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Pet Peeves

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Okay, lets start...


~People Who Capitalize Every Word Of A Sentence, It ticks me off and it hurts my eyes for some reason .__.


~Weeboos or however it's spelt


~The Popular Girls... ugh... They think they're the best when no one like them but themselves, yet they are still somehow popular


~txt tlk. Save the text talk for texting... How hard is it to type 'you' instead of 'u'? or 'to/too' instead of '2'?


~people who think they're soooo - o - o cool when they're just censorkip.gif bags


~People who think vampires and stuff that couldn't possibly exist exist, and talk about it nonstop, while hitting people who don't believe in it.


~When someone doesn't hold the door for you and slams it in your face while you're carrying a crapload of schoolwork with both hands.


~People who stick snot/gum/other gross stuff under your desk... I mean, seriously?


~People who don't know what sex is and misuse the word all the time


~People who abuse the word 'epic' and stick it in at times where it's totally un-needed


~people who stare at you while you eat


~People who chew with their mouth open so you can clearly see into it and get a close up of the chewing process...



I think that's all for now...

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Grammar mistakes... and when there's a typo in a homework assignment or something. I have to correct it or else I really can't concentrate on the homework.

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- doing something I later realize was an oopsie

- pickles on sandwich when no pickles was specified

- flowering cherry sapling getting mowed over again when there's stakes marking it. (There's bricks surrounding it now)

- not being quite as good at gardening as I'd like to be

- bad dreams

- needles with me as the target!




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Penguins annoy me more than anything.



But...but.... They are so cute and huggable!






Oh I remembered one more thing that annoys the crap out of me...


People that talk on their cell phone while checking out at a register.

It's so incredibly rude... dry.gif

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People who let their kids scream their heads off in public, without even trying to do anything about it. dry.gif

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People who say I'm smart and the people who act like they were born with rocks in their heads.

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People who improperly use the phrase, "it begs the question". Which is pretty much everyone who uses it.

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Ignorant people that look down there nose at other people when they don't even know them! Or push past as if they own the place without ever saying thank you for letting them go first... mad.gif

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Pretentious, hypocritical people that look down on others as immature/inferior in some way.


But it takes a pretentious person to say that others are pretentious hypocrites/insult others in some way, so everyone is pretentious! Yayz for an awesome world.


Oh, also, when spit randomly drips out of my French horn onto my lap/down my arm (when I'm just buzzing a lot in the mouthpiece)'


And obsequious people.

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Here's another of my 50 things that disturb me.


People who thrive on the belief of being socially awkward. Or people who take pride in being socially awkward.

The people who might fall in to the category of socially awkward and seem to make a public scene about it whenever they can. Intentionally making themselves stand out or acting stupid because they've developed this idea that they're 'weird'

I don't like it. At all. In a sense it's their way of being rebellious but there is no reason to enlarge your ego because you make it hard for people to like you.

Coming from a person who has trouble making friends and communicating, there is absolutely nothing positive about it. It sucks. There is no reason to be proud of your inability to act accordingly in social situations.

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When clerks give priority to people calling on the phone over people who are standing in line. It's not fair that I've been standing there waiting for 10 minutes listening to you answer calls from people who just phoned and are sitting comfortably in their houses watching Oprah or whatever the hell while they wait, while my questions have been repeatedly interrupted by you answering the phone. I was first.


EDIT: When southern americans tell me that 4C(39.2F) is too cold for my dog to stay outside. You live in the south, I live in canada, you have no idea what cold is. This is t-shirt weather, an animal with a thick fur coat is not going to have any trouble.

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Vegan cat food. Yes, it exists. Because some people are apparently fuzzy on what carnivore means. rolleyes.gif

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Down Time sad.gif btw, nice name, lol.


I also really dislike people who turn everything into a competition!

I know this girl who, with everything I said, had to say something like, oh yeah, I knew about that a LOOOONG time ago, where were you? One time, i was complaining about the bit of redness on my arm from an alergic reaction and she said, My arms are WAY worse than that! dry.gif Yeah, she really said stuff like that. I dislike her on a very deep level. She was also one of those people who pretend to be cute and bubbly when they're actually annoying as censorkip.gif

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Things that annoy me? I have a whole list:


-Bad table manners

-1337 $p33k (Leet Speak)

-People who think they know everything

-Lazy people

-People who don't do their homework, and then complain about how badly they're doing in school

-There, their, and they're. You, your, you're. Learn. The. Difference.

-People who talk down to the new freshman at my school. Come on. They're new. I suppose you knew everything when you first got here? Give the poor kid a break.

-The internet at my school. It's the definition of slow.

-Unreliable friends.

-The malfunctioning fire alarm in the dorm next door that likes to go off at 2 in the morning.

-Research papers

-My computer applications class, which I have no way to get out of. I already know how to use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. This class is a waste of my time.

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British Telecom. Specifically, the call centre staff whose indian accents are so strong you can barely make out the script they were given to read to each and every problem brought up by a caller. Nothing against them, just the fact that such a large company doesn't even bother hiring employees in the same country. Well they do... but those employees work on advertising. To lure more poor, poor people into their contract traps. If they ever got decent competition they'd suffer large customer losses, I'm sure of it.


Though other than the obvious there's another thing that bugs me... People who get offended on other's behalf. If you find something offensive then fair enough. What I can't stand is when people get narked because someone else (Whom they barely/don't even know) probably would have.

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off the top of my head ONE of the things that really annoy me...


the "word" or use of U versus you in typing/texting etc -.-

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where do i begin,

- People who say I'm immature but I'm more mature then they will ever be- People who chew with their mouth open

- Teachers

- Needles/surgery/doctors *shivers*

- Lies *kill*

- Unsocial/shy people

- People who think they are so much better than everyone else for just being them

- My Internet

- My cat

- Most of all, ticks. Like when someone scratched their head every five seconds, Or like really loud breathing, sniveling, and more....

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-People who think they know everything, about everything. Especially when you hear stupid ignorant garbage spew from their mouths.

-People who pass judgments on others without knowing anything about them.

-People who are annoyed by things they are themselves, and are totally ignorant to the fact thus thinking they are better than everyone.

- Getting yelled at by strangers for holding the door open for them. Sheesh, I'm just being polite, next time I'll let it smack you in face! >:(

-My cat's sudden need to try to sing me to sleep.

-Wet socks... I hate wet socks.


...wow a lot of those stem from my place of employment. lol.

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-Improper grammar/spelling

-People who whine and complain about their lives ALL THE DAMN TIME

-People who are very stereotypical

-People who are deliberately rude to others and don't care who they hurt

-When mods/staff don't do anything to said people

-People who are rude to you becasue you don't agree with them

-People who are always trying to 1-Up you


-People who actually believe stereotypes

-Getting stereotyped

-Being woken up in the middle of the night

-People who base their opinion of something off of the fans


-Know-it-alls (I'm a bit of a hypocrite on this one.)

-People who don't have a reason to hate something, "they just do"


-RP Fights (Example: Person 1- *throws rock*, Person 2: *shoots person one with laser*)

-When someone stops in the middle of the hallway to hug their friend or some crap like that

-People who get mad at you for typing in the same color as them, having a similar avatar, ect.

-People who feed trolls


-People who brag about people they've trolled/people whose feelings they hurt

-People who brag about stolen art they've reported

-When someone tells their friends to troll someone with them

-When someone doesn't use their turn signal (This is a mild one though.)

-People who smack their food

-People who treat you badly for no reason

-People who act like fictional characters (I'm talking all the time not just kidding around with friends or anything.)

-When someone that's not a teacher/family member/person of authority calls me honey/sweetie/anything of the sort

-Double posting

-When people talk slowly to me like I can't understand them or something

-When people treat me like I'm mentally retarded because I suck at sports

-When someone fails Geography forever (Thinking Hungary is in Africa, not understanding the difference between Great Britain, The United Kingdom, and England, ect.)

-The fact that I'm always having to make sure my bed is strait

-When I'm always having to see which pictures I want

-When I can't find the little detail that's off about something

-Really, really sarcastic people

-People who make a character OOC in an RP/Fanfiction and they act like it didn't happen

-People who haven't read/seen/played/tried something and say they hate it

-When someone has a goal and they give up on it within a week

-When someone takes out their anger on me (Hypocritical again...Sorry.)

-People who use text speak outside of the internet/texting

-People who refuse to admit when they're wrong

-When someone fails to understand cultural differences or insisting that the way the live is right

-When someone holds a grudge for a really long time

-People who claim that they are a wolf, dragon, ect.

-People who constantly say they hate something

-Discrimination (Specifics: Where you shop, what country you're from, your religion, and what you like)


-When there's nothing on T.V. (This one's not so big.)

-People who take me seriously all the time

-People who over use emotes

-Any and all alarms

-Hypocrites (So hypocritical it hurts...)

-When someone wants me to do something and they take a long time to tell me what it is

-When someone won't spit something out

-When someone puts pictures in all of their posts

-When I accidentally zoom out on my laptop

-When I scroll through pictures on dA and I didn't mean to

-When something randomly stops working

-Looking for avvie/siggy sets

-When you make a really long post and then realize that you made a grammatical mistake

-Lack of order

-Lack of symmetry (To a degree.)

-When my dog barks/cat meows for no reason


Good God...I hate everything!

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Hmm... Let's see...

  • When people pretend to be something
  • When little kids think they have a pet Phoenix
  • Little Kids
  • When my dog barks at stupid stuff (etc. bikes, my horses)
  • When my horses roll after a bath
  • When people are TOO loyal
  • Black holes
  • Humans
  • My mom's dog
  • Spelling errors in RPs
  • When an RP or Sprite Shop fails epicly
  • When humans do things humans shouldn't
  • Know-it-alls
  • Show-offs
  • Needles (I seriously went through a filling with out Novocaine because I hate them so much.
  • Compliments
  • Please-and-thank-yous
  • Chevys (GO FORDS)
  • Animal-hoarders
  • When people cook for their pets
  • Evil people (I have a few in particular)
  • When horses don't listen
  • When people don't listen
  • School
  • Science
  • Math
  • "Graphic Novels"
  • more...

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People who dumb themselves down for others just to have a conversation with them. Are we really that hopeless?


I don't like hypocrites either, but it can't be helped, it's just when you CAN help it but DON'T.


I strongly dislike people who smoke, and smoke around me.


I don't like people who keep their dogs outside to have them bark at odd times of the day. Obsessive dog lovers/cat haters go with them too. (Omg, I got a rabbit but it poos everywhere and is so much work but I love it! 8D" People who are in seemingly denial like that. ) Along with overly religious people, but I won't go there for numerous reasons.


I will in no way support animal abuse in any way, shape, or form. Yes, I killed bugs. I was six. I still kill them. They bite and sting. I don't like them but I dislike harming animals more. When I squish bugs, I squish to kill. Not torture. Unless it stings me. dry.gif


I also don't seem to care about all of this mainstream music and media. I'm tired of being confused about what's really happening and about how some of it gets covered up or is unanswered and is and unfinished story.


Also, I don't care for people who don't leave enough paper tissue for the next person, as well as clog the toilets in a public restroom.


Another thing I dislike is how people view people with disabilities, and look down on them. How I hate hate HATE how they treat them and how the government thinks its okay to take away their funding or put them out of public view. It's cruel. How "normal" people look at them...nothing makes me lose faith in humanity faster.


I don't like people who lie, unless its for a good reason.


I dislike when people cheat. (And not at games, though that ticks me off too. I'm talking about the people who'd destroy a family's future for his/her greedy needs.) Not to mention the justice system would aid them because they have the money.


People who won't stop to help you with something heavy when you are clearly having trouble with it. And I believe someone mention that they'd get angry because they'd honk at you for being in their way cause they were too busy texting and weren't paying attention.


And I'll say this, I'm not too fond of certain Anime either. It's too stereotypical for my tastes, I'm sorry. The fans, the cutesy-ish themes...no thank you.


I don't like people who use others either, thought this is closely related to cheating but when you help someone through something only to have them hurt you, I don't think its right.


I hate loud noises, and even more so those made by people.


I don't like it when people don't understand each others jokes, it's such a horrible feeling.


People who think it's okay to threaten to leave this world to get attention or don't think their life is good enough. Life is life. It will do what it wants. Doesn't mean you leave people who actually care behind. And it ticks me off when these people don't see those people I mentioned are important.


Needles and the dentists I will never love at all. Even if they could save my life.


Cars made by the Ford company, so ugly and boxy. They seem decades behind, I think.


Scientists saying our world could end any second. Oh did you see that? A second went by. Time passes, doesn't it? Honestly, once they cure cancer, I might believe in their Doomsday Theories.


I'll mention one last thing and it's that the quality of our products is declining to only support the market. I remember when my old desktop lasted for 10 years. And my laptop, 5. I just got this new desktop 5 months ago and its acting the same way my laptop did before it died. Honestly, have we lost our way, customer service? I can't afford another computer just so they can weasel their way outta a bit of cash..


(May I also add that I never used to hate or dislike too much but life happens as I said and I don't like people who'd try and change me now.)

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