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Introduction Guidelines.

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Welcome to the DC forum.

To make things run smoothly, we request that you keep the following in mind when posting a topic:

  1. Mod approval
    • All new introduction topics must be approved by a mod before they will show up on the forum. Please be patient: your topic will be approved (and posted) as soon as possible.

      One (1) introduction topic per member. It is unnecessary to reintroduce yourself, after your are approved you are free to post on the forum.

  2. Language
    • This is an English-speaking forum, and our mods can't moderate what they can't read. Please keep your topics in English.
  3. Eggspam and Scrollspam
    • You are allowed to share your own growing eggs, hatchlings in your signature and in moderator-sanctioned threads in the Forum Games section. You may share your adult dragons and frozen hatchlings in threads as long as they comply with all other rules. Please do not post your scroll or eggs and hatchlings in your intro post, although once your account is approved you can add your scroll to your signature.
    • Introductions containing only smiles, eggspam or c1ick my eggs will not be approved.

  4. Introductions that are not introductory in nature won't be approved. Example: posting a trade instead of introducing yourself.

  5. Members on the "welcome wagon":
    • Please make an attempt not to post duplicate links. Although as a whole these posts are helpful, we do not need to overdo it and overwhelm our new members with too much information all at once. If you see that someone has already posted links you were going to, please edit your post. Please only post learning/helpful links and refrain from posting links to personal threads/projects
    • Members that are CP (copy paste) posting: please organize your links. If duplicate link posting continues, you will receive warns for spam. PM each other and work it out or consider, it is not necessary to CP in every topic. You can welcome members with out providing links. Unnecessary bumping of topics will also get you a warn. If a new member hasn't replied to their topic, bumping it and supplying more links rarely helps.

    • Members posting Copy Paste (CP) welcomes with an obvious intent to increase post count or Advertise is considered spam. Spam is against board rules, members will receive warns. (If you have questions about your CP post, feel free to PM SD or Global Moderators).

    • If a poster asks for clicks, please do not post that you clicked all. This perpetuates eggspam.

  6. Please do not bump old topics, it removes newer topics from the front page, which makes them difficult to find. Unnecessary bumping of topics will also get you a warn.
  7. Do not use your topics for extended chat topics, these topics will be closed.



  1. You are only allowed one forum and one cave account (One scroll.)
Multiple Accounts


By signing up, you agree that you will only create one (1) account. You also agree that you will not falsify information when creating accounts for any reason.


         2. New Members when choosing a user name, all forum rules apply:

  • Obscene, p0rnographic, profanity, censor evasion are not allowed.


          3. Questionable links or usernames may result in poster's being put on post moderation until we know their intent.



Helpful links


Board rules Please read. ~If you find something listed you don't understand, always feel free to pm a Mod.~



Frequently Asked Questions, READ BEFORE POSTING A NEW TOPIC

~This topic is very large, just bookmark it for later and refer to it first when you have a question.~



~This link is Site Help. It's an easy run-down on how to's. ~



Dragcave actions. ~ How to use the action options on your scroll and what they do.~



Egg Limits



Places to post your eggs.

~This is the link to the pinned topic, it gives basic info on the sites available, to post your eggs/hatchlings.~


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