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So You Want a Silver?

So You Want a Silver Egg?

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So you want a silver egg?

I could use your help.


This is a project for rescuing commons, and earning rares in the process!


This new topic was started because the old became way too chaotic. The reason for this is that the original starter of the project, DarkLorienne (please give her a round of applause, ladies and gentlemen x3) became very busy and thus had no time updating the first posts anymore. I took up contact with her and asked whether it was okay for me to create a new topic to get it under control again. She agreed, and thus here we go. 8D


Our purpose, as explained by the original creator of the project:


Just like many others, I have decided to start a ‘save the common dragons project’!




Unfortunately, hunting rare dragons became very hard lately due to overcrowded abandoned page. And when there are finally less eggs there, then the New Pink/Purple/Green/Mint/Gray/Magi/White eggs are dropped which prevent new eggs from appearing. Every third egg is one of these. Nobody wants to take New Pink/Purple/Green/Mint/Gray/Magi/White eggs because they are ‘common’ (or they just dislike their sprites, maybe), so they just wait for others to pick those eggs up. This can take a while… It's very unlikely that you can steal your desired egg.


Then, somebody decides to take an egg after all and abandon it later on, or worse; kill the egg, so that he/she will be able to snatch a rare in his/her other free spot. Great… >_<


Killing eggs is a bad and worthless action. Do NOT do it! Due to the ratios, another green egg will appear in its place later on.


There are people who raise these eggs until they become hatchlings and abandon or release them. It’s a very nice thing too! ^^ But, we won’t do that.


I’ve created a black army when the black eggs were still very common and now I'm past my goal of 50. I’ve also managed to obtain a few rare eggs with thanks to my friends… <3 So now, it’s time for me to work on another little project. And I need your help, because I can’t make the difference alone.


My point is: I’ve decided to make an army of frozen caveborn common hatchlings. Such as green, mint, white, mage, gray, pink, purple… And I want you to do the same thing! The problem is that I don’t know how I should convince people to help, so I will offer silvers.



So basically, you just have to collect common dragons that follow all the rules in this post, and when you have enough, you can request a rare! Simple, right?


The dragons that count as commons are these:



















Now, a dragon doesn't count just because it's one of those breeds. The following restrictions apply:


1. It has to come for either the cave or the AP. If you bred it yourself, it doesn't really count as "rescued", does it? wink.gif


2. It can't have any common children on other people's scrolls. ("Common children" are any children that are breeds on the commons list.) If it has common children, but they're on your scroll, that's okay. If it has children on other peoples' scrolls, but none of them are common, that's okay, too. But if you've abandoned any common offspring to the AP, well, that's kind of contributing to the problem, so the parents are disqualified.


3. It can't have vampire children on other people's scrolls, either. The reason for this is that we have no way of knowing whether that offspring was a common when it left your scroll or not. We realize that it might have been kicked off your scroll, or the egg might have been uncommon when you abandoned it and then somebody else bit it, but since there's no way to confirm that, we can't make that assumption. Want to avoid this problem? Don't abandon your commons' children at all, and don't use them for biting. Otherwise, it's the risk you're taking.


If you want to avoid all of these issues, use frozen hatchies! You don't have to remember not to breed them or what to do with the offspring if you do, plus you only have to get them to hatch, so it's a bit quicker. wink.gif


The current numbers of commons you need for a rare are these:


Bluna: 4

Shallow water ("Goldfish"): 4

Geode: 4

Split: 5

SunSong: 6

Fellfire: 6

Nebula: 6

Glory Drake: 6



Vampire: 6

Stripe (random colour): 6

Stripe (requested colour): 7

Golden Wyvern: 6

Ice: 15

Thunder: 15

Magma: 15

Silver: 25

Gold: 35


Bronze Tinsel: 40

Silver Tinsel: 45

Gold Tinsel: 50


You can only get on the request list if you have enough commons for the dragon you are requesting.


If you have enough commons to request a rare, just post in this thread with a list of all the commons you're counting. If all of your commons count, you only need to put which breeds you have and how many you have of each, but if you have any that don't count (whether it's because of the breeding restrictions, or because you have some of the breeds that were on the old commons list), then you must list the ones that do count by name (or code, if they're unnamed). It's a big job checking scrolls even when this rule is followed, and if it's not, it's a nightmare. If you do not list your dragons by name, and when checking your scroll I come across any commons that don't count, I will stop checking your scroll and your request will not be considered until you make a post that follows this rule.


Make sure you also put in your post what you're requesting. If you just say you have 25 dragons, we can't tell if you want a silver, or five splits, or you're just posting an update and you're saving up for a gold. wink.gif




Q: How can I sign up for this project?

A: Just post here saying that you want to join. Not complicated at all, is it?


Q: How many silver eggs can I receive?

A: As many as you want, as long as you have enough commons for them! However you do "spend" commons when you request rares (so if you have 25 commons, but you've already requested a vampire, you can't request a silver until you've collected 20 more commons).


Q: Can I release my commons after I've received my rare?

A: Well, you could, but once they're released they won't count towards your total anymore, so if you wanted to request anything after that you'd have to save up however many you released, plus enough to make another request.


Q: Can I trade away my silver egg?

A: It’s your choice. I’ll keep records of who got how many eggs, so you won’t be able to beg for another one without doing anything. But yes, feel free to do so!


Q: Can I ask for a dragon with a particular lineage/no inbreeding/CB's?

A: Sorry, but no. You can turn down an offer if you don't want it for one of those reasons, though (although I wouldn't recommend holding out for a CB metallic. wink.gif )


Q: What if I already own an army of commons before I sign up?! Do they count?

A: Of course! Just list them with the commons you've adopted since you joined.


Q: Can I give people rares too?

A: I’d absolutely love it if you helped me out! Just give the egg to someone on the list and report it here.


Q: Can I just randomly give away eggs in this thread if I'm a donator?

A: Yes! Just look on the request list to find the first unfilled request, and PM the person to tell them you have an egg for them. Plese post in the thread when you give someone an egg, too, so that we can update the request list and people don't get duplicate offers.


Q: Are you ever going to give out holiday dragons?

A: No. We talked about it, and we came to the conclusion that it would be too complicated (especially when you consider the autoabandon issue some of them have) and they would be too hard to come by (since there are probably only a couple of donators with breedable dragons, and breedings aren't reliable enough.) Vampires are an exception to this rule because they can bite the entire year. We also won't be giving away Guardians of Nature (AKA summon eggs), because they cannot be traded.


Q: What is the best way to get in contact with you?

A: The best way is to simply post in this thread. There are at least 3 of us running this (Infinis, Wookieinmashoo, and GForce), and if you post in the thread, then all of us can see it. If you'd like a faster answer or if you'd rather talk privately, PM Infinis, Wookieinmashoo, or GForce.


White list for the second topic:

1. DarkLorienne, for starting this in the first place and allowing me and bionelly to take over when she got too busy. She's the creator. Hail. 8D

2. Fuyume and Bionelly, for starting this anew. 8D

3. Cariux, Urusta, Jollymad, and Wookieinmashoo, for helping Bionelly with the new commons list. Many, many thanks to you all!


White list from the original topic:

People who are awesome. Respect them please! They have taken in lots of hatchlings, donated eggs and are helpful and nice.

1. Lastalda, for giving me a gold egg! I will be able to breed golds like this! 8D Thank you!

2. Jenn, for making all those buttons! Manymanymany thanks to her! And helping people out.

3. BayouBecky, for taking a good care of this thread while I'm absent.

4. Somatomay, for providing great suggestions.

5. Nella Fantasia, for giving new members advice and being active since the start. She also kept track of the egg requests and transfers when I was gone.

6. 95nray and TurnoutLuver23 for keeping a track of who joined when I was away for 2 weeks to Egypt.




Post 1 - Project Intro, Rules, Explanations, and FAQ

Post 2 - Requests for Eggs

Post 3 - List of Donators

Post 4 - Banners

Post 5 - Upcoming updates/Staff list


Gray list

People who broke the rules once and aren’t allowed to post in this thread for a week.


None! Let's keep it this way! smile.gif


Black list

People who broke the rules twice or more often. They aren’t allowed to post in this thread anymore. If you see them post here, report them to a mod. Thank you!


None! Let's keep it this way. smile.gif

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The request list has been reorganized, to make it easier to tell which breeds have open requests. It is now sorted by breed and color-coded. Filled requests are green and listed in the post underneath. Cancelled requests are red. Requests in orange have been offered to people who did not respond to PMs in the past; you may make offers to these people, but realize that you may not get a response. Requests in dark green are requests that were offered to the person but the requester passed on the offer.


Form for requesting an egg:


This is the form for requesting an egg based on the commons you've collected. Post this in the thread to request. smile.gif


When exchanging your commons for a rare, listing their CODE rather than their NAME is preferred (it's easier to check) but if you use names' it's okay anyway. smile.gif


I Would Like to Request an Exchange for my Commons!

Forum Username:

Scroll Name:

Amount of Commons currently on my scroll:

I have checked all Offspring of Commons on my scroll: Yes

I would like to Exchange my Points for the Following:

Inbreeding preferences:

Forms of contact:


* Please Do not include “Self-Bred” commons in your count

* If you have Commons that DON'T count due to Abandoned offpsring, Vamps etc. then -

* Please help us by listing those that DO count by name or Code

* It helps a A LOT when the name is displayed on the dragons page, so please, while requesting, enable this option



[color=blue][b] I Would Like to Request an Exchange for my Commons! [/COLOR][/b] 
[b]Forum Username:[/b]
[b]Scroll Name:[/b] 
[b]Amount of Commons currently on my scroll:[/b]
[b]I have checked all Offspring of Commons on my scroll:[/b] Yes 
[b]I would like to Exchange my Points for the Following:[/b] 
[b]Inbreeding preferences:[/b] 
[b]Forms of contact:[/b]



The dates next to names are dates the requests were filled, passed, cancelled, or never responded, relative to color of name. If the name and date are BLACK, it is a current request waiting to be filled and that date is the day it was requested. Not all names have dates next to them.


This list also contains the data from the last seven pages of the old thread. If you would like to change a request or anything, or if I got something wrong, please let us know by PMing a thread mod! We tend to not visit the account much and you'll get an answer faster by PMing a mod. :3




No requests right now


Shallow water ("Goldfish"):


WhatTheTurkey 12/20/11




cocoaloco 11/24/2009 ==Cancelled 10/25/10==

DangerousLeaf 03/04/12




Cavy 12/31/09 ==Cancelled by Cavy 05/09/10==




no requests right now!




no requests right now!


Glory Drake:


greatguy 12/02/12 (no inbreeding)




thenameisplissken 07/17/11 (tan) ==cancelled by request==

FallenBlaze 08/21/11 (tan) ==cancelled by request==

kunimitsu04 09/18/11(tan) ==no response says MsTina==

gravity404 02/27/2012 (tan) ==no response says MsTina==



Girlgamerjen 07/28/12

azurewingsofwind 08/01/12 (no inbreeding)

greatguy 12/02/12 (no inbreeding)


Stripe :


Sephrenia 01/09/10 Green

Moonsoul333 09/17/10 Random

kabocha 11/28/10 Random ==cancelled by requester==

Shay-la! 01/02/11 red

RiverStorm 06/16/11 black

RiverStorm 06/16/11 blue ==no reply says Cariux 08/25/11==

silvereye12 06/29/2011 2x blue,

Petitia 07/28/11

Slopezalles 07/30/12 white

azurewingsofwind 08/01/12 white (no inbreeding)

greatguy 12/02/12 (no inbreeding)


Golden Wyvern:


Severus_S(x2) 05/25/12

dangershy 06/01/12




wildwindflower 08/10/10




Quco 12-04-10

Kryptoncat 12/13/10

MdnghtShadow 06/27/2011

lilianaki 07/10/11 (no inbreeding preferred)

Anquatic 02/25/2012

Nixly 08/17/12 (no inbreeding)




ice-dragon2342 07/20/10

little-fuzzy-dude 07/26/10

AutumnStars 04/19/12

Neeko 05/02/12

princisstay 06/03/12

palpitation 08/17/12

Severus_S 11/27/12 (no inbreeding preferred)




Hamtaro 01/16/10 ==Request cancelled by Hamtaro==

IZDib 07/29/11 ==Did not reply says MsTina==

Emperor_Mahogany 08/12/11 ==Did not reply says MsTina==

Backup77 12/09/11 ==cancelled by requester==

dragonlass666 12/11/11 (no inbreeding)

greatguy 12/02/12 (no inbreeding)




From before 9/12/09, when prices were silver = 12, gold = 18


Gradient 8/24/2009

Gradient 8/24/2009

Black Shuck 9/11/2009


Now, when prices are silver = 25, gold = 35


Erinalia 10/26/2009

Elecveg 01/03/10

Moonflight 01/08/10

Marimo 14-03-10 ==did not reply says MsTina==

tasselcat 21-04-10 ==did not reply says MsTina==

Kalika 05/17/10 ==did not reply says MsTina==

Veranda 07/19/10

SorrenFey 07/20/10 ==did not reply says MsTina==

Black_Phantom 07/23/10

Vampiric 08/15/10 ==did not reply says MsTina==

Konayuki of the Spirits 08/15/10

Twilight_Rose 08/22/10

Llewella 12/29/10 (no inbreeding preferred) ==idid not reply says MsTina==

Lav 01/31/11 ==did not reply says MsTina==

Watersmoon110 01/30/11

KenKazaki2 03/06/11

Eillenore 04/16/2011 ==did not reply says MsTina==

dragoon1234 05/16/11

dragoness22 06/11/11

dizmo 06/24/11

Strifes_Lady 06/27/2011 (no inbreeding) == cancelled by requester

Blackchimera 06/30/2011 (no inbreeding)

Hallar 07/04/2011 (no inbreeding)

Per Capita 07/07/2011

VioletNitemare 07/10/11

Susurrant 07/30/11

Haiiro_no_Kansha 08/05/11

Cyradis4 (x2) 08/06/11

Devinshed 08/23/11 ==did not reply says MsTina==

Valarauka 08/24/11 ==did not reply says MsTina==

AstaTheBroken 08/26/11

Lyira216 08/26/11 ==did not reply says MsTina==

Imay 09/01/11

fierce_west_wind 09/11/11 (no inbreeding)

cabri 09/16/11 (no inbreeding)

Anarya-Ameana 09/18/11

RainStar13 09/20/11

stagazer_7 10/24/11

ArgentiAertheri 12/02/11 (no inbreeding)

Horse2000 12/12/11

GuesssWho 01/11/12

Stelly 01/13/12 (x2)

DragonFriend 01/15/12

Dragonshadows 01/27/12

FaithSilverwolf 01/28/12

Xanadu 02/06/2012

Kirya 03/03/12

Wolke 03/17/12

Lucyfiddle 05/18/2012

kiraralee77 05/22/12

Daeron 06/08/12

Lost_Girl 06/26/12

Severus_S 07/09/12 (no inbreeding preferred)

Hallar 07/09/12

Mayhem 07/12/12

oni9 07/22/12

Girlgamerjen 07/28/12

Eluna 08/21/12





From before 9/12/09, when prices were silver = 12, gold = 18


Zimbobway 8/29/2009

sweetwoods 9/12/2009


Now, when prices are silver = 25, gold = 35


FlameLady479 9/12/2009

Jeimuzu 11/12/2009

starred_one 12/10/09

WildstarofLightclan 12/13/09

Play 25-04-10 Gold

Curisosia 07/11/10

tiktokism 08/05/10

Rahnee10 09/18/10 request change

adoptpetz 09/17/10

coriopsis 01/23/11

Mitesla 05/08/11

CNR4806 06/16/11

Pineforest 7/27/11

Jadeunicorn 07/27/11

Shinobimasterz 08/23/11

Mommy_Kitty 08/25/11

SaphiraSapphire 08/28/11

Imay 09/01/11

Pineforest 09/03/11

tucuxia 09/11/11

fierce_west_wind 09/11/11 (no inbreeding)

ladyevelyn1 09/11/11

Mkroo 02/17/2012

RainbowChris 04/29/12

kiraralee77 05/22/12

shannecy 07/22/12

Eluna 08/21/12

yokaitenchi 08/23/12


Bronze Tinsel :


No requests yet!


Silver Tinsel :


No requests yet!


Gold Tinsel :


No requests at this time!

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This is a list of the people who donate eggs as the rewards for those who have saved up their commons and requested one of the dragons listed here as rares.


If you wish to donate an egg simply pm someone from the list with an gift-link (using the BSA from the Magis) for an egg they requested. If they do not respond, please let us know!






Spyder ==Filled by Merlot 07/26/10==

Snowqueen (needs 6 total blunas) 12/21/10

Valura 12/08/11 (no inbreeding) ==filled by Anarie 12/11/10==


Shallow water ("Goldfish"):


None yet!




Mespritroth 10/25/2009 ==Filled by bionelly 10/25/09==

xoDillonxo 09-03-10 ==Filled==

Spyder 7/11/10 ==Filled by Cariux 7/15/10==

elvenimp 06/27/2011 ==Filled by Strifes_Lady 07/17/11==

sweet-cheeks (2x) 09/19/11 ==filled by urusta 10/14/11




nooble52 8/29/2009 ==passed, says Dayanaria 11/15/09==

Mespritroth 9/10/2009 ==Filled by bionelly 10/25/09==

DoogieRace 9/18/2009 ==passed, says Dayanaria 11/15/09==

Konayuki of the Spirits 10/23/2009 ==Filled by bionelly 11/14/09==

j_hammett98 11/12/2009 ==Filled by bionelly 11/15/09==

j_hammett98 11/12/2009 ==Filled by bionelly 11/15/09==

Spyder 7/11/10 ==Filled by Dolphine 07/22/10==

Mitesla 11/14/10 ==filled by Imbecamiel 11/28/10==

quelyn 01/24/11 ==passed, says Luna1331 07/27/11==

nooble52 8/29/2009 ==filled by Dayanaria 11/15/09==

DoogieRace 9/18/2009 ==filled by Dayanaria 11/15/09==

quelyn 01/24/11 ==filled by Luna1331 07/27/11==





soullesshuman 03/20/11 ==Filled by Lolchen 04/25/11





soullesshuman 03/20/11 ==filled by Cariux 06/11/11




None yet!


Glory Drake:


Bonjourno! 04/20/2011 ==filled by Imbecamiel 06/25/11==

Mysfytt 05/03/2011==filled by Anarie 05/30/2011==

Tati123 06/11/11==filled by urusta 06/13/11==

elvenimp 06/27/2011 ==filled by Anarie 06/30/2011==

Azhure 08/06/11 == filled by Strifes_Lady ==




lilacamy931 08/14/11 (tan) == filled by Nuali Epeolla ==

kaiachan 09/15/11 (tan) == filled by Nuali Epeolla 10/10/11

AstaTheBroken 08/26/11 (tan) ==filled by soullesshuman 12/14/11==

Severus_S 12/05/11 (tan) (no inbreeding) ==filled by soullesshuman 12/15/11==

Nicoleong9 01/15/12 (tan) ==filled by soullesshuman 02/04/2012

dracopenguin 12/10/11 (tan) (no inbreeding) ==filled by Anarie 02/27/12==

Aislein 02/21/2012 (tan) ==filled by soullesshuman 03/20/12==



ShinyFeather 02/18/11 ==filled by Anarie 07/10/11==

RiverStorm 06/16/11 ==filled by Cariux 07/11/11==

Siln 07/08/2011 ==filled by Cariux 07/13/11==

Windnara 11/7/11 ==filled by MsTina 12/09/11==

Varionius 07/29/11 ==filled by MsTina 12/11/11==

DarkVioletCloud 02/08/11 ==filled by MsTina 04/12/12==

Dangershy 06/01/12 ==filled by MsTina 07/05/12



Stripe :


Mr.Person Random == Filled ==

Lady of B'sini 9/23/2009 Red ==Filled by Dayanaria 11/15/09==

Altamiya 06/01/10 Random ==Filled by Fuyume 01/06/10==

caramba2654 01/06/10 Blue == Filled by bionelly 01/11/10 ==

DantesChampagne 05-02-10 Random ==Filled by shoe182 02/01/10==

Shieara 08/27/10 Blue ==filled by Cariux 12/13/10==

littleangelamy22 09/28/10 Random ==Filled by Wookieinmashoo 10/3/10==

Rinikka 10/1/10 Red ==Filled by urusta 10/22/10==

Jadeye 10/15/10 Red ==Filled by Snow Plow 01/01/11==

beachbeagle 10/20/10 Red ==Filled by Cariux 04/01/11==

anarie 11/15/10 blue ==filled by Snow Plow 12/23/10==

moonfreak 11/17/10 white ==Filled by urusuta 11/24/10==

Toxicneon 12/12/10 blueorgreen ==Filled by Cheystar 01/03/11==

Dragoncia 07/05/2011 red (no inbreeding) ==filled by soulleshuman 09/10/11==

Mommy_Kitty 07/10/11==filled by Cariux 08/25/11==

SaphiraSapphire 07/11/11 white ==filled by Cariux 08/26/11==

MathiasTolerain 07/16/11 black ==filled by Cariux 08/26/11==

mou325 07/28/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 09/11/11==

lilacamy931 08/14/11(black) ==filled by soulleshuman 09/10/11==

sweet-cheeks 09/04/11 (blue) ==filled by urusta 09/14/11==

Strifes_Lady 09/15/11 (red) ==filled by Cariux 09/16/11==

DarkPanther 09/14/11 (blue) ==filled by Strifes_Lady 09/20/11==

cdvla313 09/16/11 (black) ==filled by Strifes_lade 09/20/11==

lilianaki 08/25/11 ==filled by ladyevelyn1 09/20/11==

Rahnee10 09/24/11 (blue) == filled by urusta 10/05/11==

Strifes_Lady 09/15/11 (green) == filled by urusta 10/13/11==

sweet-cheeks 09/04/11 (red) == filled by Strifes_Lady 10/13/11==

Rahnee10 09/24/11 (red) ==filled by urusta 11/3/11==

LibbyLishly 10/25/11 (random) == filled by urusta 11/3/11==

Valura 12/08/11 Random (no inbreeding) ==filled by soullesshuman 12/09/11==

HyrulianBlackcat 11/7/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 12/11/11==

Saori_Nightstar 10/18/11 Random ==filled by soullesshuman 12/12/11

ArgentiAertheri 12/02/11 Red (no inbreeding) ==filled by sweet-cheeks 02/22/2012==

Stelly 01/13/12 (x2) ==filled by MsTina 04/12/12==

silvereye12 06/29/2011 (1xred) ==filled by MsTina 07/24/12


Golden Wyvern

Severus_S (x2) 02/08/12 ==filled by MsTina 04/12/12==




caramba2654 01/06/10 ==Filled==

Kamoodle 23-04-10 ==Filled by bionelly 5/4/10==

urusta 05/09/10 ==Filled by Kamoodle 05/10/10==

Shikyowolf17 07/15/10 ==filled by Luna1331 11/22/10==

MathiasTolerain 09/11/10 ==Filled by soullesshuman 10/18/10==

rbb115 10/4/10 ==filled by Kamoodle 12/5/10==

RiverStorm 10/16/10 ==filled by RiverStorm 04/25/11==

klinneah 10/17/10 (no inbreeding preferred) ==Filled by Luna1331 11/27/10==

Lady Dragoon 12/28/10 (no inbreeding preferred) ==Filled by Cariux 03/12/11==

Cougaar 01/02/11 (No inbreeding preferred)==filled by MsTina 08/14/11

KidaYuki 02/07/11 (No inbreeding preferred) ==Filled by urusta 01/17/11==

darkflowernightshade 02/07/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 6/21/11==

cabalsux 06/07/11 ==filled by urusta==

Shadowdrake 06/20/11 ==filled by soullesshuman==

Velvet_paw 06/24/11 (No inbreeding preferred) == filled by soullesshuman==

cdvla313 09/16/11 == filled by urusta 10/08/11

Nuali Epeolla 10/20/11 == filled by Rahnee10 11/8/11==

Ashywolf 01/21/12 ==filled by MsTina 02/02/2012==

sweet-cheeks 09/04/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 02/20/2012==

Strifes_Lady 02/20/2012 (no inbreeding) ==filled by MsTina 02/27/2012==

rumor33 01/15/12 ==filled by soullesshuman 03/18/12==

Strifes_Lady 03/15/12 ==filled by Wolke 03/19/12==

FaolainnStorm 06/29/2011 ==filled byuy MsTina 04/12/12==




caramba2654 01/06/10 == Filled by kalika 01/10/10 ==

shikyowolf 17 01/19/10 ==Filled by Jollymad 06/17/10==

blackchimera 14-03-10 ==Filled by Shichibi 05/27/10==

Kamoodle 23-04-10 ==Filled by bionelly==

Cariux 04/28/10 ==Filled by Jollymad 07/13/10==

melnakuru 08/18/10 ==Filled by Cheystar 10/4/10==

Imay ==filled by Cheystar 12/1/10==

Alexis_Hunter 12/1/10 ==filled by urusta 01/04/11==

Snow Plow 01/23/11 ==filled by urusta 02/17/11==

KidaYuki 02/07/11 (No inbreeding preferred) ==filled by kalamadea88 02/17/11==

Shadowdrake 05/20/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 6/23/11

FaolainnStorm 06/29/2011 ==filled by urusta 07/28/11==

MathiasTolerain 07/16/11 ==filled by urusta 07/28/11==

ketsala 11/22/10 (no inbreeding preferred) == filled by urusta 10/06/11==

Saori_Nightstar 09/18/11 == filled by urusta 10/08/11==

Strifes_Lady 03/15/12 ==filled by Wolke 03/18/12==

GuesssWho ==filled by TheLion 03/25/12==

Anarie 12/22/11 (no inbred) ==filled by sweet-cheeks 03/25/12==

Leoina 01/05/12 ==filled by sweet-cheeks 04/02/12==

foofied123 04/17/12 ==filled by soullesshuman 04/22/12==

horses2123 04/16/12 ==filled by MsTina 07/05/12==




bionelly 01/06/10 ==Filled by Jollymad 01/07/10==

bionelly 01/06/10 ==Filled==

MathiasTolerain 09/11/10 ==filled by Imbecamiel 12/6/10==

RiverStorm 10/16/10 ==filled by Cheystar 12/21/10==

klinneah 10/17/10 (no inbreeding preferred) ==Filled by urusta 12/28/10==

AmberEmber 1/1/11 ==filled byImbecamiel 05/19/11==

Daeron 02/25/11 ==Filled by urusta 02/26/11==

orange 03/03/11 ==filled by Imbecamiel 06/27/2011==

cabalsux 07/12/11 ==filled by Urusta 07/14/11==

TessTwins22 08/24/11 ==filled by urusta 09/14/11==

gab33 09/10/11 == filled by urusta ==

Nuali Epeolla 09/28/11 == filled by urusta 10/07/11==

tjenni 01/07/12 ==filled by soullesshuman 01/15/12==

Strifes_Lady 02/20/2012 (no inbreeding) ==filled by soullesshuman 03/08/12==

Backup77 12/09/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 03/09/12==

foofied123 02/06/2012 ==filled by soullesshuman 04/14/12==





brittmika 01/09/10 == Filled by fizzbliss 01/13/10 ==

Socrates 01/11/10 == Filled by Eiren 01/16/10 ==

Jollymad 01/19/10 ==Filled by fizzbliss 01/28/10==

Tatrina 01/23/10 ==Filled by bionelly 18-03-10==

blackchimera 01-03-10 ==Filled by shoe182==

dragon_mando 21-03-10 ==Filled by bionelly 5/1/10==

dragon_mando 21-03-10 ==Filled by bionelly 06/22/10==

Veetles 26/07/11==filled by urusta 07/30/11==

SapphireRose 07/29/11 ==filled by urusta 07/29/11==

Nodrak 08/10/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 09/12/11 ==

qw698 08/12/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 09/23/11==

Bobbica 08/21/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 09/23/11==

pippaesq 09/16/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 09/30/11==

MidnightDemonCat 11/21/11 (no inbreeding) ==filled by soullesshuman 01/15/12==

trevor92 02/05/2012 (no inbreeding) ==filled by MsTina 02/27/2012==

DalmatianShane 07/11/12 ==filled by MsTina 07/26/2012==




From before the thread wipe, when prices were silver = 6, gold = 10


xoSeasonal ==Filled by MsTina 01/21/11==

silly ==Filled by Jollymad 12/4/09==


From before 9/12/09, when prices were silver = 12, gold = 18


Melosk 8/29/2009 ==passed, says bionelly 11/14/09==

airaani 9/7/2009 ==Filled by Jollymad 11/25/09==

Charity322 9/11/2009 ==Filled by Jollymad 12/6/09==

Kaala 9/12/2009 ==Filled by bionelly 4/23/10==


Now, when prices are silver = 25, gold = 35


Wolfer-2 9/16/2009 ==Filled by Jollymad 01/08/10

TheDML 10/15/2009 ==Filled by Jollymad 1/15/10==

Fuyume 12/2/09 ==Filled by Eiren 12/23/09==

Shieara 12/8/09 ==Filled by Jollymad==

00n0b0dy 01/10/10 ==Filled by Jollymad 05/13/10==

Wookieinmashoo02-02-10==Filled by Jollymad 05/20/10==

LeoGirl 06/7/10 ++Filled by Jollymad 08/30/10==

gezeru 07/11/10 ==Filled by Jollymad 07/26/10==

Cheystar 09/30/10 ==filled by urusta 11/28/10==

Rahnee10 10/6/10 ==Filled by urusta 10/24/10==

klinneah 10/17/10 (No inbreeding preferred) ==Filled by MsTina 11/28/10==

urusta 10/17/10 ==Filled by MsTina 11/18/10

lolchen 10/19/10==Filled by urusta 11/15/10==

Itsuka 09/05/11 ==Filled by Daydreamer09 10/04/11

WildstarofLightclan 02-02-10 ==Filled by soulleshuman 12/02/11==

Sir Barton 07/16/10 ==Filled by soulleshuman 02/01/12==

WildstarofLightclan 02-02-10 ==filled by MsTina 02/27/12==

Drag 12/31/10 (no inbreeding) ==filled by MsTina 03/15/12==

Klinneah 08/09/10 ==filled by MsTina 03/24/12==

RukatheBlackFish 07/17/10 ==filled by MsTina 05/28/12==

xeyla 10/10/11 ==filled by MsTina 05/29/12==

Breeze 06/11/11 ==filled by xeyla 06/08/12==

Cyradis4 08/06/11 ==filled by MsTina 07/05/12==

Mysfytt 12/03/11 (no inbreeding) ==filled by MsTina 08/03/12==




From before the thread wipe, when prices were silver = 6, gold = 10


bionelly ==Filled by starred_one 1/6/10==

calankh==passed 04/21/10==

Raistlin24 ==Filled by bionelly 4/23/10==


From before 9/12/09, when prices were silver = 12, gold = 18


calankh 9/11/2009 ==passed 04/21/10==


Now, when prices are silver = 25, gold = 35


fizzbliss 01/10/10 == Filled by starred one 01/13/10 ==

Cariux 07/10/10 ==Filled by Karobb 03/28/11==

Rahnee10 10/17/10 (No inbreeding preferred) ==Filled by soullesshuman== 02/21/11

Snow Plow 12/10/10 ==Filled by MsTina 01/20/11==

RiverStorm 12/28/10 (No inbreeding preferred)==Filled by MsTina 01/15/11==

Snow Plow 07/10/11 (no inbreeding preferred) == filled by soulesshuman10/23/11==

Cougaar 12/2/10 (no inbreeding preferred but will take any) ==filled by MsTina 12/30/11==

Severus_S 09/20/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 01/18/12==

Snow Plow 11/20/11 (no inbreeding) ==filled by Urusta 02/01/2012==

Rukia05 12/31/11 (no inbreeding) ==filled by MsTina 02/02/2012==

j_hammett98 03/04/10 ==filled by soullesshuman 02/20/2012==

Sophiera 02/08/11 (x2) ==filled by MsTina 02/27/2012==

agajol 02/18/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 03/01/12==

Kiraralee77 03/03/12 ==filled by MsTina 03/24/12==

MidnightDemonCat 02/22/2012 (no inbreeding) ==filled by MsTina 03/24/12==

Gunnila -No inbreeding- 10/1/10 ==filled by MsTina 03/25/12==

Severus_S 06/13/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 03/29/12==

AstaTheBroken 08/26/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 03/31/12==

Kiryu 07/17/11 ==filled by soullesshuman 04/18/12==

Strifes_Lady 04/02/12 ==filled by MsTina 07/07/12==

sarahfish89 08/11/10 ==filled by MsTina 07/08/12==


Gold Tinsel :


Strifes_Lady 09/15/11 (No inbreeding preferred) ==Filled by soullesshuman== 02/21/11

Strifes_Lady 11/8/11 ==Filled by urusta (?)==

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These are banners you can stick in your signature. smile.gif Anyone can use these.




user posted image Made by rbb115!



user posted image Also made by rbb115!



user posted image Also made by rbb115!




user posted image Also made by rbb115!




user posted image Also made by rbb115!




user posted image Also made by rbb115!




user posted image Also made by rbb115!



user posted image Also made by rbb115!



user posted image Also made by rbb115!



user posted image Also made by rbb115!



user posted image Also made by rbb115!



user posted image Also made by rbb115!



user posted image Made by Releneh! ^^



user posted image This userbar is made by Jenn!



user posted image The following buttons are made by Lemon Crisis! Thank you!



user posted image



user posted image



user posted image



user posted image



user posted image



user posted image Made by Mareep!



user posted image Made by Hamtaro!



user posted image Made by earthgirl!



user posted image Made by earthgirl!



We are accepting up to 25 official banners. Open!

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This is a list of all the staff (the people who run the account/thread mods). If you need one of them or have a question or problem, it would likely be answered faster if you PM'd a mod rather than the account. smile.gif


Infinis PM


GForce PM


Wookieinmashoo PM - RETIRED


soullesshuman PM


Anarie PM


urusta PM


Upcoming Updates

And possibly other stuff too. [Also the list of scroll checkers below the updates.]


This is just a list of upcoming updates we're going to do so everything will be up to date.


-- Overhaul of the Donator "List"


Old updates / Done Things:

-- Thread wipe!

-- Changes in the common list

-- Changes in the rares list

-- Add in all the stuff from the old thread

-- Donator's activity check All donors PMed; responses will be needed within two weeks. Donors who have responded and would still like to donate will be marked as checked .

Donors who no longer wish to donate will be removed. Donors who do not respond to the PM sent will be marked inactive .


Scroll Checkers

These are the kind people who help us out by going in and checking requester's scroll to make sure their commons count!


A Scroll Checker will go through requester's scrolls to make sure the commons they have listed fit the criteria. If a Scroll Checker finds that the commons a requester listed do not count after all, they will PM the main account and we'll deal with it from there.



---Alexis Hunter

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Veetles has been added to the vampire request list!


Pineforest has been added to the gold request list!


Jadeunicorn has been added to the gold request list!


mou325 has been added to the stripe request list!


petita has been added to the stripe request list!


SapphireRose has been added to the vampire request list!


IZDib has been added to the vampire request list!


Susurrant has been added to the silver request list!


jinglepupskye you have two self-bred eggs and are therefore not eligible for a gold.


Haiiro_no_Kansha has been added to the silver request list!


Azhure has been added to the glory drake request list!


Cyradis4 has been added to the silver request list! (x3)


fierce_west_wind you have only 50 commons, as you both miscalculated and forgot that albinos are no longer on the list. You must choose either gold or silver, but you cannot have both.


Nodrak has been added to the vampire request list!


qw698 has been added the vampire request list!


Emperor_Mahogany has been added to the vampire request list!


spark3210 you have two self-bred dragons and are therefore not eligible for a silver.


MoltenLava36 you have three dragons with common parents on other scrolls and are therefore not eligible for a stripe.


FallenBlaze has been added to the ridgewing request list!


Bobbica has been added to the vampire request list!


Devinshed has been added to the silver request list!


Shinobimasterz has been added to the gold request list!


TessTwins22 has been added to the magma request list!


Valarauka has been added to the silver request list!


Mommy_Kitty has been added to the gold request list!


lilianaki has been added to the stripe request list!


AstaTheBroken has been added to the gold,ridgewing and silver request lists!


Lyira216 has been added to the silver request list!


ladyevelyn1 your scroll isn't open for views, therefore you cannot be added onto any lists.


SaphiraSapphire has been added to the gold list!


Kurtos you have one dragon with a common child on another scroll, therefore you have only enough dragons for 1 tan ridgewing. If that is ok, re-request.


Severus_S you do not have enough dragons for a silver, as albinos are no longer eligible.


Imay has been added to the gold and silver lists!


Pineforest has been added to the gold list!


sweet-cheeks has been added to the stripe and ice request lists!


Itsuka has been added to the silver request list!

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Scroll name: tucuxia

Forum username: tucuxia

Which kind of eggs do you wish to donate? How many of those dragons do you have?

Bluna (lots) mostly even gens

Geode (lots) even gens

Split (1 pair) 2nd gens

Sunsong (lots) any lineage type

Hellfire (lots) any lineage type

Nebula (lots, normal and alt) mostly even gens

Glory Drake (insane number) all even gen with very pretty lineages

Ridgewing (6 breedable) I can donate once in a while

Vampire (5) I'll donate when bite rates aren't so terrible

Stripe (lots) even gens, can make any requested color

Ice (4) 3rd gen Ice x Ice, 4th gen ice x purp ridge; 5th gen ice x bluna

Are you a temporary or permanent donator? How many eggs do you wish to give away? I'll probably be permanent

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Soullesshuman ---> Lilacamy : Black Stripe


Please remove me for black stripe thank you

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Is there anyone who has requested a tan ridgewing who actually still wants one? Please PM me if you do.

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Can I be removed from the Tan Ridgewing list?

I have not received an egg and honestly had forgotten all about even having a request O.o My apologies for not keeping track.

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Can I join?


I Would Like to Request an Exchange for my Commons!

Forum Username: gab33

Scroll Name: gab33

Amount of Commons currently on my scroll: 17





































I have checked all Offspring of Commons on my scroll: Yes

I would like to Exchange my Points for the Following: Magma

Inbreeding preferences: I don't care if inbred or not. Whatever works.

Forms of contact: PM

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What do people here think of tinsels as added into the prizes? Say, 40 for bronze, 45 to silver, 50 for gold? (Is that too high? They're rarer than silvers and golds...)

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Sure, I'd give Tinsels if they're added to the list. :3 (I can give Bronze and Silver, maybe Gold eventually.)

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I Would Like to Request an Exchange for my Commons!

Forum Username: tucuxia

Scroll Name: tucuxia

Amount of Commons currently on my scroll: 40

Green - Mf4Bo, 9vC5a, DsAF, Eh4x1; Grey - 3Bbhh, br87j; Whiptail - 3hWHD, gRdSD, TPBOn, Ah8do, 9MLTB; Nocturne - 5lvjI, CITM0, dMV3n, 7U0bU; Guardian - 0u7LA, btcF6, aKhKt, tVGbi, TDApp; Neotropical - 80D2e, Gsjkt; Mint - gIU8, hgLO, PbY9n; Waterhorse - MJWgi, ZVPvo, Sk0lZ, W7bf8; Canopy - IZXeP, oRWUu, 9ujQa, ZNKpV, mFCW9, u84B, g6SMc; Waterwalker - 3KVVH; Balloon - SoRj, jQQCE, TLMOC

I have checked all Offspring of Commons on my scroll: Yes

I would like to Exchange my Points for the Following: 35 pts for a Gold

Inbreeding preferences: no inbreeding

Forms of contact: if my computer is on, I'm in IRC


I don't have my name shown on my dragons' view pages due to people bugging me for offspring of my tinsels, but all of my dragons have Tucuxii/Tucuxi or Tucux (frozen hatchies) in their name and if a mod asks me to show my name in IRC I can temporarily. Also, currently one of my canopy's canopy eggs is on another scroll since I ran out of influence this week but it'll be back as soon as it hatches. I have enough points without him so it isn't a major deal.

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Hi. I think my second post where I had added new dragons to take the place of my albinos was missed.


I Would Like to Request an Exchange for my Commons!

Forum Username: fierce_west_wind

Scroll Name: fierce_west_wind

Amount of Commons currently on my scroll: 60

I have checked all Offspring of Commons on my scroll: Yes

I would like to Exchange my Points for the Following: one gold, one silver

Inbreeding preferences: Would prefer no inbreeding

Forms of contact: PM best


All dragons from starting from Wachteln Raubvogel (Whiptail frozen hatchling) to Vessels of Enki Soar (Gray adult).


Whiptail: 7

Waterwalker: 5

Mint: 9

Neotropical: 8

Green: 15

Balloon: 8

Gray: 8

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My scroll is not hidden. I have checked and double checked my account settings. It is not hidden. It is not.


Here is the link again





I Would Like to Request an Exchange for my Commons!

Forum Username: ladyevelyn1

Scroll Name: ladyevelyn1

Amount of Commons currently on my scroll: i have many but I am only counting the mint, guardian, and water walkers so - 35 ( i did not count my first mint or guradian bc they have kids)


I have checked all Offspring of Commons on my scroll: Yes

I would like to Exchange my Points for the Following: a gold

Inbreeding preferences: i dont care

Forms of contact: Forum PM


here are the dragons codes


1. (SUD1)

2. (dfnIC)

3. (sTRvX)

4. (2PNkA)

5. (QAdLZ)

6. (Ja32L)

7. (icQ18)

8. (sSCVf)

9. (3p4rf)

10. (O7AmL)

11. (ZO57c)

12. (vKr6Y)

13. (R2Mva)

14. (hDCLn)

15. (RfhKj)

16. (D3Rb1)

17. (HqrbW)

18. (idcTJ)

19. (G405J)

20. (Ri096)

21. (f1In)

22. (0DGO)

23. (pWGl)

24. (0eVC)

25. (vSs6)

26. (YSFT)

27. (Oonk)

28. (ddbWK)

29. (DpM59)

30. (oNGj0)

31. (4lsKt)

32. (f4TE9)

33. (YPoTs)

34. (cArhP)

35. (0ekWZ)


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fierce_west_wind has been added to the Gold and Silver list!


ladyevelyn1 has been added to the Gold list!


Updates are on their way! Check here for News. The Common list will change. There will be a "last call" for requests with the old list, then the new will be in effect, meaning a date will be announced, after that date, no matter when you started collecting, the "old" commons no longer count.

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