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Names you can't believe you got.

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The Wrong Number Song. Woulda been perfect for things like tinselfails or accidentally breeding something beautiful.

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A Young Doctor's Notebook ohmy.gif


Wow! One of my favorite shows /ever/ because it's absolutely hilarious in a delightfully dark and morbid way. I'm probably going to be moving this name over to one of the new Halloween dragons this year!

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Spear of Justice. It's mostly surprising to me because I didn't get Bonetrousle, and it seems like the kind of COOL DRAGON NAME that would have been taken even before Undertale.

ooh man i remembered i snagged a bunch of Undertale names (mostly item and enemy names) quite a while ago:

Snowman Piece



Cinnamon Bunny

Abandoned Quiche

Hot Cat



Dog Residue

Tem Flake

Tem Shop

Spider Donut

Face Steak

Annoying Dog (particularly happy about this one)


Loox Eyewalker





Knight Knight



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Today, we got a 4 inch high pile of catalogs for Christmas. I was almost done looking through the pile of them, and then I saw it.


Hammacher Schlemmer

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The Jesus.


I was going to put some Big Lebowski quotes right here --->


But there were so many swear words, it would have just been a huge bunch of edits and censor icons. Heh.



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Parsnip Pie

Shattered Cave

Fallen Monk

Dead Camera


Surprised these weren't taken, especially Parsnip Pie and Fallen Monk.

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Just named a dragon Headmaster Zefron.


Excuse me, I need to go watch all three Potter Musicals now. Again. I'll be back in like 10 hours.

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Heartache Tonight


Idi Amin







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For Halloween?


Jack O' Lanturn II

Wrath of Halloween


Seriously, I'm surprised those names weren't taken.

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I was shocked to get Murderess, Immigration, and Fearmonger. I'm also fond of Axe Murderer and Chainsaw Massacre.

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Just got Endogeny (would say why, but I think it's a spoiler). A little more surprising when you consider that it's a real thing.


edit: Even weirder since the related characters' names are taken. (Though it can be just because it's a really cool dragon name).

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I'm kinda sad most of the Undertale-related names got taken but


tem pay 4 colleg

That reminds me how I got 'cool leg', inspired by the Temmies.

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Barely Alive?

What? How?

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