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[Yu-Gi-Oh!] Tenebrus Institute for Gifted Students

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Jin sat down quickly and tried to act like nothing weird had just happened, he could still blend in! the mission would proceed!


Kainama knelt down to be closer to Diablo and Ray.


"Jinjekkai here" she began, speaking loud enough that he could hear her, along with most of the other first year students, "was pretending to be a student so he could secretly observe the goings on this evening..."


"Kai..." Jin started, standing up to protest the utter destruction of everything he had been planning.


Kainama's eyes burned with white fire, "Go sit with the faculty right now!" she commanded him.


Jin quickly ducked under her arm with a very pouty look on his face and scampered off to sit with the faculty like he was supposed to be doing. Kainama tossed his bag after him which knocked him down in the middle of the aisle.




"Go..." Kainama interrupted.


And so he went, back to the bathroom to change into his robes and then to take his seat with the rest of the teachers.


Kainama sighed, turning back to Diablo and Ray, "He's such a little kid sometimes... I fell like his mother more often than his Gladiator." The statement probably sounded funny coming from a giant hulking Gladiator Beast that didn't appear to have any motherly characteristics at all... at least not just form looking at her.


"Sorry for the interruption Vice Principal," she bowed respectfully, "it won't happen again."


She then turned to smile at Diablo, "It's been nice, over the summer Jin let me stay with him at his families lake cabin, it's pretty secluded so he didn't think anyone would bother or notice me. I know that normally that sort of thing is frowned upon, but it sure beats spending all my time back with the DD organization and their dimension."


She continued after a momentary pause, "I have to keep an eye on Jin though, he wants to solve my problem by finding a spell to send me back to my own dimension permanently, instead of just when he casts DDR, well... that or cast DDR on himself and go duel the DD organization to "force" them to let me go." She sighed, "but I'm sure he won't let it threaten the academy, either day or night, or get in the way of his work with his students."


Or I'll beat him within an inch of his life.... she didn't add but rather thought.


In truth Kainama was a gentle soul, enormous and enormously powerful but also very old. She had seen a lot of life and a lot of death, been to the grave yard a few times, been stuck in the DD realm for longer than she cared to remember. Not much fazed the wizened warrior.

Because of this she also thought of Jin more as a child than her duel master and had no qualms with disobeying some of his... more interesting orders.

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Ryza watched with interest as the boy with the nerves was approach by a man Ryza knew to be the vice-principal. He shivered a little, nervous, and gripped his crutches tightly, curious to see what was going on. The boy hugged the vice-principal and whispered into his ear, and Ryza watched as the Gladiator beast approached. "Jinjekkai here" she began, speaking loud enough that he could hear her, along with most of the other first year students, "was pretending to be a student so he could secretly observe the goings on this evening..." Ryza almost burst out laughing as the boy protested, but the female insisted, and the boy went, pouty, until the Gladiator beast threw his bag, which collided with him in the middle of the aisle, where Lomore cast the boy a cold, dark look, but Ryza hoped the boy didn't see that as he went into the bathroom, then came out seconds later and took his place with the faculty. Interesting...that boy was a teacher? Ryza waited for Lomore to say something, but the Dark Paladin said nothing, only casting looks of frozen fury at the Gladiator beast, who had done nothing.


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Ray just stood there in silence as Kainama told him what Jin was doing. After she had finished Ray just shook his head. This wasn't the first time Jin did something like this. Kainama was right, Jin was quite akin to young child and he did need to be watched, but he also could hold his own, it was undoubted. Everyone in the facuilty knew of Jin's skill's, usually from his boasting, but none the less, he could easily prove he had them. still even he had his weakness, as it is with all duelists.


"Well, i'm glad to see someone's keeping him in line. And of course Gladiator, you and Jin could probably best most of facuilty... maybe even me... if we slacked off of course."


Diabolos and Ray looked at each other with these grins of what appeared to be mischief.


"And don't bow to me kainama" Ray continured


"I dont think it's your fault, nor does it seem becoming of a great warrior like you."



Diabolos laughed, and it was a reasonable thing to laugh at. Seeing a giant hulking Gladiator Beast bow to a smaller human was a bit odd.


"Well Kainama, it's good to hear that you and Jin spent time OUTSIDE of the school, and atleast it was away from the D.D.. Raymond and I have practically been living at the school, helping Ms. Fong and the other vp's with the school and it's needs over the summer."


Diabolos was correct. Raymond had spent a considerable amount of time inside the Tenebrus Institute for Gifted Students during the summer break. He and Diabolos did much work around the school, organizing the classes ahead of time, getting new equipment, gear. It was a funny thing to hear about Raymond doing work. Infact Raymond and Work rarely were in the same sentence.


"Anyways Kainama, the assembly is starting, I think I will join the other teachers. I'll talk to you later ok? Come along Diabolos."


Ray walked past Kainama and sat with the other teachers, right next to Jin, who was giving him a look that was a lot like a kid who had just been tattled on.


*Sigh* "Jin, your my age, why can't you act like it?"

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"Thank you," Kainama nodded at Ray, "it was a pleasant break." she responded to Diabolos. With that she walked over to the wall behind where the faculty were sitting, and stood silently, waiting for the proceedings to begin.




Jin gave Ms. Fong a thumbs up from where he was sitting. He wasn't sure why she worried so much, probably because she seemed to be a perfectionist. She was an excellent speaker though, so, at least in Jin's mind, she had nothing to worry about.



Jin's mind drifted off to where he would be in a few hours, teaching class again for the next crop of students. Some would be the same as last year, others would be new, but he doubted any would be from the freshmen group, it was very rare that someone new was placed in his class, mainly because he taught upper level students. He worked best with people who understood all the basics and thought they knew what they were doing. Those were the ones he could break down and recreate as better more experienced duelists.


After all... Duel Monsters is just like Chess, except each player has their own unique pieces. Still every piece is bound by its capabilities and therefore even with different pieces most any game can be completely balanced with a good deck and side-deck. Still... there are hard counters too, some decks are just plain useless against certain deck types. he very much looked forward to seeing all the new faces in class later that evening.


The only thing he wasn't looking forwards to in the new school year would be the sleeping pattern... teaching class from 8am-4pm, eat, sleep 5-7pm, teach class 7pm- 12am, eat, sleep 1am-7am, eat, repeat. It was weird, but he enjoyed teaching both day and night students equally, though Dueling was slightly more fun than chess and certainly more entertaining.

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((Dudadudaa! Animalz present and accounted for, reporting in with an intro for one of her characters... Sachi, where's Hibiki's form? I can't find it on the front page, so I'll hold on his intro))


Ring! Ringg! Rinngg! RIINNGG! RRII- click. "Shoot! I'm late!" A young lady with peachy colored hair and bright mango-colored eyes hit the top of her alarm clock after limping over to it on one leg trying to get her skirt on. She quickly started getting dressed faster and put her hair up in the simple way she often did, and raced out the door. If only she could let out her familiar, but some of the day class was still around and they would be wondering how she was flying since they wouldn't be able to see him, so she had to run after getting on her usual school attire(in other words right now she looks like her pic).


When she finally reached the building she was panting and about ready to collapse, but summoned her Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin first.


He was different than any other of his card, because instead of red rubies being on his chest, they were deep blue sapphires. And size wise, he was bigger and stronger than any human unless they were an abnormal giant. Quickly realizing the situation, he picked her up in his arms like a father would their tired child to take them home. He didn't say a word, which he usually didn't, but his small gray colored eyes did as he looked around and then walked over to where some of the students who had been here before were, setting her down in an empty seat and standing behind her, his arms crossed.


"Thanks Marine," the girl said and wasn't a bit embarrassed, she would never get embarrassed of something he did. He was smart, wise, and quiet. But he did say something in reply to that, faintly smiling. "Your welcome Chansi..." Even when he did speak, his voice reminded her of the sound of sea waves crashing against the beach sand because it was a rough but strangely soothing rumble and not as loud as how some spoke.


Chansi and Marine, her nickname for him instead of his entire title, turned their attention to a small commotion in the first year section. The vice principle was speaking to an interrupting young man, a teacher actually. The girl shook her head and her familiar just started looking around again, scanning the area almost like a solider guarding something. And in a way he was guarding something, her.

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Chaos smirked. "Well, at least I can't complain that it won't be entertaining. Good news, Stella, you're not the only fruitcake in here!" he punched her shoulder good naturedly...or as close to that as he could manage.


"If I'm a fruitcake, and you're hanging out with me, doesn't that make you a fruitcake by association?" she shot back, but alas, he wasn't listening. Chaos had noticed Lomore, and gave him a nod of greeting. He wasn't at all fazed by any attempts of intimidation from anyone- after all, there were loads of guys who were "scary" back at the Citadel, himself included.


Ms. Fong gave Jinjekkai an odd look from her place on the stage. It looked like just about everyone was here, so they should start soon. She kept a careful eye on them, especially the ones with the two eight star monsters. Interesting- one of them looked severely disabled, probably because the Dark Paladin also had such a strong effect to support, and that other one was just weird- her attribute polarity was opposite to her monster's she wondered how they got along so well. Normally there would be matching types. She checked her watch. Almost time to start, there were a few minutes left for the stragglers...

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((Badump, now for the intro of my other char~))


The sun had set about thirty minutes before, and now the stars and rising moon where out. Their silvery light and white glow shimmered on the waves of the ocean that bordered the west side of the Tenebrus Institute for Gifted Students, blending the waves' white foam in with the salty water. The crashing of the waves on the beach's white sand could be faintly heard from the dorms, but only if one was right outside them and listening very carefully.


But it was peaceful, the sound of those waves calming to a black haired young man on its shore. He was just standing on the sands, hands in his jacket pockets, about a yard from where the highest wave landed before pulling back into the ocean. His black hair seamed more of a silvery color because of the moon and starlight, and his unusual light brown eyes glistened with their glow as he gazed up at them.


The young man almost always came to the shore after dark. Why? Well, not only because he found it beautiful, but also to get away from a few pestering girls who just refused to leave him alone. One of them even hung around the outside of the University's door just waiting for him, which was why he had gone out a different one that day, only to be spotted by another one. At least they never came down to the shore at night, probably chatting with someone in one of the girls dorms or just outside them. He didn't know, or really actually care.


Why was it half the girls in the school liked him, Hibiki Kunitomo? He didn't know, and personally thought he looked more dangerous and one not to be trifled with than handsome. But apparently many girls found that attractive rather than threatening, even though he honestly wouldn't hurt anyone unless it was a bully picking on someone. Why couldn't he just find someone he liked and they could like him not because of his appearance but because of his personality?


Hibiki rubbed the back of head and decided to stop thinking about it. At least he found peace here and was undisturbed.

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Ruffling her dark hair, the seventeen-year-old walked towards the gymnasium. Why couldn't it be closer? Like... three steps away? She was so sleepy! If she didn't have to meet up for the annual start-of-year speech, she probably wouldn't have bothered at the moment. But since it was the start of the year... It's going to be fun seeing the new students. "Right? I can't wait to see them all!" Turning to look at her familiar, she smiled lazily at the eager look he was sporting. She would bet on the fact that he would walk over to the first one he saw and ask them a random question. Most likely something personal, something no one wanted to say to a stranger. Poor student.


"If we don't hurry..." ...you're not going to be able to ask anyone, because the speech would have started. Seeing the look of horror on his face she laughed and upped her pace a bit. It wouldn't do to be late on the first day, after all. As the gymnasium finally came within her sight, she turned back to her guardian. "So Gorz..." ...are you ready? "Never been more ready in my life, Meera!" She frowned at the familiar when he used her whole name, but shook it off soon after. If she got in an argument with him, they would definitely be late.


Jogging the rest of the way, she walked into the hall. It didn't seem as if they'd started yet, so she guessed she was safe. Not that she'd worried much. Or at all, really, but it was good to be certain. Walking further into the hall, she looked for a seat to sit in, when she realized her familiar wasn't with her anymore. Spinning around in a circle, she attempted to locate him, but the only thing she could spot was a group of new students... With Gorz, The Emissary of Darkness, looking like he really wanted to talk to every single one.


Sighing, annoyed, she walked over, just in time to hear him asking a guy with crutches: "Why do you have crutches?" Hitting him lightly in the head, she grabbed his ear. "Sorry about that. He's a bit too friendly sometimes." His ear still in her hand, she walked over to a free seat and sat down, only releasing his ear when she was certain he wouldn't do anything... weird.


((Since I'm kind of pressed for time, I'll post Cathleen's intro later.))

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Raymond sat with the other facuilty members.


"It's been a while since I've seen the other teachers. Lots seems to have changed, save for Jin and his silly antics. It's good to see new faces as well, though a lot of the students seem to be nervous. I feel bad for that poor kid in crutches, his Dark Paladin must wreak havoc on his body and soul. Having a powerful familar like that without proper training or abilities could easily be fatal, atleast to the soul. I think i'll take him under my wing, he needs help to control the strain he recieves from his familar. It puzzles me how such a young boy could have summoned such a powerful familiar at such a young age."

"Ray, what's wrong?"


Diabolos was always on the cue with Ray. Even if Ray didn't show emotions, Diabolos could tell if something was wrong.


"Oh it's nothing. I'm still somewhat shocked by the young man's familar, such a young boy with such a powerful familar, it's odd."


"Well, remember when you summoned me? You took a lot of strain from that."


"Yes, but I never had crutches."


"True... what do you have planned?"


"You'll see Diabolos"




*why do these weird cow monster things appear over spelling errors?

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"Why do you have crutches?" Ryza almost jumped when a loud voice sounded behind him, and he turned to see Gorz, the Emissary of Darkness standing there. He was about to answer when a girl came over and grabbed his ear. "Sorry about that. He's a bit too friendly sometimes." she said, walkly away and sitting down somewhere else. Ryza stared after her for a second, then looked up to comment at Lomore. The Dark Paladin was staring at a Magician of Black Chaos, who was apparently nodding in his direction, probably because they were both from the Citadel. Lomore, now realizing Ryza was staring at him, said, "Hmmmm....very interesting. I never expected to see the Magiacian of Black Chaos here. I wonder who summoned him? Maybe that girl next to him?" Ryza turned back and looked at the woman behind the podium, observing them all upon her high place. He sighed and shifted his crutches to his other hand, tired of having to hold them while sitting down.

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Stella leaned back in her chair tiredly, looking out the sides of her half-closed eyes at the Dark Paladin. Hm, I guess he's sort of intimidating, but meh. He's not a whole lot worse than Chaos, and I'm REALLY used to him by now. she thought, lazily. She managed a half wave at that guy that was with Dark Paladin. Her pendant was hanging off to one side, the hexagram glinting slightly. Magician of Black Chaos, his greeting delivered, turned back and flicked Stella in the head.


"Sit up straight, they're about to start," he said briskly. Stella mumbled and hauled herself into a sitting position.


Ms. Fong checked her watch. Well, it was about time to start. She hated doing speeches, and never more so than now, but well, here goes nothing. Just do it like you were trained to, Lianne, and everything's going to be just FINE. she thought to herself, preparing to speak.


"May I have your attention please!" she said. The warm chattering that the students had been making died down immediately. "Good afternoon, students, I am your Principal, Ms. Fong. I hope you all had a safe and relaxing summer vacation. To our returning students, welcome back, and to our new students, welcome to the Night Class of Tenebrus Institute. Veteran students, I expect you to assist the new ones in whatever way you can. Do not forget that you were all new once as well. A few announcements before we officially begin the Night Class Year. Night Class teaches Shadow Magic to you and your Familiars, and as always, we must keep this a secret from the Day Class-exclusive students, so do not reveal what Night Class teaches, and most importantly, do not cast magic on Day Class students unless you have no other option. At this time, if they were to discover us, there would be unnecessary complications. If you are caught trying to use a spell on a Day Class student, you will have to answer to me. Also, Night Class students, I still expect you to achieve at least 65% in your Day Class courses. Failure to do so will result in probation, suspension and expulsion from the school. You may refer to our counselors if you are experiencing difficulty. You are all bright students, otherwise you would not be sitting here today." A few groans rose at that comment.


"I must also stress that Stealing other students' Familiars is not tolerated. Those caught Stealing will face severe consequences no less than suspension and expulsion. Those of you in Starter Class, do not try to Steal just to get into the Star Levels. Everyone summons at different times. Do not become too hasty. You will Summon when you are ready and not before. All students with Familiars, you must be vigilant. It is easier to prevent a Stealing than it is to reverse one. If you suspect that your Familiar is being stolen, cast whatever protection spells you have and leave the room immediately. You will be able to tell when you are being Stolen from- it will feel like something essential to your being is being forcibly torn from you." She did not visibly wince, but she knew EXACTLY how it felt...one of her employees had made an attempt on her Goyo Guardian and on a spiritual level, it was painful. Of course, that could be because she and Dai were so close.


"I would also like to remind you that as always, if you are planning on visiting the Shadow Realm, to please notify a teacher or a teacher's aide. This is purely for safety, as we generally do not want students getting stuck for long periods of time. It has been known to cause...changes...in the student." And Sayomi Maki, alumni of ...more than twenty years ago, if she were here could stand as testament. "Mr. Lau, I believe you have a few closing remarks for the students?" she stepped off the podium for the Vice Principal to deliver his end of the speech- she usually ended up missing things, so, he could typically cover them.

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Sneaking into the gymnasium, the young blond hoped no one noticed her. She would have been on time if it hadn't been for the cute doll she saw in a window, and she couldn't really be held at fault for it's cuteness. So it really wasn't her fault that she was late. But she knew that the teachers wouldn't see it her way, so she was better off sneaking in. No one seemed to take notice of her, listening too closely to the principal. Lucky! Sighing she sat down beside a girl with a... What was that monster named again? Magician of Black something? Well, he wasn't cute at all, so it didn't matter.


Her eyes lit up when she thought about the monsters she was sure to see this year. There just had to be some cute ones in the mix. Cathleen Hayashi, if you're thinking of stealing anything, you need to think again... Pouting, Cathleen looked over at the Quillbolt Hedgehog at her side. Calm down, Yu-Yu. I haven't even seen anyone cute yet. And there was no point in having no-cute monsters tag along with her. She could swear she heard her familiar sigh sadly, but soon her attention was back on the principal.


She was talking about not stealing other peoples familiars... But what she did wasn't stealing, was it? She just took the opportunity to get something she wanted, that was all. And if the other person wanted it as well... Well, they should do something to spoil her opportunity. Not that she'd let them. Her attention was again back at Ms. Fong when she told them the usual tell-someone-before-you-go, and then it was the turn of the vice principal.


Distracting herself in the small, 30-seconds break, she decided to pick out the cutest familiar she could see. There were a lot of cool ones, but no one really cute. Her Quillbolt Hedgehog was cute, not these. Maybe she could settle for the Marine Dolphin if she had to pick out one, but... Sighing she turned her attention back to the podium and hoped there would be more, cuter, monsters later in the year. It was only the first day after all.


((And here's Cathleen ^^))

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Raymond walked up to the stage and stood behind the podium. Speaking in a loud and booming voice, Ray began to speak.


"Thank you, Ms. Fong, for that wonderful opening speech. As mentioned, welcome to Tenebrus Institute for Gifted Students, the staff and I all wish to warmly welcome you to our school, and we hope you all enjoy your time here. If there are any problems, I hope you will discuss them with any of the staff, as we are more then happy to help you solve problems. As well, please do not do anything crazy, don't go picking fights, or Vandalizing the class equipment. We've had a few issues with students who have decided to inappropreitly use the shadow realm gear, and have gotten lost for months at a time."


Ray gave the students a rather mischivous grin, which most responded to with a rather frightened look.


"Thank you for your time and patience, and have a wonderful year."


The students began to rise, but were interupted by Raymond


"Oh, and to the young lady, the one with the blonde hair and Quillbolt Hedgehog, beside the other young lady with the Magican of Black Chaos? I saw you sneak in, please try to be on time, that's also something VERY important. If you fail to attend over 95% of your classes, you will fail the course, and possibly be suspended or expelled.

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The Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin continued to scan the area even as the principle started speaking while Chansi leaned back and listened. Her Familiar, hardly missing anything when in surveillance mode, saw a young bond haired girl with a Quillbolt Hedgehog as her familiar attempt to sneak in because she was late. But he said nothing and continued to look around, attention going elsewhere.


His attention did turn to the Vice Principle a few moments when he started speaking, and just shook his head when he slightly spooked some of the students. The peachy haired girl in front of him chuckled faintly when she heard and noticed their reaction to his words. She knew better, and even if she did end up lost accidentally, Marine wouldn't let anything happen to her.


When Raymond seemed to finish speaking, Chansi stood up, stretching her legs a bit and the Marine Dolphin glanced at her, arms still folded. then they both glanced around to spot the girl who had been pointed out, even though Marine wasn't surprise because he had seen her when she first came in.


But then they looked at each other and she spoke. "I suppose you need to disappear for a little while..." He nodded in understanding, but said something in reply. "Just summon me if you need me." Chansi smiled and nodded before hugging him and he did the same to her before slowly becoming transparent and eventually disappearing. Bye Marine, I'll see you later, she thought before starting to make her way out of the area and trying to get to one of the floors that were above it for her first class.


Still standing on the shore, Hibiki sighed. He had been standing here long enough and needed to go the boys dorm and get some sleep, but he wasn't quiet ready to leave just yet. A cool sea breeze brushed by him, causing his black hair to sway some with it. He breathed it in and opened his eyes, pulling his deck from the closed duel disk on his arm. He flipped through them til he found one in particular and then put them back in the slot where it usually stayed, the card he had picked out in his hand.


It was a Blue-Eyes White Dragon, his favorite and the rarest card in his deck. He silently looked at it before reading the text in the box beneath its picture but above its attack and defense numbers. "This legendary dragon is a powerful engine of destruction. Virtually invincible, very few have faced this awesome creature and lived to tell the tale."


"If only you were real...perhaps I'd at least have friend who'd listen to me and not just stare at me the whole time," Hibiki mumbled, mostly to himself. But then he blinked, unsure of what he thought he had just seen. He thought the blue and white dragon had just..looked at him... Nah, he must have just imagined it. "Alright now you know you need to get some sleep when you start thinking a card looks at you and start talking to yourself," he grumbled, shaking his head and putting the card back in his deck before turning and walking back toward the dorms.

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Stella flipped out her timetable in a fluid motion as soon as the Vice Principal finished speaking, in an attempt to cover up how badly spooked she was by his specificity of pointing out someone. Why did it have to be HER that the late one sat next to? As if Chaos didn't stand out enough already, being one of the few ritual monsters in the area!


"...Spell Casting first..." she muttered, hiding how nervous she was. Chaos flicked the back of her head.


"Sheesh, calm down, Stella. I thought you were only paranoid around those guys." he said, meaning Ice Kingdom and Sea Serpent monsters. "Besides, I thought you liked attention."


"...Chaos, don't even go there...I'm quite happy enough to be left alone by other people now," she replied tensely. "It's the first day of school, I don't know anyone, what person in their right mind ISN'T nervous?!"


"...Kid. It's West of Salem. I'm pre-tty sure they don't have cliques and those San Francisco things you're used to." he said almost lazily, ambling alongside her as she stood up and made her way towards the exit. "You really should try to get to know other people, your aunt would kill me if you came out as antisocial as I am."


"*sigh* Chaos, fine, but I'm kinda tired right now..." she saw a girl somewhere in the area that had just let her Marine Dolphin disappear. Stella generally didn't pay any mind to what Chaos was doing or where he went- he came and gone as he liked. She wandered over to the girl, setting her pace to match hers...Stella needed to find her class too, on the...actually, she wasn't altogether sure WHICH floor she should be on. "Er, hello..." she said waving at Chansi.


Ms. Fong stepped back and towards the other teachers, thankful that the opening announcements were over. She supposed she should be getting to class- she had to teach what few upper years there were, anyways. "Thank you, Mr. Lau. Good luck with your class," she said.

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As she had almost made her way to the exit, Chansi heard a girl's voice not far from her say hello. She slowly down and looked around, blinking as she saw the ritual monster next to the person who had spoken to her. Then she looked from him to Stella.


"Hello, first time here right? Well that being the case, you deserve a proper welcome. Welcome to the Night Class of TIGS, I'm Chansi Tisdale the Neo-Spacian nut, or Chance if you want...and that is quiet a familiar for earning respect from people. I don't see many ritual monster familiars, especially with his power," she responded with a smile to the girl who was about the same age as her. Though she was a little younger, she was about an inch taller in height.


"Come on, let's get out of here so I don't have to yell over all the noise," she added and motioned for her to follow before jogging out the door and holding an elevator for her and Stella.

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Ray laughed.


"That's it Lianne? You really need to lighten up, your always so up tight about everything."


Diabolos laughed too, but more laughing at Raymond's statement. Lianne was always working, and never relaxed. Raymond was here complete opposite, always lazy and sitting in the staff room, eating some sort of junk food. These sort of statements always bugged Lianne, and by the look on her face, Raymond knew she was annoyed at him.

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Ryza quietly waited until the speeches were over, glad that he didn't have to sit through three hours of people droning on and on about what the school was like and such. He stood up slowly, carefully, and started moving towards the exit, aided by his crutches, and Lomore following right behind him, hovering protectively and giving scathing glares at anyone who came to close. He was panting a bit, and he gripped the crutches tightly, afraid that he would drop them. Hopefully by the end of the year he would be able to handle Lomore's strength, but he knew his legs would probably never recover, but he didn't mind much. He had never been that strong before he had summoned the Dark Paladin, so what did it matter now? He did hope he would make a friend...but if not, Lomore could keep him company. Nursing that thought, Ryza went towards the exit. He spotted that girl with the Magician of Black Chaos who had nodded at him before inside an elevator, and sped up a bit to catch up with them.

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Ms. Fong gave Ray a wintry smile. "It is my responsibility to keep the school going. I cannot let my great-grandfather down by slacking off and letting his miracles hit the rocks. I believe you should be getting to your own class as well. You have more students than I do, for one." With that, she swept out of the gym to find an elevator. It was all the way up to the twelfth floor today, and then after that she had to go find some volunteers to help watch the younger students when they went on unannounced excursions through the Shadow Realm. She had warned them to let someone know, but she knew firsthand the wonders of the Duel Spirits World. Some of them might decide to sneak off regardless.


"He's right, you know, you need to learn to relax," the Goyo Guardian commented casually.


"Don't start on me, Dai. You know how much work it takes to keep the place running." she replied stiffly.


"Then delegate some of it to that guy. That's what he's here for." Dai said.


"I already have- the things I can trust him to get done on time, anyways. I do not particularly enjoy hounding people."


"Could've fooled me." Dai said, earning a smack on the back of the head. He only chuckled. She DID worry too much.



Stella nodded her thanks to Chance, a habit she had picked up from her Familiar. She however, continued to keep the door open, having noticed Ryza heading towards them, and feeling that it would be rude to let the door shut on the guy. In acknowledgment of her comment, Chaos spared her a glance and a nod, but more or less seemed disinterested.


"Ahaha, thank you, yeah, it is my first time here. I've heard stories about this place from my aunt, but I've never actually been to see it. My name is Stella, and that's my friend Chaos. I'm lucky to meet you, Chance." Stella said, offering a handshake and cracking a weak joke. She moved aside so Ryza could get in too. "Wow, I never thought I'd meet two people from the Citadel as well...nice to meet you...?"

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As Stella made it to the elevator, Chansi noticed a younger boy on crutches heading toward them and the same elevator. She held one side as the other girl held the other, waiting til he reached it and got inside before letting it go. With their monsters also in the elevator, except Marine, it was pretty much full, and if her familiar had been there as well it would have been cramped. So, in a way, she was glad he wasn't.


Seeing that she as holding out her hand after speaking, Chance smiled lightly and shook it before looking at Ryza and his familiar. Whoa... Such strength for one his age, perhaps that was why he had crutches? Well, it didn't really matter to her except that unlike how most kids could take the stairs to their floor, it would be a lot harder for him to and if anyone deserved the elevator it was him.


"Hello, I'm Chansi, or Chance if you prefer," she said with a nod in greeting. Then she looked at both of them, still smiling lightly. "Well, who needs to go to which floor? If you aren't sure, what's your first class and hopefully I know where it is floor-wise. Who knows, we might even be in the same class."

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Ryza was relieved when the girls held the elevator open for him. He definitely didn't want to go down the stairs, since he would most likely trip and fall down them. "Hello, I'm Chansi, or Chance if you prefer," the girl said with a nod in greeting. "Well, who needs to go to which floor? If you aren't sure, what's your first class and hopefully I know where it is floor-wise. Who knows, we might even be in the same class." Ryza pulled out his planner and looked at the list. "My name is Ryza, and this is Dark." He pointed towards Lomore, who nodded at the girls. "Let's see, I have Spell-Casting first. What floor is that on?" he asked, a little nervous. In a place this large, he would most likely be lost.

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Mana was already running late to get to the school, he didn't want to be late for class. "Crud I'm gonna be late for class and I got Spell-casting!!! Great, now which room...." He said to himself as he rushed up the stairs. He saw other students and asked where the class was, they replied that he was over one level and the class was the last one in the corridor from the stairs he was one. He thanked the students and rushed to the class. He barged in saying, "Sorry I'm late." "Could you have been any more less discreet?" Aturia asked. "Shut up and stay down, I don't want to be expelled on my first day." Mana commanded. "Okay okay no need to have your pants on fire." Aturia's presence wen somewhere else as he traveled by the shadows.

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(there's not a teacher listed for "spell-casting" class, so one of two things, either you guys can skip any RPing done in that class, make it up, or Jin (who is more than willing) will teach it!). All years have to repeat that class anyways because it's so basic so we could all be present if desired) for now I'll assume he's teaching it and can edit if need be)




Jinjekkai listened to the speech and then stood up to leave, rushing out of the room with class schedule in hand and Kainama in tow.


"Oh that's new..." he said to himself as he started towards the elevator.


"What?" Kainama asked.


"Well my schedule says I'm teaching spell-casting this year."




"Well I guess I just didn't realize it was my turn." Jin exclaimed, not looking at the full elevator as he walked towards it, but rather down at his schedule.


"No one sent you an e-mail or something like that?" Kainama asked.


"uhhh..." Jin smiled up at her scratching his head, "I've kind of spent the summer on vacation with you and then I might have gotten involved in something in the shadow realm the week before today so that possibly means I haven't checked my e-mail since last semester ended?"


Kainama just sighed "when is...."


"Oh it'll be fine!" Jin interupted, "I can improvise the first day and then come up with a lesson plan over the weekend." He decided snapping his fingers.




"After all, it's not like spellcasting is a hard class, everyone has to take it. Hey! that means I'll have new kids too!!!"


"Jin!" Kainama grabbed his shoulder and spun him around, something that required very little effort on the part of the huge Gladiator, "when is your class?"


Jin glanced down at the sheet and then at his watch...


"Ahhh!!! In five minutes!" he cried, "quick! we mustn't be later!"


Kainama rolled her eyes at his use of the term "we" and suddenly vanished in a dark purple spark as Jin replaced his D.D.R card back in it's hidden location in his sleeve.


Jin pressed the elevator button but the door had closed and was on it's way down to the lower floor which means it might be carrying students of mine! he thought frantically, taking off at a run for the stairs, dodging around other students and faculty alike while mumbling apologies.



He sped down the stairs and across the hallway from the elevator (that was just starting to open)


Suddenly another student darted out of the corner of his eye and raced for the very same room he was heading for. Before he could reach it the other student had opened the door and walked in.


Jin leapt for the door as it was closing behind the student and caught the handle right before it closed. He stood straight up and opened the door as if he had been just about to enter. Even though he was a little late, it appeared that this student was the first to arrive, still... what a bad first impression.



"Welcome to spell-casting Mr...." Jin glanced down at his sheet and flipped through the pictures and names until he matched the boy's face, "Welcome to class Mana, everyone else should be arriving momentarily!"


With a twirl, a toss of his bags, and a leap, Jin was behind his desk and quickly began booting up the computer and the HPS (Holographic-Projection-System) that each room was equipped with as his bag landed with a thump on the desk next to him.


Between boot sequences he quickly scribbled on the chalk board,



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Stella blinked as she registered the info. "...Swell! We're all in the same Class! Ummm...I don't know this place well, but um, this class is...on the...um, second floor, I think?" she said. Well, the class number had a "2" in the front, so maybe it WAS on the second floor. "And it says the teacher is...Prof. Jinjekkai." Stella seemed a bit edgy still. She was wondering if he was a nice teacher. Little did she know he was almost as exotic as Amir if his earlier antics had been noticed. Chaos stood stiffly, not really taking an interest in most things. Truth was, the whole Spellcasting class thing sounded a little boring. He was a magician for crying out loud, that sort of thing came naturally to him, in this world OR his home dimension.


You'd better do well in this class kid, or you don't deserve your status as one of us, he ribbed privately at her.


"...Chaos, you're not helping. I'm not Aunt Sayomi."


"But you grew up with her nearly-constant presence. No excuses," he said.


"Geez, no pressure or anything," she said sarcastically.

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"Wah?....Huh?" Mana said confused as the teacher walked in from behind him. "Wait I barely got to class on time and Prof. Jinjekka bounded in after him. So basically the teacher was almost late too!!" Mana thought it up. "Meh must be a carefree teacher." Mana muttered as he took a seat near the middle in the first row.

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