also recommend all of these if you have not read them yet. (Along with Harry Potter, Wings of Fire, Ashtown Burials and many more. I read A LOT.)

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Sinister Eye

I shall never run out of altfail babies, and they will all have beautiful names. Except for American Football.

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My scroll has been cleaned of the old names I had since I was inactive for a bit. I've been going through and slowly renaming 400 dragons. A lot of the names are now suffixed with my current name (Halcyon) and I usually only name the things that had some bit of specialty to them since coming up with hundreds of names is draining to me. A mass majority of the "interesting" bits of my collection are prefixed with a shorthand term. INB being Inbred, HAL-[first letter of parents], PB, CB...


I have made few exceptions. Here's the few. I was surprised when I got these names.


A FIERCE Paper Dragon

A TINY Paper Dragon

TASTY Chicken Express

A Block of Cheese

Sliver of Cheese


"A Sliver of Cheese" was, unfortunately, taken.

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Warning: this is a long list.

  • You're A Kid Now
  • You're A Squid Now
  • Cap'n Cuttlefish
  • Saltspray Rig
  • Carbon Roller
  • Moray Towers
  • Heavy Splatling
  • Krak-On Splat Roller
  • The Mighty Octostomp
  • Tentatek Splattershot
  • Gold Dynamo Roller
  • Lanshi
  • Razmi
  • Narssus
  • Skull Heart Arrythmia
...I have a lot of Splatoon names.

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These two :3




- Steve Patterson

- The Queen of Jewels

- Suprcalifragilisticexpialidocius

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This memorable play by play call:

11 seconds, you've got 10 seconds, the countdown going on right now! Morrow, up to Silk. Five seconds left in the game. Do you believe in miracles?! YES!!!

Obviously, you can't name your dragon all that in one name, so I split it up like this:

11 Seconds You've Got 10 Seconds

The Countdown Going On Right Now

Morrow Up To Silk

Five Seconds Left In The Game

Do You Believe In

Miracles YES


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I can't believe the stand-up comic names I got.


Brent Morin

Jen Kirkman

Anjelah Johnson

Mike Birbiglia

Iliza Schlesinger


Just. Wow.

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I've caught my fair share of great names before, but after a three-year break from this site, I figured all the good names I had in mind would surely be taken. Then I got these:


Andy Warhol Silver Screen

Slavoj Zizek (not sure if I want to have a Zizek on my scroll, though biggrin.gif)

Michel Foucault

Valerie Solanas (my personal favourite)

Buda Pest

Chomsky Was Wrong

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Claire Becker for a Caligene


No Supernatural fans? :3

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I am just shocked that Kali Mist wasn't taken. It's not as well known in current days as, say, Girl Scout Cookies or OG Kush, but it's still an internationally known strain that has been very popular for years. Often when I try to use strain names, I find them taken, especially anything even moderately popular, so this is a huge surprise to me. Delighted, since it's the perfect name for that precious Mistletoe (which I am paying a -fortune- to my friend in exchange for but it's so worth ittttt). But surprised. xd.png




Also surprised that 'Holiday Lovers' was still available. Seems like something that would've been snapped up a while ago. Ah well, so much the better for me! (Also, this one has a great code, too. I can't decide if it's 'yeah, you know' or 'yeah uno' or 'yeah, you, no' or 'why a uno'... hee!)

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