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Zombie Success stories

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I'm confused, how do you make a zombie?

you use the action KILL and when the dragon/hatchie is dead you use the action REVEIVE

you can receive a zombie or a dead dragon

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My three hatchling are REALLY dead now, but a pair of CB Whites is succesfully zombified and I even have a sweet White hatchling from the two of them on my Scroll. ^^ Maybe good for trading as I have an adult child from them already.


So next year I need a stage 1 and 2 Zombie hatchling. smile.gif

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5 Adult dragons killed.


Every one disintegrated.


I am so peeved right now :c



Next year I need to remember to kill a bunch of hatchlings, I totally forgot this year.

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Tried with 4 hatchies, 3 disintegrated and one zombified, I am so glad I got several fodders in case the first one didn't zombify.

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I tried with quite a few frozen hatchlings, two of the hatchlings were revived and I guess because they revived didn't count as a kill for some odd reason - so was able to kill two more that way. Revived- water horse and a black


Got four disintigrates - Zombie Gomu a balloon, Little Smoky a grey, Zombie Bait a black and a spitfire.


Last kill I could do I used on a frozen crimson flare Pygmy and got a zombie hatchling.

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The past two years I had zero success making zombies, but one of my frozen hatchies that I killed in advance just turned into one! =D


All my other revive attempts resulted in disintegration. (Other than the one that successfully zombified, two adults, two frozen hatchies, and one hatchie that I timed out)

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I had to use dragons from my scroll. D: One of my dragons successfully revived, but didn't zombify. I ended up killing that one again because I thought they were another dragon. Dx But I did get a zombie success! biggrin.gif

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I used the Kill action 10 times today, and ended up with two zombies. Here's the breakdown:


Resisted being killed - 2 (both adults)

Successfully killed - 8 (1 adult, 7 hatchlings)


Then, of those who were killed:


Revived back to normal life - 3 (all hatchlings)

Could not be revived - 3 (all hatchlings)

Revived to a zombie - 2 (1 adult, 1 hatchling)


I'm pretty sure breed doesn't matter, but the two who zombified were a Spitfire and a Vine. Pretty happy about the results, though it's sad that three hatchlings were killed in the process!

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My mom just tried her zombie fodder:

6 Hatchies. 1 male black: Zombie 1 Female vine: Dust 1 Ungendered black: Zombie 1 male sunset: Zombie 1 female waterwalker: dust.

But heu 3/6 is cool for her all she needed was some zombie hatchies she got 2 adults last year. All were killed 1 died before the 31st, I think that works better.

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I'm now done with my brutal swordplay and necromancy practise. Here are some numbers and random information I can remember:


11 counts of attempted adult dragonslaughter

~6 successful - 5 escaped the wrath


6 counts of attempted tampering with forces that should not be tampered with (on adults)

~3 piles of dust

~1 live, but very traumatized, dragon (Spitfire)

~2 undead monstrosities!! (male Sunstone, female Guardian)


~ - ~ - ~


As for the children...


21 hatchlings let to die in captivity

~8 males

~6 ungendered

~7 females


Out of 8 males...

~4 piles of nothing but ash (oops)

~1 survivor (expecting severe psychological problems)

~3 tiny male abominations (yaaay!)


Out of 6 ungendered...

~3 swept under a rug

~2 back in the land of the living (possible complications expected in future)

~1 moved to a diet of brain tissue only (yaaay!)


Out of 7 females...

~6 in urns

~1 back on its feet (dizzy but no worse for wear)

~0 unnatural creatures sad.gif


EDIT: Added last 2 female hatchling attempts and some breed info that I could recall... no dice on the females. Boo.

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only 1 sucess this time.


1 Hatchie -> Pillow Dragon



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Well, no zombie for me this Halloween either. And even though it won't be on Halloween I've two more hatchlings that I'll let die and see if I by any chance can get them to turn into zombies when it's not Halloween (to me it probably doesn't matter whether I try for zombies when it's Halloween or not, my chances seem to be pretty small no matter what day I try to get one).

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Two adults dodged, three adults killed, two frozen hatchlings killed.


All five successful kills disintegrated. I killed them the day of Halloween too, but I don't think that matters, right? Ah well. sad.gif I think next year I'll just let some hatchlings/eggs time out so I have more chances.


Congratulations to everyone that got zombies this year! biggrin.gif

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I killed my extra Bluna just now... and it turned into a Zombie. Now I have a male and female one. That's good enough for me~


Kind of odd how both Taira and Ferghus were the only dragons I killed, and they both transformed (Taira in '11, Ferghus in '09). Talk about luck.

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My result or zombie tryings is:



2 dead hatch

1 dead adult

Avoids - 4 adults

Sucsses Zombies

2 female adults

one from magi

and one from sunsong


At all i am happy from the results smile.gif

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24 dragon > 3 zombies > one normal (whiptail)


Really terrible success. I am assuming adults are easier to bring back. Nearly all my hatchlings just crumbled.


http://dragcave.net/lineage/rdtRF - for my lineage project...but I can't get anywhere with one adult, but i can try next year. This one was a Nocturne.


http://dragcave.net/lineage/ICgsF I wanted either a pygmy or drake zombie and I got my drake :3


http://dragcave.net/lineage/MeeTi this one was a stone. I liked the code so I'm happy it came back.


http://dragcave.net/lineage/2AEH8 - The whiptail. It still thinks it's a zombie.

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I tried to zombifie the first time this year. First time killing something ever. The message really, really hurt me...


One hatchie kept being dead ;_;

One hatchling success, but I can't remember the breed, because I catched him in AP and killed him right away

One adult (inbred) success. Tropical dragon

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I originally killed 5 this year:


1 came back to life

1 turned zombie (an adult male)

3 disintegrated


Since I got a kill slot back, I killed a female hatchie. Tried to revive her and got a zombie so I got 2 successes. : D I can't remember what breed the adult male was but the hatchie was a waverunner. She was a 3rd gen PB one. <3

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Awwww, I killed an inbred Shallow Water but it disintegrated when i revived it. But there's always next year! (or right now...)


EDIT: killed an inbred Shallow Water hatchie but it disintegrated too.... sad.gif


EDITEDIT: killed a water hatchie. disintegrated... dry.gif

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I killed a few hatchlings and a few adults to try and revive and the only one that worked was a messy lined Purple Dorsal hatchie. So I have a frozen zombie hatchling on my scroll finally! No adults yet though and no more kills available to me.

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