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Halloween Dragon Names

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My shadows: Screaming Sounds, Aski Memnu (Turkish for "Forbidden fruit", or "Forbidden love", I believe), Halloween Disguise, Wandering Energy, Sleeping with the Stars and The Ghost of a Ballroom Dancer (inspired by that mask for this year's Halloween Haunted House event). smile.gif

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My pumpkins: Pumpkin Leaf Rag, Punqe (code QePun)

My marrow: Song of Sorrow (mother = Song of Silence)

My ghosties: Sharp-Shadows, White Roses

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My zombie: Risen Death

My shadow walker: Unlight of Dark World (props to the few who know what that's from)

Sadly, I don't have any more...

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I have more marrows and pumpkins, but the listed are newly additions to my scroll.




Ew Dark Kabuto Marrow


Lady Marrow Flame




October Pumpkin Myst


Pumpkin Ore


The Next Kamen Rider Pumpkin


Shadow Walkers:


Dani Phantom Shadow Walker


Kamen Rider Shadow Walker


CB Specter Hatchling


CB Danny Phantom


CB Shadow Walker


CB Poltergeist Dragon


CB Ghost Dragon

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Males: Bone-heart, Ammut, Joe Biden (code is OurVP, so...xd.png), Bone-shatter, Glasya-Labolas, Shax, Nightblaze, The Inferno, Bone-splinter, Dracula

Females: Broken-soul, Bone-fracture, Bone-snapper, Caim, Darkheart Hex, Thanatos




Assi Tenebrae, Uahassa Tenebrae, Izanagi Tenebrae Thuwed


Shadow Walkers:


Uh. There's Ghostwalker and Shadowbreaker and then every other one is named Shadow_____ Tenebrae.




I was happy I got a few demon names for my marrows this year. :3

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(males) Della Ween, Crimsonkin, Malik Pumpkin, Rxusaoo

(females) Pygmy Pumpkin Soup, Dhakteria

*they have 'Fallen Angels' at the ends of their names



(males) Darkness Lord, Dubh Grim, Vaike, Colonnello, Kuroi

(females) Darkness Lady, Knochenmark, Gumjeong, Lal Mirch

*they have 'Fallen Angels' at the ends of their names



(males) Little Miss Phantom

(females) Undead Phantom



Shadow Walker:

(males) Shaman Fallen Angel, Invisible Spirit, Void Walker, Inevitable Death, Phantom in Night, Unseen Creature

(females) Spirit Fallen Angel, Unseen One, Fiction Body, Creepy Shadow, Schaduw Night


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Depends on their gender. Here is half of my list (for the new halloween dragons):















I have a book I'm writing in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writers Month) called Dragon Clans and I use my naming system to name my Dragon Cave dragons and I use some in my books. (Something awesome is someone who found one of my auto abandoned eggs named it after it's parents. Someone else kinda did, but didn't. Lineages -> FadedTide She has a messy lineage and Marcus Skyleaf Indigestion is the part same names. I will be using those two names in my book. Thanks goes to the two who has them!) Bye!

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Kinda dissapointed the one name I wanted for one of my male shadows (Shadowmourne) was taken.


But here's what I have so far:


Shadowwalkers -


Male: Shadowloss, Shadowfight, Shadowwrath, Shadowblight

Females: Shadowsong, Shadowsight, Shadowright, Shadoweve (Formerly Shadowmoren)


Pumpkins -


Males: Minuscule Citrouille, Pumpkin Reflex*, Pumpkin of the Sea*

Got no females this year.


Marrows -


Males: Sinestra Lord Deja, Blood Walker*

Females - Maerabishian the Cruel, Haunted Forest*


(* means not PB, so not following the naming of my pbs to keep them seperate.)


I have too many vamps to name so... Still working on them.

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Thus far, my named Shadow Walkers include:





Ley Line





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Named my Shadow Walkers:


Shadow of Doubt

Shadow of Dreams

Shadow of Fright

Shadow of Mystery

Shadow of Ruin

Shadow of Sorrows

Shadow of Torment


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Marrows (My marrows have the surname "plague"):

Eden's Hallow Plague, Eden's Sinister Plague & Eden's Black Plague


Shadow Walkers I have no idea on a naming scheme yet.

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My Marrows all have the surname "Velvet Bones" and made-up first names sometimes inspired by their code.


As for the Shadow Walkers, I'm not 100% sure if I'll stick to the surname I've given them now, which is "Jeverssand".

It's the name of a place from a story where there is a horse skeleton that is said to become alive at night, and when one day the story's main character buys a sick looking white horse from a stranger, the skeleton is suddenly gone and only appears again years later, after the man and his horse have died. (Shortest summary of "Der Schimmelreiter" ever? tongue.gif )

I think given that context, the name is quite fitting. Only the word itself doesn't sound good enough. dry.gif (Or does it?)

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I named all of my marrows after bones. Malleus, Carpal, Distal, Capitate, and Hyoid. My new halloween dragons' names are Hungry Ghost and Ghastly Brew. tongue.gif

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Marrows named after my gerbils and 4/5 Shadows named in Latin. The last was a gift, so I named it specially :3

Pumpkins have no naming pattern at all tongue.gif

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I named all my Shadow Walkers after fruit of the imagination.










My marrows are named to honor their parents or lineage:

ffFogBeak (Gray lineage)

StoneBeak (Stone lineage)

ffFerveo d'Anconia (Sunsong lineage)

Aggy (Silver lineage)

Lenore's ffFantasy (Black lineage)


Pumpkins . . .cute little guys, named for pure fun.

Sneaky Pete

Pumpkin Sitter


Samantha Hain



Naming them is just about my favorite part of the game.

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I named my female Morrow "Maiden of the Skull", since her mother's name is "The Black Maiden". My male morrow is named "Rabbit of Doom". xd.png My pumpkins are "Life in the Field" and "Leaf from the Vine". :3

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I named all of my marrows after bones. Malleus, Carpal, Distal, Capitate, and Hyoid. My new halloween dragons' names are Hungry Ghost and Ghastly Brew. tongue.gif

Hyoid! That is my favorite bone in our body. biggrin.gif


Let me see. What did I name all of mine....


Pumpkins: Jack O'Lantern's Grin, Cuter Than a Pumpkin Pie, Pumpkin Tricks For Sweet Treats, Pumpkin In The Mist, Spooky Pumpkin Tales, Pumpkin In Autumn's Frost, Ghost Of A Carved Pumpkin, By The Light Of The Pumpkin Moon


Marrows: Lamellae Nubilous, Osteon Sloe, Lacunae Zibeline, Haversian Piceous, Aramental Substantia (had to do the bone references too)


Shadow Walkers: A Shadow Of Halloween Past, A Shadow Of Halloween Present, A Shadow Of Halloween Yet To Be, Shadow Of A Halloween Spook, Shadow Frozen In Halloween Snow, Shadow Of A Halloween Dream, The Remains Of The Day, Some Tears To Shed (though it is possible I will rename this one)


Zombie: Death Cannot Contain Me

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My marrows are Boneset and Breakbone Fever, and my pumpkins are Prince Pumpkin and Princess Pumpkin. Haven't decided on names for the shadows yet.

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my pumpkins are Fear on Hallow's Eve and Fright of Hallow's Eve, my marrow Pishacha, and my ghosts Boo Shadowform and Gast Shadowsoul

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