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What dragons are you most proud of?

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This Baby


It may not be CB but I think the lineage is beautiful wub.gif

/me dies laughing at that name


Congrats that's a beautiful baby.

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This! The 3G is not an alt, unfortunately, but come Halloween I'll breed a 3G black marrow so it will kind of look like an arrow even-gen.


Also this. It's not much, but I waited forever and a day for the code tongue.gif


And don't forget my leetle tree c:

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I'm proud of all of my dragons, from the first to the last ever since I started playing five years ago. wub.gif But, I won't lie that some have surprised me more than others:


My first alt black that hatched from my very first black egg - Elixkhai wub.gif

My one and only caveborn gold that I grabbed from the forest USING MY PHONE - Manu Shiva wub.gif

My 2nd gen silver that I grabbed from the AP, my second ever grabbed silver and the first that stayed (because the first one was released for misgendering and the renaming option still didn't exist) - Konnalay Despina Orchis wub.gif

All of my trio dragons for summoning me two Guardians of Nature wub.gif

And in general, all of my dragons for growing up with me. wub.gif

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I'm just overwhelmed by all the gorgeous dragons on this site so I wanted to see the ones you have to show me!

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This boy is still my favorite of all my Prizes. He and Delicious Roses don't produce many Tin kids, but the ones they do are really pretty.


I'll have to go through my scroll and find my other favorite lineages; I have a fair few that I really like.


e: Here we go. Warning, long lost ahead!




https://dragcave.net/lineage/b8Kjz (with bonus Pun Name)








I'm pretty sure I have more Spriter alt/Cb hybrid/Cb breed-only descendants, but my scroll is enormous and I can't search through the lineage of every single dragon. x_X

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This is an older one but I've always really liked it because it's so cheerful and happy looking


and then there is this one that i really like because I was so amazed that there was another player here that could mirror an old and unusual pairing I had. I thought I'd never be able to breed something like this


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Lots and lots of time. Plus a bunch of reds, too, for Incubate. xd.png

Yup years of playing. Though haven't been using my reds that often. It makes me hatchielocked and I hate that tbh.

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Approximately 2040 dragons at current. Browse to your heart's content. smile.gif


You can quickly get dragons by adopting hatchling from the Departures thread, getting low time eggs from the AP, and using reds to incubate eggs. happy.gif Of course, you might be more interested in pretty cavebred uncommons and rares, or you might have a completely different scroll goal! That's what makes DC so fun; you can breed and collect whatever types you like. biggrin.gif I love cavebreds and pretty checker lineages. <3

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ODEEEEN ;.; the thread is over, nothing can compete with that pretty


(although guillotine's post comes close!)


BUT I'll try anyway lol


Some of my favorites:












http://dragcave.net/lineage/1VspO (I could breed a mate for this if I could only get a G2 gold from Winter Magi... dreeams)


I could go on forever... I love collecting stuff.


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