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How much trash is on your desk?

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I don't have a lot of trash, just clutter... I will be editing this to add stuff that is slightly buried.


A lot of vintage-ish (They're pretty old..?) avon perfume bottles (If I don't stack then on top of other box-like things they take up half my desk space)

Two jewelry stands

A really neat clock, anime figures (6 nendoroid petites, 2 Vocaloid and 4 TMoHS/SHnY)

Coloring books and sketch books

A few dirty mugs/teacups

My Little Pony toys

The derpy case/sleeve that came with my tablet

A bunch of little animal figures

A desk lamp that I never use

A bootleg pokemon bank

Empty tissue boxes (Throwing them out seemed like a waste)

A plastic veggietales mug that I keep pens in

A polly pocket toy

A neopets toy


Acrylic paints

A jar of paper stars

A bottle of conditioner blink.gif

Two little bowl-like things

Pokemon toys

A plastic mug with my name on it that I keep the Pokemon toys in

Several quarter machine toys

A mountain dew throwback can

Tablet chords


A lot of chapstick


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mini pumpkin from Halloween (still solid)

empty pepsi bottle

hair tie


2 model drawing heads

receipt from oil change

lunch plate

7 thumb drives

green unicorn statue


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This might sound pretty weird, but ehh.. I don't have a desk :S

I just sit at the dining table with my laptop.. And there's not much on the table right now:

My laptop,

My sisters laptop,

2 glasses of soda,

A fruit bowl,

2 blackberry phones,

a remote,

and a box of chocolates <3


That's all, pretty clean huh! tongue.gif

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More than One starscream. paints brushes, sculpting tools pills some dried out orange peels deck of cards, hair elastics... paperwork.... and stuff.


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Well Fred has 4 dead desktop computers, a cardboard box full of fans and hard drives, 5 never ending piles of paperwork, my laptop, my purse, my iphone, my pencil case & scattered drawing utencils and drawing paper, a 2L bottle of tango, a chocolate egg, a foundation sponge, my hard drive, my various wires, my Russian hats(mmmm fluffy), my little sisters clay animals, one of those wooden drawing men things, 2 usb keys, a set of coasters, a place map, a mini chocolate egg, a funky puzzle rubber, a flexy ruler, a reel of doctor who stickers, a star necklace, a couple of sticks of ram, some more unused clay, 2 head sets with mics, a couple of bracelets, various books, various nail varnishes, a recipe book, and a couple of ear bud headphones, my epic senhiezer headphones




A lot of tubes of super glue.

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an old computer keyboard... the computer monitor half falling off the desk, about 300 sheets of half-drawn-on paper, clumps of pens/pencils/markers/paintbrushes all over the place, glue stains, glue tubes, pokemon figurines that I thought I'd lost about 7yrs ago, two DSs, one GameBoy Advance, Gameboy Advance SP, Gameboy Color, about 30 DS games, 20 GBSP games, two Gameboy Advance games, all pokemon games ranging from Gen 1 to Gen 5 in a neat little pile from largest to smallest, a computer mouse, two labtops that aren't mine, four ipods (two of which aren't mine either... I think they're a friend's) two ipod touches (one is my mother's), an ipad (not mine), a cd player, a radio, a round boombox, parts of a broken chair, two rolled up posters, homework, 4 pairs of headphones, a photo of my dogs, hermit crabs in a cage on top of all this, six dragon figurines, a toy bird, a few stuffed animals from a contest, a magnifine glass and lastly, a small tv that doesn't work.


It's not even that big of a desk! xd.png

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Hrm….I have a lotttt of drawing stuff….


I have :


• Watercolour paints

• A huge, gigantic pencil case

• 8 or so books

• A pair of socks (not really sure how or why, they're clean, I'm not that much of a slob)

• Numerous drawings

• Paintings

• 3 canvases

• Laptop

• School textbooks (Science, math, etc)

• A stuffed animal bunny

• My tablet

• I pod touch

• Some Cd's


There's probably some other stuff there but oh well.

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I have mostly observing and sketching stuff, along with school work:


-Sketch Pad




-Important Papers

-School work

-Finals prep



I'm way to organized.

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I'm obsessed with keeping my desk clean.

Right now, there's my hairbrush, a glass of coke and my phone. And a cat.

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WELL the desk in my house is huge, going along two walls. There's things to be expected there like my tablet, two laptops, computer mice, a regular printer, a mini printer, a pencil sharpener, a hole punch, and a neat box of computer program disks.


Junk/Clutter is a whole different story:

-Dragon sketch (No, totally not mine at all./shot.)

-Some staples (Nope, I didn't do it./shot again.)

-A bag of DS Lite chargers in it (Two to be precise.)

-Anime Studio Pro 8 box (Umm... that's mine too!)

-Weird pencil that doesn't work (Destined for the trash but never found its way....)

-Empty colored pencil box

-Pencil bag

-Algebra 1 book (Actually not mine for a change.)

-Rather messy stack of various papers

-An envelope my brother keeps his usernames and passwords on


I think... that's it.

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Today's horoscope for Pisces on a certain website: "You will clean your desk..."


*looks around* Nope. I still can't see any desk under this pile of stuff.

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Simple answer: None.

I have a chess board on my desk, but that is supposed to be there.

I also often have a cup of water, but that's also intentional.

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hmm. plenty of empty wrappers and dumb papers that should've been thrown out days ago.


other than that, though, it's tolerable!

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I'm not on a desk xd.pnghappy.gif I'm sitting at a table. Well, lets see here. There are a couple of my drawings, My unfinished lunch, a package of gum, My phone, a brush, and a few books. smile.gif And my laptop that I'm using.

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Looking at my desk remind me that I badly need ot do some filing. Because the stuff on here *isn't* trash. It's things like comittee minutes and DVLA paperwork. And they really need to move off my desk and into the filing cabinet....

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Don't have a desk. I use my laptop on the couch either on my lap or beside me. biggrin.gif

The only other thing with me here is my season 1 box set of syfy's Being Human.


I have quite a few things on the coffee table in front of me though, my DS, a glass from last night, cellphone and my Prilosec(I have been on it for the pas few weeks because I was having some throat and chest symptoms that the doctor said was acid reflex).

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So much I can't even use it. I prop my laptop up on a chest of drawers by my bed. I share a room with my brother, so yeah, it's a little cramped.

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So much... too much, but then I don't have a bin in my room atm so I guess it's a little excusable tongue.gif

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My desk has stuff like

-dead batteries

-some pennies

-a phone

-random papers

-a PSP

-a Game Boy Advance

-old Game Boy games

-a large variety of pens and pencils

-and much more

I can't even see the desk anymore...

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A book, My computer, me lamp, a clock, flash drive, a mouse(computer) silly putty, dust,disks, and video games. Oh and a fedora

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More things than should be. I need to start cleaning for move-out in two weeks...


-A profuse amount of Post-It notes, with reminders, story ideas, and meeting dates on them

-A few Meijer Naturals Fruit Bites wrappers (my current addiction)

-An empty 2 liter of Mug Root Beer

-Two empty DayQuil Cough medicine bottles (allergy season sucks)

-A half drank bottle of cranberry juice I forgot about till now

-A broken green colored pencil

-Bag of Cheez-Its with nothing but crumbs in it

-A couple of gum wrappers hiding behind the clock.

-A bag that used to contain Sour Patch Kids, now taking up space

-Plastic sandwich bag with a hole in it.


And then all the stuff I WANT there, like:

-the desk lamp

-my laptop

-my cell phone

-all my textbooks and notebooks

-a roll of masking tape

-a pen and a mechanical pencil

-Kit-Kat bars smile.gif

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I have rubbish everywhere. I don't really have a desk though, so I'm going with my bedside table (since I can't see the kitchen bench or table from my room and I'm too lazy to go out there).


-- bottle of water

-- eczema cream

-- cologne

-- box of tissues

-- an empty asthma inhaler

-- iphone

-- antihistamines and a few other tablets

-- a pen

-- a button that fell off a coat

-- reading glasses that I don't even wear

-- a packet of buttermentols

-- iphone

-- iphone charger

-- a dog collar that's still too big for my dog (he has to wear a cat's collar...)

-- Les Mis soundtrack

-- American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis

-- The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera


And... that's it. Don't ask what's in the draws of my bedside table... there's about 20 times that much. tongue.gif

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On my computer desk, well...

- Laptop

- Computer mouse [connected to the laptop]

- Mouse mat

- Empty water bottle [i have one with me all the time. Which reminds me, I need to re-fill it ._.]

- Laptop charger

- Wrist donut [don't ask]


And on my actual desk I use for homework:


- Eragon [whole series] books

- The Hunger Games [ditto]

- Pencil case

- Glue sticks

- Multiple to-do lists [i.e. 10 sticky notes]

- Notebooks

- More notebooks

- Chinese notebooks


Pretty much a notebook person.

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