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Stephen King

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I really liked the Mr Mercedes series, although (SPOILER BELOW)


I think it would have been better if he didn't get caught


Big fan of the movie Stand By Me based off The Body by Stephen King as well

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Oh, thanks for bumping this thread. I love Stephen King! I've been working my way through his books since It (Chapter One) came out. I'm ashamed that it took me so long to get into his work.

Favorites so far are Pet Sematary, IT, The Tommyknockers, and Duma Key. I read Dolores Claiborne most recently, which I also enjoyed. I know it parallels Gerald's Game, but I've only seen the movie for that one so far.

I just watched Creepshow for the first (sort of) time recently and it was really fun. Stephen King has a hilarious role in it and Joe Hill (his son and now also a great horror author) has a part in it as well.

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