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An Anthology of DC Songs!

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Okay, so I've seen these popping out everywhere and I think we should keep an organized anthology of these.


Basically, just post them here and I'll add them in the first few posts, in alphabetical order, based on song title.


(If this is a duplicate, please lock.)


Some rules:

1. Please make sure that they are their own creations, or else PM the original maker and ask them if you can post them, or if they want to.

2. Don't do too many of the same song (Like, don't put too many under the tune of Jingle Bells.)

3. Make sure the songs have a title, and make sure the actual title stands out.

4. Remember, these don't have to be just for christmas-- they can be just an "Ode to DC" or something that doesn't actually have a theme.

5. If you've read the rules, please put "Dc Rocks" somewhere in your post.


And, let the songs begin! I'll start posting them once submitted!

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Reserved for more songs.


((There will be several more reserved posts after this.))


Reminder: make sure the songs are YOURS!

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