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Do you have a Dorkface? (v2)

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I wish i had a dorkface -.-' i can't seem to get one... Oh, well!

Check your PMs. smile.gif

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A little 4th gen Dorkie is looking for a loving home with someone to appreciate its lineage and give it a nice name. smile.gif


Claim my eggs/hatchlings!


EDIT: Gone! Wow, that was fast - enjoy your new Dorkface! smile.gif

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I have a pretty gold tinsel egg that's a dorkface and (i think) a thuwed. Very nice? Gotta thank Frodo for it tongue.gif


I also have a grownup dorkface and I'd be happy to breed her or her child for anyone who wants it. If you do, PM me!

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I have here a very nice 4th gen Dorkface.  It's yours if you want it.




It's from my red Sox dragon, too.

Snave, timing is everything, thank you! I just happened across this posting and now have this very pretty Sox Dorkface on my scroll. While I love my other Sox Dorkfaces very much, this is the prettiest, and also my lowest Gen for Sox or Dorkface lines! *hugs baby*

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I have....



Ninsfoh DorkFace Kin

Sterren DorkFaceKin

Juon DorkFace Kin

Sylivie DorkFace Kin[you have to look at (UZE8),s lineage in Sylivies lineage to see Midias.]

Whirrewyrm DorkFace Kin



Rhedqao Thuwed DorkFace Kin(you have to look at Charming Gifts of Thuwed and Golden Magnum Dorkface's lineages to see them)

Jxado Thuwed DorkFace Kin(you have to go to Fadb Wect Thuwed or Iza's Kabad III Thuwed's lineage to see the thuweds.)

Jacloh Thuwed DorkFace Kin(is parent of above^^)


they all have rather long lineages, but I doth mind.



If anyone would like me to Breed one of these with something from my scroll, just pm me

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So far I've got 29 dorkface dragons, but I'm trying to get one dorkface of each dragon breed. biggrin.gif If I ever see an unwanted dorkface I snap it up. So far my attempts to breed a gold dorkface has not worked out however :/

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This girl is my Dorkface pride and joy: Quivere Dorkface


She's a 3rd gen and I picked her up in the AP one day as I was idly picking up eggs just to see what was out there.


I am trying to find a dorkface of each breed but it's a slow project as I'm picky and prefer unbroken lineages.


I'm happy to breed my little purple girl for any of you.



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