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What dragons are you most proud of?

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This 7th gen purebred pink with all it's ancestors on my scroll. Took me one year to complete, and I'm currently 12 CB pinks away from another 7th gen as a mate.



*cough* I'm not sure if there is a pb lineage that can top yours, lol. Very nice. Would be cool to see one made with the old pink sprites mixed with the new ones too.happy.gif


Here's my favorite dragon off my scroll:





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My Vamp, Antisparkles and my Black, Kazue Kimura, which I was lucky enough to snatch out of the AP. Just got my hands on another black eggy, too. 8D


They're both on my incubator, too lol.

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though it's an hard choice, I'd say the dragon I'm the most proud of is my 2nd gen. Thuwed, since it's the only child of both his mother and his father.

I'm also proud of my CB old pink, CB frill, my trio army and mah 5th even gen. pb ember <3 there are many others, but i think these are the main ones.

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Im proud of my hole scroll, but if i had to pick a few... i think my cb silvers and cb gold, my cb vamps and val 09 would be on top.

Im also proud of my cb frills and brigth pink, thoug i did not know they would be rares.. blink.gif

Other spescials i have is my als, both vine and black, and my frozen black alts babys. smile.gif


Im also proud of some of the linneages i have sitting on my scroll smile.gif

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I'm loving my White Stripe at the moment - I caught it all by myself! All my best ones have been gifts up until now!

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I'm defiantly proud of these on my scroll. Same with some Dino's, alt's, golds, and silvers. (: <3


Edit: Oh and also my frills and retired pink.

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I am proud of many dragons right now. I have a lot of great bloodlines on my scroll either done myself or captured from the AP.


BSL Doberman's Morgana

First thing is first my very first serious even gen lineage I have started and I am actualy making her a mate soon now that I have the dragons for the job so this lineage will continue on. BSL Doberman's Mighty Majestic I bred myself and BSL Doberman Dutchess I got lucky and caught out of the AP.


Recent Memerable AP snags:

http://dragcave.net/lineage/0Lvd - For another Ember Lineage

http://dragcave.net/lineage/tqXH - For a White Even Gen Lineage of mine

http://dragcave.net/lineage/P7dg - For a new lineage idea

http://dragcave.net/lineage/PgZo - mate


Memerable Bredders:

Tarja Nersus and her and her family She was my first silver ever who I caught out of the AP and to this day is still my number one producer of alt blacks with her mate Shahera and silver offspring.


Loves Dragons:

Aries Donta - CB Guardian, she was my first dragon EVER and to this day is still one of my most loved on my scroll.


Azmeria - CB Sunsong, she has given me my two beautiful pure breed sunsong dragons Luna Iliminatie and Lucarsa.


My Victorian Dragons, Wonderland Dragons, BSL Dragons and LV dragons. They are my lineages some like the Victorian and LV are private but the Wonderland and BSL are open lineage's which have grown very large and I am always proud of the dragons I make for such lineage's.


Of course all my rares, my dino's my silvers, my alts, my hollidays, and my magma's icicals, thinders, ect. They were fun to catch, fun to raise, and even more fun to breed into beautiful lineages to share with other people.

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My inbred water walkers.

I can't choose one though. I love them all.



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Hmm... that's a tough choice. I have a CB Black and a CB Stripe. I have a couple of Frills and a couple of Golds, one of which was bred from the other on the first attempt. Still looking for my first Silver, though. When I finally get it, I'm sure that's the one I'll be most proud of.

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Proudest of my male neotropical, 'cause he's my very first, and he grew up before I knew about click-sites. Also, I got him from the AP as a hatchling, so I was lucky (then again, this makes my first reason invalid).

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I love all my dragons, in each of there own way they are all special to me. However if i had to choose the ones i'm most proud of i would have to say these ones.


Who doesn't love there first dragon.

(First Dragon) http://dragcave.net/lineage/C252


If i was a dragon~ xd.png

(Favorite Sequence) http://dragcave.net/lineage/v3iI


My first gold Dragon ever caught. I mean i caught quite a-bit of cave born/bred golds when i first started dragon cave. However i usually gave them away as gifts, and sometimes for trades. Now i can't seem to get another one OTL LOL

(Caveborn gold) http://dragcave.net/lineage/R7Pw


Obvious reasons, first dragon that was born on my birthday xd.png

(Birthday Dragon) http://dragcave.net/lineage/yjOu


This dragon i'm proud of it for several reasons one the main reasons though is because it is basically one of the first seasonal dragons. As soon as they where released only a few seconds after i caught her. Normally i can't catch a dragon on the first day let alone the first seconds LOL

(Just love it) http://dragcave.net/lineage/4Wnz

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