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Celebrity Named Dragons

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I don't believe I have any dragons directly named after celebrities, but I just wanted to point out that you might want to fix the title of this thread. You accidentally spelled "Celebrity" as "Celeberty".

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As I have dozens of dragons named for fictional characters, here's the short list - dragons named for real famous people... and one famous animal.


Amadeus Bravo - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composer

Berlin - Irving Berlin, songwriter

Capote - Truman Capote, author

Cezanne - Paul Cezanne, artist

Chely - Chely Wright, musician

Donatien - Donatien Alphonse Francois, marquis de Sade, aristocrat & writer

Dusty Springfield - Dusty Springfield, musician

Fairuza - Fairuza Balk, actress

Gainsbourg - Serge Gainsbourg, musician

Guiteau - Charles Guiteau, assassin

Idina - Idina Menzel, actress & musician

Jack and Bobby - John F. and Robert F. Kennedy, president and attorney general

Jackie Kennedy - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, widow of aforementioned John F. Kennedy

Jamesetta - Etta James, musician

Jordana - Jordana Brewster, actress

Jorja - Jorja Fox, actress

Kahlo - Frida Kahlo, artist

Kaysen - Susanna Kaysen, author

Khalil - Khalil Gibran, poet

Kristi - Kristin Chenoweth, musician & actress

Makepeace - William Makepeace Thackeray, author

Polanski - Roman Polanski, director

Porter - Cole Porter, songwriter

Ravenscroft - Thurl Ravenscroft, voice actor

Rockwell - Norman Rockwell, artist

Skipaway - Skip Away, racehorse

Sutton - Sutton Foster, actress & musician

Tallulah - Tallulah Bankhead, actress

Tchaikovsky Bravo - Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, composer

Tutankhaten - Tutankhamun, pharaoh

Veronica Lake - Veronica Lake, actress

Zapruder - Abraham Zapruder, caught Kennedy assassination on film

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I don't know if these guys count as celebrities, but I named my spitfire breeding pair Uruha and Reita after my favorite members of the GazettE. XD

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Yay~ Lol I'm a fan too.

I have 2 vamps named after Pam from True Blood (one was before she was given a full name, and the other after I think *season 3 ep 10 when they said her full name). I also have another vamp named after Godric/the actor that played him. ...that's about it so far. xd.png

lol, I have one named Erik Nordman, Sookie is Mine, True Blood, and Tru Blood. smile.gif

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I don't have any dragons named after a particular celebrity, but I have plenty named after famous songs, current and past, and songs that I personally like or felt that the title fit the dragon.

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I've got some!


Vampire Eric Northman (for all you fellow True Blood fans)

Alucard's Guardian (Hellsing)

Jane Austen

Russell Crowe in dragon form

Don't call me Kermit

Tougher than John Wayne

Millhouse is not a meme


some Transformers themed ones:


Sunstorm's Revenge

Bluestreak's Folly

Hound's Folly

Lady Megatron

Skyfire's Folly

Skywarp's Folly

Lady Shockwave

Silverbolt's Folly




Dr Gregory House MD

Dr Cuddy

Dr Wilson's Waterbed




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I have a bunch from a certain book series, I think no one else here reads them besides me, but if you do, here they are:


Anomander Rake

Silchas Ruin


Menandore ... etc.


So I went to have a look-see:


The Tales of the Malazan Book of the Fallen is an epic fantasy series written by Canadian author Steven Erikson. The series is planned to have a total of ten books with truly epic scope, and features a massive cast of characters. Each book weaves a different chapter of the ongoing saga of the Malazan Empire and its wars. The first five books tell a story which is primarily self contained, with the smaller plots resolved within the novel. However, the primary story arc develops throughout all of the novels. The characters, events, and locations bind together story, and connect the various novels together.


Nice!;) Makes for a great naming theme x



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An entire lineage of characters.



Real people:

Ambrosiana Inter Dorkface

Javier Ibracadabra

after my favourite soccer team.

Olympic Pietro Piller Cottrer

Olympic Armin Zoeggeler

Olympic Alessandro Pittin

Olympic Arianna Fontana

Olympic Giuliano Razzoli

Butterfly Vanessa

for the Italian medal winners in the last Olympic game and Vanessa Ferrari.

John Paul Auror Light

for John Paul II


and many more after characters.

Edited by Lizzyluna

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Singers and bands:


Gloria Trevi

Sharon Den Adel

Tarja The Guardian Angel (Tarja Turunen was taken..lol)

Leaves Eyes

Roisin Murphy


Ridiculous Black Prince Michael (Michael Jackson)

Ridiculous Ebony Whitney (Whitney Houston)

Ridiculous Ebony Bobby (Bobby Brown)

Lola Flores

Thalia Tropicalia

Chet Baker

Teedra (Moses)

Terence Trent D'Arby

Syleena Johnson

Ibrahim Ferrer

Aaliyah Aurastar

Omara Portuondo

Folasade Adu (Sade)

Lluis Llach

Bjoerk (Björk)




Jeffery Denver

Viktor Arnar (Ingolfsson)

Arnaldur (Indridason)

Ephraim Kishon Dorkface


Soccer player:







Muerto Para El Mundo (Dead to the world, Book)

Muerta Hasta El Anochecer (Dead Until Dark, Book)

Mas Muerta Que Nunca (Dead as a Doornail, Book)

Muerto Del Club (Club Dead, Book)

Akasha Aragon

Tahl (Star Wars)

Fy-Tor-Ana (Star Wars)

Jocasta Nu (Star Wars)

Anakin Skyblade (Skywalker..lol)

Jaina Dorkface (Jaina Solo)

TR - Angel Of Darkness (Tomb Raider)

Ridiculous Vladimir Harkonnen (Character from Dune)

Ridiculous Lady Jessica (Daughter of Vladimir)

Lissianna Argeneau (Character from a book by Lynsay Sands)

Lucern Argeneau (same as Lissianna)

Aisi Sisikka (Song by Faun)

Marian Poika (Mary's Boy Child, traditional song)

You Would Have Loved This (Song)

Chasing Waterfalls (Waterfalls by TLC)

Vinland Saga (Song by Leaves' Eyes)

Auld Lang Syne (Traditional Christmas Song)

Santo Santo (Song by Gloria Estefan and SPC)

BlueDream Sea Dragon Unity (Saint Seiya)

BlueDream Esmeralda (Saint Seiya)

BlueDream Pandora (Saint Seiya)

Edited by icare4u

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I have a


Glory Drake named Glory Gaynor

Vampire named The Dark Saga (Iced Earth album)

Pygmy named Tiny Tarja

Black named The Black Widow (Alice Cooper song)

Skywing named Symphorce (Metal band)

Frozen Winter hatchie named My Winter Storm (Tarja Turunen album title)

Mint named Savatage (metal band)

Balloon named Raxacoricofallapatorious (Doctor Who planet name)


Black dragons after Blackadder & characters:

Blackadder the 1st

Lady Blackadder

Lord Baldrick

Lord Melchett

Lord Flashheart


Little Prince Regent

Lord Percy

Black Queenie


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I named a lot of my dragons after songs, bands and at least one movie I can think of right now. I have vampires named after characters from the movie, The Lost Boys. I use a lot of Metallica song titles for names, also Megadeth, Guns N' Roses, Nickelback and AC/DC. I am sure that the bands that I use will expand as I get more dragons.

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I've got a Supernatural theme going as a project. So far there is:



Horseman War

Horseman Famine

Horseman Pestilence

Horseman Death



Azazel the YellowEyed Demon

Lillith the Demon

Brady the Demon



Crowley the Demon

Meg the Demon




Luther the Vampire

Kate the Vampire

Lenore the Vampire

Gordon Walker








Mary Campbell Winchester

William Anthony Harvelle











Lisa Braeden

Ben Braeden



Jess Moore






Fallen ArchangelLucifer



Castiel the Angel

Uriel the Angel




My Dinos are named for characters from Forever Knight.


Nicholas de Brabant

Dr Natalie Lambert

Richard Lambert

Lucien La Croix

Dr Alyce Hunter

Fleur de Brabant

Don Schanke

Jenny Schanke


Tracy Vetter

Janette DuCharme

Robert McDonagh

Patrick McDonagh


My vamp Captain Jack Thuwed, was named in honor of both Capt. Jack Sparrow (PotC) and Capt. Jack Harkness (DW/Torchwood).


And two stray movie characters: Dr Buckaroo Banzai (a mint with an SF lineage) and Mutt Jones (with a code of muTT, what else could I do? wink.gif )


Oh...and I have Tom Thumb Thuwed. biggrin.gif


No real people though. But I do have some named for classic automobiles.

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Ian McKellen the Albino (actor)

After Forever the Mint (band)

School Food Punishment the Spitfire (band)

Enter Shikari the Silver (band) - love this one, great band!

Katatonia the Black (band) - another great band!

Kalafina the Green (band)

Noe Venable the Day Glory (singer)

Akeboshi the Flamingo (singer)


:3 I have a few dragons named after fictional characters as well, including some obscure names from Greek mythology. Most dragons of mine are named after song titles as well, usually in a pattern (all my Nebulas are named after Florence + the Machine songs, for example, and all Pygmies are named after Poets of the Fall songs)

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yup I got some:


Gagarin from Ksew's Farm (it's a frozen hatchie which I caught in the AP on the Cosmonaut's Day)

Brian Molko from Ksew's Farm


these are named after real-existing famous people, but I also have some named after chracters: movie characters like Kate Austen from Ksew's Farm, or book characters like Albus from Ksew's Farm, or Rubeus from Ksew's Far, and one dragon named after an anime character (Rei Hino from Ksew's Farm)

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If we're counting fictional characters and things.. :3


actual people:

Barack Hussein Obama, Pascal,


actual groups:

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac


Iain M. Banks' The Culture universe and other works:

characters, including ships -- Lacking Gravitas, The Chairmaker

titles -- The State of the Art, Complicity, The Algebraist, Use of Weapons, Transition, Espedair Street, Look to Windward


Gene Wolfe's The New Sun series:

characters -- Severian and Talos, Valeria Uruloki Dorkface


Frank Herbert's Dune series:

characters -- Hwi, Irulan

groups -- The Atreides, Tleilax, Corrino

places -- Caladan, Hagal, Chapterhouse, Gammu, Kaitain

things -- Melange of Moon, The Path, The Jihad, The Legions


Lois McMaster Bujold's Vorkosigan Saga:

characters -- Lieutenant Stormcaster, Admiral Naismith, Lord Dono, Lady Rian, That Betan Frill, Cavilo, Lord Vorhalas, Howl and Killer, Gorge and Grunt, Lord Vorkraft, Lady Ivaenne, General Benin

titles/title references -- No Brother in Arms, Borders of Infinity, Diplomatic Immunity, Cyroburn, A Civil Campaign, Winterfair Gifts

things, times, concepts -- The Utterly Mad, The Time of Isolation, Excess Lordling, The High Vor


Bujold's Chalion universe:

characters -- Lord Illvin, Royina Ista


C.J. Cherryh's Foreigner universe:

characters -- Tabini, Cajeiri


Alastair Reynolds' Revelation Space universe:

"characters" -- The Nostalgia for Infinity

titles -- Absolution Gap, Revelation Space


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series:

"characters" -- A Heart of Gold


Orson Scott Card's Ender universe:

titles -- Ender's Shadow

things -- Xenocide, Descolada


Richard K. Morgan's Takeshi Kovacs series:

characters -- Takeshi Kovacs, Virginia Vidaura

titles -- Altered Carbon, Woken Furies


Joan D. Vinge's Cat series:

characters -- Lady Miya, The Halfbreed


Other book titles:

sf -- The Gods Themselves, Dhalgren, Neveryon, The Forever War, Earth Abides, Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang, Burning Chrome, Slow River, Babel-17, Lord of Light, The Left Hand of Darkness

fantasy -- The Dawn Treader

other --


Other fiction:

characters -- Leia Curio of Moon

titles -- Jude the Obscure


Myths and legends:

Arthurian -- Le Bel Inconnu

old deities -- Jengu, Sumarr



characters -- Curious Jean Grey


References that include real people:

things -- Chekhov's Gun

people -- Shylock's Ruin

I already had this list sitting around, please excuse things like items and locations >>

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I have Justine Bieber.


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I have Justine Bieber.


LOL! biggrin.gif


I don't have any "people" names, but I do have lots of dragons named after songs...including a lady whiptail named "I Whip My Tail Back and Forth," so there you go. tongue.gif

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My favourite person on earth was taken (well his name lol): Roger Waters. Ah well.

I have several named after people,characters and songs.


Zaphod Uno and Zaphodette, my split pair (after Beeblebrox from THHGTTG)

Hullaballon and Ellaballoon (balloon pair after Hullabaloo, Muse CD)

Droplet in the Ocean (Muse lyrics)

Shrinking Bluniverse (idem)

Summthing wicked this way comes (my 2nd summon) Lovely Bradbury book

MattB (a paper named after Matt Bellamy from Muse)


And a lot more that are based on songs (mostly by Muse... do you see a pattern here? tongue.gif )

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