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The hatching.club - Formerly The dragondu.mp

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The site is back on, idk why it was offline for a few hours. Maybe it needed to fog itself so that it doesn't get killed?

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12 hours ago, dragonpuck said:

getting a bad gateway error 😪


10 hours ago, Lucere said:


Same here.


Screenshot (if it helps OP):



2 hours ago, cheesecake__ said:

I was just about to ask if the site was down, but I'm having the same issues ^^


1 hour ago, BlueLatios said:

Well, if it's not going back anytime soon, might as well see what happens when my egg has a few days left before dying (I'm curious as to why some users want low-time eggs/hatchlings)





Sorry about the downtime, my host decided to migrate my server suddenly without giving much notice.


I had thought it would be a quick migration/downtime as usual but for some reason it took longer than expected. 


It should be back up by now.


Sorry for any inconveniences or troubles that this event may have caused. Thank you for using the Hatching Club.



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This is my favorite Dragon hatchery. It's the only one I ever need and yesterday told me I go nuts when it is down.I lost 4 eggs because I panicked and put them in a lot of hatcheries. 😕 I am glad you are back! Thank you for the awesome hatchery. 

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There must be an issue:



Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock' (2)


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1 hour ago, Newfuzzi said:

Can't get in this morning. Server unreachable. Anyone able to get in? :(



It should be working again, sorry for any inconvenience. 

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I think the site's down. I keep getting an Error 523 when I try to access it. None of the other hatcheries I use are displaying this error.

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And today it is - not !


Error 522 Ray ID: 52f9af5cab6dcabc • 2019-11-02 22:53:37 UTC

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