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Neglected ~

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.Neglected. - Story One


Chaptar One:

"Melaine, why are you so cold-hearted?" 2 curious black hatchlings approached the sickly-colored creature. Melaine glared from her evil, red colored eyes. Her voice, worn from many screams, was thick and hoarse.

"Listen - I wasn't always this way." She muttered, her tail raising angrily. The hatchlings watched in awe at her. There was no one at the cave like her. She was different. Uniquely special, but she was indifferent to that. Melaine shrugged it off and walked away, stomping at the floor angrily while speaking words that should never be spoken by dragons. But they wouldn't give up.

"Tell us, Melaine, tell us, pleaseee!" Their high pitched voices shrieked loudly. It echoed across the forest.

Great. She thought. Another rumor of Melaine the monster to be started. This time, the death of hatchlings. Oh geeze. But her thoughts were interrupted by the always annoying voices of the hatchlings. She finally gave in to their annoying-ness and started to tell a story with what was left of her dignity.


I laid there in the shell when I was born. Then again, I was always bored in that shell. It was just a shell - nothing else much to do here. All I could remember is just laying there, listening to the snores of the dragons, then quiet footsteps. Suddenly, the shell started to jiggle excessively. I was practically bouncing in there. It wasn't very comfortable, and I think it damaged my internal jelly mass. Then, as abruptly as the jiggling started, it stopped. Nothing else happened. It was over. I laid there, wondering what the tail fin happened. But for the next 3 days, nothing happened. I can occasionally hear the murmurs from people who came to view me, "What a lucky owner!" and whatnot. I was a black egg, only kept in hopes of becoming one of those lucky Alts.


People viewed me from all over the world, and all I could do was sit there, and wait. Then, from those views from those random strangers, I oddly was able to poke and prod at the egg shell. It seemed weird to me, so I poked it little by little. I was afraid of what would happen if I poked too much. All my jelly mass was gone; Apparently I "sucked" all that jelly mass up. Weird. By that time, I had gained strength. I could have easily ripped that shell to pieces, but I was hesitant. Suddenly, I could hear someone say, "Wow. This is taking too long! Eaythina, Earthquake!" Suddenly, the shell started bouncing, light at first, then a lot of force with every bounce. The force was so great, that I accidentally smashed the shell with my body, and I flew out of it. I was shaking and trembling on the earth floor of the cave. My eyes were squeezed so shut, I thought I could make Eye Lemonade out of them. Everything was so new, and it happened so suddenly. My lungs felt very small, and I gasped very loudly to breathe. I felt very vulnerable in this new world. Slowly, but surely, I opened my eyes to the dim light. What I saw fascinated me.


Dragons, many dragons, scattered all over the cave floor. Their tails were gigantic, about 20x compared to the size of me. Looking up at one, I felt very timid and shy. I barely knew these creatures. I turned around to see a small black tail. I chased it around before I realized that it was mine. How I was embarrassed! But suddenly, was I grabbed from the back. I squealed loudly, and it echoed in the cave. The dragons there barely even glanced at me. What cold-hearted creatures! I thought, as I craned my necked around to face the attacker. It was a lady, who smiled gently at me. She gave me a feeling of security and peace in her hands. Her grip didn't squeeze my guts out. It was loving and gentle.

I felt like I could trust her. She rocked me in her hands and crooned that there was nothing to be afraid about. I, in all my hatchling pride, fell asleep in her arms. But when I woke up, I was in a completely different place.


Keep on going? If I should, say moar! C:





Neglected ~ [ COMPLETED ]

Deysari ~ [ DISCONTINUED ]

Dragonz ~ [ IN PROGRESS ]



Mailing List:

None. :<

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... actually? Moar.


This is quite interesting, I've never seen a story of a Neglected dragon.

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Hurray! Thanks Dr. Paine, I will continue to Chaptar 2.


Chaptar 2:

It was like I woke up from a beautiful dream into the cruel reality. I was not in the lady's gentle arms, but in a dark, rotten smelling room. It was horrible. I could hear some eggs screaming inside their shells, some sobbing very loudly. When people went into the room and let in the light, they all tried their best to impress them. They danced around, played, and jumped. But the people ignored them and kept on walking. I was huddled in a corner, frightened and afraid. People kept on walking in, pushing away some very nice eggs, some even kicking them. I could see a slot in the wall that said "Incoming" and down came 4 new eggs. One oddly shiny one fell in, it's bright yellow shell radiating in the room. The people scrambled for it, some stepping on other eggs. Poor eggs.


When it was grabbed by a "lucky" person, the others were instantly offering things or very annoyed. "Would you trade for a? No? How about a?" The chatter filled the room, and the people did not leave. They stayed there until more eggs like the shiny one poured in from the slot. I saw an egg perish today, and it was not pretty. The egg had a lot of talent. It sung, danced, and did other amazing things. I instantly wanted to be friends with it. It danced pretty fast and quickly, hoping to attract attention. The people glanced at it for a second, made a face, and kept on looking around. Then, the egg stopped moving. I wanted to run to it and comfort it and all these other things. But this egg did not make it in time. The door opened, and another person went in with a shovel, scooping up the dead egg and carrying it away who knows where. Life shows if you can't survive, you must die. But I was scarred and horrified at what I saw. Suddenly, even more eggs poured in from the slot, one by one. The room was overflowing!


Several more people entered the room, muttering, "Why must the Abandoned Room overflow again. Agh!" Their faces were really annoyed. They spat on the ground, snatched some random eggs, and left. The room capacity gradually diminished. Huddling there in the corner still, I watched as one human entered, looked around, and stare at me, her eyes locked on mine. She strolled up quickly and snatched me harshly, carrying me away from my corner as I passed out.


Moar? Or should I stop?

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I think you need to tone down the eggs a bit- sounds from some make sense, but moving around too much (dancing) just kind of... willing suspension of disbelief can only go so far.


Otherwise, not very bad ^^ You have a decent grasp on spelling and grammar, and this is actually showing to be a little interesting.

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Okay, thanks so much. (:


Chaptar 3:

I was woken by many, many proddings. "Look at the black colored thingy!"


"Maybe the thingy is dead." More pokes. I opened by eyes to see many curious eyes and faces over me. I twitched and stood up, facing the surprised hatchlings. One was white colored, another purple colored, one red colored, and one pink colored. They are gasped and started babbling. Then I realized I was not in the room, or in the girl's hands, but in a cave again. Oh boy.


"Where yah from, new thing?" called the Red hatchling.


"Yeah, yeah!" They all piped up, crawling towards me.


"I'm from a a-an egg." I stammered, and they all looked at each other started to laugh.


"I like you, you're funny!" said the Pink one. "My name's Faire, pronounced fay-ur-eeh. Want to be friends?" She piped up in a high pitched voice. I looked at her and nodded. "Well, i'll introduce you to the group. The red one's Flare, the purple one is Durrple, and the white one is Yaltz." They all nodded and laughed together. I never did get a hold of what was so funny. "So what's your name?" She asked, her tone very deep and serious. They all crowded around me, I could feel their nostrils releasing the warm air. It sort of tickled. I was quiet for a long time. "So you don't have a name? Thennn... we'll call you Melodine. Do you like that, Melodine?" I had nothing else to say, so I just nodded. I would be called Melodine from then on.


They then offered me to come along and slide on Elder Pastrini's back to the end of his tail. "Come on!" they all giggled. "It'll be fun! Try it, please?" I reluctantly trotted to the other side of the cave with them as they bothered the elder. The elder was a white dragon, who looked very wise and... wrinkly.


When he woke up, I could see him staring at me like I was dangerous or something and saying, "Time... time will come.. come." It gave me the chills. My new friends, however, disregarded it, and kept on bothering him till he allowed them. But he never let his eyes get off me... like he was watching my every move. After they all slid, I was about to step on his white back very lightly when he cringed, turned towards me and said, "Do not touch me, demon!" I was bewildered at what he said, and backed away into the cold stone wall of the cave. I was not sure of what was happening, but his wise, cold blue eyes pierced into me as he whispered one more time, "demon..." and fell asleep.


Moar? Anyone?

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EDIT - Nevermind what I posted eariler. Anyway... too suspenseful for you all? xd.png Just kidding.

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Okay, thanks for your critique. (: This will be the last chapter 'cause I need to get some sleep. (:


Chaptar 4:

I walked away from the Elder, and settled in sleeping in a comfortable spot near the cold stone walls. The endless murmuring of dragons in the cave was hushed, and I began to dream.


I dreamt I woke up, and glanced at the cave outside. It was bright, and I squinted my eyes at the light. I looked around the cave to find no one. I trotted to the back of the cave to find Faire, starving, her ribs poking out unhealthily. She saw me and started screaming, calling for her mother and father. She shielded her eyes and cried, "Elder Pastrini... he was right! All along! How could I..." she then started to sob uncontrollably. I walked towards her to ask what happened, but she raised her head up and snarled, "Get away! You did all this! All my happiness, ALL OF IT, is gone. All 'cause of yoouuuu." She spit it out like venom. Her tail sticked up high and she started walking towards me with creepy shadows copying her. "Yoouuuuu..."


Then I woke up in a sweat. The dream was not pretty. I looked around the cave and relaxed, there were still adult dragons, hatchlings, and eggs in there. I could see Faire and her group chatting together, laughing. I stood up and walked towards them, who immediately hushed their tones. "What's up, guys?" I asked, and they looked at each other gravely and nodded together.


"Weelll. Not like a newbie like you would now, Meloooddinnne. But for your information, the owner is selected a *special* hatchling for a *special* project, and everyone knows that the *special* hatchling is going to be me." said Durrple, with a little snot in her voice.


"What project?" I asked eagerly, hoping that I would be chosen to brag to Durrple.


Faire said, "Melodine, she said that she's going to transform one of us into a unicorn! Now wouldn't that be just stunning... me, a unicorn..." She drifted off into her own world.


Flare piped up, "Well, I'm not going to be transformed, and a unicorn at that. Good luck you guys!" and he bounded away to the other hatchlings. I heard a sharp, loud noise, and the all the dragons turned to look at "the majestic one."


She stood, tall and brave, glowing the light. She announced loudly, "Today... a special chosen hatchling will be picked from a group of them, competing against each other in a large competition. Anyone, willing to risk their babies and lives to transform them into something great, step up now, or forever hold your dragon form."


Durrple, Faire, and Yaltz stepped forward. They stared at me knowingly, turning their heads around, and their eyes beckoning me, do it, do it. I knew I shouldn't have submitted to the peer pressure. My heart said no, but my brain said yes. Against my instincts, I stepped forward too.

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Ooh. Thank you! (: I'll write the next chaptar.


Chaptar 5:

The majestic one looked at the hatchlings that had stepped foward. She smiled brightly, but it seemed deceiving and mysterious. There were about 10 hatchlings that had stepped forward, including me. She quickly scooped us all up, and headed outside. The adult dragons with their unwilling hatchlings followed us. She put us all down on the ground, and started to inspect us carefully. She looked around and held her gaze on a Vine hatchling, who tried to stop herself from shivering and trembling. The hatchling sneezed, and all of us turned to look at her. She blushed a dark green and stood up more, trying to be superior. The majestic one narrowed her eyes at her and picked her up.


She held her delicately and turned her all around, inspecting her plants and her body structure. Then she shook her head and said, "I'm sorry Rosemary, but you are sick. You are not able to compete." Rosemary looked at her with deep, unwilling eyes.


"But... I-I wanna transform just like them!" She said, her voice a little shaky and her claws pointed at us. The majestic one pondered it for awhile. Her eyebrows furred up and she then started to chuckle... oddly.


"Okay, you will compete. The odds may be against you, but you can compete. After all, that is one of the perfect things needed to transform..." She swirled into her own day dream. She put Rosemary down, who skittered towards us. "Now." She said, standing up straight. "You all will be tested for agility, strength, intelligence, and personality. The hatchling left will be taken with me to be transform into something of a wild dream." We all chattered and cheered loudly, the Majestic One calmly waited until we were over.


She looked at us one last time and her gaze (why did everyone do that?) fastened on me. She turned around and said, "Follow me, and let the games begin."



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Alrighty. Writing it now.


Chaptar 6:

The games would start right after The Majestic One set up the course. It first started with the agility course. Not wanting to ruin the surprise, The Majestic One rushed all of us inside the cave and walked outside, humming a seemingly cheerful tune to herself. Durrple, Yaltz, Faire, and I huddled together to talk about what just happened. Durrple, obviously, was the first to talk. "Soo.. did you see how The Majestic One embarrassed Rosemary? Ahaha! She doesn't stand a chance. Not against me she doesn't." She smiled prettily and turned around to give a hard stare at Rosemary, who was hanging alone by herself. "I'm going to be transformed into something magical, and you guys are going to help me." She crowded us all in and began to speak in a hushed tone - for once. "I want you all to damage the other competitors. Bump 'em, push 'em, do whatever you can." Her eyes gleamed, and the thought evilll... rushed into my head. She looked solemnly at all of us and said, "Are you in or not?"


Faire smiled and said, "Sure Durrple. Anything for you!" So enthusiastic and innocent. I felt immediately sorry for her, being controlled by Durrple.


Yaltz, the weakest one, said timidly, "Oh of course..." I also felt bad for her too. 2 nice hatchlings, controlled by an evil witch.


They then turned to stare at me. I could feel Durrple's cold eyes staring at me. "Well?" Durrple snapped, her blue eyes turning cold. I could see the ground under her claws being scratched. "Are you going to stand there and act dumb or are you going to help out - she said this very, very coldly - a fahreenddd?" Faire knew it was wrong. But she just glanced meekly at me and looked away. She didn't want to defy the Durrple. I wanted to defy her.


"N-N-No." I stammered, my eyes started to blink excessively.


Durrple growled lightly. "What, ugly face? What did you say? Say it, weakling, say it! If your so, tough and all like you say you are."


I started to say it with more courage. I looked directly into her blizzard eyes. "I said No." Her mouth started grinding. It sounded tough and dangerous. I flinched once, but then I stopped. My heart however, started pounding. I thought she could hear it with those gossip ears of hers.


"Fine Melodork. Whatever you want. Just remember. Watch that putrid back of yours." She smiled slyly at me and gestured Faire and Yaltz to walk away. Faire followed willingly. Yaltz stayed, facing Durrple.


"I'm staying here with *gulp* Melodine." Yaltz looked timidly at Durrple.


"You know what, Yaltz dearie?" Durrple turned around and scratched Yaltz in the face. "You really should learn to toughen up." Yaltz looked at her, hurt, her body shaking and trembling.


"J-Just leave, Durpple!" Yaltz looked like she trying hard not to cry. Durrple smirked and walked away with Faire, who looked back at Yaltz and I. Faire shook her head apologetically and walked away. Gee, some friend she was.


Yaltz started sob after they left. Her pale, shy face had Durrple's dirty scratches all over it. A big one was on her snout, and another went across her eye. Inspecting her face, there was another one on her forehead. They were bright red, and when I tried to lick one gently, she winced. I apologized and starting to weep with her. It was all my fault. Yaltz said quietly, "She's right. I really do need to toughen up." She looked at me with her ocean eyes and said, "Melodine, I may not be tough enough to beat her, but you can. I'll help you. I don't want her to win..." Her voice trailed off as she thought. "since she's a selfish jerk." She tried to smile, but then she yelped in pain as the scratches curved with her smile. I nodded quietly and we turned to face the Majestic One as she made her entrance in the cave.


"Now. All hatchlings, spectators, prepare for the race of your life!" The dragons cheered, and Yaltz and I stepped out of the cave into the sunlight with 8 other hatchlings. What a race this is going to be. I've made an enemy, I thought. It had to be Durrple, worst of all.


Wow... this is quite long. Moar anyway?

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She is, she is, sadly. I needed to make an evil person er... dragon in the story. (: Continuing on!


Chaptar 7:

All 10 of us lined up on the poorly painted start line on the grass. Sadly, I was next to Durrple and Faire. Durrple smirked at me and nodded at Faire. I stuck out my tongue at her, and she gasped loudly. My heart was starting to pound excessively. I wanted to tell my heart to just shut up. We were approximately 25 meters from the end line. It looked so long to me. The Majestic One said, "Are you readyyyy hatchlinggggs?" We all nodded in unison. Oh gosh, I was going to die from my heart. "Now. One your mark... get set... gooooo!" We all dashed immediately from the line. Durrple was in first, the little show off. I was in second. Faire came third. Yaltz was seventh. Suddenly, Durrple turned her head to smile at the Majestic One, but was hit in the face by a grey hatchling that was speeding up forward and knocked Durrple down to third place. I was in second still. Good job, hatchling. We were only half way there. I could see the poorly drawn line.


I could hear Durrple growling from her third place. Suddenly, I felt a pain in my tail! I turned my head around to see Faire looking ashamed. Faire bit me! How... how could she! I was so mad that I sped up in first. I was mad and hurt, and I couldn't think. Everything was fuzzy and dizzy to me. I could hear someone being knocked down. I didn't have time think, I kept on running without looking back. I was first. I liked the feeling of the wind, it made me feel free. Far away, I could hear Durrple's pained screams of defeat. She sped up, her mouth near my thigh. Then she nipped me and shoved me. It hurt. A lot. I was angrier, so I took it out on the ground. I ran faster, and accidentally *I promise!* kicked dirt in her eyes. She yelped in pain, but kept on running. I ran even faster. I could feel my feet hitting my forelegs. A quarter left to go. I could do this. I breathed deeply, and the wind felt sharp to my nostrils. I liked it, and I wanted to run forever. But it was not so. Reality came back, and I found out I had crossed the finish line first. The Majestic One smiled and congratulated the others, but she would only take the top 5. I was first, Durrple second, Grey hatchling third, Faire fourth, and Yaltz fifth. She glanced at us and said, congratulated us again, and told us the next competition would come next. She left, leaving the group of us behind.


"Listen, Melodork." I turned around to face her. "You better be careful. The pain may hurt now, but in the next competitions, it's going to hurt more. And next time - she smirked - leave the first place to the true champion." She walked away, her tail giving a little whish as she turned around and beckoned Faire to follow. Sadly, Faire followed, but hesitantly. The grey hatchling did not forget what Durrple did. The hatchling ran and body slammed her as she walked away. Durrple sprawled all over the dirt, her eyes ravenously furious, but "composed" herself and walked off a little bruised, hissing, "You watch your dirty back, runt."


Yaltz approached the grey hatchling saying, "That's very brave of you." The grey hatchling smiled at us. "What's your name? I'm Yaltz, and this is Melodine, the cave's dork." Yaltz smiled at me while I nudged her playfully.


The grey hatchling said, "Oh, my name is Mystil. That Durrple dragon is very rude. She pushed me to the ground during the race." She bent her head down and sniffed, hurt. "But I got back at her, thankfully." She smiled brightly. I liked her. She was full of sunshine and was brave; 2 good qualities i'd like to have. "Good luck in the race, both of you. I ran just for fun. I don't know about her. - she glanced in Durrple's direction - I have to go now. Mother's calling me. Bye guys!" With a dart, she left us.


It was afternoon, and Yaltz and I planned what to do for the strength inside the cave. We practiced by lifting other dragons' tails. But Yaltz was very frail and weak, and I wasn't sure if she could make it. Yaltz shrugged it off and said, "I'l try my best, honestly Melodine." I smiled at her positiveness.


The Majestic One came again, and announced, "Strength time, everyone! Let's begin the competition." We exited the cave, and to my surprise I saw a gigantic, large dragon, who looked like he ate 1,000 deer. He smiled and tried to move his arm to wave at us, but he couldn't. So he just smiled, and I smiled back.


The Majestic One patted his belly and said, "You guys individually will try to lift up Ben's tail." Ben waved his tail for everyone to see. "First up is..." The Majestic One looked at the group of us. Her finger pointed at me. "You."


Tell me if you want moar, guys. Also, I am setting up a mailing list for people who want more details and exerpts on upcoming stories that I'll be posting here hopefully soon as well as tidbits of the upcoming Neglected chapters that haven't been posted yet. If your interested, just post your name in bold. Thanks for the support guys! (:

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Bored. I'll just write another chaptar. (:


Chaptar 8:

They all stared at me. I could feel my cheeks burning, and I could hear murmurs of "Maybe she's scared..." The Majestic One smiled weakly. She finally lost patience and urged me up to Ben's tail. It was huge standing near it. I looked like an ant next to a tree. I felt faint. I slowly picked up Ben's tail. Oh geeze was it heavy! I struggled with it, but I had the willpower to beat Durrple. The Majestic One watched, nodded her head and prickling up her eyebrows.


She inspected the height from the ground, and announced, "1.05 inches!" I collapsed from the weight of the tail and struggled to get out for some air. I was able to get out with Ben raising his tail a little. I scurried to Yaltz, and I stood there with her as The Majestic One ushered Mystil to the tail. Mystil cautiously lifted it up. The Majestic One frowned and did some mental calculation stuff in her head. What a dork. She announced, "A whopping 1.06 inches!" Mystil put it down, smiled sheepishly and walked back to the group. Next went Durrple. Durrple looked curiously at it and made a "cutesy face". She looked at her claws, blew at them, and started to lift it up. Somehow along the way, she got tired and put it down. The Majestic One frowned and murmured, ".23 inches." The dragons laughed, including Ben. I laughed too, I couldn't help it!


Durrple snarled at me and walked back to the group and gave a spoiled, "Hmmph. Strength is for selfish *coughcough* brutes. No wonder dragons with strength are so stupid." At an instant, many, many dragons with strength started to snarl viciously. Durrple, timidly uttered a "Just - Just kidding guys! Go get fanned by a fanner dragon or something." She started to laugh at her joke. All I could say is laame.


Yaltz was next. Before she went, I uttered a "Go girl!" and she smiled back at me and walked to the tail. She took a deep breath and starting lifting it up.


The Majestic One said, "Ahh. Much better - a shining .47 inches!" Yaltz put it slowly down and walked back to me. I gave her an encouraging smile and congratulations. Last one was Faire. She walked up and started to push it upwards. The Majestic One said, "Congrats, a .57 inches!" We all cheered at the end. The winner was Mystil. I congratulated her and we celebrated together about her accomplishment. "But!" The Majestic One said, "The one who will not move on is... Durrple! We will finish the remaining competitions tomorrow, everyone." Durrple looked at her in astonishment. She kicked the ground and walked away. What a poor sport.


We huddled in the cave as it got dark, but my stomach was hungry though. I left Yaltz and Mystil and I went outside to be greeted by the crisp night air. I walked around and I saw some bugs. Some flying, some in the earth. Yum. I hunted and ate and looked up at the sky to see millions of these glowing things. To my surprise, I saw an even bigger white glowing thing the sky. I asked Yaltz about it when I got back into the cave with my hunger subsiding. Yaltz replied, "The millions of glowing things is what The Majestic One calls a "star". The biggest glowing thing is what she calls a "moon". I absorbed the information and started to fall asleep next to Yaltz and Mystil.


Moars? I'll probably right more later if I get bored. And... Nobody on the mailing list? How odd. :9

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Now I know why she's named Durrple.

Because she's a mean and derpy purple hatchie. >:C


You know... if I ever get a ND, I might name it Melodine.

That's how much I love this story. ^w^


Moar plz!

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Aww. You guys are so awesome. wub.gif I'll write the next chaptar. (:


Chaptar 9:

Dawn came quicker than I imagined. Waking up, I looked around the cave to see very few dragons awake. Yaltz and Mystil were asleep too, and I could hear their quiet, content snores. I started wondering about things. Such as how I got into this world, who my parents were, and oddly, where the Majestic One slept. Then again, where did she sleep? Those questions puzzled me and kept me pacing back and forth a couple of hours.


The Majestic One arrived when a lot of dragons were awake. She announced, "Intelligence is next. Only the smartest of you 4 hatchlings will survive. It will start in a little while after I set it up." She left the cave, leaving the dragons to murmur and chat.


Yaltz and Mystil were awake, and they were whispering about something. I came up to them and Yaltz said, "Melodine, doesn't Durrple look... disturbing?" I shot a glance in Faire's direction to see Durrple. She looked tattered and bruised, and her body was frail. She looked like a dying hatchling, for she was laying on her side, not even bothering to get up. Faire, energetic and healthy, poked her several times, pleading with her.


I felt bad. Why? I wasn't sure. But I got a feeling of... guilt. We all walked up to her when Durrple raised her heath and hissed, "Oh no. THEM. Get away from me! Get AWAY! You wild animals." Her voice was hoarse and weak, and she spat on the ground in disgust. What we did, I was not sure. She was fine yesterday. Except... the fact that she lost. She's weak just because she got kicked out the competition? I started laughing randomly out of nowhere. They all stared at me. Oops. Faire glared at me, giving me the fact that she wanted me to leave. What happened to her?


The Majestic One came in and called for us to go outside. We left the cave and arrived to see 3 Magi Dragons outside, grinning at each other. Obviously they were happy. The Majestic One smiled and said, these here are the magical triplets." She laughed at her joke. A dragon coughed loudly. Weirdo. She continued, "They are Ben, Benny, and ... Nacho! One dragon will have this - she held up a tiny pearl - in their mouths. They will fly all over and you must try to guess the correct dragon with the pearl in their mouth. No cheating or help, or I will have you released into the wild. Understand, hatchlings?" We all nodded. "First up is Mystil!" Yaltz and I told Mystil good luck as she stepped up. The Mystical One told Benny to open his mouth. He had the pearl. "Okay, you ready Mystil?" Mystil nodded. "Get ready... set... fly!" The magi dragons immediately jumped up and started flying around. Mystil looked concentrated and ready. Finally, after scrambling up, they all landed, showing off their gleaming white teeth. "Now, Mystil. Which one has the pearl?" Mystil had lost track of the Magi. She guessed, and picked the one on the left. Ben opened up his mouth to show nothing. Mystil frowned, discouraged. The one in the middle, who was Benny, opened his mouth.


Mystil brightened up and said, "Ahh! So that's where it was! Nice trick guys." She left the Magis and sat near us, her expression thoughtful. Next up was Yaltz. I gave her an encouraging pat on the back and she went up.


"Nacho, the one on the right, will now have the pearl. You got it, Yaltz?" Yaltz nodded slowly. "Ready... set... flyzard!" They took off, swirling in all directions, this way and that, left and right, up and down. After a few seconds they landed, and I could see Yaltz was dizzy after that ordeal. She chose the one on the right. He opened his mouth and... nothing! It was the one on the left. Yaltz shrugged and trotted back to us. What a good sport.


Faire went next. She glanced slightly at Durrple, who grinned evilly and made some weird hand signals. What a cheatarr. Ben had the pearl this time. Then they flew up in the air in different directions again, but this time even loop de loops! They landed and Faire glanced slightly again at Durrple. Durrple made hand signals, and Faire, hesitantly, chose the one on the right. It was obvious that Faire had a feeling that it was wrong. he opened his mouth and... Nope! None. It was the one in the middle. Faire stomped the ground, muttered some evil words, and glared angrily at Durrple, who looked just as shocked as Faire was.


I was next. Uh-oh. I swallowed down a scream and tried act calm. I knew that it wasn't very convincing. The Magi dragons looked huge near me. I saw the pearl was in Nacho's mouth. I could do this. I breathed deeply as the Majestic One's voice slurred. Was I about to faint? Everything was in slow motion. They jumped up and swirled again. By now, I could tell their pattern. I could see Nacho still. That was good. I almost lost him in those swirls, but I recovered him again. They went down, and I could tell who was Nacho. I picked him, and he opened his mouth. The pearl was there! I let out a sigh. The dragons clapped and cheered... for me! I thanked them all and trotted to Yaltz and Mystil, who didn't change at all and congratulated me. "The ones disqualified are... Faire and Yaltz! The remaining ones are Mystil and Melodine. I will see you all later!" The Majestic One left us.


Yaltz wasn't the least bit upset. She told me she did this for fun. Truth was, it was fun. We went back in the cave and prepared for the next competition.


Moar? biggrin.gif

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Mmkay. Coming up!


Chaptar 10:

Nothing much really happened during the time we had. We just mostly chatted, about things we promised we would never describe to others and to never talk about again. However, The Majestic One came and told Mystil and Me to come outside after she prepared it. We were placed side by side, with a crowd of dragons silently watching. The Majestic One shouted, "Now! I will choose 2 volunteers to say bad things - but please, appropriate things - to these 2 young hatchlings." I was shocked to see Durrple raise her hand, and Faire as well. Go figure. The Majestic One brought them up, and I came face to face with Durrple. Oh boy. She smiled nastily. "The hatchling who can take the insults without saying anything back, wins!" I honestly thought this was a bad idea. It didn't make any sense, but I went with it. "Go!"


"Hey Melodork. Nice face. Where'd you get it? Probably from your ugly mother." She smirked. I very much wanted to slap her and scratch her. But I remained calm and tried to hold it in. Mystil wasn't doing good. Faire was hurling a bunch of insults. They sounded pretty bad, too. I was so absorbed by hers that I completely forgot about Durrple. "HEY! I'm still here, dorkface." Durrple was annoyed. I still ignored her. She wasn't really worth my time and concentration.


I could see that Mystil couldn't take it. She finally caved in and exploded, "SHUT UP! JUST SHUT UP AND TAKE THOSE INSULTS AND JUST SHOVE IT UP YOUR censorkip.gif." I watched timidly and in complete shock. Faire looked just as shocked and hurt. The crowd looked mesmerized and shocked as well. This was not something a regular hatchling would say. The Majestic One just kept on watching, her hand on her chin, thinking thoughtfully.


She finally made up her mind. "The winner is... Melodine!" she announced. The dragons and hatchlings all congratulated me and cheered, except for Faire and Durrple. The Majestic One picked me up and whispered, very mysteriously, "I knew that you going to be that special hatching... I had a special, special feeling." and she put me down slowly, as if she didn't want to, and walked away, leaving me in confusion. What was she planning?


Moar anybody?

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Very enthusiastic. (: I'll continue!


Chaptar 11:

She did not come back after that. Very soon, it was nightfall, and I grew hungry for bugs. Particularly the long one with wiggled in the ground. That one was really delicious. Yaltz and Mystil nodded goodbye as I went outside to eat and hunt. I went out to the dark forest, and I came upon many bugs. I hunted with ease. The forest was very calm and peaceful. I could hear the crickets chirping, and many glowy bugs floating around. I immediately had an instinct not to eat them. When I was full, was about to trot back to the cave from the forest, when a shadow came and grabbed me. I was helpless and vulnerable, but I was not weak. I bit the person's hand hard. I expected it to drop me immediately, but it said some pretty bad stuff and didn't let go. It squeezed me harder, and I felt like I was going to barf up all my intestines and my guts. Yuck.


I resorted to the last option, screeching. I screeched loud and hard, hoping Yaltz or Mystil would hear my cries. I could hear nothing but the snores of dragons. Honestly, can't they hear me? I screeched louder, and louder, but no one came to help. No one even poked their nose out to find out what was going on. I was angry. I tried to use my claws and scratch them, but I was held firmly, and I knew immediately it wouldn't let me go.


I craned my neck around to see... the Majestic One! How could she?!? I sniffed and listened as she crooned a lullaby to me. Why? I wasn't sure. "Sleep... my little dragon... sleep... for now... later the pain will be gone, but sleep... for... now." I wasn't going to sleep now. I wasn't going to give in to her desperate plea for me to sleep. And what pain? Oh, maybe the one you're causing me?!? I thought. But I stayed awake and I fought out the hurt in my belly she was causing. I was sure that the very bugs I ate earlier would come up. I was sure of it. "Oh. my. censorkip.gif." She was getting mad at my struggling to stay awake. She squeezed my belly harder. I felt very lightheaded, but I tried to fight it off. Suddenly, she hit me on the head hard, holding me with one hand. It hurt badly. My head was dizzy and everything was spinning. I fainted from the pain. All my senses went numb as I drifted off, her cackling voice murmuring, "Yes, yes. You go to sleep now."


Moar? It's almost reaching the end. Almost. (: Another story will be made from the top of my head after this one is finished.

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And next story should have robots.


Because robots need more love.

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