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What is YOUR rarest dragon?

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That must be Zadaver my first and only zombie dragon. At the first attempt I got him, I was so happy biggrin.gif .

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I can't believe my luck. Three weeks back, I caught a Magma dragon, then two days ago, I caught a Silver, and today, I caught an Ice dragon. Wow...all of them are CB btw biggrin.gifblink.gif


EDIT: OMG to top it all off, as the day was coming to an end, I caught a CB Blusang Lindwurm!! Two rares in one day! blink.gif Saywut

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My rarest dragons are Thuwed Holly,CB Gold and CB Neglected smile.gif

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My rarest is a CB neglected, and I also have 3 CB silvers.

Edit: Forgot, I also have a zombie hatchling.

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probably my Leap Year GoN (summoned on 29th February) and my only CB Gold and CB Silver. ( because I still don't know how I managed to catch them!) . My 2nd gen gold from holly is pretty special (to me) too


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Rarest Dragon:


Either my CB Golds Linage Linage 2 Linage 3


Or 3G Gold Shimmer Linage


Also have 5 other CB Silvers


I used to own a 2G even-gen Pumpkin from BOTH Spriter's ALTS! But then I traded it away happy.gif

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That could be this one: a 2nd gen Shadow Walker with a cb Silver Tinsel father.



Or maybe my 2nd gen PB Golden Wyvern.



Or maybe the CB Ice, or the two CB Thunders.


Another dragon that could maybe be this would be my 2nd gen Copper with CB Gold mother:



Tha Halloween Dragons from 2013 could be, but I think the rarest of all is the Golden Wyvern and the Shadow Walker.

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Maybe my debate club at the top of my scroll xd.png (I.E. All of my dinos, my cheese and my paper!)

Or my chicken…

Or my leetle tree…

Or my 3g shimmerfail blusang hatchie…

Or my zombie!

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I've got quite a few rare dragons... let's see...


Guardian of Nature. With Z-code to boot.

CB Holiday dragons.




Three Dinos of different colors (Red, Blue, Green).

Leetle Tree.

CB Gold.

CB Silver.

CB Ice.

Two CB Frills.

3rd EG Old Pink.

All Tinsels and Shimmers (Gold, Silver, Bronze).


My rarest would probably be the Guardian of Nature since it took me like three years to summon him. And when I got him, he was Z-coded. blink.gif

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Definitely her. There's also one more second gen Sunsong from Apollo and one second gen Shimmer fail.

Jaw drops at the beauty ohmy.gif


Probably CB golds and silvers. 2nd and 3rd gen tinsels alongside my 3 neglecteds

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Well, I've got 3 CB golds/silvers each, a PB 3rd gen silver and an even gen Holly, but the ones dearest to my heart are my Neglected Dragons. Some of them are really special due to rare circumstances:


#3: A 3rd Even Gen dragon with 7 breeds in its lineage


#2: A Tinsel ND bred on my birthday, also the lowest-lineaged Tin x Tin on my scroll and the first of mine to gender unknown, which is trickier with Ex-Tinsels 'cause they tend to instahatch. tongue.gif


#1: The first ever successful Tinsel x Tinsel ND. It's not pretty, it's not even, but it's the first of its kind, and it went from s2 Tinsel egg to ND hatchi, which is a rare sight indeed! (In fact, it blew the collective minds of all 10+ people assisting.) wub.gif

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