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1 hour ago, Fuzzbucket said:

I just looked and you have to specifically ignore messages. It's not just one button any more. Maybe you need to go in to your ignore list, click the arrow next to the name of the person, go for or change ignored content, and check more boxes - it goes posts > messages > signature > mentions... See what you checked ?


@Ruby Eyes- for the moment I have ignored you for messages and only for messages. Try messaging me ? (But I shall be out all day, so no rush...)

Nope. "Messages" is checked.

And it looks like the sender indeed doesn't get informed about the blockage anymore - I just PMed you.

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And I got it. On forum I had to "show" it, but the full text showed in my email. Mad.

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TJ closed the thread about this



- but as we increasingly see square boxes (image placeholders) instead of emojis, so that many posts are littered with images others will never see, and as when we do see them, we all see different things (see the closed thread) can we PLEASE have the option not to see the horrid things at all ? I went to look at one this morning out of curiosity - and to see them I would have to pay to install an apple font, as the emojis in a particular post were specific to apple devices. (Actually I'd RATHER see boxes than most of them) but a lot of us object to the fact that we don't all see the same things. TJ said: 



Apps either accept that emoji are limited to their description (e.g. "smiling face emoji" only guarantees that it is a face that is smiling) or replace all emoji with a standard variant (I think Discord, Facebook, etc do this). I've presented that option in this thread, but I don't think it affects the end goal here.


But some smiling faces are cute and some are downright threatening.


Honestly - this (rather icky one)  Grinning Face With Big Eyes on WhatsApp 2.19.7 says to me something a lot different from this: Grinning Face With Big Eyes on emojidex 1.0.34 And I have no control over which the reader of my post may see.

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