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Pet Peeves

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When people look over my shoulder when I'm reading/on the computer


When people spell like crap


When people put excessive "e"s at the end of words. I don't know why, but this is such a "fad." All those girls (ya know, popular, pretty, think-they're-so-wonderful) always type like this:

Sometimees I wonder if anyonee likees meee.




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People being unnecessarily inconsiderate. No, really. And that covers a lot. Not using turn signals, cutting people in line, talking during a movie, all of the stupid, pointless crap that people do for no reason other than just the fact that they're completely self-absorbed.


Narrow-mindedness. Just because you and I don't agree, doesn't mean you have to assume that: 1. There is something wrong with me, 2. I'm stupid/uneducated/unelightened, or 3. That I'm attacking your beliefs/intelligence/etc.


Stupid grammar. I may not be perfectly correct when it comes to grammar, but...good grief people.


Assorted other things, though most of them are a bit more serious than just "peeves".

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Hmm. Let's see.


Atheist that like to make fun of religions.

Christians who like to make fun of atheist/other religions.

People who don't even TRY to correct grammar (A.K.A not capitalizing).

When people say unnecessary things.

People who text while driving. I mean come on. Wouldn't you rather keep your life and not texting than texting and crashing into a pole or something?

Judging. You do not know HOW much I hate it.

People who obsess over something/someone.

How much people hate on Justin Beiber/Rebecca Black.


There's probably a lot more, but those get personal.

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- Tumblr.




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When people fill a perfectly good silence with their terrible singing, or stupid comments.


When the ends of my sleeves of my shirt are wet.



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wn ppl typ liek dis.

Or When People Type Like This.

or like this



Grammar. Punctuation. Capitalization. How bloody hard is it to use these? -explodes-

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1. People in general. Most are so suffocating and hard to be around. But not all, some actually KNOW when they're not wanted and kindly leave me the hell alone.


2. People who don't get that someone doesn't want them around. You'd think after the tenth time someone's kicked you out of the house you'd get the point, but nooo, you have to go and be an idiot and go back.


3. People who don't wash. It's gross, and I don't want to sit down after I'm done kicking you out of the house to find your MUSK clinging to the furniture. Especially on my bed, which I kindly let you sit on, and you plop your happy ass there like it's made of titanium.


3.5 People who plot onto my bed like it's titanium. And you LAY on it with your FEET on my damn PILLOW.


4. People who provoke my cat after I try so hard to keep him AWAY from YOU. Seriously, he doesn't like you. Next time you do that, I'll happily LET him shred you to pieces, that way you won't come back anymore.


5. People who poke me after I tell them repeatedly not to. Really? It was funny the first few times, now it's just invading my privacy. I will make a fool of myself and get you for harassment 'cause I don't want you touching me.





1. involves friends, the others involve people who THINK they've made a friend of me when, in truth , I hate their guts. Except 4. because my cat hates everybody, they just feel the need to piss him off further.

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I thought of a few more pet peeves:


This girl on my swim team! Okay, I get that she's a little girl and she's still growing and blah blah blah.... but she is a cheater and a lier! Plus, our coach knows it and doesn't do anything! We also carpool, she thinks its funny when she hits me with her towel repeatedly. I tell her to stop, but she thinks I'm just playing, and continues.


I hate people who once I tell them I'm a vegetarian they rub it in my face how much they loooooove meat.

I hate people who say synchronized swimming isn't a sport, IT'S IN THE FREAKING OLYMPICS! THAT MEANS IT'S A SPORT! You know, walking is an Olympic Sport! Go hate on them!

I hate cheating and lying...a lot.

I hate it when people swear excessively.

I hate stereotypes.






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Okami and the Akatsuki from Naruto. Too much fan art and stuff. Enough is enough.

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Loose teeth that take forever to come out.

People who talk trash about cartoons.

Westboro Baptist Church

Tracy Morgan


Bras that snap in the front

My underwear that should be worn by a much younger child.

Woman problems.

Stupid fads.

Girls that follow stupid fads.

Boys that like girls that follow stupid fads.

Girls that followed stupid fads but now call them stupid even though they were obsessed with them.


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I hate people who deny any fact that might be a reason to change ones opinion or behaviour. (I love my lipstick. - You know they discoverd this lipstick gives you cancer. - I love my lipstick.)

I hate bullies and racists and other ignorant people.

I hate politicians which only make decisions for their own good (money!) and not for the country/world.

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-People who RP like shite (lorebreakers, godmoders, marysues, etc)

-People that give their characters, pets, or DC dragons stupid names that are actually sentences or words, or have no capital at the beginning, or are generally not things one would name a creature were it a real live pet or person

-When people have to make their characters super special somehow

-When people in MMORPGs go to the RP servers to do PVPing and harrass the roleplayers just because they can't stand the other asinine PVPers stealing their spotlight on the servers actually meant to PVP on

-People who add their own storyline to a book, story, game, movie, mythology or history so that they can make it seem like they or their characters are somehow special

-When people take canon characters and write in some fanscript that they had a relationship with them

-Stupid teenagers who like to pretend this new-fangled style they came up with where they pretend to play with magic and gothness and demons is the same as actual Wicca, which is actually more fricking shamanistic and symbolic and has absolutely NOTHING to do with Satan.

-Rap fans who go around ranting about how they think metal isn't music

-Altaholism >< it is hell.

-The rediculous amount of thirteen year old girls fawning over the book series that pissed and barfed all over more than 1000 years of Romanian folklore, as well as literature in general.

-People who are afraid of, disgusted by, or generally hate or aim to harm rats because "they're dirty vicious plague-bearing monsters". Seriously? Anyone who's actually ever HAD a rat knows that they are loyal and rediculously clean creatures, and only "vicious" if you frighten or mishandle them. They're like smart little dogs.

Blargh >< the suckage is quite strong.

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Being the only person on cash when there's a ton work I need to do to keep my lobby clean.

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-People who cant think outside the box

-Chewing and talking at the same time

-People who chew their gum like a cud

-Twitching muscles

-Runny noses

-People who talk the talk but dont walk the walk

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> people who complain about stuff (which would include these pet peeves. never said I wasn't hypocritical)

> People Who Type Like This And Think They're Doing It Right

> when people leave a room and don't close the door ALL THE WAY



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-People who RP like shite (lorebreakers, godmoders, marysues, etc)

I'm sorry, I'm not very smart. But whats a lorebreaker or Marysues?

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I'm sorry, I'm not very smart. But whats a lorebreaker or Marysues?

I have no idea what a lorebreaker is, but I know a marysue (Mary Sue) is a term for a perfect character, often used for a female. A Gary Stu is the male counterpart.

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OH.... yeah those people annoy me too >.<


I havent RPed yet on this site but in one of my guilds on Gaia, there's just too many of those >.<

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When people touch my stuff and it "magically" vanishes. And I don't find it for months

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I'm sorry, I'm not very smart. But whats a lorebreaker or Marysues?

I think a lore breaker is someone who goes against the well-known rules of a certain lore. I don't know if this counts, but when people started coming up with their fanfics and role plays of Anne McCaffrey's Dragon Riders of Pern, she set certain rules she expected to be followed. If fanfics or role plays were found that had broken those rules, they could be taken down from the website.

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Button pushers.


I mean, seriously, guys, why would I ask you not to do something if I liked it? I had a guy do that just yesterday. I *despise* gum cracking, lip smacking and food slurping. I asked a co-worker to please stop, and he said "What this?" and exaggerated the noise. I wanted to stuff him in the CNC mill he's supposed to be minding and hit the "GO" button.


That said: add noisy eating/gum popping to the list. wink.gif



I hate those people too, and it seems like my school is full of them. I also hate when people blame me for something I didn't do. (But then again, who doesn't hate that?)


People who don't listen in class, ask a question that was already answered or that they should know the answer to thanks to common sense, and then wonder why the teacher is tired of their nonsense. My biology class last year was full of them, which is why I signed up for honors chemisty this year. I soooo do not want to spend the year in a class full of dimwits again.

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- Mary Sues, Godmodding, and other frequently listed abortions in RP and literature


- Call of Duty in general, especially the female players who make a huge deal out of being "a girl playing a boy's game, that's right I'm a GIRL playing COD, don't hit on me silly boys gigglesqueee~"


- People stealing food from my plate when they have their own


- People who cycle on roads, in particular the morons who ride side by side and hold up all the traffic


- Men who think being gay is disgusting but yeeeeeah lesbians!


- People who chew their food loudly/with their mouths wide open



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Rap crap music. Enough said.


Certain popping noises.


Being accused of playing computer games when, I am, in fact, on a forum. There's a difference.


People who accuse other people of being gay/lesbians for no reason.


Bullies...must be exterminated, or at least need a life.


Stupid cops.


Mary Sues.


Wannabes. When I say 'wannabes', I mean obnoxious people who think hating on the 'unpopular' kids is the way to go. Apparently, in mindless Neanderthal Middle School culture, it gets you popular. Congrats, by saying censorkip.gif about so and so, you are officially loved by a bunch of shallow people who will gladly do the same to you in a millisecond...enjoy your 'popularity'!

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