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Zombie Success stories

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Wasn't not as good prepared as others here and not really successful:


out of 10 dead hatchies I got 2 zombied, no revives

out of 5 killed adults I got one zombie and one revive


I had more success throughout the year than today. Will add my three new zombies later to the spreadsheat.

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I´m ecstatic 0_o 7/18 hatchlings (+ 3 Revivals) and 5 out of 10  !!!


Adult Wingless 1

Adult Wingless 2

S2 Eastern 1

S2 Eastern 2

Adult Amphiptere 1

Adult Ampiptere 2

S2 Amphiptere 1

S2 Amphiptere 2

S2 Wyrm 1

S2 Wyrm 2

S2 Pygmy Wyvern

Adult Pygmy Wyrm


edit: now I have at least 1 Adult and 1 S2 sprite of each Zombie, now to get those S1 Sprites...



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2 hours ago, Mangrit said:

I got 3/23 zombies (2/21 hatchling and 1/2 adult attempts), which feels like reasonably bad luck for a Halloween but oh well! I had more fodder than this of course, but they were made obsolete by the successes I did have (don't want any double ups!)


Have 2 or 3 more fogballs that I'm waiting to die today, hopefully they'll revive too but I'm not toooooo hopeful.

My kills came back so I managed to kill 2 of my fogballs in advance, and another hatchie that wouldn't have died anywhere near on time. I was feeling pretty salty about getting such bad luck after seeing how well most other people did, but I managed to get 2/3 zombies for this extra shot, so that's good! I have only 1 fogball left which dodged my kills, I hope it dies on time and that I try revive it before Halloween ends.

S1 Pygmy Eastern


S1 Eastern


Overall score becomes 5/26 (still pretty bad for Halloween lol) but I'm excited because I only need 9 more zombies!

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Out of 31 attempts I had 10 turn into Zombies and one revival. I'm quite satisfied with the results. I just have to try and figure out which hatchlings I got, they are not easy to distinguish :lol: The adult is a Wyrm Pygmy though so that's great!

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Age    ‘Success’ Success   Dead ff 

Hatch:    2/25        7/25      16/25

Adult:      0/8          2/8         6/8


Well, guess I expected this. Also, I’m glad that this turned.

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When I finally manage to get all adult sprites, I‘m going on a S1 hatchling killing spree, to bad that my hatchlings always gender while fogged 😕

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my last 4 kills arrived and BOY did they avoid!!

7 avoids (4 were Hooktalons lol),

3 disintegrates (1 Hooktalon, so all my Hooks were unsuccessful o.O)

and 1 success - a Pygmy Wyvern (Magelight)


makes it 5 Zombies out of 27 revives for 2018. Better than nothing!! ^^

and of course all were new outcomes that I did not have before, few steps forward in the overall collection :D

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I forgot to prepare for this, blah! I always do even though I love zombies. Oh well. Still got the basic five tries. Of those tries, one (a dragon I bred specifically to zombify, no less) did a full revive, and three disintegrated, but I got a success! My first drake zombie, too. 




So that's cool. Not my best year, but far from my worst. 

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4 hours ago, Confused Cat said:

I finally got a Baikala zombie: https://dragcave.net/lineage/HcRF4

And a Wyrm: https://dragcave.net/lineage/vqseJ

(Plus 3 disintegrates and 1 revival.)


When the other 4 kill slots come back I'll try some more - I hope at least one of my two Drakes will end up undead.


Got my Drake: https://dragcave.net/lineage/0CjVZ

And a wingless one, too: https://dragcave.net/lineage/cLKpc

2 others disintegrated, and there were some dodges. (Pro tip: you can never have too many Zombie candidates ready...)


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One out of five zombified, the rest disintegrated; as soon as my kill slots come back later today, I'll attempt five more. At least now I have the Undead pygmy Wyrm on my scroll.

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4/8 hatchies turned and 2/5 adults turned (and a whole lot of dodges)!! Quite a success even though I messed up my timing and missed the revival time of the ones I killed on 17th. Here's the zombaes:

Western S2

Wyvern S1/S2

Wingelss S2

Adult Wyrm

Adult Two-Head



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Wow, beginner's luck on my part, I guess:


Had 5 adults as Zombie fodder and 4 of them turned (one disintegrated) :D No hatchies for me because I don't want frozen hatchies on my scroll.


3 are western Zombies and 1 is a Drake (I didn't have much variety).. pity the 1 eastern disintegrated instead of one of the westerns.


(Also, remind me to go through here later and click all zombies for the encyclopedia)


Drake (unfortunately didn't realise I killed the one with offspring instead of the other Drake :( very sorry!)

Western #1

Western #2

Western #3

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Adults (5):

Disintegrate: 4

Revive: 0
Zombie: 1

Hatchlings (37):
Disintegrate: 23

Revive: 1

Zombie: 13

I'll update when I get my 5 kill slots back later today.

New Halloween Kills:

Dodge: 4
Disintegrate: 5
Revive: 1
Zombie: 0


I'm not sure how I got 6 kills. Does a revive reverse a kill slot? That doesn't make any sense to me. I thought I miscounted but I have 5 tombstones and the one revived dragon to show for it...

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1 zombie (eastern).  Maxxed out my adult kills.

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My second batch of 5 adult Zombie sacrifices rendered 1 success: https://dragcave.net/lineage/IjdNF

At last an Eastern!


But frankly, as I usually only have 20% success on Halloween, it is not really a better chance for me than on any other day.



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Hey, 5/5 failures from the batch killed two weeks ago.  Lame.


I'll post the results of the second massacre in a bit when I get to it.

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