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Names you can't believe you got.

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Got the name Mineralite today. I still don't really know what it is, but the word exists. I'm guessing it's a vague word for something that's mineral based xd.png

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A Named Dragon

Prepare to be Annihilated


I'm surprised no one had thought of either of those.

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Kennith Kennithson


xd.png Oh my gods, ahahah. Kennith. Freaking Kennith, you evil genius, you. I guess there aren't many Nerd Cubed fans here on DC~ laugh.gif

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I'm really surprised. I just got the name "Catch you later." blink.gif

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I was pleasantly surprised, most of the other female monarchs had been taken. I got "Maria Theresa"

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Black Blood Moon

Please Just Come Back

I Don't Want To Live Anymore

Protected Child

Ridiculed Child

Beautiful Child

Loved Child

Mits and Mitts


Beam's (for my shimmer!)

Horsehell Which was surprising for me because with the hellhorses being newer.. i thought someone would've taken it by now

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I got a many that surprised me.


Just today I got Vlad Dragul and Vlad Dragul Tepes!

How can someone not have named their vampire dragons after Vlad the Impaler?

I even got Don Knotts today! How can I be his only fan? I'm gonna go try some more.

Edit: *blue screen* I just got Mr Bing Crosby and Harry Lillis Crosby (his real name)


Most recently was

From Romantically Apocalyptic:

Dr Alexander Gromov

Charles Snippy

Christophorus Hatchenson

Zee Captain



But some of my older ones were...


From Dean Koontz Novels:

Mr Odd Thomas

Ms Stormy Llewellyn

Bronwen Llewellyn

Mr Christopher Snow

Sasha Goodall

Bobby Halloway


Various other Refs:

Peppermint Comet ... (Reindeer Names)

Peppermint Cupid ... (Reindeer Names)


Magikarp Splash ... (Pokemon)


Thor the Norse God ... (Mythology)

Son of Helios ... (Mythology)

Echidne ... (Mythology)


The Ice Princess ... (Fairy Tale Ref)

Serpent of Loch Ness ... (Folklore)


Monkeybone ... (Movie Ref)

Captain Zoom ... (Movie Ref)


Simple, non ref, but easy or ideal choices:

Frost Magi ... (For a Winter Magis)

Polar Dancer ... (For a Ribbon Dancer)

The Ethereal Lady ... (For a Ghost Walker)

Erno Jr ... (For a descendant of Silver Tinsel Erno)

Edited by CassiopeaVixen

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@Windy: Is Nanoparticle a pygmy? XD



Not exactly surprised I got it since it's kinda out there... but I have a CB Pink named Cake Eater.

The name is my neighbor's little sister's nickname. (Her favorite color is pink.) x3

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I got Gem and Ni for a Split. Surprised nobody thought to do it because Gemini... Ya know?

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Palindrome Code HOLY MOTHER really? REALLY? did i get that? I mean.. it'd be better if i got Palindrome but.. Still this was really surprising to me!

It's on her, who was found in the AP and has an alt Cavern Lurker in her lineage http://dragcave.net/lineage/iiMii

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Puppy Linux ^-^

Ubuntu OS

Least Weasel


The Fifth World

Look At You Lying

Look How You Hurt Them

That's What The Bad Mans Do


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Another name haul! This time Egyptian-themed:

Nile River

West of the Nile

West Bank of the Nile

East of the Nile

East Bank of the Nile






Lower Egypt

Upper Egypt








And some A:tLA/LoK names:

Earth Kingdom

Air Nomads



Pro Bending

Pro Bend



Edited by Lady Artemis

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Dymaxion - http://dragcave.net/lineage/C6bMd <3


Not All Those Who Wander Are - http://dragcave.net/lineage/gWBgs - Thank you munificent, those parents are very nice!


Vermiphobia - http://dragcave.net/lineage/VOLld - Absolutely fantastic! biggrin.gif


and finally, It Is Not A Snog Box - Thank you, Stromboli! I hope that fits! xd.png

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The Pellet with the Poison

The Vessel with the Pestle

The Chalice from the Palace

The Flagon with the Dragon

The Brew that is True


If you recognize this you're awesome! And probably old, heh.

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