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[Yu-Gi-Oh!] Tenebrus Institute for Gifted Students

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((ok.... I did reply to this twice... and neither of them are there... so... sorry for just noticing this now, I'm going to try and recover what I had posted earlier that apparently isn't there (although the site did go down right after wards so I guess they might not be anywhere...) I had pretty much written three paragraphs on the duel ending, them being transported back to class and then I realsed them for their next calss and got ready to teach my older students (and I did assign homework)))

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What is... oh... that's what


Jin glanced at his stopwatch, unfortunately less than ten seconds remained so he had no responce to the pool of lava flowing at him and in all directions.


Well the D.D. org is going to have fun cleaning that up. was the last thought he had before the dimensions shifted as a certain spell card was activated back in the classroom from whence they had left.


Jin stopped and collected all the cards, sorting them back into the box. The post shift nausea that most people experienced from coming back from D.D. or any other dimension didn't affect him anymore, he'd done it so many times it was as common as brushing his teeth... which perhaps he should do more often but that's besides the point. After the cards were sorted he smiled up at the class and their familiars.


"So," he grinned, "who votes on making the graveyard our next class session stop?"

That question quickly earned him a gentle tap (if someone so large and strong could be gentle) from Kainama, which nearly knocked Jin off his feet.'


"I was kidding of course," he continued, recovering his feet and his glasses, "I know that most of you didn't expect such a radical first day but consider it a favor. Your first year, though not all of you are freshmen, will be your hardest, and you'll be tested, not just by the faculty but also by the older students, the bullies, the familiar thieves, and so forth until your place in the pecking order has been established. As your sensei I will protect you and give you any help and advice possible, but I won't make this easy on you." He smiled and spoke in a hushed tone, "and if any of you want tips about all the unofficial things that freshmen go through you can always ask, I was at the bottom of the pile for a long time before I... made my move."


"Class dismissed!" he suddenly cried, right as the bell rang, "you can keep your spells by the way, just please refrain from using them to destroy school property," he grinned again, vaulting down from the dueling platform. "If you have any other questions I'll stick around until everyone leaves."

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I am so sorry to every single person in this RP, especially if you were waiting on me to reply. I *gulp* honestly forgot about this, and I'm ready to beat myself with a book because of it. My apologies, I cannot express how much I regret and guilt I feel for fogetting this...

If you will give me just a little bit of time to go back and read what all I missed, I'll edit this with a post, ASAP. Again, I apologize to everyone for disappearing sad.gif ))



Domino was still glancing at Cathleen from time to time during class, but when Mr. Raymond said his first and last name, his attention quickly snapped back to the teacher. He stood and accepted the Crystal Raigeki card from him, and gazed at it momentarily before saying, "Thank you, sir." Sitting back down, he pulled out his one and only deck that stayed in one of the pockets on the the inside of his jacket, mixing it with the other cards of his deck. Though he already had two, one more just made one more trap he could play on his opponent.


His Familiar smiled at the teacher, then hopped from the empty seat next to the young man into his lap. Ruby then began to purr quietly and contently as he stroked her back and rubbed her ears. "I think I've spoiled you, you're rotten Ruby," he thought, faintly arching an eyebrow at her, but was smiling lightly. "Purrrrhaps."


Marine blinked, and turned his head when he heard someone beside him. A girl, but, she hadn't been with the class, were did she come from? And she was in danger because of the battle going on, that and she didn't know entirely what was going on. But, how had she gotten here to begin with? He tapped Chansi on the shoulder just as she was about to object to breaking the rules, and said, "We have a visitor." She turned and gazed at the girl, suddenly a bit confused. Where'd she come from?


Stella noticed her as well, so she didn't bother to say something too, and quickly turned her attention back to the battle, thinking it through again. This was not her first year of the Night Class, she would go along with what the others decided to do. And she was relieved when they decided not to cheat or break the rules, that would just have meant more trouble from Jinjekkai.


There was a pause and the next think Chance and her familiar knew, they were back in a classroom. She blinked, and then shook her head. Shame that class time was up, that battle was one she would have liked to have finished. Hearing Mr. Jin's comment about visiting the graveyard, she had to resist flinching because she knew he must have been joking, the Graveyard was the most unpleasant place in the Shadow Realm. And Marine instinctively stepped closer to her, something that was comforting and she half smiled at him.


Then he suddenly hollered 'Class dismissed,' and she waved good bye as she hitched a ride on her Familiar's right arm. He nodded to Kainama, his own silent bye, and walked out of the class room, carrying Chansi seemingly effortlessly. Since she had never known her father, Marine, being a wise and what she has imagined a father to be like, had over the past three years somewhat filled that role. So the two shared a unique and special bond....


"Who wants an evening snack before we get to our next class?" she asked, question aimed at her new found friends as she pulled a bag of sugar cookies she had in her purse.

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((Glad I reminded you Animalz. Sorry if I can't call you that.))


The card in the class room activated and the next thing Glace knew, they were back in class. Now, this was especially bad for her, considering the consequenses (can't spell that) that would take effect after they returned. She held her head and staggered around, finally allowing her body to give in to her distress and fell to the floor.

Stupid mutt... She thought. That was Glace's last thought before she passed out.

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Username: Sparx1996

Name: Jasyn Wayne

Age: 15

Appearance: black hair blue eyes wears silver contacts 5' 6 1/2"


Personality:happy go lucky sarcastic forgiving

Type Affinity: Warrior

History:orphaned at 5. dueled for money. accidentally entered the Monsters World running from a gang. found his way to the school by chance

Decks:lets just say modern joey wheeler deck. changes too much to be definite. same with my yami bakura deck

Class (Day/Night): Night

For Night Class:Familiar: Y

Familiar's Name : Field Commander Rahz, Noah

Night Class Level (Starter-12):3

Spells/Traps for battle (change as needed, it's not set in stone):yami dust tornado nightmares steelcage burden of the mighty banner of courage skull dice graceful dice toll hammer shot draining shield axe of dispair

Thief: hell no

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((Hey Sparx, I just fainted about four posts ago, and I'm still slightly active. I can RP with you. Play off of that if you can. Just pretend you were late for class and you just arrived. We could both slightly play off of that. I'm changing the fainting thing for my char. later too. Just so you know...))

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Jasyn ran into the room suddenly, out of breath. "I'm hear! What happened? What did I miss?" He looked around slowly at everyone.

'We'ere so late, you know that, right?' Jasyn's Familiar said.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, don't got your panties in a wad, I know we're late..." he stopped in mid sentence when he notice Glace out cold on the floor. "Glace, you alright?" he said, shaking her back into consciousness.

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((Sorry for the long wait. I guess I forgot to mention I'll be posting every other week. I'm up here most of the week this week though.))


One of Glace's Familiars, Joey Wheeler, gently (More like flicked) Jasyn on the shoulder. He was half-transparent, but to another Familiar-posessor, he was completely solid in terms of touch.

"Don't waste your energy on her." He said. "She needs to rest. Passed out in D.D. Again. She won't wake up for awhile."

Glace, however, stirred slightly. She stood up slowly, though it seemed to have taken a lot of energy to do so. She was left panting.

"Gah, I hate it when that happens." She spat. She glared at the Red Eyes. "It's your fault, you know."

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((Merp. Sent this like 4 months ago.

I'm just going to post it here.



Username: Rainbow_Joy (just Joy would be okay.)


Name: Kyatchi Sederat


Age: 11 and a half


Appearance user posted image

She is small too and has a "cute" kind of aura.


Grade/Year:.... well 7th grade in normal school.


Personality: Shy and sweet, Kyatchi hates making enemies. At school, she was usually bullied but she doesn't like to back down. Kyatchi is considered over average smart and skipped a grade or two in normal school. She learns very quickly. Not being very strong, Kyatchi learned to use her wits instead of physical strength. She enjoys peace and can sometimes cry over the littlest things. She loves having friends. Some people think she is "too nice" when she gives her things away without argument. She loves magic, fantasy, and nature.


Type Affinity: None currently.


History: Kyatchi's parents left her with her aunt and she doesn't know anything about them except that they were duelists. Her aunt, Auntie Sarah, is a widow and they don't have much money. Kyatchi worked whenever she could to earn more money for Aunt Sarah and she saved a little to buy the only cards she could afford from the thrift store. She looked on waste baskets for ones people had thrown out and these were her prize cards that she considered "rescued."


Knowing how much a private school costs, Kyatchi privately wrote a letter to the school board asking if she could join with a partial fee paid and she would work for the rest. (If that's okay with you.) Her aunt said she could go if it was really what she wanted.


She left for the school partially through the school year. She is not very experienced but she feels a pull to the creatures in the cards. And so her journey begins. Hardy harr. Pokemon.


Decks (Optional, not everyone has one): none right now.


Class (Day/Night): Day for now because there aren't any day students. She'll "find" her talent later.


For Night Class:


Familiar: None yet.


Familiar's Name [Card Name, Unique Name, ex: Kuriboh, Kim]:


Night Class Level (Starter-12):


Spells/Traps for battle (change as needed, it's not set in stone): none so far.


Thief: Y/N


Other: of course. The password is :Neo Domino


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(( blink.gif YOU'RE ON HERE TOO!! Awesome!))

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((yeah I have the same problem, I PMed the person that posted the first post about 2 months ago and haven't got a reply yet :/ ))

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((Well, I know the creator thought this RP was dead, and that's why I'm the only one on here now. I don't know if Sparx got a reply, but I'd say you won't get one. I think we can just RP since we're the only ones on here. I don't know, you can do whatever you want. But I'm just gonna wait for one of you to post so we can hopefully bring this RP back to life.))

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((Okay. No teachers wahoo!))


Kyatchi stood on the steps of the school. Auntie Sara was still in her little car. "You'll do fine here. I'm sure you can make new friends."


Kyatchi frowned. she wasn't so sure. Besides, she had a late entry and most kids probably were into their cliques already. She balled up her fists thinks of the cliques at her old school. Gosh, how she hated them!


Auntie Sara could sense her tension. "Dear, you'll be fine. Remember to write a letter to me!."


Kyatchi nodded. "Bye Auntie Sara."


She walked up the steps and into the buildings where she found a mess of halls and doors. "I'm lost already."

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"Hey, you alright Glace?" Jasyn asked. "What were you doing in the D.D.? It's more than dangerous there!"


"Awww someone's got a heart," Noah laughed, now completely visible to Glace. Jasyn backhanded him on the shoulder in frustration.

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((Joy, might want to pretend you hear us in a room or something. I dunno.))


"Gah, field... trip." Glace rasped. She jabbed her thumbs in the direction of her Familiars.

"That Blue Eyes is Seto." She said. "The Red's Joey. Believe me, you'll have a lot of fun in D.D. Unfortunately for me, I get zapped whenever my Familiars are in physical form. Then again, it makes sense, considering there's two of them and they're both seven to eight stars. I don't usually recover this quickly. It takes forever most of the time. And as you somehow already know, my name is Glace. Xerxes Glace Hydro." She bowed slightly to the student before her.

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"well, this knucklehead here is noah. Hes only a four star familiar, so hes simple to keep up."

"yeah, yeah four stars, im so big and bad!" noah laughed.

"the embodimemt of pure terror!" Jasyn finished. Then both jasyn and noah leaned on each other laughing.

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Glace nodded warily. She kneeled on the floor, panting a bit.

"Are you ailing, Miss Hydro?" Seto inquired.

"N-not sure..." She replied. She looked up at Jasyn. "I'm new to this school. Do you perhaps know where the dorms are? I understand they're gender-separated, but still. I feel horrible."

"What she's trying to say is she needs rest." Seto finished. "This happens a lot. Her brothers and sister actually tried to convince her not to go. She's been bed-ridden since a few years back."

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(as in my character is stuck with no other characters, or at least no active ones, and she either cant, or I don't know how, to get her out.)

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Jasyn helped Glace to her feet, holding her right side. "Yeah, here, I'll take you to the girls dorms. You better memorize this route, because this is a one time thing."

"Here, let me help," Noah offered, taking Glace's left. Together, they went down the stairs, almost running into Kyatchi by accident.

"Sorry there," Jasyn said. "Oh, hey! I got two questions: one, why are you, a day class member, out at night; and two, can you help her to the girls dormitories? I'm really not allowed too close to there, for reasons secret to me only."

"He's a bit of a 'Ladies Man' if you know what I mean," Noah whispered to Glace, invisible to the Day Classman.

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((Well, maybe there was some random reason that you had to get out of class early?))

"Well, thanks anyway." Glace smiled weakly. She knew Joey would think she was pathetic, but she didn't really care. She let herself lean against a wall while, unbeknownst to the Day Classman, gently brushing Noah away. Not in a rude manner, just so he'd move.


Yeah, I know this is at the beginning of the RP, but I decided to make some changes. Sorry if it's hard to read:



Username: DiaGlace48

Name: Xerxes Glace Hydro (Never referred to by first name)

Age: 12

Appearance: She's the one in the middle. This is her appearance, only her left eye is red and both eyes have a vertical scar over them. It never fully healed. The pic's right here.

Grade/Year: Grade 6

Personality: Oh jeez, this'll be tough. Well, she's usually in a zapped sort of mood due to one of her Familiars, Joey, occasionally summoning himself. She doesn't usually Summon her Familiars because she passes out whenever she does. She also can't control them that well. She usually faints for about, oh, I'd say two pages (One if the RP's going slow again).

Type Affinity: Well, could someone tell me what this means?

History: She never had any true parents; her twenty-year-old brother Jack took on that role. She also has a brother and sister who are twins: Silver and Nemesis. They're just a year older than her. When she was invited to the Institute, her siblings tried to talk her out of it. They just didn't want her to get hurt. Alas, she came. Her scars were from one of her brother's friends, I won't explain how. It's complicated.

Decks: Oh, Mother of Osiris... Here's one of them (It no doubt will change over time. These Decks are ones from my YGO 5Ds DS game, and I didn't cheat to get any of the cards.):

1. Synchro Trials

Monsters 1-4:

Blazing Inpachi x1

Gene-Warped Warwolf x1

Gladiator Beast Andal x2

Harpie Lady x1

Insect Knight x1

Sabersaurus x1

X-Saber Anu Piranha x1

Blackwing - Bora the Spear x3

Chiron the Mage x1

Destiny Hero - Defender x1

Elemental Hero Stratos x1

Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective x1

The Calculator x1

Powered Tuner (He's not actually a Tuner Monster) x1

Quillbolt Hedgehog x1

Mist Valley Soldier x1

Flamvell Guard x2

Mist Valley Baby Roc x1

Krebons x1

Junk Synnchron x1

Hyper Synchron x1

Blackwing - Gale the Whirlwind x1

Counselor Lily x1

Dark Resonator x1

Tune Warrior x1

Monsters 5-6:

Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn x1

Jinzo x1

Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch x1

Kuraz the Light Monarch x1

Cyber-Tech Alligator x1

Monsters 7-12:

Dark Magician x1

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness x1

Dark Horus x1


Flamvell Uruquizas x1

X-Saber Urbellum x1

Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrior x1 (One of my personal favorites)

Psychic Lifetrancer x1

Magical Android x1

Mist Wurm x1

Iron chain Dragon x1 (I hate this card)

Blackwing Armor Master x1 (Another card I like)

Gaia Knight, the Force of the Earth x1

Thought Ruler Archfiend x1

Colossal Fighter x1

Naturia Leodrake x1


Enemy Controller x1

Graceful Dice x1

Mystical Space Typhoon x1

Axe of Despair x1

Black Pendant x1

Lucky Iron Axe x1

Mountain x1

Dark Core x1

Dark Factory of Mass Production x1

Dark Magic Curtain (For my Dark Magician) x1

Meteor of Destruction x1


Magic Drain x1

Spell Shield Type-B x1

Trap Jammer x1

Backfire x1

Call of the Haunted x1

Royal Decree x1

Solemn Wishes x1

Side Deck (Monsters):

Hand of Nephthys x1

Light and Darkness Dragon x1

Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys x1

Side Deck (Traps):

Chain Burst x1

DNA Sugery x1

DNA Transplant x1

Widespead Dud x1

Class: Both

For Night Class: What?

Familiar: Y (2 currently. I won't summon them very often, unless the Familiars feel like their assistance is required.)

Familiar's Name: 1.) Blue Eyes White Dragon, Seto 2.) Red Eyes Black Dragon, Joey

Night Class Level: Level 1, but can still summon Red Eyes/Blue Eyes. But like I said, she passes out afteward.

Spells/Traps for battle: Not sure yet. I'll figure that out later on, hopefully soon.

Thief: N

Other: If she comes into contact with a large amount of dark energy, for instance the energy in the Shadow Realm, she loses control of her power and is usually quite destructive. The excess energy around her triggers untapped power and causes her to use it without meaning to. And of course, Neo Domino.


Familiar #1

Username: DiaGlace48

Card Name: Blue Eyes White Dragon

Unique Name: Seto (Kaiba)

Link to card info: Let's just say I always had trouble doing this part, but I think you already know.

Unique markings: Darker shade of blue for eyes. Black metal collar around his neck, gold streaks on his body.

Personality: Same as Seto Kaiba, only he an Joey get along MUCH better (What can I say? It's hard to put Kaiba's personality into words).

Training Level: 1

Years with summoner: 3 years

History: (I kinda say this in the 'Other' section. Basically, what?)

Other: Was the famous Seto Kaiba, but was trapped into one of his own cards by a powerful thief. Was never obtained by said thief, but instead by Glace.

Summoned: Quite a few times, though never by Glace's command.


Familiar #2

Username: DiaGlace48

Card Name: Red Eyes Black Dragon

Unique Name: Joey (Wheeler)

Link to card info: Same as last time.

Unique markings: Gold highlights in eyes.

Personality: Joey Wheeler's personality is hard to put into words, though he does get along suprisingly well with Kaiba

Training Level: 1

Years with summoner: 3 years

History: (Once again, I say this in the 'Other' section.)

Other: Was the snazzy-comeback, epically-awesome Joey Wheeler, but was sealed into his Red-Eyes B. Dragon card by the same thief that did this to Kaiba. As you can tell, the thief never got his hands on this Familiar, and was once again obtained by Glace.

Summoned: A lot, though he Summons himself. Glace and Seto are both very annoyed by this.

Stolen: Twice. Well, more like he got lost.

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