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I'm a movie/TV buff, so listing all of my favorites would be ridiculously time-consuming and I simply won't do it. I'd like to apologize in advance to any actors I leave out, because I love all of you equally and to bits. Oh, and as a forewarning: the majority of the people I list here have starred in period pieces, sci-fis, or both. Since, y'know, they're my two favorite genres.


These first two might require a few paragraphs, but I'll try to keep it short/paraphrase. I can believe he hasn't been mentioned yet, but... John Malkovich. Seriously. Most people I've talked to are like, "He's overrated" or "He plays the same character every time" or "I don't like his archetype" or even simply "He's weird." As for me, if he's not my favorite actor, he's certainly in my Top Five. I don't really see the same roles recurring throughout his career, just the same brand, a signature style which I quite enjoy. He's got more talent in his little finger than most people have in their entire body. There hasn't been a single film with which he's affiliated that I haven't liked (except maybe Jonah Hex--which I only saw because he was in it). I'm looking forward to Transformers 3 as I heard he has a role in it--Sam Witwicky's boss, if I remember correctly. If you haven't seen his work (which would be a tragedy indeed), I would recommend Empire of the Sun to start with, and then Dangerous Liaisons to follow. His role as Lennie Small in Of Mice and Men was stirring, to say the least--so put that one high on your list, as well. Personally, I loved him in The Man in the Iron Mask--another movie of his that the critics were harshly unfair to. I think The Killing Fields is still on YouTube, and if you ever get a chance, you should watch Places in the Heart. His two most recent projects, Red and Secretariat, were thoroughly enjoyable as well--which, pertaining to the latter, really says something about Disney. I haven't been that impressed by the company in a looooong time.


Secondly, Jeremy Irons, who never ceases to awe me in whatever he does. From Reversal of Fortune (for which he won the Best Actor Oscar) to Damage to The Lion King to Lolita to The Man in the Iron Mask to And Now... Ladies and Gentlemen... to Being Julia to Elizabeth I to Georgia O'Keeffe... I could go on and on and on. Not only is he one of Britain's finest actors, he is a global treasure. I'm so very excited for his guest role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit this Wednesday--he's one of my favorite actors, and it's one of my favorite shows. So cool.


Other favorites (in no particular order):


--Jack Davenport

--Ralph Fiennes

--Alan Rickman

--Keira Knightley

--Johnny Depp

--Tom Hanks

--Robert De Niro

--Robert Downey, Jr.

--Edward Norton

--Joseph Fiennes

--Jude Law

--Colin Firth

--Geoffrey Rush

--Helena Bonham Carter

--Cary Elwes

--Samantha Morton

--Scarlett Johansson

--Cate Blanchett

--Clive Owen

--Rhys Ifans

--Ioan Gruffudd

--Angelina Jolie

--Kevin Kline

--Steve Martin

--Craig Ferguson

--Mike Myers

--Bill Nighy

--Hugh Jackman

--Patrick Stewart

--Russell Crowe

--Kevin Costner

--Bruce Willis

--Harrison Ford

--Hugh Laurie

--Leonardo DiCaprio

--Mark Valley

--Jackie Earle Haley

--Nicolas Cage

--John Cusack

--Paul Bettany

--Rufus Sewell

--Glenn Close

--Ewan McGregor

--Liam Neeson

--Daniel Craig

--Pierce Brosnan

--Roger Moore

--Sean Connery

--Christopher Plummer

--Julie Andrews

--Gary Oldman

--David Thewlis

--Christian Bale

--Jeff Bridges

--Matt Damon

--George Clooney

--Brad Pitt

--Richard Dean Anderson

--Amanda Tapping

--Michael Shanks

--Michael J. Fox

--Christopher Lloyd

--Anybody from Star Trek (Shatner, Nimoy, Kelley, the usual suspects)

--Anyone I forgot (and I'm sure there are a lot of you)


I bet I can find a way to connect everybody up there through projects they've done with each other. xd.png

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I don't 'gush' over anyone.


But I enjoy the works of Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy and David Tennant. biggrin.gif

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David Tennant user posted image

Eccleston user posted image

Matt Damon user posted image

Ben Mansfield user posted image

Johnny Depp

John Barrowmen.

Shane West



Maggie Q (Plays Nikita in a TV show) user posted image

Karen Gillian

Billie Piper

Tiffany Hines

Lindsey Fonseca


I figured I would only torture you guys with some of the pictures, so you should look up the others on your own.

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Vic Mignogna FTW!


(Famous Voice Actor for many of my favorite animes.)


That guy creeps me out...I'm not sure why but it could be because he's very religious. Not that all religious people creep me out, so I guess it's more of his peppy attitude towards the bible ._.


I don't gush, but I do think some voice actors are fantastic, like John Lugazamo (sp?)

That guy really goes all out for his roles and he should be given more.

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I don't know much about the movie actors around, but my favorite is Johnny Depp. I like the crazy movie he acts and his acting. Other then him the rest of them are piled into the same group.


But when it come to singers I'd say right now I'm all gaga over Lady Gaga. I'd probably be frozen if I saw her. I know about plenty of singers, but only obsess over 1 or 2 at the most at any time. The second would be the band Hyde, I'd be shocked and probably won't understand them at all. (They sing Japanese music and speak Japanese.) laugh.gif

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He's not really a celeb celeb, as in not that famous,

but Darren Criss

Totally awesome-ness <3


There's others who I support, but he's my fav ^^

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I could list a few hundred but I'll try and keep it just the top 10 in no particular order


Channing Tatum

Kate Beckinsale

Angelia Jolie

Orlando Bloom

Brad Pitt

Mila Jovovich

Johnny Depp

John Cusack

Daniel Craig

Mila Kunis

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o_o; i have A LOT! (i hav no life) after the 1st they are in no particular order..


Jared Padalecki (#1 ^^ <3)

Jensen Ackles

Julian McMahon

Keith Urban

Ian Sondhiemer (guy who plays Damon on Vamp. Diaries)

Johnny Depp

Orlando Bloom

Zac Bagans(Ghost Adventures! <3)

Tobin Bell (yea he's kinda old but he's awsome!)

Misha Collins

Keanu Reeves

Justin Long


i'm going to stop there cause i could go on forever x3

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I don't really care much about celebrities... yet I like Eminem as a personality, love the way Marylyn Manson and Brian Molko look like... and like the appearance and acting of Johnny Depp smile.gif

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Naw I just kiddin'. My favorite I guess has to be Taylor Lautner.

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@Dreamersgale: Totally thought the first one was Robert Downey Jr. there for a second. ^^;

Anyway it just occurred to me that Val Kilmer is actually sorta obscure, so for those who don't know who he is, here ya go:

user posted imageuser posted image

The first one is from 1995, the second is more recent... 2005 or so, probably?

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Heath Ledger is my all-time favorite actor. I've watched "A kinght's tale" so many times I've actually lost count. He just seemed so sweet, I loved all the characters he played and the fact that he's named after one of my favorite books is just a bonus happy.gif. Why did he have to die? *sighs*


And in no particular order: Jhonny Depp, David Tennant, John Barrowman and Ewan McGregor.

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The only real gushing I do is over Johnny Depp. Ever since 'Cry Baby' biggrin.gif.


Was watching 'Pirates of the Caribbean' again this week and during the scene where they are on the island getting all drunk, I kept thinking 'girl, you must be crazy pushing him away, I would NEVER pass up that opportunity...'.


Speaking about 'pirates': Orlando Bloom, mmm, also yummie...

Don't appreciate him that much as an actor, though.

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Hugh Jackman (in his 30s)

Rebecca Gibney

Simon Baker

Hugh Laurie

Mark Harmon

Richard Gere



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