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The Requiem: The Girl From the Sky

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Cloud held steady his sword as the men charged at him with their many different weapons while from behind the one's with arrows began to let lose their deadlyness avoiding their mates but heading towards him at frightening speeds. Suddenly an arrow whistled past him hitting one man in the shoulder driving him down, Cloud looked over his shoulder and saw what Maro was doing, he nodded curtly at her before fending off an axe blow to his shoulder. There was a resounding thud as metal met metal and sparks flying as Cloud performed a feint par twisting the wrist of the man holding the axe spraining it for certain.


Even duh he wished very much to punish these men for their actions, they were still only mere petit bandits that were a little air headed to say the least and Cloud wasn't a man that was a ruthless man. The men's attacks weren't skilled and often sloppy making it easy to swipe away their weapons, Cloud slashed at one man's tigh's making him crumble to the ground holding the torn muscles in pain.


There was a blue of movement to his left and a yell, Cloud straightened up as he saw one of the men holding a knife to the teenager's throat and the fear in the kid's eyes pain Cloud. A whirlwind of thoughts entered his head, he could easly just throw down his sword and just summon his other one but that was counting on the man not killing the boy and he didn't trust him one little bit. Peering at the men who still stood with weapons ready to see what he was going to do next, he wondered if Maro had a clear shot at the man but it was very dodgy to take a shot with him holding the boy.


Cloud sheathed his sword, his face looking emotionless til he looked at the man straight in the eye. "I warned you...." he threatened but now it was too late, he would have prefered not to magic and finish the battle in normal style but with a life on the line it wasn't possible. Opening his two palms slowly, swirling dark orbs of darkness formed increasin in size till they were the size of his hands and pulsing with power. "Shut your eyes kiddo" Cloud commented before firing one straight at the man with a clear swing shot before crouching down thursting the other into the burning flames of fire. The fire bursted sending shards of burning wood in all directions with black fire sizzling all over it, Cloud snatched his sword again with speed and in a few single bounds was across the cave to see was the teen alright.

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The events were far too quick. The boy dropped down on the ground with a thud as the bandit tried to save himself. The knife was left on the ground, the same one which could've taken his life. What just...? he picked up the knife with his mouth through the drive of instincts. Gripping it tightly, he slowly sliced the rope in his feet. It didn't take so long, as if he was a professional. The cutting of the rope around his body was a lot easier too.


The attention of the remaining bandits were divided. Most were directed at the warrior, three or four were at the former hostage. "A-ahh... " he was speechless. Now that he was free, he might pose as danger for them. He held the knife in his hand and assumed a fighting stance. It was no mediocre stance either, in a way that it didn't look like a beginner's stance. He was obviously trembling though as he held the knife. "S-stay away! I may not look like it... But... I... Used to be a knight!" he shouted, his voice had a hint of fear, and yet it was clear. As he finished his final words, around ten or more men charged at the Azure knight all at once again. The rest were searching the area for the knight's comrades.


"Fool! As if we'd believe that!" one of the men shouted as he charged at the young man with his axe. He just stood there trembling, closed his eyes hoping he'd move...

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((OOC: Should we wait for Nixa?))

~Maro stood frustratedly hidden as the knife was held to the young man's throat. She had no clear shot from her angle. As she expected, her young wolf had given up on the attempt to get the boy to follow it. Now, oblivious to the danger the young man was in, it had moved to the side slightly to avoid the yelling. It definitely wasn't a warrior, she decided.~


~Maro was half surprised at Cloud's speed as he attacked the bandit and managed to buy the boy time. She loaded another arrow, trying to decide who, what and when to shoot. She was surprised at how fast the boy undid his ropes, and even more surprised at his proper stance with a knife.


Her heart skipped a beat as the man with the axe charged: it appeared that Cloud was too far away to do anything about it. She lifted her crossbow... then paused in surprise at what happened next.~


Something triggered in the wolf-dog's mind, something that had to do with the instincts of his wild father. He saw the stance of the boy and sensed his fear. He knew that his owner had wanted the boy safely brought to her. And now, seeing the boy's intense fear, he knew that there was danger about. Then he saw the man with the axe, and animal rage overtook him.


With not even a sound as a warning, the wolf leapt through the air and grabbed the hand holding the axe. His jaws automatically clamped down around the wrist as hard as possible, immediately breaking a vein in the wrist and causing pain. Then the wolf shook and shook, likely forcing the man to drop his axe.

It happened so fast that Maro didn't have time to raise her crossbow and shoot the man, and now she would risk shooting the wolf, so for the first time she leapt out from behind the tree, revealing her location to the bandits. She landed only seven feet away from the boy, aiming her crossbow at the first bandit who dared move. It was then that she realized that bandits had been moving about, looking for her location, and she was more or less surrounded. Still, it seemed that she had the upper hand (of course, all of this happened very quickly) due to her position, weapon and wolf. She only hoped that the wolf had bitten hard enough to make them man drop his axe...

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((I'm sorry I haven't caught up on this in a while, I had some problems with the power in my house, not to mention the fact that I slept the entire way through yesterday ^^"))


Nixa sat frozen on the horse as the men talked with Cloud. Wait, that boy is involved with this whole Requiem stuff? Before she had a chance to properly think about this fact, they had charged. Feeling Maro slide of the horse behind her, she took in their positions and slid to the ground herself. Most of the men had been running at Cloud, but they were breaking away to fight Maro too, as she shot arrows at them from a finely-crafted black crossbow. Nixa stepped forward, grabbing inside her cloak for the only weapon she had. She ran her hand over the brittle pages, knowing exactly what page had which spell she needed. After all, she had practiced so many times she could almost recite it's contents word to word. She had no need to use the Fire Claws or the Angelic Wings now, a simple- Rush! she thought, as her hand seemingly brought out a batch of flames directed at the nearest bandit. The man stumbled backward, hands clawing at the burn on his chest that he now sported. Nixa grimaced, although she might seem calm on the outside her heat beat fast and her mind raced. She thought back to when she first tried to fight...


"Hahaha, look at her!"

She stumbled again, reaching for the book, not knowing what to do.

"Why don't you just go back where you came from, freak."

She had the black claw marks, even at this age. Seeing her vision blur up, she swiped at her eye with a too-long sleeve.

"Leave her alone!"

She looked up, at anything, searching for the voice-


Nixa shook her head. Not the time to think about her... Looking around, she saw the guy had disappeared. She felt a burst of energy beside her and turned to see black flames creeping out of a orb of the same color. She leaped forward to see the boy holding a knife out, shouting something about him being a knight. Sure doesn't look like he is... There was no time, however, as a huge man holding an axe ran toward him. However, at that moment Maro's dog jumped into the air with a fierce gleam in his eye, Nixa could even say he looked less dog-like now, and caught hold of his wrist. The man screamed as his wrist was bitten, but before Nixa saw more she felt a presence behind her. She spun around to find the same attacker she had burned earlier, obviously back for more. Huh, idiot.








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Everything happened in a flash. The boy stood in his place, still trembling with fear with the bandit down in the ground. He was grasping his bleeding wrist. "Why you little...!" Another bandit attacked from his left with a sword. "Ah!" the boy jumped in his feet and automatically blocked the attack with his tiny knife. With a loud sound of the touching of blades, his knife shot up in the sky as he tumbled down the ground. He stood up on his feet and tried to run toward the other direction, only to be blocked by another bandit... One... Two... There's just 11 bandits left... And yet... He tried to back out, but he was utterly surrounded. I hope this works... he thought, as he clenched his fist tightly.


"Vei! HEEELP!" he cried... Literally...

"Kwaaa!" at that moment, the red bird shot out the bushes and gave one of the bandits a taste of its kick. As fast as he can, the boy jumped up on the bird's back as it ran toward his things. He bent down and shove all he can as the bird dodged the attacks of some bandits it encountered along the way. With a swift kick, it knocked down three more enemies.


The bandits began to show signs of fear. "W-what is this...?! They're adding up in number!" one of the bandit said out loud. "We've reduced to more than half! These people are demons... I'm getting out of here!" another shouted. One by one, they each ran into separate directions and into the dark forest...


"W-what just happened...?" the boy said to himself as he watched the bandits scatter like mice. His face was filled with disbelief and a slight hint of relief. He jumped down from the bird. His knees were still shaking, he gave a final sigh of relief before falling down the ground yet again. With the looks of it, he fainted under the night sky...

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Maro took deep breaths as the enemies began to leave. She straightened as the boy jumped off of the bird.


"Well, that went pretty well I'd say," she began. Then the boy passed out.


She frowned and quickly walked towards him. "Poor boy must be-" WHUMP!


The next thing Maro knew she was on the ground with a thrilled wolf licking her face.

"G-get off, stupid mutt! You're getting some bandit's blood all over my face!"

She shoved the dog off and sat up. "Shame," she said, tapping his nose.


The dog-wolf's tail was wagging enthusiastically, as though he thought he had done the best thing in the world. Adrenaline racing, he looked at all of the remaining people, prepared to lick to death the first one of them who spoke.


Maro crawled over to the boy, her positive attitude coming back.

She lay a hand on his forehead. "He's exhausted, starving and in shock." She smiled. "Could be much worse, though! Poor lad got of easy, wot say?"

She looked up at the giant red bird. "You must be Vei," she said carefully, glancing at her wolf to catch his expression. He didn't seem interested in the bird at all.

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Cloud sheathed his sword after wiping it clean on the grass from the slight stain of blood from where he had wounded the Bandits, it made little sound and he stood watching the scene.

The Bandits had long gone fleeing for their lives like they should have at the beginning he felt, the boy had fainted and his rather over larged red bird was standing by his side with Maro looking at him. He had to say he had been impressed with the two girls by the way they had fought, he was glad to have them by his side as he feared they might have been useless.

Cloud strided over and grabbed the boy by the scroff of clothes heaving him upright a little off the ground, "Huph, some Knight..." He commented inspecting him for an injures.

"All the same, your right Maro. He needs rest and so do we, I suggest camping here for the night as everything we need is here already" he said when he heard a snort behind him, Blazer stood watching the red bird with puzzled eyes.

"Now, now Blazer. don't be jealous, just cause your not the strangest creature traveling with the group now" he laughed waving his hand carelessly into the air as there was a small neigh of protest behind him, He dropped the boy inside the cave near the fire that had returned to its orginal colour.

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Night passed as fast as day. Remains of the incident from the previous day were still present. There were a few dried up blood stains and broken weapons on the ground. The burned out campfire wood was sitting quietly as the sun greeted the young travelers. The forest also seemed to have returned to normal. A morning breeze swept thorough the trees as the leaves danced with it. Animals seemed to have calmed down and are now doing their daily routines.


A large red bird was curled up on the ground. It was a peculiar sight, a boy with brown hair was quietly using the bird as his pillow. He looked peaceful despite the crazy recent events. For a moment, his eyes twitched. Slowly, he stood up, stretching his arms up high. He rubbed his eyes for a bit and looked around instinctively. "Ugh... Wha happened...?" he said groggily, he was obviously half-asleep.


He walked slowly toward his things and pulled out a small pot, a bottle, a knife, a small white bag and some vegetables. Lighting some wood from the ground, he pouring in water and cutting up some vegetables. After cutting them, he poured in some white stuff from the bag and mixed in some of the vegetables. Taking a wooden spoon from his main bag, he stirred the concoction and took a quick sip.


The smell of vegetables wafted in the air as he continued with cooking. For a moment, he looked around and began to show signs of remembering something. I believe they were the ones who saved me yesterday... he thought as he waited for his soup to get finished...

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Cloud settled under a tree outside for the night letting the wave of sleep hit him, it was fruitless to try and fight it. He knew himself that sleep was a weapon that needed to be treated with respect, his eyelids drooped as he waited til everyone else had dozed off making sure no one was going to creep up on them. Right before he fell asleep he looked into the starry sky, gazing at it with his hazel eyes wishing to be up there with them before he fell asleep.


The first ray of sunshine hit the side of his face, his back was stiff from leaning against the cold bark of the tree but he was used to that by now and his body felt well rested. Rising he saw no one else had risen, they erge to stroll around in nature was just too great to resist and he headed off stretching his limbs as he went.


Nature had returned to normal around him, the birds sang their songs and the bee's buzzed happily. He sighed as he let the nature take him into another world making the most of it before returning to the others, "What is happening to me? This Mark is a puzzle to me that I can't make out, I believe my course is changing in this life and that the map in the stars is changing for me....blah! This is what you get for listening the mother and her ranting about our lives being mapped in the stars" He thought chuckling quietly to himself as he made his way back.


A heavenly scent swayed through the air, someone was cooking something nice from what it smelt like and Cloud quickened his steps slightly. Emerging from the shadows of the trees he saw the boy had awoken and it was he that was cooking, Cloud walked to a large stone sitting to one side of the cave. He easily leaped up on top of it letting one leg rest stretched out while the other was drawn up into his chest with his hand resting on the knee, "So the fiercesome Knight awaken's then?" Cloud said casting a glance at the boy, "you shouldn't have been out here on your own you know...." He began before hearing himself, since when did he leture people?

"Anyway, I'm more interested in what you said to those Bandits......were you speaking the truth when you said the Mark appeared on your forehead?" He asked looking his hazel eyes into the boy's.

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~That night~

Maro frowned at Cloud's dropping of the boy, but said nothing. Once Cloud had left the cave, Maro opened the boy's vest, carefully feeling for any broken ribs and checking for any bleeding. Satisfied that she found none, she closed the vest and sighed. She noted that Vei had lay down in the cave, so she carefully picked the boy up and leaned him against the red bird. "I trust you'll take care of him, yes?" She whispered. She smiled.


Maro slept outside the bandit cave, but only after cleaning up any belongings and messes the bandits had left behind. She threw beer-bottles out deeper into the woods, apologizing to nature and yet glad to make the cave more tidy. She hated messes.


She managed to find some nice arrows the bandits had left behind, but unfortunately none of them fit her crossbow. She simply put them in a pile with unused firewood.


She also found, as the moon rose in the air, that she was starving. She quietly went behind the cave and opened her bag. Shortly after, her wolf-dog joined her. She frowned. "Go hunt, useless pup," she said as she ruffled his fur. He wagged his tail, having forgotten the day's events by now.


After eating what little food she had packed, Maro came back to the front of the cave. She was glad to see that the boy had shifted sleeping positions: this meant that he wasn't unconscious, just exhausted.


She glanced around the area until she spotted Cloud, sitting up in a tree. She smiled to herself and shook her head: she would die if she tried sleeping in a tree, for she so often had vivid dreams that there was hardly a night gone by that she hadn't moved around restlessly in her sleep. She would have fallen out of the tree.


Now she moved to a deep corner of the cave and leaned back against the wall, using her bag of belongings as a backrest. She closed her eyes, sighing, thanking God that they had survived and praying for another safe day.


~The next day~

After having vivid dreams, Maro ended up in a different corner of the cave than the one she had started in. In a half-awake state, she began reflecting on her dreams, but quickly woke up as she heard Cloud interrogating someone: "Anyway, I'm more interested in what you said to those Bandits...... were you speaking the truth when you said the Mark appeared on your forehead?"


She frowned as she noticed that he was speaking to the boy. She hopped to her feet, surprised that the sun was already in the sky. She smiled.


"Good mornin', gentlemen! Be careful when moving, lad, you might-- STOP RIGHT THERE AND LAY DOWN NOW!" With her last words, Maro dashed towards the cooking soup, but was looking past the fire it was cooking on, towards the woods.


She was looking at the gray dog, who was now laying down with guilt ten feet from the cave, ears pressed against his ead, head pressed against the ground.


"Shame, mutt!" She exclaimed, glaring at the dog. She took a few steps forward and looked down at the boy's soup. She then looked at the boy. Forgetting the dog and seemingly not noticing that she was interrupting Cloud's question, she said, "You may want to watch that soup of yours closely. Whoever said wolves were carnivores didn't know what a wolf was! He'll eat anything that smells cooked, and he was stalking your food here."


Then, on a lighter note (as her wolf crept out of the scene), she asked "How're you feeling today? You were quite stressed last night, and that can take a toll on your energy level, so don't work too hard this morning."


Maro, unlike Cloud, had motherly instincts ((xd.png)) that told her that the health of the boy was more important than his history: after all, his present health could affect him negatively right now, while he could wait until later to reiterate his life and recent actions.


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Cloud's sudden appearance gave him a bit of surprise. He greeted weakly at first, being a lot more worried about his soup. When he was asked about THE MARK, he paused for a while and stared of the distance. "... I never really said The Requiem appeared in my head..." he smiled weakly. Before he continued speaking, he noticed that the other traveler was awake, so he greeted her 'good morning'. Seeing that the wolf was quite interested in his cooking, he took a small bowl and filled it with a bit of vegetables from the soup. "Here you go boy. A little thanks from yesterday" he smiled, putting the bowl next to the pup.


He took out four more bowls and filled it with soup, offering the other two for the travelers, taking one for himself and setting aside the last for the Scholar who is yet to awake. "I can't see my forehead... But the bandits kept saying they saw it... My head ached that time too... So I guess it is a strange coincidence" he continued as he took a sip from the soup. "Oh and I'm feeling fine today though... The pain went away as soon as The Requiem on the sky disappeared"he added.


He sighed for a moment and took a bit more soup from the pot and continued to speak. "Oh right... Heaven't introduced myself now have I? I'm Sei Raynard. I'm actually a traveler" he said, taking another sip. "Oh, and... I'm no knight... I was just bluffing..." he continued with a sad tone in his voice.

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Cloud was about to greet Maro who had just walked out of the cave when she suddenly shouted out without warning, he almost fell from the rock he was sitting upon from the sudden up roar and could have hit her for doing it just because her mutt was stalking the food the boy had.


"Shess Maro! You almost gave me a heart attack!" He complained as he slide off the rock gentle to his feet landing softly on the damp dew grass below, the offer of food made his stomach growl in protest as he hadn't had anything to eat since leaving the city. He snatched a bowl the boy named Sei had left out sniffing it just in case the boy had out something into it before tipping some of the liquid down his throat. The liquid gently smoothed his throat with warm heat giving him a happy sensation tipping the bowl back more so the entire contents of it was gone down his throat. He let out a very happy sigh licking his lips savouring the flavour that tickled his throat.


"You may be a crummy fighter but you sure can cook" Cloud commented wiping any remaining soup from the side of his mouth, he rolled his eyes as Maro pestered Sei like some concerned mother. "Maro, give it a rest! If the kid can't take on the real world than he isn't going to survive very long" He said cocking an eyebrow upwards at the boy, so Sei had lied about being a Knight. It was mabye for the best cause Cloud was going to give whatever Knight that had trained him in a run for his money if that was what he classified as trained but there was no need now as he could see.

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"Th-thanks..." he answered before taking another sip. There was a short moment of silence before he spoke again. "Yeah... He's right... If it weren't for Vei... I wouldn't have the courage to leave Kevia..." he spoke softly. "So... Where do you guys plan to go? I'm planning to go to Arcaia... I might have a relative there" he added as he mixed the remaining soup within the pot. At that moment, there was movement from behind them. The large red bird slowly stood up and stretched its neck as it released a loud 'KWAAA!'. With that, Sei took another bowl and poured all the remaining soup in it. He handed it over to the bird as it showed a happy expression.


Sei looked around and noticed another beast. It was some sort of horse, a winged horse to be exact. "Ummm... If your horse his hungry... I have some carrots left..." he said as he pointed at the beast.

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Maro grinned and shrugged at Cloud in response to his reaction. He sure is touchy, she decided.


~Maro was quite surprised when the boy gave her wolf some soup. The wolf was surprised as well, and looked at Maro for approval before touching it. "Alright, boy," she said softly. The wolf began to gobble up the soup. Maro watched him for a moment, then glanced at Sei. She had never seen a human treat her wolf so fairly: no one really treated it poorly, but most people ignored or avoided it. The fact that Sei had given the wolf decided it for Maro: she officially trusted and accepted him, to a degree.~


Maro listened quietly to Cloud and Sei as they spoke. She made a mental note not to get 'Sei' and 'Vei' mixed up. She had a feeling they'd be traveling with them.

She stared down at the soup that the boy had given her and then quietly got up, holding it. She walked over to the wolf and set the soup down. She decided that her actions didn't need an explanation, so she went to check on the brown horse.


As she checked over its hooves she thought about the previous day. She thought about every detail of the fight, and everything that had happened since she had first met the group she currently traveled with. She thought of it all, replaying it in her mind like a story. She smiled to herself and patted the horse's neck.


"You're a strange horse, you are. But a good one, not to be forgotten. If me name is recorded in history, I'll mention you as well. So many people overlook their beasts of burden, but I prefer animals to people. After all, people make things more complicated than they are, and they rush about their days without a rest. I do like action, my friend, but a break is nice, what say?" She laughed and began to rub dirty areas on the horse with her hand.


"Silly me, talking to an animal. Ah well, that's what you get for traveling without maps and getting lost for days in random forests. Funny I should end up where I did, when I did. Perhaps somethin' bigger than life planned that random event, eh?"

Of course, the horse didn't respond at all. Maro shrugged and loosened the rope that was tying the horse to the tree. by doing so, she allowed the horse to eat the grass on the forest floor.

She then returned to the cave and began rummaging through her pack of belongings.

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Nixa yawned as she sat up. A cave. Strange. Oh no, wait... I'm in a cave. Should I be in a cave? She shook her head a few times, trying to get a hold on the situation, before remembering the past day's events. Oh... silly me. On reflex, she checked to see whether the Book Of Flames was still there. Satisfied that her hand was brushing a leather spine, she opted to look around. There was no one besides her. Oh great... did I sleep in? Moving fast now, Nixa stammered up and put on her boots, cocking her head for any signs of life. Muffled voices came from outside, and she reasoned that it was her companions.


Walking slowly outside, she first saw Maro off the side, feeding Blazer. Setting her sights in front of the cave, she observed that she.... should have probably gotten up earlier. "Is there any food left?" Standing in disbelief, she felt see Maro go into the cave behind her. Walking over to them, Nixa sat down next to the boy. On close range, she noticed that he was about her age. "I guess this is what I get for not being a morning person...." she trailed off, looking at the pot in mute disappointment.


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"Trust me, if Blazer was hungry he would eat" Cloud said looking over at him, his golden eyes peered back at him from the shadows where he was resting. "Someone was out last night..." Cloud thought smirking as he saw Blazer chasing after fillies and mares during the night trying to impress them, he was taking after himself when he was younger but now that he was an Azure Knight he had to keep his mind on the game.


"Well you ain't gonna survive long out here on your own from the looks of things, those Bandits would kill you on sight if they saw you again" He commented looking up as Nixa walked out of the cave with her sleepy eyes, he jerked his head in greeting to her before she asked was there any food left. Cloud cocked his head in the direction of a single bowl left for her, lucky for her he hadn't already drank it because it was rare for him to eat something as nice as that.


"There ya go sleepy eyes" He said joking with her before getting to his feet to walk over to Maro to ask her something, she was standing by the brown horse that Sephil has given them and was letting the horse eat.

"What ya think of the kid? He said he had left Kevia and was heading for a village, must have gotten out when the Knights started to pour in. What ya think? Doesn't make a difference to me to be honest, I'm not gonna be a babysitter and you seem to care more about him than I so its your call, you can protect him" He said whispered to her looking back at Sei and Vei.

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"Don't worry, I saved one for you" Sei smiled as he handed over a bowl of soup to the Scholar. "Oh yeah, I'm Sei Raynard by the way... If my name actually matters..." he chuckled. After handing over the final bowl, he stood up and gathered all the used up utensils. "Erm... I'll just go over the river there to clean these up" he said, pointing to a path just somewhere behind the cave. "Let's go Vei" he called as the red bird followed him. It was a bright and cool morning. The fresh air, and the sound of the forest animals were relaxing to the nerves. After walking a short distance, the sound of flowing water began to appear. It was farther than I remembered... he thought as the sound grew larger.


The river was crystal clear, a few fishes were swimming around and two or three woodland creatures were drinking from it. The boy ran toward it as soon as he saw the familiar river. Immediately, he put the utensils beside him and began scrubbing them one by one. After cleaning them up, he took a two bottle and filled them with water. I'll use this one to clean the last bowl he thought as he gazed at the first bottle.


After cleaning up, he returned to the cave with the clean utensils safely stored on the bag. The large brown bag was tied on the bird's back. "Uh... By the way... Sorry for asking out of the blue but... Who are you guys?" he asked looking embarrassed as he walked to ward the group of travelers.

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Cloud looked around as Sei said he was going to clean up, going to a river that was somewhere behind the cave close by. He didn't say anything, "Let him off, he wants to clean then let him" He thought as the boy called his large red bird Vei, the two disappeared from sight as the forest branches consealed their whereabouts.


Cloud had grown slightly edgey waiting for Sei to return, he seemed to be gone for some time but then he returned with the clean bowls. He relaxed again scrowling himself for letting something so simple get on his nerves, these were dangerous times they were living in. As Sei asked them who they were, Cloud was quick to respond before the others.


"Travelers like yourself, these two beautiful ladies needed an escort into the next city and I was chosen. The roads are full of Bandits and danger's, I was the best for the job" Cloud replied fast giving the two of them a quick look, hoping they would play along. He didn't trust Sei quiet enough yet, he wanted to make double sure he was trustworthy enough to know their true intentions.

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"I understand if you don't trust me..." Sei answered with a weak smile. "I'm someone not worth trusting anyway..." he muttered under his breath. He continued packing up all his other scattered materials which the bandits messed up. There was a black and white colored picture in a frame (there are no cameras, but orbs can be used to take pictures). There was a boy, around three years old. A man was holding him up and beside her was a woman. The man was quite handsome, princely to be exact, the woman on the other hand, was more like the 'cute' type. She had a ribbon tied in her hair which reaches around an inch past her shoulders. Among his things was also some food, mostly fruits like apples, oranges, grapes and bananas. There were also clothes, almost all of them being identical. The rest of his belongings were common household objects like toothbrush, comb, mirror and soap.


Sei stuffed them all carefully in the bag. It looked heavy, and yet, Vei didn't seem to mind it. She was just looking around, trying to sense if there's any danger. "I was just... Thinking that I should call you by your names..." Sei continued speaking. "But trusting a stranger is a complete no-no in traveling" he laughed as he jumped up the bird's back.

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Cloud watched as Sei packed up all hi stuff that the Bandits had thrown all around the place, most of it was just normal stuff you would find in a house or just personal belongings. He heaved the pack up onto Vei who didn't seem to mind the weight that was baring down on her back, Sei continued to speak.



"Cloud and thats all you need to know, Sei" He said rather darkly heading over to Blazer who sensed what was coming next, it took him only a minute to tack the stallion up once he had stopped prancing on the spot. He picked up some dirt and threw it over the small fire that had been crackling away, "don't want a forest fire" He commented watching it smoke before the flames died from choking dirt.


He mounted up into the saddle, the soft leather felt good beneath him. "Lets make tracks, this forest isn't safe" Cloud said waiting for the rest to mount up.

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Lucifer paused, her sharp hearing picking up faint noises from nearby. She had seen some bandits pass earlier and stop there. Hoping that there might be some loot left for her, the girl leaped down from her tree. Walking quietly through the grass, her footsteps softer than that of a cat's, she stalked over. Hidden behind a bush, she noted as they started mounting up on horses. Another couple of light pawsteps behind her told Lucifer that Lorkin, her panther, had followed. There was a mirror gently clutched in his jaws and he offered it to her. Puzzled, she put her next to his left ear and whispered something. Remembering, a few days past, when she had seen a wierd mark on her forehead. It had appeared when the girl had stopped for some water at a stream. Picking up the mirror now, she looked into it. It wasn't there. Strange.


Shrugging it off, Lucifer looked back at the group of people. Making her mind up quickly, she stood up and walked towards them. Adjusting her arm bands( and making sure the hidden knives were in place), she rested her hand lightly on her scimitar. Lorkin stalked beside her, eyes narrowed.

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((OOC: Altiboris, I don't think the marks on our foreheads show all the time: they just showed that once. Still, I guess they could just glow right then happy.gif for the sake of the entrance of your charrie))


Maro's reply to Cloud when he joined her at Blazer: "I think he's quite lost, but I'll keep an eye on him: don't trouble yourself, my friend."


When Sei came back from the river:


Maro smiled at Sei and stepped forward, ignoring Cloud's dark disposition towards him. Her smile showed in her eyes, though her mouth (and nose) was hidden by her mask as always.


"I'm Maro," she said. She knew that Sei probably didn't buy Cloud's 'escort' story: after all, Nixa looked like a beautiful mage of some sort, and Maro looked like a poor traveler who seldom bathed. At least she didn't smell that way. Either way, she decided (as always with her positive nature) to think the best of the boy, and so she continued:


"My wolf-dog-thing over there doesn't have a name, I just call him whatever. He doesn't listen to any name I call him anyway: he only listens to voice. He and I are from--" Maro stopped, shocked. She couldn't remember. She swallowed, staring at a tree. She felt the birthmark hidden on her mask begin to get hot.


"Ahm... my, it's been a long time!" She said, recovering. "I dun remember where we're from. I'm sure, though, if I saw a map I could point it out." She was about to keep speaking when her wolf began barking like crazy (and Blazer shied).


It was the loudest, most aggressive barking Maro had ever heard, and her first instinct was to dive on him; that barking always meant he was about to attack something. The dive worked to some degree: the wolf had been about to leap ferociously on the new intruder (who was 10 ft away app.)-- more like the giant black cat that was with the intruder. Maro was shocked to see them, but she had to concentrate on keeping her grey wolf from attempting to tear into the big kitty--which was about double the wolf's size.


She was half tempted to let go of the wolf, as she didn't like the look of the newcomer in any way. However, her Paladin (AKA positive and friendly) nature forced her arms around the wolf's neck as it tried vigorously to get the black cat. In a fraction of a second Maro had planned what to do if the kitty and its owner advanced: let go of the wolf and shoot the kitty with her... special... arrows, and hope Cloud and Nixa took care of the owner. She only hoped the black cat was more controlled than her wolf, and the intruder was friendly...


She glanced back at Cloud (who I'm sure was already acting) with a panicked look, hoping he'd make one of his glorious interrogation speeches or something.

This all happened (after Maro's monologue, that is,) within seconds.

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Cloud rolled his eyes to the heavens as he saw how pleasant and nice Maro was being to Sei, "Why don't you just adopt him already?" He thought to himself making a face to one side into the forest so that no one could see it.

Suddenly Blazer leaped to one side as Maro's wolf hound began some almighty barking of some sort, Cloud hadn't settled into the saddle and was being rather careless about his position when Blazer jumped to one side forcing him to slide off the stallion.


He landed on his backside looking up at Blazer with an open yet rather angry looking face, "What ya go doing that for?" he demanded but he got his answer from the stallion's rear as his front hooves flashed dangeriously at the direction behind him where two figures were emgering from the shadows. Cloud placed his hands behind his head as he lay back with his back flat on the ground, using only his arm strenght he flipped backwards landing back onto his feet. His hand already reaching for his sword that was safetly in its sheath from last night as he lunged across the short distance, already Maro was reacting as well. He drew his sword as fast as lightning directing it straight at the person level with their neck, "Speak fast for your very life depends on it! State your name and purpose in this area at once!" he demanded forgetting his fancy panisy words as he was still annoyed with Blazer who now was by the wolf hounds side with his ears plastered to his skull.

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Lorkin gave a hiss and leaped on the wolf, ears flat against his head. The light shined off his long claws and fangs. Lucifer glared at the people, her own scimitar already out. It gleamed with a cold fury, red streaks drifting off as it anticipating bloodshed. Suddenly, the girl dropped on her back, maneuvering away from the sword. Twisting skillfully, she leaped back onto her own feet at his right side. Quickly placing her scimitar at his neck, she hissed, "You tell me what you're doing here. I've been in this area way longer than you have."


It was true. Lucifer had been roaming around for a long time but this was where she had always come back to. Her right hand smoked slightly, her anger igniting it. Inwardly, she let out a slight huff. The girl had yet to control some of her magic. They can get out of control quite a bit when her emotions were up

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Maro lost it. She screamed, kicking the black cat as hard as possible in the rib cage to separate it from her wolf (which, in shock, had been unsuccessfully attempting to tear into the kitty). She yelled all sorts of things, none of which were English words, at the cat. Though none were curses in the language she spoke, they were all quite negative and furious.


Everyone else around her faded into the background. All that mattered to her right now was her year-long companion, her wolf, and her first real friend: Cloud could take care of himself. She would do anything to protect the wolf, even if it meant death, and she was now a savage beast herself in the attempt to protect him.

Though she didn't feel it, the birthmark on her chin was glowing like wildfire and could almost be seen through her mask...


~If the cat was knocked off the wolf(she DID kick with all her strength), then she aims her crossbow at it, prepared to shoot at the next moment it moves yet restraining herself. However, if the cat is to leap at her, she will be prepared to dodge and will do so.


~If the cat wasn't knocked off, then she takes out her dagger and shoves her body onto the cat, prepared to stab it if it doesn't back down in the next second. She has an extremely tight grip on her dagger and is still yelling at the cat.


~If the cat was knocked off, then the wolf leaps to its feet and prepares to attack, but doesn't yet because it was caught off guard. It is furious like its owner, but scared because it is young.


~If the cat wasn't knocked off, then the wolf continues to bite at the cat, mercilessly struggling for freedom, ignorant of the danger to itself.

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