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[Yu-Gi-Oh!] Tenebrus Institute for Gifted Students

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Yusei growled and nodded. "Yeah, Crow decided to come along too. And he's got Jack with him. I think I sensed Glace as well."

"Well, what re we waiting for?!" Joey cried. "Let's go follow them!" The Red-Eyed Lowered his neck to track-level so Kyatchi could get on.

"I'm guessing you aren't going to want to ride the mutt." Seto lowered his neck as well as he spoke to Yusei.

"I'm not riding either of you." He hissed back.

"Then how you plan on reaching those three?"

With Joey's words, Yusei quickly transformed into a black tiger with aquamarine stripes (just think of the Cheshire Cat from the newer Alice in Wonderland movie). Part of his fur was a dark cobalt, so it actualy looked as though he were still wearing his jacket (which he was not). Amber spikes protruded from his shoulders, elbows, and knees. He was standing up on two legs wit no problem, and was a little taller that both dragons. He lowered onto all fours, and sprinted off on the track, his chainsaw in his mouth.

"You coming?" He called.


((Hooray for full-Chain Yusei!))

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((Glaceeeee! I'm sorry I haven't been on! School is preventing me from getting the computer.))


Kyatchi climbed onto Joey and waited for them to leave. Yusei actually looked really creepy the way he transformed though.


Wait till I tell everyone...

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((OMG You're back! This day has been awesome!))


The dragons took off as soon as they could, hoping they would be able to keep up. Yusei hadn't traveled far when an inhuman shriek shattered most all of the track and caused debris from above them to fall. He was forced to transform back into his Half-Chain form (nearly human, the form we met him in) to avoid the large chunks of debris. Metal chains with acid-like poison-tipped spears on the ends shot out from the black nothing ahead, and it was all he could do to dodge them. Joey and Seto attempted to shield themselves and their riders (if any) with their wings, and were relieved to see the chains retracting before they could be touched.

"What was dat?!" Joey cried.

"I don't know." Seto replied, his voice uneasy. "Yusei, what just happened?!"

The amber-eyed cobalt duelist bitterly smirked. "Jack happened. That's what."

The dragons were astonished. Jack, do this sort of damage?

"What kind of Duel Monster could have caused that much damage? Then, how did Jack get a hold of it in the first place?"

"That's just it: it was no Duel Monster. It was Jack himself. He's going insane. Again."

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