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Celebrity Named Dragons

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Should fictional count, I have a fair few named after characters. (Fate's my surname for non-inbred, a'Fate for inbred.)


From Andromeda:

Trance Gemini Fate (Sunsong)


From Avatar:

Toph Fate (Rock)


From Babylon 5:

Morden Fate (Red)

Londo Mollari Fate (Gold)

Adira Fate (Silver)

Lord Refa Fate (Red Frill)

Timov Fate (Red Frill)

Vir Cotto a'Fate (Purple Frill)

Lyndisty Fate (Purple Frill)


From Bleach:

Nanao Fate (Paper)

Yumichika Fate (Magi)

Hat'n'clogs Fate (Pebble)

Hitsugaya Fate (Winter)

Sogyo No Kotowari Fate (Water)

Ukitake Fate (Water)

Lily Fate (Guardian)

Baigon Fate (Guardian)

Yoruichi Fate (Purple)

Katen Kyokotsu Fate (Old Pink/Bright Pink)

Ichimaru Fate (Silver)

Kenpachi Fate (Black)


From Earthsea:

Ged Fate (Magi)


From Fullmetal Alchemist:

Roy and Maes Fate (Split)

Riza and Gracia Fate (Split)


From Good Omens:

Anathema Fate (Skywing)


From Harry Potter:

Hedwig Fate (Albino)


From Homestuck:

John Heir of Breath (Skywing)

Rose Seer of Light (Purple)

Dave Knight of Time (Red)

Jade Witch of Space (Mint)

Karkat Knight of Blood (Fog)

Terezi Seer of Mind (Sunsong)

Tavros Page of Breath (Harvest)

Vriska Theif of Light (Amazon)

Equius Heir of Void (Horse)

Aradia Maid of Time (Sunset)

Eridan Prince of Hope (Water)

Nepeta Rogue of Heart (BBW)

Sollux Mage of Doom (Sunset)

Feferi Witch of Life (Deep Sea)

Gamzee Bard of Rage (Purple Frill)

Kanaya Sylph of Space (Neotropical)


From Lord of the Rings:

Pippin Fate (Pygmy)


From Mythology:

Apollo Fate (Sunsong)

Gwynn ap Nudd Fate (Ice)

Lumi Fate (Ice)

Fibulwinter Fate (Winter)

Artemis Fate (Nocturnal)

Diana Fate (Nocturnal)

Freya Fate (Electric)

Thor Fate (Electric)


From Narnia:

Puddleglum Fate (Waterwalker)


From Naruto:

Jiraiya Fate (Paper)

Chouji Fate (Balloon)

Kakashi Fate (Silver)

Ibiki Fate (Fog)


From Noir:

Mirielle and Kirika Fate (Split)


From Star Trek:

Kes Fate (Ochredrake)

Neelix Fate (Ocherdrake)


From Trinity Blood:

Abel and Seth Fate (Split)


From World of Warcraft:

Chromie Fate (Spitfire)

Azshara Fate (Black Marrow)

Deathwing Fate (Black Marrow)

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I've got a... ton of Tolkien on my scroll, both character and place names (way too many to make a list here XP); my Flamingo pair is named after the two main characters from Miami Vice (LOL anyone else remember that show?); got some Star Wars and Star Trek (mostly Klingon) names; all my vamps are named after fictional bad guys; my two dinos are called Twoflower and The Luggage (Discworld). Oh, and my Magis are all named after horses from Robin McKinley's Damar books, for some reason. xd.png



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Hoo-boy, I have lots of celebrity/character named dragons. Some have "creative" spellings, as the actual name was taken already.


From Brokeback Mountain:

Male split Jack and Ennis (Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar)

Female split Lureen and Alma (Jack’s wife and Ennis’ wife, respectively)


From the comic Order of the Stick:

Black male Roy Greenhilt Dorkface (Roy Greenhilt, paladin)

Electric male Durkon Thundershield (Durkon Thundershield, dwarven cleric of Thor)

Gold female Haley Starshine Dorkface (Haley Starshine, female thief)

Purple male Elan the Dashing (Elan, swashbuckling bard)

Hellfire male Bellkar Bitterrleaf (Belkar Bitterleaf, nasty-tempered halfling ranger)

Paper dragon Vaarsuevius (Vaarsuvius, elven wizard of undetermined gender)


From Forever Knight:

Vampire male Nightcrawler LaCroix (Lucien LaCroix, with his late-night DJ persona of Nightcrawler)

Vampire male Nicholas Knight Dorkface (Nick)

Vampire female Jannette (Jannette)


Random real people and some associated characters:

Whiptail male Gordon Lightfoote (singer/songwriter Gordon Lightfoot)

Water male Gitchigummee (variant spelling of the Native American name for Lake Superior)

Magi female Witch of Novemberr (who “came early” in the song)

Magi male Edmund Fitzgerrald (As in, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”; bred from Gitchigummee and Witch of Novemberr)


Skywing male Edward Mannock Dorkface (Major Edward Mannock, Britain’s highest-scoring flying ace of WWI with 73 reputed kills)


Chicken female Yolko Ono (Yoko Ono)


Coastal Waverunner male Francis Drake (English privateer and sea captain)

Coastal Waverunner female Anne Bonny Dorkface (woman in the crew of pirate Calico Jack Rackham)

Coastal Waverunner female Grace O’Malley (Irish; known as the Pirate Queen of Connaught)


Purple Dorsal male Harlan Ellison (Hugo Award winning scifi author; consultant on Babylon 5)

Purple Dorsal female Edith Keeler (character from his Star Trek episode City on the Edge of Forever; Kirk’s love interest)

Red Dorsal female Susan Ivannova (Ivanova, B5)

Red Dorsal male Markus Cole (Marcus, B5)

Black Stripe male Bester Dorkface (Psi-cop Alfred Bester, B5)


Flamingo male Abe Minsky (one of the founders of a famous NYC burlesque theater)

Flamingo female Gipsy Rose Lee (burlesque star)

Flamingo female Blaze Starr Dorkface (burlesque star)

Flamingo female Sally Rand (burlesque star)


Geode male Ronnie James Dorkface (for Ronnie James Dio, rock star)


Terra male Yogi Berra (baseball player and manager known for comments like, “90% of the game is half mental,” and “When you get to a fork in the road, take it.”; dragon’s code was Y0gI, so the name was irresistible)


And finally, the figure skaters… men’s, women’s, and pairs’ names for now, ice dancers yet to come as I collect and breed more swallowtails:

Sergei Grinkov and Ekaterina Gordeeva (Soviet pairs and tragic love story; he died of a congenital heart problem before he was 30)

Elvis Stojko Dorkface (Canadian)

Viktor Petrenko (Soviet/Russian)

Oksana S Baiul (Ukranian)

Brian Boitano (American)

Kristi Yammaguchi (American)


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I named my first Flamingo dragon after a charcter in One Piece, Donquixote Doflamingo.

There is a character in One Piece named Don Quixote????


Who would have thought they'd name a character in an anime after the famous Don Quijote de la Mancha, from Miguel de Cervantes?


I have a few myself, although I mainly make up the names for my dragons.


Alistair, from Dragon Age Origins., who is mated to Kallian, my DAO PC.

Aladar, from Dinosaur. . The name just wouldn't leave my head.

Lyra, from HDM. I hated these books, but the name is nice.

Lucien La'Chance, from Oblivion.

Ikran, from the dragon creatures of Avatar.

Kalom Darker. Multi.Ch, Kalom Daker, male Dobermann I admire very much.

Berylithranox. Green dragon in Dragonlance.

Kelendros. Blue dragon in Dragonlance.

Yom Kippur, after the Yon Kippur war.. I was studying such war when I caught this guy, tongue.gif.


I have a few named after regions in Spain, like Asturian, Mayrit, Galiza and Alacanth.

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My friend just created an account and she is a HUGE nerd she names her dragons after her favorite lines in books.


She has:




The Horror Of Diet Coke

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Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sarah Jane Adventures

  1. Trotsky's Tom Baker

Trotsky's Jim the Fish

Trotsky's Nasreen Chaudhry

Trotsky's Silence in the Library

Journal of Impossible Things

Trotsky's Weeping Angel

Trotsky's Lonely Assassin

Don't Blink Trotsky

Ooh I Could Murder a Cup of Tea (said by Sarah Jane in her first episode)

Trotsky's Harry Sullivan

Trotsky's 456

Trotsky's Sarah or Sarah Jane

Trotsky's Mrs Wormwood

Trotsky's Bernice Summerfield (and others from her books/plays)

Trotsky's D'Hennegel Elisabeth (Sladen)

Trotsky's D'Hennegel Sadie (her daughter)

Trotsky's Curse of Clyde Langer

... and more!

  1. Trotsky's Irish Rodent

Trotsky's Swedish Chef

Trotsky's Gonzo the Great

Trotsky's Camilla the Chicken

Book Titles/Characters
  1. Trotsky's D'Hennegel Temeraire

Trotsky's D'Hennegel Tintaglia

Trotsky's Geronimo Stilton

Trotsky's 700 Don Quixote

Trotsky's Polyjuice Potion

Annie on Trotsky's Mind

Trotsky's Crystal Singer

Frisco d'Anconia D'Hennegel

Trotsky's City of Ember

Trotsky's People of Sparks

Trotsky's Prophet of Yonwood

Trotsky's Diamond of Darkhold

Trotsky's Lina Mayfleet

Trotsky's Doon Harrow

  1. It's the Great Pumpkin Trotsky

Trotsky's Olive Oyl

Trotsky's Sailor Saturn

Trotsky's Sovereign of Silence

Trotsky's Bronx

Trotsky's Goliath Nachtdrache

Trotsky's Demona Nachtdrache

Song Titles/Lyrics
  1. A Total Eclipse of the Heart

Trotsky's Steppenwolf

Trotsky's Darude Mint

Sleep Trotsky Sleep

Trotsky's Yellow PolkaDot Bikini

May I Have This Dance Trotsky

Trotsky's Mister Hundred and One

Count Your Blessings Trotsky

Name Them One by One Trotsky

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

A Lover's Concerto of Trotsky

Owner of a Lonely Heart

Trotsky's Graveyard Angel

Trotsky's Daydream Believer

Trotsky's Blue Veil of the Night

Trotsky's Midnight Blue

Lagie's Shadows in the Moonlight

Trotsky's Scarlet Ribbons

Born a King on Bethlehem's Plain

... and more!

The Shakespeare Players (all my crimson flares!)
  1. Trotsky's William Shakespeare

Z'Anne Hathaway of Trotsky

... and the rest!

  1. Trotsky's Morticia Addams

Trotsky's Jean-Claude van dAMmE

Trotsky's BD71 Chuck Norris

Edited by Lagie

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I have to add:


Horatio Caine (CSI Miami)

Dors Venabili (from the Foundation saga by Asimov)

Eto Demerzel (see above)

Chris Cornell wub.gif

Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart (from Rush)

Hines Ward (Steelers player)

Rick Deckard (from Blade Runner)

Douglas Quaid (from Total Recall)

Blade Runner biggrin.gif

Messi and Batistuta (football players from the argentine squad)

Tacnayn (Nyancat in reverse laugh.gif )


And also have a lot of song names smile.gif

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I don't have any named after real people, but I have many named after characters from books and movies. Many I had to mess with to get and a few no one will probably recognize, but I'm proud of them.


From books and/or plays:


Brambleclaw (Vine; Warriors)

Jayfeather (Moonstone; " ")

Brokentail (Black; " ")

Silverstream (Silver; " ")

Mapleshade (Autumn; " ")

Breezepelt (Skywing; " ")

Crookedjaw (Sunset; " ")


Enobaria (Ember; The Hunger Games)

Katiniss (Turpentine; " ")

Corio'lanus (Albino; " ")


Aldwiyn (Nocturne; The Familiars)


Asauka (Harvest; Once on This Island)

Ezrulie (Valentine '09; " ")

Agwe (Seawyrm; " ")

Ti'moune (Misfit; " ")


A'orth (Magma; Erec Rex series)

Alypium (Thunder; " ")

Ashona (Ice; " ")

Baskina (Black; " ")


Laraka (White; The Sight and Fell)

Fell (Black; " ")

Tsinga (Ultraviolet; " ")


Krestomancii (Magi; The Chronicles of Crestomanci)


Roameo (Pink; Romeo and Juliet)

Jeweliet (Pink; " ")


Sharrdas (Gold; Dragon Slippers and Dragon Spear)


Basilgarrad (Mint; Merlin's Dragon)

Doomraga (Black; " ")

Krystallus (White; " ")


Emryss Merlin (Gold Tinsel; The Lost Years of Merlin and Merlin's Dragon)

Branwyen (White; " ")

Stragmar (Black; " ")

Rhiannadon (Terrae; " ")

Dag'da (Yulebuck; " ")

Rita Gawr (Vampire; " ")

Olo Eopia (Magi; " ")

Abrassa (Alt Vine; " ")


Fessran (Magma; Ratha's Creature, Clan Ground, and Ratha and Thistle-chaser)


Arietty (Pygmy; The Borrowers)


Kuthaian (Swallowtail; Eragon)


From movies and/or TV shows:


Baelfire (Bronze Tinsel; Once Upon a Time)

Raegina (Hellfire; " ")


Ney'riti (Costal Waverunner; Avatar)

Na'vii (Spotted Greenwing; " ")

Thatanor (Ultraviolet; " ")


Moriganna (Vampire; Merlin)

Morgose (Alt Black; " ")

Mor'dred (Vampire; " ")


Balthazarr (Alt Black; The Sorcerer's Apprentice)


Mor'diu (Ember; Brave)


Gronkel (Brimstone; How to Train Your Dragon)


Paralux (Thunder; The Green Lantern)


Ravanna (Lumina; Snow White and the Huntsman)


Tr'onn (Spotted Greenwing; Tron: Legacy)



A few from games:


Zector (Green; Dragonvale)

Dalfgan (Ridgewing; " ")

Ami'lya (Water; " ")


Eristar (Spitfire; Order&Chaos Online)


And a few from history or mythology:


Cronion (Electric; Greek mythology)

Argeiphonteia (Whiptail; " ")

Pallas Athenia (Silver Tinsel " ")

Carbydis and Scylla (Split; " ")


Bucephalus (Dragonhorse; The war horse of Alexander the Great)


Oh and let's not forget:


Lagei (Nightglory) biggrin.gif

Edited by HawktalonOfRiverClan

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If characters count...


The Writing Writer

Erica Court

Mayo Deftinwolf

Vielar Crom

Star Cecil (although I'm not planning on keeping that one on the dragon it's on now)

Patrick McCormack

Josephine Kilgannon

Hearshot Kid

Al the Genocidal Freighter Pilot (Because Al the Killer is on a messy-lineaged geode someone else has <<)

(Coheed and Cambria/The Amory Wars (although I haven't actually read very much of The Amory Wars just yet because I can't find it anywhere, I've just listened to the music, although technically that's still following the story x: )


Kankri Vantas

Mituna Captor

Latula Pyrope

Meulin Leijon




(Ben Drowned (I don't know if that really counts though))


Flexta McSignals

(Some YTP *shot*)


I also have a lot of dragons named after songs, weapons, lines from things, etc. but those aren't characters, so. :L

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I have every character name from Mass Effect 3, one of my SWs is named Jasper the D-bag Ghost from Robot Chicken, and I have La Esmeralda and Phoebus from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.


That's about it, lol. Might decide to do more later on, but I haven't decided yet.

Edited by CDM

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Since it is my favorite series and they are my favorite dragons all of my Gold metallics are named after characters from the Harry Potter series.

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These aren't celebrities but I've named my Cheese Dragons after real cheeses. Some of the names are reserved. xd.png


Tillamook Kosher Medium Cheddar

Tillamook Smoked Medium Cheddar

Tillamook Garlic White Cheddar

Tillamook Hot Habanero Jack

Tillamook Smoked Swiss

Tillamook Shredded Mexican Blend

Tillamook Shredded Mozzarella

Tillamook Cheese Curds

Tillamook Colby Jack

Tillamook Pepper Jack

Tillamook Pepperjack

Tillamook Monterey Jack

Medium Cheddar Tilla-Moos

Tillamook Medium Tilla-Moos

Mini Babybel Gouda Cheese



These are all Split Dragons


Tim and Greg Hildebrandt (artists)

Tegan and Sara Quin (singers/band)

The Dolly Sisters (Hungarian entertainers in the early 1900s)

Helen and Clytemnestra (twin sisters of different fathers... it's complicated)

Castor and Polydeuces aka Pollux (twin sons of different fathers... it's complicated)

The Doublemint Gum Twins (commercial twins beginning in 1960)

Amphion and Zethus (sons of Zeus)

Giacomo and Giovanni Tocci (conjoined twins)

Liou Seng-Sen and Liou Tang-Sen (conjoined twins)

Millie and Christine McKoy (conjoined entertainers)


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It amused me greatly when I found a dragon named after a particular celebrity that many people believe bares a striking resemblance to a horse. However, the dragon was a mint, not a horse, sadly. tongue.gif


I find the idea of naming after celebrities a little weird so I'm not sure I'd do it myself, but I absolutely love Bluheart's idea of naming cheese dragons after actual cheeses. Nice one!

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These aren't celebrities but I've named my Cheese Dragons after real cheeses. Some of the names are reserved.  xd.png


Tillamook Kosher Medium Cheddar

Tillamook Smoked Medium Cheddar

Tillamook Garlic White Cheddar

Tillamook Hot Habanero Jack

Tillamook Smoked Swiss

Tillamook Shredded Mexican Blend

Tillamook Shredded Mozzarella

Tillamook Cheese Curds

Tillamook Colby Jack

Tillamook Pepper Jack

Tillamook Pepperjack

Tillamook Monterey Jack

Medium Cheddar Tilla-Moos

Tillamook Medium Tilla-Moos

Mini Babybel Gouda Cheese

I have a couple of Tillamooks as well, since they are my favorite cheeses,


Tillamook Sharp Cheddar

Tillamook Jack

and even though it doesn't say Tillamook,

Vintage White Cheddar, which is an awesome cheese.


I also have Martin Lloyd and Wormhole X-Treme, just because they are so cheesy! (SG-1 fans will know what they're about! lol)


My brimstone are all named for punk musician and writers, starting with the members of Rancid.


Many of my Reds are named after old Hollywood movie stars, some of them redheads, including:


Katharine Hepburn

Spencer Tracy

Ginger Rogers

Fred Astaire

Rita Hayworth

Marlene Dietrich

Jimmy Cagney



My Nocturne are almost all musicians, with a few pirates thrown in for good measure.


My Vines are mostly camp-horror related.


My Turps are famous painters.


There are a number of sci-fi or pirate named dragons in various breeds and I do have Barnabas Collins on a Vamp.


I am falling behind, though. Out of 1827 dragons, I currently have 66 unnamed. I never used to let a dragon grow up unnamed. When I get a new internet connection, I'll get them all caught up.

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I named my one Lumina Carly Simon. It Felt right for the breed, but Carly probably thought it was about all about her.

Edited by natayah

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The majority of my vampires are named after characters from Anne Rice's books, Forever Knight, Being Human and.. *cough cough* Twilight *hangs head slightly*. I also have an Olive named Oliver Platt. It was just one of those things that I couldn't stop myself from doing.


Oh, and then there are my cheese dragons...


Ricotta Montalban, Ricky Ricotta and Robert Gouda-let.

Edited by Sir Barton

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I've got dragons that I've named from Stargate, Naruto, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. biggrin.gif



Lt Col Cam Mitchell (Royal Blue)

Dr Carolyn Lam (Royal Blue)

Lord Yu-huang Shang Ti (Terrae)

Sheppard234 (Green)

Lord Anubis (Moonstone)

Ba'al the System Lord (Moonstone)

Specialist Ronon Dex (Nebula alt)

Dr Radek Zelenka (Nebula alt)

Lt Col John Sheppard (Nebula alt)

Colonel Jack O'Neill (Nebula alt)

Dr Rodney McKay (Nebula regular)

Technician Amelia Banks (Nebula regular)

Elizabeth Weir-expedition leader (Nebula regular)

Vala Mal-Doran (Nebula alt)

Colonel Sam Carter (Nebula regular)

Dr Katie Brown (Nebula alt)

Teyla Emmagan of Athos (Nebula regular)

Dr Carson Beckett of Atlantis (Red)

Teal'c the Jaffa (Red)

Dr Jen Keller (Red)

Dr Janet Frasier (Red)

Ra's Eternal Fire (Magi)

Chuck the Technician (Daydream)



Sokka of the Water Tribe (Royal Blue)

Katara of the Water Tribe (Royal Blue)

The Fire Lord (Red)


Naruto (all Turpentines):

Minato Namikaze

Naruto Uzumaki



Princess Tsunade





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All of my cb stripes are named after Kresley Cole's characters in the Immortals After Dark series.


So far I have mated pairs:


Rydstrom the Rage Demon King and Sabine the Queen of Illusions

Demestriu the Horde King and Helene of Troy (had to add the extra e to get the name, but it's a small concession)

Cadeon the Kingmaker and Holly Ashwin

Lachlain MacRieve and Emma the King Killer

Declan the Fierce and Reginleit the Radiant

Murdoch Wroth and Daniela the Ice Maiden

Nicolai Wroth and Myst the Coveted

Kristoff the Gravewalker and Nix the Ever Knowing (both will be remated once they get books)

And the unmated Mariketa, my newest cb stripe.


I also have three cb black pairs named after the IAD characters


Lothaire the Enemy of Old and Elizavetta

Thronos and Melanthe the Queen of Persuasion

Trehan Daciano and Bettina the Sorceri


Three other pairs are named after JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood characters


Zsadist and Bella nalla of Zsadist

Wrath the Blind King and Beth the Vampire Queen

Rehv and Ehelena shellan of Rehv

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I have... a lot. Mostly characters and song titles, so let's just stick with those.



Eve and Lynn

Mister Edward Hyde

Black Hero Zekrom

Alduin Thuwed


Elizabeth Turner

Surfing Pikachu

Spiky-Eared Pichu

Senor Flamingo

Clementine Michiki


Professor Grizwold

Red Eyes Black Dragon

Origin Giratina

Altered Giratina

Pearlescent Palkia

Cloche Leythal Pastalia

Yumemi Hoshino


Little Cosette

Primal Dialga


Skylord Finnigan

Stone Crobat

Akio Ohtori

Luca Truelywaath

Hatsune Miku


Otto Chriek

White Hero Reshiram

Lost Property 771


Song Titles



Ec Tisia



Ryoushi no Umi no Lindworm

Raikoku no Tenshi


Bitter For Sweet

Harmonious Dusk Dorkface

The Wrath of Fate

Harmonious Fusion

Heisoku Shinkon

Fortuna Exali


Ira Fayra


Luminous Defense

Luna Piena


Hydrogen Blueback

Neutron Star Collision

Hoshimeguri no Uta

Kousa Suru Shukumei

Gentle Jena


Liquid Crystal Girl

Quantum Teleportation


Nebula Grasper

Cyber Force


Diamond Jealousy

Star Line

Wicked Blood

Power of Otherwordly Compassion

Power of the Dark Underworld

Ee Wassa Sos Yehar


Azure and Silver

Re Nation





The Heart Speaks

Omness Chs Ciel Sos Infel


Bonus - Vampires named after real people:

Joseph Vacher

Vaughn Greenwood

Peter Kurten

Rasputin Haima

Erzsebet Bathory de Ecsed

Jonathon Sharkey

Edited by Umbee

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I have a sunsong named Taylor Swift and a frozen hatchie named Yao Ming

I also have name of many DC/Marvel Comics superheroes like Alan Scott, Ms Marvel, Hank Pym....

and of course, tons of POKEMON names tongue.gif

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I have a few:


Real people:

Al Capone

Odilon (Redon)

Christopher Lloyd

John Waters (ironically it gendered female)

Wolf Blitzer

Andy Dick

Jackie Chan

Jet Li


Fictional animated/comics/books/etc.:

Dik Dik Van Dik

Reaver (Fable II)

Dick Tracy

Plank (Johnny's best friend)

Zulway (God of Mercy)

Denver (the last dinosaur)


Pig Pig

Rikki Tikki Tavi


Johnny Lunchbox

Prince Sheogorath (everyone else was doing it)

Bozo (the clown...)

Magrathea (the planet)




Mister Clean

Master Splinter


Beavis and Butthead (I was pestered to name one this...so it's on a female split)


Doctor Freeman

Doctor Tran

Nurse Edna

Doctor Jean Grey

Nurse Pomfrey

Nurse Joan


Fictional live action:

Keyser Soze

Judge Doom( partly animated...)

Frank Bannister

Johnny Bartlett

Mikey (Hey, Mikey likes it...)

Captain Ron

Ace Ventura

Doktor Strangelove (only the misspelling was available, but luckily it fits)

Dana Shulps (I had to)

Doctor Venkman

Indrid Cold (/book)

Buddy Love

Johnny Five



Mister Miyagi


Mister Toomey

Michael Myers

Freddy Krueger

Doctor Hannibal Lector

Captain James Kirk


Nurse Gaylord Focker

Doctor Emmet Brown


Majority of them are not famous, but I just decided to name random dragons after them. Most of them are magis and some of them are the wrong gender, but it's okay.


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