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What dragons are you most proud of?

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Hmm, probably my CB Silver, CB GW and CB Ice, since all of them I have caught myself from Dragon Cave. Also CB Holidays like Yulebuck, Snow Angel and 2009 Valentine are things to be proud of, though perhaps bit lesser than others.


EDIT: And my Leetle tree, how could I actually forget it ohmy.gif

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My first CB Silver and Gold respectively. Beside the fact that I love the sprites I still can't quite process the fact that I was fast enough to snag them from the cave. Especially because I hesitated for a bit with both of them.

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My first, and only, Neglected dragon [ http://dragcave.net/lineage/PmAhH ] ^w^ he gets to be at the top of my scroll, and I just described him today! And it got approved already, woo!


Other than that, my two Guardians of Nature and my 3 CB golds [all gotten this December O.o]

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I'm fairly new to this game. I am very proud of my CB paper dragon because it's the first CB rare I have gotten on my own. I was so happy when I got it!

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As you may know…

I, am a Pie-Puncher (™)…


I was wondering… "I really like this dragon. I wonder if other people like one of their dragons".

So, If there's a special dragon on your scroll that you want to show off, you can show them off here!


To start off:

I like this dragon a lot.

and this one.


Note: This is not a 'Favorite breed of dragon' its a 'I really like Dragon#141541, I know I have 141542 dragons of the same breed. But #141541 is my favorite'.

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This is a cool idea!


I really like Relix, since he was my first dragon to hatch and grow (back when I didn't even know fansites existed to help hatch them).


And Hudlum is a favorite because of his code xd.png

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Pestilence420 Was a gift from a really amazing person sadly they stopped playing DC sad.gif


Princess Vanellope My first CB silver I caught in the cave I also like her code =3


I have more but I don't want this post to be to long lol there's a lot of gifts that are special to me wub.gif

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Not 100% sure, but I think this is covered by this topic.

Thanks smile.gif I agree and I'll merge the two topics.

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I snagged this little pretty, I couldn't believe I got it.



Edit: I JUST CAUGHT A CAVEBORN ICE! First caveborn rare i caught myself (other than a golden wyvern)

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i love the first dragon i ever had andotopia shes special and my best dragon biggrin.gif

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Well, today I nabbed a CB Nebula and a CB Cheese right after each other, so I guess that's something to be proud of!

Cheese Proof

Nebula Proof


My biggest source of pride would just be my cave's collection of dragons. I try to have at least 2 of each species whenever I get new ones, but now I have at least three per species (with a few exceptions).

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I'm so proud of a lot of dragons...


Iris Fantasy my first dragon.

My 3 CB Neglecteds gifted to me by a sweet forum user (who I think quit).

My only 2G Thuwed (also a gift)

L'amour my first Holly.

My 4 CB Golds and 4 CB Silvers

King Frillington Shine my only 3G Prize.

'Alexis Jean and Sexy Sadie my CB Old Pinks

Harrison's Hope my CB Val '09 because of her code.

Elements of Silver Waltzes


This little guy who will be named after a VERY special person in my life.

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Here are a few.


My two GoNs, Neglected, and my CB Silver.

Thuwed Soulpeace who was a gift. A beautiful gift. He's so pretty.

PB Gold, another beautiful gift.

PB Silver... traded for him, but I love him.

Silver who was an AP catch.

Purple who was a Christmas gift.

Purple, my first dragon.



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