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What dragons are you most proud of?

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Because of the date stolen, I have to say that this CB silver is the dragon I'm most proud to own.

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these are my most beloved Dragons, I think I would cry if something happened to them

I've written descriptions for them but have yet to submit them because I'm never fully happy with them



Alpha of my Scroll http://dragcave.net/view/pMWKg

my first dragon, she keeps 3000+ Dragons in line


Second in Command of my Scroll http://dragcave.net/view/T2t51

he acts like a laid back joker to piss his Sister LightingChaser off


Hatchery Dragon of my Scroll http://dragcave.net/view/v6Mm5

most of my dragons were raised by him


my first Undead Dragon http://dragcave.net/view/W0egm

very much insane, he hates and loves me


my very first ND, we share birthdays http://dragcave.net/view/DsANj

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I name some of my dragons after things with personal meaning to me, and I started to wonder which one of my dragons was my favorite.

My favorite dragon on my scroll is:


He's a growing hatchling right now, stolen on the opening night for my favorite hockey team and named after them.

Does anyone else have a favorite dragon?

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I think we already have a thread like this: Which dragons are you most proud of? I guess this will be merged.


I don't have a single candidate in mind, but to me, the dragons that required the highest effort to get are the ones I'm most proud of / I'd call my favorites. My first GoN definitely is a candidate (it's also the only male GoN I have), and some of my longer even-gen lineage projects.

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these three i found last halloween


wrong link and im lazy so...these two now


and my four CB silvers (of course i found two during a new release on the same day I KNOW ITS AWESOME i wouldnt stop cheering every time I saw them!)

and my many caligenes

and my new deadline i made


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http://dragcave.net/lineage/oC66H - the work involved in getting all those different holidays was - extreme. Thank you to very many people.


http://dragcave.net/lineage/guffg - again, for the sheer satisfaction after begging for offspring from shadows, refusals, oopsies in the pattern....


My 25th gen horrifyingly inbred beauty which SHOULD have been a true deadline: http://dragcave.net/lineage/73DVe


and my continuing bouncy pillow line: it shall go further !



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It probably looks like a horrible mess to any reasonable breeder, but building this lineage took time, hard work, hunting and a bit of luck. I've received gifts, found spriters' alts descendants in the AP, even obtained a Summer with Split ancestors (no longer visible, TJ himself fixed the glitch), lost an egg to the Datamonster and turned a simple CB Magi into the matriarch of 75 gens of dragons. And the adventure will continue until all the breeds are represented... then I'll wait for new releases.

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The alpha of my dragons, Lord Pumpkin!link in signature smile.gif I was born on halloween 2002 so I NEEDED one halloween dragon, and pumpkins are cute, I wish that he would be female, but.. I love him! smile.gif btw he was my fourth dragon when I joined :3

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The dragon I am most proud of is Bleichgesicht, my Neglected, because I managed to create her myself. wub.gif Also, she turned on my birthday, which makes her even more special. :3


My favorite dragon though is probably Lord Alcedo who is my oldest dragon (together with Lord Aletazo). If I need a CB male White to breed something, I will always choose him to spread his blood. :> Another one of my favorites is Lady Serafinella, my CB Bright Pink, who is also the dragon with the most children on my scroll.


Edit: Writing this inspired me to breed Alcedo to Serafinella - look at how beautiful their baby is! <3

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