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Y halo thar. I like art, but mostly I stick with traditional animals, because I can't draw humans to save my life. Or digitally, for that matter, other than a few crappy pixels. I'll be posting my art here for you art lovers to examine and critique. However, when you critique, PLEASE don't say, "This is crap. You suck." Tell me what's wrong, and I'll try my best to incorporate your help into my next drawings.


I draw lots and lots of horses, and some of other animals too. I draw off of reference pictures, lots of times with mechanical pencils, sometimes with colored pencils. Mostly it's on A4 paper.







user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image

Quarter Horse Mare portrait shot

A quarter horse turning

Me and the horse I lease, Cole

Quarter horse

an andalusian. i'm quite satisfied with this one biggrin.gif

Horse portrait: pen on cardboard

a rearing arab, though I'm not completely satisfied with it

One of my older ones, a galloping arabian foal

One of my oldest ones here, a galloping mustang

Also one of my oldest ones here, a trotting Arab/saddlebred cross

A gift for a friend on DA, her little pony

One of my more recent drawings, a paint horse stallion

Medium-ish old, a galloping grey andalusian

Slightly newer, not that new, a grazing palomino

Perhaps my only successful portrait of a horse, arab

A birthday gift for the same friend on DA

one of my older ones, a galloping fresian


Other Animals


Wolf in acrylics

Border Collie drawn during STAR testing

Wolf portrait

An eastern dragon, drawn in the traditional style.

2 fighting cats for a vocabulary poster for school

My first ever commission, a bunny

Running wolf

A christmas present for my BFF biggrin.gif

A Christmas present for a family friend

An old drawing of a ferret

a golden retreiver portrait

A labrador retreiver




Clay rose


Obi-Wan Kenobi Portrait


DC Stuff


user posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted imageuser posted image <-- Bloodwraith dragon concept by Tiffashy and Silverlight, Sprites by me.


To see more stuff (not that there is more) go to my DA gallery


Thanks for visiting :]

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I really hate giving critique on art that I know is better than anything I could do, but it seems to me that the front limbs on your newest equine piece (the rearing arab) may be a tad short. It may just be the way I'm looking at it though (phone screen, can't view the entire thing at once tongue.gif)


Overall you're super talented. Nice work. As for suggestions try something outside of your comfort zone. Always seems to help me anyways.

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Bump. I have a complete loss of inspiration. Anyone have any suggestions as to what i should attempt to draw?

Your horses are great and your canines so maybe try a wolf or horse made of fire. It's a bit more tricky and yet will look really cool when you're done.

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omg that's so pretty <3 i LOVE the ferret (because i have a ferret C: she's sleeping right next to me on the bed right now) i wish i could draw as awesome as you :3

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neosgàthach- Thanks for the critique, I really appreciate it. The problem may be because of the angle, but I definitely had problems with the front legs. I'll take that into account though.


KrystalSharz- Hmm... that's a very interesting idea. I'll look into it, thanks for the input biggrin.gif


TayTomFAN- Aww that's so cute <3 Thank you :]

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Wow! They are beautiful! I think the rearing Arabian looks great and rearing horses are really tough to draw! A couple tips:

1. Really pay attention to proportions. Remember when perfecting line drawings that your eraser can be your best friend.

2. Keep at it! Practice is really the key to good drawing. The longer you draw the better you get!

Oooh, and I love the colored pencil drawings. i can't work with color to save my life!

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Ooh, very nice. I love that coyote drawing and the horse on cardboard.


I think working a bit with line value in your drawings would really make your subjects pop. Line value is basically how thick a line is compared to how close it is to the viewer.


You draw a lot of horses, which is neat. I find horses difficult to draw. But if you need inspiration, I say draw something outside your comfort zone--something without fur. Draw a bird, like an owl, or a fish or a lizard! Feathers and scales take different drawing methods than fur.

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I love your horses. I wish I could draw them so well~ I mean, I can actually draw their bodies well enough, but whenever I go to do their heads, they wind up looking like trash.

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Krystalshardz- thank you!


Elena- yeah it takes so much time to get them right. and so much erasing xd.png i usually draw the heads first and then the body corresponding to the head. it works better for me.

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I...Want...Wolf.... It's gorgeous sapphire, simply gorgeous!

And I want to pet the bunny. lol

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