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Username: Evangeline

Name: Kyoya Ootori


Gender: Male.


Personality and Host Type:Cool.

Kyoya is calm, logical, and has superior intelligence. He also can come across as rather detatched, and sometimes threatening when need be. He is also one of the more rather level-headed people. Kyoya is a diligent secretary for the club and tracks continuous data on the club's guests and fortunes through his netbook, tablet or notebook.


Kyoya is from the wealthy and influential Ootori family. His family is extremely well-known in their chosen field and employs a private police force called The Black Onion Squad. Though equally qualified to become patriarch of the Ootori family, he feels overshadowed by his two older brothers, who are far more likely to inherit their family's mantle than he. However, despite the circumstances, he has confidence in his own abilities and finds the situation to be more of an interesting game than a roadblock.


Kyoya Ootori, a 2nd-year student at Ouran Academy, is the cost-conscious and calculating Vice-President of the Host Club which he co-founded with his best friend, Tamaki Suoh. Despite Tamaki's position as the President, Kyoya is the true director, playing the role of a puppet-master behind the scenes (thus earning him the nickname of "The Shadow King"). He manages all Host Club’s expenses and is always seeking ways to generate income, even selling items belonging to the Hosts for profit. He is very fond of his best friend, Tamaki Suoh, giving him free rein when it comes to club matters.




Name: Earl Ciel Phantomhive

Age: 13

Race: Human

Gender: Male.


Ciel is a rather short teenage boy with navy blue hair and eyes and body dimensions that are described by Nina Hopkins as "slim" and "delicate." The earl typically dresses in a way that suits his noble standing, and has a very extensive wardrobe.


Ciel nearly always wears a black eyepatch with a single cord over his right eye to hide the location of his Faustian Contract with Sebastian Michaelis. However, while in disguise, he wears a medical-looking white patch that fastens over his ear with two cords. Ciel also has a brand on the left side of his body from his time as a slave in a cult.


Here. - Here. - Tattoo.


Ciel was a regular child in the past who maintained a cheerful disposition. As a child, he suffered from poor health, being afflicted with asthma and allergies to cats. He would often smile and play with his family and Elizabeth, his fiancee and cousin. Elizabeth said that when his parents were alive, the Phantomhive manor was full of smiles.


On his tenth birthday, he was running through the manor until he came across his dead mother, father, and dog. He called for help and ran into Tanaka, who urged the young boy to flee. Before he could say more, however, Tanaka was attacked from behind by an unseen assailant who then grabbed Ciel. Ciel was then sold, and his kidnappers commented that he is "rare" and worth more than two people. He is bought and branded by his new owners, giving him the mark of a "noble beast." He cried that he was hurt, dirty, and homesick.


After great torture and starvation, he managed to survive with the aid of a friend he had made. One day, he is suddenly taken and tied down by masked men. He cried and screamed to no avail, and one of the men drove a blade through his flesh. In his desperation, Ciel summoned a demon. The creature appeared in his true form and offered a deal to the young child. A deal is quickly struct by the greedy, broken boy, and the unnamed demon was ordered to murder his captors. After the bound demon obeyed, he rescued the earl, and was ordered to protect, to never betray, to obey his orders no matter what, and to never lie.

Soon after, Ciel asked for the demon's name. When he was informed that it might be whatever Ciel's heart desired, the boy named him after his dog.


The road to recovering was a long, tiring one, but under the guide of a harsh tutor-Sebastian, and Ciel's brutal treatment, both now play in a game; a game of chess that will end with revenge before Ciel's soul is consumed by Sebastian.


Unfortunately, the boy's soul was nearly stolen when the time came for Sebastian to feast. Ciel forgot everything, and therefore he lost his value. Now, he has been taken back to the human realm to relearn his past so that a starving demon may feed again.




Name: Ellison Kyoto

Age: Appears to be around 21

Gender: Male.

Appereance: 6'1

History: To be RP'ed.

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Dragon Riders Rp

Player: (You)

Character name: Azael Thirvayn

Age: 19

Race: Dark Elf

Class: Warrior - Student

Appearance: Azael

Personality: Azael is very level headed, often knowing where to draw the line in various situations. Being the provider for his make shift family, he knew how best to provide them with sufficient food without going beyong his limits to do so. He knows his own strength and is not afraid to 'sheath his sword' and run when up against an adversary he has no chance of beating. He knows value in the little things that are often overlooked.

Background: Azael was one of three orphans that grew up together as foster siblings near the borders of Morrowwind, Cyrodil and Skyrim; taking ownership of an abandoned cottage. The second oldest out of the bunch, it was Azael's duty to act as the provider for the 'family' in terms of food. Having realized his potential as a hunter from a young age, Azael honed and developed his skills as a huntsmen, being able to singlehandedly kill a bear by the age of 17; with some preperation beforehand. His older brother was more of the intellect type; inheriting his imperial fathers brains and sought for a peaceful life in the cities of Cyrodil. Their sister sought a more adventurous life, wanting to see Tamriel for all it was; deciding to join a group of travelling merchants; her gift of the gab was put to good use in selling their wares. It was during one of Azael's hunts that he stumbled across Kestrein; both had their eyes set on a cave bear that had wondered out towards the lake. Azael struck first, ambushing the creature and digging his blade into the back of the animal; Kestrein struck second snatching the bear from the ground mere moments after Azrael rolled off and prepared for a second lunge. It was at that moment that he heard the call.

His foster siblings understood and allowed Azael to answer; supporting him in his future endeavors and promising one another to meet up again in several years time once they accomplished their goals

Dragon: Kestrein A dragon that has been around for several centuries. Whilst he shared the common view of being superior to men and mer, he chose not to act upon it to such a degree in which he would harm them directly. Plundering a farm for its livestock was his most common method of interaction towards them. As long as they knew their place in the hierarchy of power he was satisfied. With the introduction of rider and the wisdom that comes with age, he has softened his views a bit, deciding to see for himself the new potential of men.

Shouts: Whirldwind Sprint (Wuld Nah Kest - Grants the ability to dash rapidly forward

Misc: Weapons: Lakonian Short Sword, a bolas and a Metal Bracer on his left wrist capable of parrying a blade.



I take no credit for any images used. Credit's belong to their respective creators.





A world of Grey Character FOrm



character name: Jin Ishimura

gender: Male

age: 18

appearance: Human / Ghoul

personality: Two sides of a coin, would be the best way to describe his personality. As a 'human', he is regarded as an exemplary student getting along with both his fellow classmates and teachers alike. Able to fit himself into the different niche groups that students form amongst themselves with relative ease. As a ghoul on the otherhand, he can be very arrogant, confident in his abilities he shows little remorse for human life.

history: The son of two 'peaceful' ghouls, his parents being some of the rare few that valued human life and only consuming the flesh of those that already died through unfortunate events. His parents had opted to raise him up like an ordinairy child, having him attend school and interact with normal children, they wanted him to see the value in humanity and not just view them as livestock. For awhile this foolish dream was a reality, his parents often inviting ordinary people to their house for various holiday gatherings, ofcourse Kasper would 'eat' beforehand for obvious reasons. His parents however suffered a tragic accident. Involved in a car crash, the car they were in had burst into flames, killing the pair of them slowly. The CCG never did discover their true identities as ghoul due to their low profile, thus there were no complications when the funeral arrangements were made. A friend of the family; a Ghoul took Jin in for awhile; advising him to use the money his parents had left him to attend college in order to acquire the skills to live 'normally' afterward. It was during his time in College and living in a student dorm that his change took place. The ghoul that had taken in him was slaughtered by two 'fresh out of the oven' agents; who proceeded to mutilate the corpse afterwards. Enraged at witnessing the atrocity, Jin flew into a rage. They were his first two kills.

other: Theme song? The monster in the image could also be his potential kakuja form.


kagune type: Koukaku

kagune appearance: Kagune Appearance

other: These black appendages wrap around his arm (like Tsukiyama's Kagune) taking the form of two giant black hands with blade like fingers. The kagune 'hand' is roughly three times bigger then normal and hard, able to block heavy blows.


occupation: College Student

affiliation (if any): N/A

mask: Mask Appearance

alias: Asura

rating: A

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Salya's characters: I play humans, demons(mostly wolf and fox demons), Witches(my own kind), Mer-people and dragons shifters on this forum. happy.gif

PM to RP with me and say with character you can me to use.


Name: Sakura

Age: looks 20

Gender: Female

Race/ Species: Witch*

Occupation: Priestess-in-training

Appearance: Clicky

Personality: Quiet, shy, easily annoyed, unsure of herself, gentle-hearted, animal lover

Powers: water and darkness are her main elements. Fire and wind are her weak elements. As she doesn't care for other elements.

Marking/tattoos/etc: on her lower back is a weird flame like marking with twin fox tails behind the black flame.

Background: Sakura was born in a quiet town and lived a nice childhood with her mother. She didn't know of her father and her mother never said anything about him. She only knew that she happened to look like him. As she got into her teens and started high school, she noticed something was wrong with her. It would storm whenever she would cry, or do a light rain when she was sadden. Her friends started to fear her for some odd reason and she didn't understand. So without asking why, she just studied and got used to being alone. She didn't even ask when her mother started to get sick.

By a year after high school, her mother passed away, leaving her a note which told her to live with a friend of her father's. After getting her mothers death and things over with, she got her times and went to the address that happened to be two towns over. ((She left the house to her aunt and only packed her things with a few of things to remember her mother.))

At the address, she realized that her father used to belong to a shine, which she didn't understand. The lady living in the shine welcome Sakura and told her of the Shine's fox and things of her father. Sadly within two years, she got used to working at the small shrine but wasn't used to the weird fox.

Other: This character is for my weird plot idea that is loosely based on the animes Gingitsune and Kamisama Kiss. She's only to be paired up with a fox demon or shifter. I'm also using her on here.

*My own kind, stop aging at an age 18-24 depending on the person. They also are born with some kind of tattoo like birthmark that belongs to a custom clan which is randomly since I'm still working on the clans. lol They can't die for sickness nor get killed. They can only be killed with a weapon with markings belonging to their clan. Sadly the weapons are random as one per clan. Most of the time, the head of the clan has the weapon. Also this race has 2 main magicks like their element and another, and then they are allowed some weak magicks, such as healing or another element. I can go on... but I don't think anyone will have any ocs with my custom race. Oh this race isn't limited to females. Males are called Warlocks but they are rarely better then females at magick. lol

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Username: Fortune86

Character Name: Diane Tefft

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Appearance: Diana

Unique Magic: Pyromancy


Diane has lived in Fordsville her entire life and has never even gone on vacation outside of the town borders. Her life currently revolves around school and helping her parents out at their small flower boutique in Madderkin's Mall, leaving little time for socialising or relationships. In what spare time she does have Diane likes to read and dream of a more exciting life than the boring rut hers has become.

Though normally a quiet and studious girl, Diane isn't afraid of conflict and is quite competitive.

After seeing the flyers for the new night class Diane signed up in order to try and break the monotony of her senior year.

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Breed: Frostbite Dragon

First Appearance: Story of Moonglow

Dialogue Color: Grey

Age: around 5 (frozen hatchling)

Gender: Female

Quotable Quote(s):

"Oh, boy! What is it? What is it? Whatisitwhatisitwhatisitwhatisit?"

Notable Notes:

Loves chocolate; will eat all of it when she's home alone.

Favorite hobby is humiliating me in every which way possible.

Likes chewing on sticks.



Species: Dwarf Crocodile

First Appearance: Dragons and Randomness

Dialogue Color: Red

Age (in human years): About 22

Gender: Male

Quotable Quote(s):

"I don't know what a sunburned chipmunk would want with you either."

Notable Notes:

Very affectionate. Known for the unique pattern all over his back.

Loves chess.


Me (dragon form)

Breed: Pillow Dragon

First Appearance: Prologue of my posts in the YAAD thread

Dialogue Color: Orange

Age (approximate): 24 (adult)

Gender: Male

Quotable Quote(s):

"Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow..."

Notable Notes:

I share Aurora's habit of chewing on sticks.

Prone to extreme humilation.

One of my parents is some sort of magic-using dragon, which basically explains why I started feeling pain when I got near the Cassare Dragon.


Me (human form)

First Appearance: Dragons and Randomness

Dialogue Color: Orange

Age: 34-ish

Gender: Male

Quotable Quote(s): N/A

Notable Notes:

Will do anything to protect my dragons.



Breed: Frostbite Dragon

First Appearance: Story of Moonglow

Dialogue Color: Blue

Age: 20 (adult)

Gender: Female

Quotable Quotes(s):

"I'm sorry. It's just... Aurora catches a huge tuna, I catch a decently-sized trout. And what do you get? A guppy! Just pathetic!"

Notable Notes:

Very responsible parent.

Likes humiliating me with Aurora.


(name unknown atm)

Breed: Sunsong Amphiptere

First Appearance (in dialogue): Chapter 7 in my posts in YAAD

Dialogue Color: Purple

Age: ??? (adult)

Gender: Female

Quotable Quote(s): N/A

Notable Notes:

At first, she was mistaken for the dragon that started everything.

Former slave of the Cassare Dragon.

Loves humans.


(no name at all)

Breed: Cassare Dragon

First Appearance: Chapter 7 in my YAAD posts

Dialogue Color: Brown

Age: ??? (adult)

Gender: Male

Quotable Quote(s): N/A

Notable Notes:

The dragon that truly started everything.

Former leader of the mysterious organization.

Hates the human race altogether.



Breed: Plated Colossus Dragon

First Appearance: Chapter 7 in my YAAD posts

Dialogue Color: Tan

Age: ??? (adult)

Gender: Male

Quotable Quote(s): N/A

Notable Notes:

Mate of the Sunsong Amphiptere.

Loves humans, just like his mate.

Also a former slave to the Cassare Dragon.


More stuff coming soon as I keep writing more!

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Username: Leetle Tree

Name: Leetea

Age: 34

Power(s): The tree is able to send waves of sound or energy that may cause a flood of dopamine in any object with a brain's brain, cause psychiatric disease when something undergoes a long-term exposure to this tree's radiation, and generally create brainwaves, very efficient and sharp brainwaves, It can also summon silk, cotton, or linen yarn at will.

The tree is in it's youth and has not yet grown, for it is leetle.

Description: The tree doesn't normally interact in the affairs of m̶o̶r̶t̶a̶l̶s̶ others, but it never abides one rule or habit.

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Username: shadowfighter


Age: 2,088

Powers: Ability to communicate with Primus.

Species: Cybertronian


I will edit when I'm not too tired to think.

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Storing here just in case I get to use him sometime.


Name: Ezra King

Age: Seventeen

Legendary: Giratina

Appearance: [ B E F O R E ] Ezra is tall and rangy with long fingers and even longer legs. It makes his inability to stay still all the more noticeable and all the more curious; it's curious to some how the boy always has the appearance of being uncomfortable in his own skin. Ez's hair—which is generally untidy—is a dark brown reminiscent of chocolate; it contrasts vividly with his pale skin. The grayish circles grooving his steely eyes contrast with all the whiteness as well, betraying his many sleepless nights. He prefers clothing from the darker spectrum of colors. [ A F T E R ] Due to Giratina's influence, Ezra's hair turns black with red highlights interweaving. His eyes turn crimson as well.

Personality: Ezra's appearance and his personality are closely related. He's a weary soul, quiet and easily irritable in consequence to this. He prefers to keep to himself, prefers to dwell in his own darkness if given the choice. Anger him though, and his temper is unrivaled. He can become very wrathful very quickly. However, Ez can be perfectly amiable if he needs to be, give or take a sarcastic retort or two.


- Gabite (29)

- Milotic (31)

- Gallade (29)

- Ponyta (32)

- Scolipede (30)

- Luxio (30)

History: Ezra grew up in a broken home, which means that when his parents weren't fighting and divorcing, they were either smothering or ignoring Ezra. His only escape was battling, which he uses as a defense mechanism; he can completely emerge himself in the art if he needs to cool down or get away from everything for awhile. Ezra's journey has spanned a good portion of Hoenn.


• Ezra can traverse through shadows and use them in battle should he need to.

• Giratina's inherent aggressiveness and territoriality have rubbed off on Ezra; his battle instincts have been refined as a result.


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WERECAT character idea for Eragon RP.


Username: Totallydrow

Character Name: Azael Furpaw

Species: Werecat

Age: 8-12 human appearance. True age, 243 years.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Personality: While Azael does not mind settling down in a new place, he only ever does it for a short term basis and will often leave to find pastures new on a whim. He does not mind solitude, but will often seek refuge with someone that stands out from the crowd. Whether it be for a particular skill, a personality quirk or just because they are entertaining to be around.

He is quick to anger when disturbed and is not afraid to show it. However he does keep certain control of emotions, being able to maintain his present form and react in a manner befitting the form he finds himself in. Meaning he will not reveal his shape shifting ability in a fit of rage.

While he does not like to admit it, he has a certain magpie trait. He enjoys collecting objects, particularly those that exhibit a particular shine that seems to catch his eye. He cherishes each item and will be disheartened should they be lost or damaged in either way. Curious by nature, his curiosity as well as his magpie habit have on several occasions led him astray and sometimes into trouble, yet despite this he shows no intention of fixing either of the 'problems'.

Appearance: Human - Azael in his humanoid form is the size of a small child; roughly 3ft 8 in height. His frame is deceivingly frail in appearance, however his agility and stamina are far superior to that of a normal human, likewise his nails are far more pointed. He has long shaggy black hair that extends all the way down to the bottom of his shoulder blades at the back and extends pass his eyes at the front. With green irises, his face is youthful in appearance showing no sign of his true age, in addition one of his canine teeth always tends to stick out. His skin tone is light brown, bearing a small resemblance to the tribal nomads that manage to survive in the Hadarac desert. He bears a certain resemblance to the werecat renowned as the 'Ruler of the Night Reaches',

Clothing wise, he is normally seen wearing straw sandals if not barefoot, shorts and a vest that has several holes from wear and tear. He wears a portion of a former knights helmet on his head, a prized possession inscribed with a rune of protection. To keep it fastened around his head, he has attached it to a ragged bandana that he wears underneath.

His Cat form Your standard everyday cat in appearance. His fur is a mixture of light brown slowly descending into a darker hue and eventually black.


A life full of adventure, Azael has witnessed the beauty of the elven city of Illrea (Uru'bean in books due to galbatorix rule), the magesty of the Boer Mountains, the never ending expanse of the Hadarac desert though he chose not to remain there too long and even found himself 'trapped' on a merchant ship making trade between Feinster and Teirm; the result of being a tad too curious about the shiny goods being transported.


The Hadarac desert aside, he has spent many years in each of the places he has visited, taking in their unique cultures as well as meeting people of note. In Illrea, he befriended an elven lady, she was particularly skilled at playing the harp and had a singing voice like no other. It soon became a frequent sight, seeing her with a black cat nestled upon her lap as she played her instruments. In Teirm, whilst recovering from an intense bout of sea sickness at the local tavern, he met an old man. The two soon became closely acquainted, Azael often listening to his stories of grandeur as well as past endeavors; whilst in his human form. It was soon revealed that the man he had befriended was in fact a travelling wizard, studying and honing his ability to manipulate magic through his travels. Azael soon revealed his werecat bloodline to the wizard; joining him on his adventure. It was during this time, he received his second most prized possession, a helmet piece that they had found during their journey, its appearance catching Azael eye. Inscribed within it is a rune of protection, a gift from the Wizard before the pair parted ways. Years after that, he found himself in Dalgon, one of the dwarves cities hidden among the Boer Mountains. His time spent here was one of great joy and amusement. The dwarves small figures amused the werecat, the way some of them seemed to hobble from side to side as they ran caused a great many fits of laughter. He spent his time here in the company of a Dwarf called Kiefna, a blacksmith capable of forging many weapons. His specialty however seemed to be daggers. One in particular had caught Azael's eye and when the time proved right, he swiped it. Disappearing through the dwarves tunnels with the regal blade.


He currently finds himself situated on the island of Vroengard, an island full of magic, mystery and dragons. His instincts have lead him here, the notion that some big event capable of affecting Alagaesia was about to take place and that Riders and Dragon would be integral to the final outcome.

Weapon: He possesses an ornate dagger with its own sheath. "Borrowed" from the dwarf Kiefna of Dalgon.

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Zenara's Characters


Name: Sorren Eldingar

Species: Human (magical)

Age: 17

Appearance: Olive skin, silver-grey hair, bright turquoise eyes, and three dark stripes on each cheek (and other places, shoulders and hips mostly, but he doesn't like to show them.) Around 5'5", thin from lack of food but wiry out of necessity. Has a glowing aqua rune on the inside of his right wrist, the origin of his telepathic link with Glyph (see Other)

Usually wears ripped/mended jeans, T-shirts of varying dergrees of cleanliness, and a dark teal hoodie.

Powers: Can generate lightning when annoyed/angry. Which is often.

Personality: Sorren is almost always grumpy, anooyed, or angry. He doesn't like meeting new people, and tends to stay as solitary as possible. He often shows a lack of concern for others' well-being. He has a roundabout way of conversing, delaying the important information of a conversation with round upon round of useless snark that is only intended to hurt and annoy, in the hopes that the other person will give up on the conversation entirely.

-Strengths: Stubborn, Resourceful, Independent

-Weaknesses: Stubborn, Has Serious Trust Issues, Uncaring

-Likes: Food, Glyph, Mountain Scenes, Steampunk Aesthetic, (Enacting) Sneak Attacks, Being Alone

-Dislikes: Crowds, People in General, Being Seen as Weak, (Being) Sneak Attacked, Bugs That Fly in his Face

Sexuality: Aromantic Homosexual

Other: Accompanied by a small robotic/magical draconic construct, named Glyph. Left-handed. Proficient with daggers, less so with guns, bows, or... anything that requires long-distance aiming.

Current RPs: None.

[Originally created for an RP site where most characters had powers/ odd appearances. I just love this angry baby too much to put him aside now that site is dead. And I do realize he's sort of an anti-Gary Stu...]


Name: Cody Sutton

Species: Human (magical-ish)

Age: 16

Appearance: Pale skin, brown hair with bright green dyed tips. Eyes are invisible under his bangs. 5'8", skinny in a teenager kind of way. Never seen without a set of headphones on his head. Wears geeky shirts, usually Star Trek, Star Wars, or Minecraft related.

Powers: Extends computer connector cables from the back of his hands. Uses them to interact mentally with computers.

Personality: In a nutshell, nerd. Cody's very friendly, usually calm but with a good sense of humor. Has a major sweet tooth and loves coffee. He tends to be chill around anyone until they start something. Only picks fights in cases of extreme offense.

-Strengths: Extensive Knowledge of All Things Star Trek, Working Knowledge of All Things Star Wars, Usually Maintains a Neutral or Positive Standing with People

-Weaknesses: Not Sneaky At All, Easily Bribed, Does Not Know How To Fight

-Likes: Star Trek, Star Wars, Minecraft, Portal, Sugar, Coffee, Making New Friends, Technology,

-Dislikes: Bullies, Places Without Free Wifi, Video Games Centered Solely on Combat, Asparagus, Tomatoes

Sexuality: Heteroromantic/sexual

Other: Has a near- romantic relationship with his built-from-scratch laptop. He takes it everywhere. Considers himself the love child of Garcia and Reid (even though he doesn't ship them.)

Current RPs: none

Edited by Zenara

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Characters who may need a new home in the future, are being stored, being reworked, or are just out of commission.




Username: Sugar-Free

Name: Soren

Legendary: Lugia


Appearance: Soren’s blue eye-and-back fins are a darker navy blue than normal. They have small notches near the front of each. His fur/feathers/down are mussed and lacking their silver sheen, a result of mistreatment and lack of personal hygiene. His scleras are black and the irises are yellow. On his shoulders are two metallic Limiters embedded in the skin.


Gender: Male


Personality: Soren is highly reclusive. While not unkindly to those around him, he does not consider himself a worthy part of any friend group, and grows anxious and irritable and often excuses himself. His time with Cipher has made him fussy to being touched, and he often forgets his own upkeep (preening and other grooming), deeming it unnecessary or too much work. He desperately desires a friend to talk to and grow close with, but shields them away with feigned disinterest or self-deprecation. He fears hurting his fellow Pokemon not only with his personality, but with his immense strength.


History: Before his capture, Soren dwelled peacefully in the depths of the Whirl Islands. Occasionally coming up throughout the course of history to quell the fervor of the Three Birds, he has mostly slept and waded through the ocean, losing himself in the beauty of labyrinths and coral caves, the muted sound of the distant tide.

Up until Cipher’s involvement, Soren had little experience with the world above, as he knew it was his duty to preserve humanity and let rest his powerful wings under the waves. He would often dream of sunsets over strange lands, filled with tall brown corals with green fish swimming interconnected, of tiny anemones that did not sting the flesh, gathered in friendly bunches around the caves of humans. He wanted to connect with the fleshy folks that worshipped him as a sort of deity—not for their devotions, but for a chance at kinship. Many centuries would pass, until unfortunately, Soren would see this day come.


As he surfaced to watch the moon rise and the stars peek out from the darkness. As he bathed in the glory and somberness of solitude, the whine of some aircraft he was not familiar with whizzed by, and a sharp noise of a hydraulic machine firing startled him. As he turned in the water to follow the craft, a piercing and unbearable pain punctured his shoulders, rendering his wings numb and lame. As he flailed in the water, relying on his fat alone for buoyancy, another dart (this one he saw) marked his flank. Slowly, his vision blurred and his movements became separate from his perceptions...


Nature: Modest


Moves: Shadow Blast, Shadow Panic, Shadow Storm, Shadow Down


Other: The Limiters on Soren’s wings act not only as a means to dampen his building-destroying wing flaps, but to encourage strengthening in those limbs that, when the Limiters are taken off, could cause destruction on an unthinkable level.



Username: Sugar-Free

Name: Valtome

Legendary: Mew

Appearance: Valtome’s fur is a plush grey-lavender color, and is evidently silky by appearance. His face is thinner than the typical Mew (much like a sphinx’s) and his ears are drawn further up his head, longer and pointed. His eyes are narrow and imperceptibly dark green. He has crow’s feet in the crooks of his eyes. His fingers and toes are more defined.

Gender: Male

Personality: Valtome is a super-intelligent Pokemon, capable of thoroughly understanding and digesting human concepts and morality. He knows his ability is remarkable, and is highly egotistical because of it, often viewing “lesser minded” Pokemon with scorn and even pity. He relishes in complex problem-solving and assists (leads) the R&D of Shadow Tech. He tends to view humans as mostly ineffectual, but can see that some remarkable talents (like the Shadow Master and select R&Ds) are quite special, and allows camaraderie between them.


However, he has no tolerance for brutish displays and stupidity, and will quickly punish those who have wronged him. Valtome is opposed to physical altercation, and uses his shadow powers to manipulate people and Pokemon under his will—puppeteering them to do his bidding or using them as an extension of his (admittedly) short hands. He’s a master at gaslighting, and will use it as an excuse to torment particularly annoying Peons.

His Darkness Mode empowers his manipulation abilities, and allows him to block out noise and visual debris to make his focus pinpoint-accurate. He often enters this mode to accomplish work goals, though he has been known to kill or severely wound those who interrupt him.


History: Once residing in the depths of a distant jungle, Valtome lived his life free and purely. He was happy, yet bored, and after having traveled all over creation in order to sate his curiosity, he had little else to entertain himself.

After a time, humans came along. He found the way they grew, from so...primal and ugly, motivated only by need...into powerhouses of creativity and conquest...fascinating. After taking time to indulge in games of cat-and-mouse with random Trainers and Lab Techs, he settled on, by far, the most interesting bunch he’d ever come across: Cipher.

They had real drive, unlike the pathetic Team Rocket. They had an obtainable focus, unlike Team Magma and Team Aqua. They had tangible results, unlike Team Plasma.

Valtome tempted Cipher in with his impish, seemingly playful attitude. They couldn’t help wanting to corrupt a legend supposedly the progenitor of all Pokemon! They snagged him in a Master Ball, and with a bit of coy struggle from him, they closed Valtome’s heart. It was during this time, after he had awakened and the clamp on his was evident, that he met the Shadow Master. He had passed by his holding tank as he discussed his upstart for Cipher.


Valtome’s focus was clear. Through the glass, he reached out to the Shadow Master’s mind. He would speak to him. He would learn to speak to them all. He would help them in their ambition. Valtome wanted to join in this little game. If need be, he’d rectify the situation. If not...well...

At least he’d had fun.



Nature: Rash

Moves: Shadow Hold, Shadow Flux (substitute for Psychic), Shadow Shield (substitute for Protect) Shadow Spy (substitute for transform)

Other: Valtome likes flavored coffees and herbal teas. He’s grown accustomed to human accoutrements, and as such, took money from their coffers to commission a set of clothes to wear; the lab is too well air-conditioned for his taste.



Name: Codsworth

Age: ≈ 215

Species: Mr. Handy

Name of Franchise: Fallout

Gender: Male (programmed)

Appearance: Full Body / Silly Little Hat


History: Codsworth is a robot butler, part of the Mr. Handy line of domestic service bots specifically situated for family life. He was unwillingly left behind in 2077 when the Great War began-- a nuclear apocalypse launched by the US, China, and the USSR that forever scarred the landscape and the people of 50’s-era, alternate-reality America.


He was reunited with his family 210 years later, when the Sole Survivor awakened from cryo-stasis and arose from Vault 111. He had spent those two centuries alone, trying in vain to keep clean the irradiated and deprecated hovel he called home for his master, who he was not so sure would return. Upon their return, Codsworth admits that, despite his initial feigned ignorance of the War, he had been miserable in his lonesome futility. He gladly rejoins the Sole Survivor on their quest to retrieve their son Shaun, who had been taken in the wake of their spouse’s murder whilst in cryo-stasis.


He’s loyal to a fault and kind, never wavering in his belief in those he trusts. Codsworth finds meaning in mostly trite distractions, such as cleaning and making tea; however, despite his cheerful disposition, he becomes brutal if his loved ones are threatened, and revels in the thrill of a heated battle. He seems to greatly enjoy travel over housework.


Powers: Like all domestic Mr. Handy models, Codsworth has two primary means of attack and one secondary:

  • * A long-distance flamethrower

*A buzzsaw with your name on it!, devastatingly powerful up close

*A custom laser attachment, added for the sake of it

He has a third appendage used for gesturing and grabbing. He also has the ability to purify water and dispense in it bottles whenever he passes a water source, and a high capacity for carrying items. Codsworth is highly resistant to physical damage, but can be harmed relatively easy by energy weapons. He can speak with other robots as well, regardless of language or lack thereof. He has a nuclear generator inside him that propels him above the ground, allowing him to levitate.


Other: Codsworth has a very stereotypical accent and speech pattern of a sitcom butler. He also wears a Triggerman Bowler--he’s a fine English gentleman, after all.



Username: Sugar-Free

Character Name: Laloch (LAY-lock)

Gender: Female

Race: Manakete (Dragon; Divine/Earth)

Age: 27

Appearance: Laloch stands at around the height of 5’2”. Her skin is pale with a bit of yellow cast to it. Her hair is a dark olive green, and is braided in two tight tails that hang in front of her shoulders, just down to the start of her breast. She has a small frame, and her eyes are maroon, with black scleras. Her draconic wings have a span of approx. 16ft, and have green-brown feathers adorning olive-green scales.


Dragon Form: This form is taken when Laloch uses her Dragonstone. It is twice her size (10'4") and considerably more powerful. It combines the Western dragon body shape of the Divine Dragon with the plated body and alligator-like head, and combines the wings for a muscular, yet still regal appearance. Her scales retain their olive coloration, and take on a bluish iridescence, common in the feathers of some Divines.


Her outfit is a tight-fitting, thick-cuffed tunic made of dark maroon velvet. There are two false-backs for each wing. The collar laces with a leather tie. Her pants are of similar, darker maroon leather, and are tucked into brown leather boots reaching up below her knee. She wears a cowl around her neck made of heavy black-brown fur.


History: Laloch is a descendant of two races of dragon: a Divine mother, and Earth father. Soon after her birth, she was cast from the Ingress, the bridge between Medris (the dwelling place of the Divine dragons) and Carrefel (land of the humans and sleeping Earth Dragons.)


Her birth was an infraction upon the unwritten edict—that no Divine body would sully with the Earth dragons, as it was them who helped the humans drive the Divine Dragons to Medris after being falsely accused of hoarding the continent’s life force. It had, indeed, been a foolish choice, because the balance between the two had been upset, and without the suppression of their nature by the Divines, the Earth Dragons eventually became feral, twisting their forms into Dark Dragons.


Laloch was left to die at the altar before the Ingress, where she was found by a kindly Wind Mage, named Mahmet, who took her in. She was surprised when the tiny dragonet grew into a humanoid child later into the night, and she decided, regardless of her dual nature, she would raise her as her own.


Mahmet had dwelled in the valley of Laloch’s ancestors, and had not only taken on her own name from their history plaques, but had decided to impart the name of one of their hero-Dragons onto her: meaning “the sun through a summer oak leaf”. Together they lived, nestled in a vine-stridden vale in a cold brick home. That was, until, the Inquisition occurred.


Stories were being strewn around Tiergris, the cosmopolitan capitol of the country of Anapelle, of a dark dragon who was born of the hatred of the departed dragons. Bards sung of a hero, wielding an ethereal halberd, who would ride bravely into the tangled and poisonous forest of the beast, and slay it, bringing eternal peace to the continent.


Before long, when Laloch turned 23, the tavern-lackeys and barkeeps would whisper of a boy with dark blue hair, raised in the mud of sties and fed upon the milk of goats, who would take up the mantle of “Hero” and finally find the halberd “Cuchulain”, buried deep within ancient texts and folklore, seen only in tapestries of the glory of the Old. Mahmet knew that they would search for her daughter.


Laloch took it upon herself to protect Mahmet, working through traps day and night, scouting under the cover of darkness to make maps, find how to exploit their weaknesses. She had told the mage to go, to hide, that she was more than capable of handling herself against a no-nothing, corn-fed ingrate. She had her dragonstone, capable of turning her into her hybrid form, and her leathery wings that never failed her. But she did not listen. She would not leave this little girl she’d been gifted with so long ago.


They eventually came: a tall man, wielding not a halberd at this point, but a silver sword, mounted on a dust-colored steed, clad in a makeshift set of armor. Though he did not look the part, the bravery and assuredness in his heart made him a lord, and his band of fighters, myrmidons, mages, archers, all men and women of all talents from many stretches of life, followed him without pause. But they were all misguided. On that day, Mahmet had instructed her to go into nearby Usser to pick up groceries. She would be too late coming back.


They tore through her nets, leapt over her pits, dodged her acid darts and slaughtered an entire flock of wyverns. They were unassuming, but they were hardened, as if they had fought a thousand battles together. They came, and Mahmet struck out, summoning her most powerful wind magic.


She was felled by two arrows from a sniper. His poison arrows met her heart together, and the poison ended her moments later.


On that day, as her home lay in ruins and her adopted-mother slain, she swore to find them—not just the misguided human knight who thought he’d done some good, but the mother and father that had cursed her world with her existence.


Desire: To find closure--to find answers.


Other: Laloch’s Dragonstone has 50 uses before she must generate a new one at the Ingress Altar. She uses it to turn into her Dragon Form. Once Used, it can be used to do one major action; sustain for (one) Use Point per post; if sustain is broken, she reverts to Human Form; and has no cooldown. [she will not use her stone without reason, as she does not know when she is next able to generate a stone.]



Name: Alex (Robin/FeMU; after-story)

Universe: Fire Emblem

Gender: Female

Species: Human...sorta-kinda.

Appearance: Alex stands at 5’3”, is a brunette, with shoulder-length, slightly unruly hair. Under her bangs is a circlet upon her forehead. Her eyes are narrow and a little tired looking, and they are a teal color. Her ears are pierced with ornate studs with black pearls sets. Over her plain white cotton blouse, she wears a black robe with a hood, trimmed in golden braids and lined with maroon, with the image of the Grimleal adorning the heavy-cuffed sleeves and back. A buckled fauld draped with black and gold hangs from her waist, and her seamed white pants tuck into high-finned boots.


Personality: Alex is the honorary tactician of the group of royal knight-mercs called the Shepherds. Once a vessel for the insidious return of Grima, the dragon composed of the bodies/souls of the Earth Dragons who had fallen at the Dragon’s Altar, she has felled and been fallen by her own hand and resurrected by the mere will of the cosmos. For all the nonsense she’s endured, she’s come out more or less the same, if not a lot more social. Before, in a life she did not remember, she was empty and lifeless, acting only as the pawn she was raised to be. After being found by Chrom and company and having her memories wiped, she grew quite comfortable in their camaraderie, and their jolliness and hope towards the future reflected in her.


She’s quite smart, being able to outwit most of the best in wargames, and is a lover of high fantasy and astronomy. However, she is often held back by pangs of insignificance, and can doubt her choices to the point of panic. However, when those she loves are threatened, she’ll break though her hesitation and smite her foes with her personal Wind Tome, Cereal Killer.


Her first crush was the Hero-King Marth, and he is the man who inspired her fascination with dragons with stories of his interactions with Tiki and Xane, the former of which she was starry-eyed to meet in person. Even after dedicating her love to the gentle monk Libra, she still finds herself doodling him idly on her napkins and sketchpads (under sweet Libra’s tutelage, of course.)


Her love of pretty men is shameless. In her history, she went down as "Captain and Tactician of the Bishie Brigade".


Abilities/Weapons: A personal Wind tome named Cereal Killer. Yes, it’s ridiculous. She also has two other tomes, an old Wind tome called Forsety that she’s half scared to use and Meteor, a long-range Fire Tome. She carries a personal Levin Sword called Ilyana (or in bouts of frustration, Useless) and a three-bundle of vulneraries (healing potions of sorts.)


Her skills are (for what it counts; may simplify for sake of RP):

Ignis: In a pinch, doubles either Magic or Strength.

Solidarity: Better crits/crit avoidance when alone.

Swordbreaker: Extra damage to swordsmen.

Tomefaire: Magic is strengthened while holding a Tome.

Galeforce: Once per fight, may strike an enemy, move, and strike again/another, when they otherwise cold not.


Name: Soren

Universe: Fire Emblem (Radiant Dawn)

Gender: Male

Species: Branded (Human/Black Dragon Laguz)

Appearance: Link Here

Personality: Soren is an occasionally cold and blunt young man. Persecuted as a child for his mixed bloodline by both beorc (humans) and laguz (shape-shifting humanoids), his view of the people and the world has become jaded and cynical. Though his heart has softened over time, he is still somewhat biased toward the laguz and beorc alike.


He tends to be high-strung, and can act out in bursts of anger or cynicism. His remarkable intelligence and insight leads him to operate on logic alone, and values efficiency and probabilities over the circumstances and feelings of others. He will even go as far to suggest ignoring those in need if it hinders him and his comrades.


He dislikes reckless behavior, loud speaking, and being interrupted. He enjoys studying and formulating tactics, and has devoted his life to his best and only friend, Ike.


History: Born from the ill-fated union of a mad king and a wayward Dragon laguz (though this remains unknown to him even now), he was raised by a woman who raised him only out of duty: she harried him with harsh words and scorn. Around four years of age, the woman, half-mad with relief, sent him off with an elderly Sage who taught him in the ways of magic. He had mistook Soren as a Spirit Charmer--one who is said to be imbued with great magical talent by way of an ethereal spirit inhabiting their body.


The old sage soon died, and Soren sought succor across the land, finding nothing but hate and ignorance from both sides of his blood. He did not know the mark on his head, the Mark of the Branded, damned him in their eyes and in the eyes of their god, Ashera--it was the ultimate taboo. While extremely literate in both writing and reading and understanding, he could not speak; he had never had the means or need to, and so he wandered alone and on the verge of death, unable to communicate.


One day, a young blue-haired boy named Ike found him and fed him his lunch, promising to do so again. When he did not come the next day, he looked at the compound where he dwelled, and found a massacre. He did not find Ike in the wreckage, and so assumed he was alive and sought refuge in a church, where he was versed in speech and other necessities. Years later, he found Ike working for his father's mercenary group, and has been inseparable from him since.


In his history, he was remembered as "The Silent Master of Winds."


Abilities/Weapons: He has three tomes: a personal Wind tome christened Caesura, a Rexcalibur Wind Tome, and a Bolganone Fire Tome. He carries two staves: Physic (long range medium healing) and Mend (close single high healing). He has an Elixir (complete healing, 3 uses).


Soren's skills are (simplified for RP):

Flare: Once per fight, negates Magic Resistance (incl. Sp. Def); target is partially blinded.

Adept: This unit's experience allows them to strike more than once when needed.

Solidarity: Better crit/crit avoidance when alone.

Countermagic: Any elemental attacks take small counter-damage.

Tactical Advice: When this unit supports another (defends, attacks with), the supportee gains defense.


Other: When Soren supports Ike, all of Soren's skills are boosted.



User: Sugar-Free


Name: Yamenha Lusos

Age: 37

Appearance: Yamenha is a tall, slim-built man, standing at 6’2”. He wears ornate robes, form-fitting in the chest and arms, and hanging loose at his hip, and are colored a silver-cream. It is lined with pearl buttons and braids about the creases of the arms and down the collar. He wears an emerald-green waistwrap that trails down the front of his legs. The robe trains back about a foot, and is embroidered with pale green vines and golden leaves. He wears simple cotton breeches and sandals underneath. He wears a foliage-themed pin in his pale-gold locks, which hang just below his shoulder and curl. His eyes are peridot-green, and seem to be veined like sunlit leaves with two tiny pinpricks of black.


He keeps his pale skin clean and orderly, and is especially fussy about his nails.


Tribe: Life Tribe

Alliance: Wild Hunt

Personality: Yamenha is a thoroughly curious person. He greatly loves the flora surrounding the Tribe of Life’s territory, and refers to each species as his “children”. He loves the thrill of travel, and is delighted by the prospect of interacting with new plants he finds in foreign lands. Many of the flowers surrounding the Tribe’s land are direct transplantations or re-bred cousins acclimated to the climate.

He is open and gentle to his fellow Tribesmen. To most, he is a delicate wisp of a man, engrossed in his love for plants and quick to uphold the ideals of his friends and family. Yamenha often gifts presents from his personal greenhouse to those who are down on their luck or have had a loved one pass. For this, his sway over the public opinion is hardy, which acts as a boon for his position as heir-apparent to the Tribeleader.


Despite his angelic looks, there is another side to his goodly nature. Where no one can see, Yamenha hides a seal at the base at his spine proclaiming his allegiance to the Wild Hunt. He is thoroughly jaded with the mindset of his people, and finds it frustrating that his lack of omniscient power prevents him from swaying them into action. He hates that Life tribesman seem to be made lax and merry in the shade of indifference, and strives to free them from their slothful existence. He has secretly met with one of the Wild Huntsmen, and has personal plans to force Life and the other Tribes out of stagnation with the power reclaimed from the destruction of the Guardians. He carefully manages the delicate balance of his official duties with those of the Wild Hunt, often "going out on excursions" and excusing himself shortly before the end of celebration.


He has a very tenuous relationship with his distant brother (due to a past experience that changed their lives forever), and refuses to claim him. He actively seeks the destruction of his “lesser half”, and scorns him for his attachment to his Guardian.


Skills: He is revered for his skill in horticulture and preoccupancy with cross-breeding, being the forefather of weather- and insect-resistant crops and flowers. Due to this, he has an adept knowledge of floromancy, and can summon vines and other plants to defend himself with at will with ease. He likes the ents, but dislikes what autonomy they can show.


Other: His motto is “In pain, we thrive. In comfort, we wither.”




Name: Yomiel Lusos

Age: 37

Appearance: Yomiel is tall and relatively built, with a slim figure hidden under his relaxed garnments. He wears a raven-black alb that is split on the sides to the hip, embroidered in gossamer-grey with a cross-stitch at the apex of the slits. The sleeves are cut at the biceps and hang, which shows the loose pure-black longsleeves of his undershirt. The cuffs have a delicate wisp pattern in the same grey as the embroidery. He wears a slouched grey-blue sash at his hip. His legs are covered by grey silk pants which cinch at the ankles, and he wears a pair of black leather sandals on his feet.


On his left hand, he wears a worn silver ring on his thumb. It has five weathered sets in it, with two missing.


His hair is slightly curled and waist-length, black with a raven sheen to it. His eyes are unnaturally pale-yellow, like moonlight. He seems very particular about his roots.


Tribe: Dark

Alliance: Dark Legacy

Personality: Yomiel can be a troubling personality. He is rather withdrawn, and is slow to speak to those who are unknown to him. While not entirely unkindly, he can be reserved to the point of rudeness, and harbors no love for prose. He expects brevity and conciseness from his fellow tribe members in return for his own. He takes time to listen instead of talking, and often excuses himself from conversations to think through his considerations.


He is far more passionate and relatable to his beloved pack of Spirit Panthers, which take up residence in the deep ruins of the Tribe of Darkness. He has developed a deep sense of intrigue from their interactions with each other, as well as their elusive nature. He considers them a vital part of his existence, often conversing with them in a lost tongue known only to the few remnant tablets of the old Tribe of Darkness. He can often be found wandering through the surrounding marsh, whittling on poplar hunks with his 5 “Disciples” shepherding him.


History: He is entirely devoted to his Guardian Nekronas and often sees himself as the only truly pious member of its following. He seeks out further information about Nekronas’s connection to the land before it was sealed away as well as attempting to communicate with it through the Lost Tongue. His obsession with guarding Nekronas has made him distant from his tribesmen, even those who seek to protect it. As to why he has formed such a dedication is unknown.


Yomiel hides a depraved secret, one that he is determined to keep locked away from himself and others. Because of this, he has developed his manipulation powers to work as a suppressant, using it on himself to cause pinpoint amnesia, so that he would never remember what he had done that has caused him such shame and pain. He refuses to use his broad-spectrum mind-control powers on anyone. The only remnant of his past is the silver ring he wears, though the meaning of the five gemstones (as well as the origin of the ring itself) has been long lost to him. His personal frustrations with his identity and his memories stem from phantom pangs of regret and anger.


Skills: Pinpoint amnesia. Yomiel also has superior cloaking skills with mist and fog, and can hide himself and another in it. His knowledge of shadow elementals is acceptable, at best, preferring to call upon his pack for assistance.


Other: Yomiel collects wooden statuettes, most often making his own to resemble Spirit Panthers and Nekronas. He has an obsession with the number “5”.



Username: Sugar-Free

RP name: Lustre Hoarfrost

RP gender: Male

RP element: Light

RP mate: NATM

RP crush: Possible

RP chicks: NATM

RP flock: NATM

RP flock position: TBD

RP appearance: Hoary is a subtley plumaged osprey, whose pure white feathers have a very slight pearlescent quality in correct lighting (though it would take a keen eye to notice as much.) His wings have a faint pattern of gossamer-grey dappling. His eyes are a faint seafoam green, and his legs/talons are a light grey/blue


Character personality: Hoary is quiet and occasionally distant, preferring to lose himself in his thoughts, the ebb and flow of existence, as if he were observing the infinite spectrum of potential futures. In moments of lucidity, he tends to take a neutral stance in discussions, as it is his belief that the lives of others should not be made privy to his opinion. He speaks carefully and concisely, and may come off as aloof and uncaring, though that is far from the truth. He is surprisingly adamant about balance and equality, and finds truth and goodness within the hearts of the most feral wolf or greedy human.


Hoary enjoys deep interpersonal relationships, discussions about the complexities of life, and beautiful displays of creativity.

Character backstory: Hoary remembers very little of his life up until now. He has spent most of his life drifting from shoal to snowcap, listless and without a meaningful purpose outside his incessant dreams of destiny and fate. He feels lingering attachments to phantom images of ospreys that he is certain he’s never met, and is nostalgic for a land of sweeping sun-tinged clouds and glittering autumnal silver-wood forests long gone. Though he has no recollection of such, he feels a connection not only to his fellow avians, but to the humans and wolves that endlessly plague them.

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Because really, my control panel notepad is way too cluttered with these two added in.




Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Sera Fydraki

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Appearance: Sera stands at about average height, with her horns add an extra inch. She's slightly taller (not counting her horns) in her Hybrid Form than her human form, but her dragon form towers over both of them. Her hair, eyes, wings and scales are a deep red in all her forms.

Personality: Though Sera usually tries not to let emotions blind her to logic, she can become quite snarky if annoyed. Her memory is exceptional, especially when it comes to slights and annoyances. Expect vengeance to be delivered if you anger her, whether it takes days or weeks. She loves the thrill of a fight or competition, especially those involving a fair dose of strategy.

History: What happens when a dragon doesn't eat the princess, but instead falls in love with her? Sera happens, that's what. Her father had originally been following the Cliche Fantasy Story 101 Handbook and kidnapping princesses when he met her mother. He had planned to eat her like he had done with the other princesses, but then he learned what a nice, caring person she was and how much money and territory he'd get if he married her. Naturally, he did the reasonable thing and took on a human form to win her love. He succeeded, and thus Sera was born. Obviously, she didn't look like a normal human and her mother suspected something was up. Again, her father did the only reasonable thing and ran off with her, teaching her the ways of dragon-ing and eventually sending her to the school when his extensive knowledge of kidnapping princesses failed.

Supernatural type: Fire Dragon - Human Hybrid


Fire Breathing - Standard dragon-y firebreath. The amount of fire is limited to the amount of breath she can inhale and exhale at one time (quite a lot for her size).

Fire Resistance - She's not immune to fire but it hardly does anything to her. It takes prolonged exposure and high temperatures for it to bother her beyond a bit of an itch. However, this doesn't apply to stuff she happens to be carrying or wearing and she'd rather not be left naked.

Flight - She can fly around. There's not much more to say about it.

Enhanced Strength - She's stronger than she should be considering her age, about on par with a strong adult male. She's still a mere dragonling however so she has yet to reach her full strength.

Dragon Morph - Can take on the form of a dragon for a short duration. While in full dragon form she gains fire immunity, greater strength, and a greater capacity for firebreath (larger lungs = more breath to incinerate foes with).

Human Morph - She can morph into a normal human and maintain the form but she prefers not to because it renders her powerless. She can still transform back into hybrid form but that's it. She also cannot morph directly into dragon form from this form.

School: Edgewood School for Girls

Classes: Logic/Argumentation (Third), Math (Second), History (Second), Philosophy (Third), Physical Education (Third), English (Second), Powers (Third), Chemistry (Second), Biology (Second), Natural History (Second)

Roommate: Not decided



Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Arinoir Leiastris

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Appearance: Thin and pale, on first glance Arinoir hardly seems to be there at all. She constantly wears a hooded white cloak which her adoptive parents gifted to her, though it only reaches down to the tips of her fingers now. Her hair is a frosty white and the shorter strands in front trail down to her waist. She keeps the longer, knee length portion of her hair tied up in a braid under her cloak. Though one of her eyes is hidden by her hair, the one that remains visible is an icy white color.

Personality: Quiet and mysterious, Arinoir rarely speaks. She's rather elusive and quick to flee any encounters, often fading into the background. If one were to actually get to know her, they'd discover her love of art and books. She often carries around a small sketchpad under her cloak along with a pencil which she uses to draw all the places she's been. Occasionally, she'll even sketch a person she deems interesting. In addition to being quiet, she's also naturally kind and pacifistic, preferring to use her powers to temporarily stun people and escape rather than harming them.

History: Abandoned in a forest at a young age, Arinoir luckily was found by a kind elderly couple. Despite her odd appearance, the elderly couple developed a soft spot for her and decided to adopt her as their child, seeing as their biological children had long since grown up and moved away. They sent her to school as soon as possible, where she quickly learned how to read and write. However, they were concerned by her unusually quiet demeanor. Though she seemed quite precocious and was able to read and write at an advanced level, she hardly ever talked, laughed, or even cried.

Before they could do anything about her silence, her powers began to manifest. Having never been taught how to use her powers, or even that powers existed, she tended to use her powers accidentally. Occasionally, the elderly couple would hear a voice, though when they asked if Arinoir had talked she shook her head no. Attributing it to their failing hearing, the elderly couple went on with their lives. However, things only got stranger as time went on. They began seeing things that weren't there and suddenly tasting things without eating. Concerned, the elderly couple did some research and eventually discovered the existence of powers.

Concluding correctly that the strange occurrences had been due to Arinoir's power, they decided that they would transfer her to another school which would teach her how to control her powers. Though the elderly couple didn't want to see her go, they knew that they wouldn't be able to help her. So, giving her a white cloak as a parting gift, they sent her away to the school. She's been living at the school ever since, though you'd hardly know it as she goes out of her way to avoid people.

Supernatural type: Unknown. Doesn't appear to resemble any purebred species.


Sense Manipulation - Can alter the senses of herself and others, though this requires a large amount of concentration. In fact, she must stay still as even moving will break her concentration. The manipulations she makes are not permanent, and will disappear as soon as she stops maintaining them. This ability also applies to senses which aren't a part of the traditional five senses, such as balance and pain. Can't actually harm anyone so even though it's great for 1v1 trickery, she'll pretty much just get tossed around by a group.

Shadow Travel - she can inhabit a shadow and travel from shadow to shadow as long as the two shadows touch. A bit faster than normal walking and very sneaky. However, yet again, lacking in offense as she can't interact with anything while in shadow form. Takes a little more energy than normal walking but she can maintain it for an entire day if she wants to. Just don't expect her to be bursting with energy the next day.

Fog Manipulation - Can control the water droplets in the air to create a dense fog that reduces visibility. She mostly uses this as a sort of smoke bomb effect. Though this is technically a variation of water manipulation, it isn't powerful enough to allow her to actually form large chunks of water.

School: Edgewood School for Girls

Electives: Art, Music, and Psychology

Roommate: Single room

Other: Likes to hang around in a quiet corner of the library when she's not doing anything.


Also really sucky original just cause:


Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Arinoir

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Appearance: How she usually looks

Personality: Although Arinoir may be a deity of light, she has a cunning and cruel side to her. She has a tendency to think of humans as series of predictable objects, feeling that they act based on cause and effect. Her actions on humans are as if she is playing some sort of elaborate chess game without regard to the pieces. As long as the reward for 'winning' is entertainment, she will continue to play. To other deities she acts playful and curious, occasionally engaging in silly behavior such as shouting "Boo!"

History: Once when Arinoir was playing one of her 'chess games', she came across a girl who seemed to be different. She seemed to defy her law of cause and effect, persevering where she was supposed to fail and maintaining hope when she was supposed to fall into despair. Worse still, she openly walked into a shrine dedicated to Arinoir and began asking why they were worshiping Arinoir. When she found a few people who told her they were praying for strength, she told them to make their own strength, Of course, not all of them listened, but this was such a grievous insult to Arinoir that she cursed the girl. She made it so that, in a cruel twist of irony, the girl, and all her descendants, would be born with a kind of timer in their minds. Once this timer ran out, the person born with it would lapse into a state of madness, operating based on some imaginary god and at its mercy, even killing family and loved ones if their imagination told them to.


Standard Deity Powers:

*Can curse people and bless people as she wishes, can also revoke them at any time

*Energy Magic (basically the ability to fire huge beams of destruction that lack elemental properties)


*Enhanced healing of wounds

*Cannot be killed by mortals, only sent into deep sleep, the duration of which is determined by the seriousness of the injuries

Unique Deity Powers:

*Light Magic (healing and offensive light elemental beams)

*Can create various creatures using light


*Ability to change her appearance at will

Other: Personality is going to be a tiny thing because I dunno how to write personalities. Also she's surrounded by light and sparkles cause light and sparkles. She can turn this off though.


I suppose these two also belong here now:



Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Alter

Legendary: Giratina

Appearance: On first glance, Alter doesn't appear to have changed at all, aside from having a Griseous Orb constantly suspended in the middle of her "crown". But upon careful inspection, one will discover that the red stripes and spikes on her body have become slightly darker than they should be, closer in hue to blood...

Gender: Female

Personality: Alter is always careful and calculating, almost machinelike in efficiency and coldness. She doesn't appear to have changed much, even maintaining a startling amount of control over her Darkness Mode. Her moral compass is either nonexistent or broken, and she'll tear anything and anyone down for her own selfish desires. Years of being alone in the Distortion World have rendered friendships nearly meaningless to her, with revenge being the only thing she knows. She's patient if she has to be, something an eternity of banishment has taught her. Perhaps the reason she has so much control over her Darkness Mode is that her original personality wasn't much different from it...

History: Banished for violence, Alter lived out her days in the Distortion world, developing patience and coldness. She learned to harness her anger and use it as energy, unleashing it when she needs to. Knowing that she would appear if her home world was damaged, Cipher began to purposely create distortions in time and space. Furious, Alter planned out their demise, but before she could take action, she was caught in a severe distortion and subsequently captured by Cipher.

Nature: Serious

Moves: Shadow Storm, Shadow Down, Shadow Hold, Shadow Force (is it allowed? It does actually have shadow in its name and it's Giratina's signature...)

Other: Cipher attached the Griseous Orb to her in an attempt to study how the Distortion World works and she hasn't been able to get it off since. As such, she pretty much stuck in her Origin Forme all the time.



Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Essence/Echo after the conversion process

Legendary: Xerneas

Appearance: His horns are no longer multicolored, instead permanently appearing in Neutral Mode. Even in Neutral Mode, his coloration has dulled to grayish blue and a lighter black.

Gender: Male

Personality: Gentle and optimistic, Essence hates having to hurt others and never holds a grudge, instead believing that it's his fault when others get mad at him. He is very protective and loyal to his friends, especially Soul. However, he isn't naturally brave, actually being a bit shy and wary of new things or people.


In Darkness Mode his fear consumes him, causing him to believe everything and everyone is a threat to him. Normally, he wouldn't stand his ground and fight, but in Darkness Mode he will stand down with a fierce determination to kill the "threat".

History: For as long as he can remember, he has been friends with a Yveltal named Soul. Though Soul was the opposite of him and had to take life energy instead of giving it, Essence understood that she didn't really want to. She just couldn't help it if her natural abilities did that. He worked hard to explain this to the other Pokemon and restore life to things she touched, but most of the Pokemon didn't believe him. Eventually, when Soul transformed into a cocoon, he transformed into a tree to counteract the effects of the cocoon.


When he next awoke, he was in a strange cell, being poked and prodded by humans. Though they hurt him, he forgave them and tried to convince them to let him escape. Of course, they didn't listen. Soon, the poking and prodding became more and more painful, leading to them eventually dealing him a fatal injury to get him to release a burst of life energy. They then artificially shortened the length of his sleep to get him to release more life energy whenever they hurt another legendary too much, or just to capture the power and use it. Still, he couldn't bring himself to hate them, simply living in constant fear of the humans. Unlike the other Shadow Pokemon, his heart eventually closed out of fear, not anger and hatred.


When the Shadow Master finally developed a Shadow Ball and captured him, he was forced to destroy life instead of giving it, causing himself immense guilt, despair, and fear. He was the Life Pokemon! How could he be hurting others? But even his innate ability to give life had been distorted, killing things with poisonous purple waves. Distraught, he retreated into himself, marking the perfect opportunity for them to try a new experiment on him. Knowing that he was protective of Soul, they created a new experimental machine. Now, whenever they hurt him, they used a machine to summon an image of another legendary attacking Soul and him in his head, conditioning him to see the other legendaries as a threat.

Nature: Timid

Moves: Shadowmancy (altered Geomancy, doesn't revive dead/petrified things), Shadow Storm, Shadow Panic, Shadow Mist

Other: He can still sense life energy, and can track other Pokemon down by their life energy signature. This is the reason why Cipher chose him to attack and kill the other legendaries instead of another legendary with a fiercer personality. In order for him to stand a good chance of killing/capturing the other legendaries, they artificially trained him to level 100 before closing his heart.




Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Ciara Piques

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Race: Human

Theme Color: Black/White. Symbol is an ornate black Ace of Spades.

Aura Color and Semblance: Aura color is black. Semblance is the ability to negate and enhance other semblances.

Appearance: Ciara has long straight black hair which she usually wears down. During combat, she wears a white jacket with black sleeves printed with her symbol and black leggings. Under the jacket is a ribbed black shirt. Her weapon is typically mounted directly over her jacket when not in its sword form, though she does carry two sheaths for her weapon's sword form. The sheaths are white and attached to her belt, next to lots of ammo and dust. She also wears lace up boots which reach up to her knees. Strapped onto her legs above her boots are two belts of dust, asymmetrically arranged.

Personality: Ciara is nothing if not independent. She greatly values her freedom and will fight to ensure it. With that being said, there isn't much Ciara won't fight for. She enjoys the strategy and thrill of a good duel, though she isn't always guaranteed to be a good sport. Although she's technically the leader of Team PPPR, she actually leaves most of the "leading" outside of battle to Coeur, simply butting in occasionally with her opinion when she doesn't like something he's proposed. Sure, she can be a bit impulsive sometimes, but she usually keeps her head enough to at least win any sudden challenges she proposes.

History: Ciara's parents were both Huntsmen, inspiring her to become one too from a young age. As her parents traveled from place to place to complete missions, they took her along with them as a vacation of sorts. However, she was disappointed she wasn't able to watch them fight. When she expressed this, her parents decided to send her to an Academy to train, promising she'd be able to watch them fight after she completed her training.

Weapon Name and Description: Blind Gambit, Two forearm mounted dust projectors with changeable modes and the ability to shoot dust projections in flat rectangle shapes similar to cards (modes are: default, king, queen, jack, and ace). King is high power but slow reload and projectile speed, Queen is fast reload and projectile speed but reduced power, Jack gives the projectiles slight tracking at the cost of both decreased power and reload. Ace overclocks the system and gives high power, high projectile speed, tracking, and fast reload but consumes dust VERY quickly and cannot be sustained. Once Ace is deactivated there is a cooldown time where she cannot shoot her weapon at all. She can also change their forms to become two swords which can also be imbued with dust, usually after she's used Ace.

Affiliation: Team PPPR (Paper) Leader, Vale



Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Couer Penzik

Age: 16 (turning 17 very soon)

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Race: Human

Theme Color: Reds, blacks and white. Symbol is a red fractured stylized heart (similar to this).

Aura Color and Semblance: Aura color is crimson red. Semblance is the ability to give "buffs" to himself. The effects vary and range from enhancing speed to enhancing power, although they only last a short time before wearing off. They recharge at a decent rate, enough to make sure he never runs out if he continuosly cycles.

Appearance: Couer has wavy dark brown hair that reaches to just above his shoulders. During combat, he wears a crimson jacket with a wide notch lapel accented with black and white. Underneath the jacket, he wears an untucked black t-shirt printed with his symbol. Numerous white leather belts holding various types of dust are haphazardly worn around his waist, above his black trousers. Dust is woven into all of his clothing in geometric shapes, though it's hard to see unless he's manipulating dust or his Aura. He can also change his clothing using the dust woven into it if needed.

Personality: Couer fairly exudes confidence, whether it be quiet or loud. Even if he just failed dramatically, you'll never sense insecurity around him. He can be a bit exasperatingly arrogant at times due to this but he is also surprisingly considerate at other times. His confidence in himself can make him a bit hard to work with, but he still knows when to bend and accept other people's ideas or help. That doesn't mean he won't be a bit playful and make witty remarks, however.

History: Couer is a member of the Penzik triplets along with his siblings Trefoil and Ruiten. Though their personalities may vary wildly, all members of the Penzik family are skilled manipulators of dust. He and his siblings were the very best of their family and trained from a young age to be able to manipulate all varieties of dust, even ones they were unfamiliar with. Like all members of his family, he was expected to develop a specialty, and indeed he was especially skilled in manipulating Fire dust. Once he displayed this talent and passed the traditional family test, he was allowed to go to combat school along with his siblings. At first, they attended an academy in Vacuo, but they eventually transferred to Vale where they forged their own weapons.


Couer was often the unofficial leader of things, even from a young age. However, unlike his brother Ruiten, he was a leader because of his mind, not because of his strength. When the triplets transferred from Vacuo to Vale, he had a little bit of difficulty adjusting to a new leader, as he was used to being able to have the last say on things. He still occasionally gets a bit upset, but for the most part he listens to Ciara.

Weapon Name and Description: Sydan Roi, Two medium swords built for speed with guns mounted on one side and at the bottom of the grip. They are loaded via a twist mechanism similar to Trefoil's staff and can also be imbued with dust. Couer makes heavy use of the recoil caused by the guns to increase his speed and power. Although he usually keeps his swords in separate form, he can also combine them into one large sword or a bladed sniper rifle.

Affiliation: Team PPPR (Paper) Member, Vale, Vacuo



Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Trefoil Penzik

Age: 16 (turning 17 very soon)

Gender: Female

Orientation: Heterosexual

Race: Human

Theme Color: Greens and white. Symbol is a green three-petaled clover.

Aura Color and Semblance: Aura color is light green. Semblance is the ability to give "buffs" to herself. The effects vary and range from enhancing speed to enhancing power, although they only last a short time before wearing off. They recharge at a decent rate, enough to make sure she never runs out if she continuosly cycles.

Appearance: Trefoil has slightly wavy light brown hair that reaches her waist, even when tied up in a high ponytail like it usually is. During combat, she wears a jade green dress edged with spring green accents and white secondary accents. Her hair is kept back with an accessory resembling a blooming flower, the same purple as the buds on her staff. All of her clothing has dust woven into it in subtle spiral patterns, however the spirals are usually difficult to see unless she's manipulating dust or her Aura. If needed, she can also change her clothing using the dust woven into it.

Personality: Trefoil is relatively gentle and graceful, but that doesn't mean she won't go out and destroy Grimm. She can be unusually passionate about some things, yet be incredibly shy and unsure about others at the same time. She's smart, but not in quite the same "sharp" strategist way as Ciara and Couer. Instead, she knows more about subjects not directly related to combat, such as history.

History: Trefoil is a member of the Penzik triplets along with her brothers Couer and Ruiten. Though their personalities may vary wildly, all members of the Penzik family are skilled manipulators of dust. She and her brothers were the very best of their family and trained from a young age to be able to manipulate all varieties of dust, even ones they were unfamiliar with. Like all members of her family, she was expected to develop a specialty, and indeed she was especially skilled in manipulating Earth dust. Once she displayed this talent and passed the traditional family test, she was allowed to go to combat school along with her brothers. At first, they attended an academy in Vacuo, but they eventually transferred to Vale where they forged their own weapons.


As a child, her family never expected Trefoil to become skilled in combat. Although they never went as far as designating her the most likely to fail, they thought she would be too gentle for fighting and instead pursue art. However, she surprised them with her skill in manipulating dust and quickly got the hang of all her lessons. She still loves to draw and sometimes spends hours at a canvas painting the scenery.

Weapon Name and Description: Trèfle Reine, A staff with what appears to be a large flower bud on one end and a smaller one on the other end. She can twist open the middle of the staff to reveal a dust cartridge holder, here she can load dust in her staff to empower her staff with various effects.The flower buds can also act as grappling hooks and extend to "punch" things. When needed, she can also transform the staff into a bow and materialize dust arrows to fire at things.

Affiliation: Team PPPR (Paper) Member, Vale, Vacuo



Username: Silverphoenixx

Name: Ruiten Penzik

Age: 16 (turning 17 very soon)

Gender: Male

Orientation: Heterosexual

Race: Human

Theme Color: Blues and white. Symbol is a blue diamond shape.

Aura Color and Semblance: Aura is blue. Semblance is the ability to give "buffs" to himself. The effects vary and range from enhancing speed to enhancing power, although they only last a short time before wearing off. They recharge at a decent rate, enough to make sure he never runs out if he continuosly cycles.

Appearance: Appearance-wise, Ruiten is similar to Couer but more heavily built and slightly taller. He also wears reinforced glasses but can still see without them. During combat, he wears several pieces of white armor edged with blue. Beneath the armor, glimpses of black, white and blue fabric can be seen, though most of it is covered by the armor plates. All of his armor is infused with dust, though it's impossible to tell unless he manipulates dust or his Aura.

Personality: Ruiten is reserved, mostly preferring to tinker by himself. He doesn't have any objections to talking but usually doesn't have much to say. Though he usually becomes the brute strength of the team during battle, it doesn't mean he can't strategize by himself. It simply means he's the only real hard hitter available. Despite his sturdy build, he is surprisingly fast. Although he is usually calm and focused enough not to fall for taunting, the right remarks can send him charging blindly into battle.

History: Ruiten is a member of the Penzik triplets along with his siblings Couer and Trefoil. Though their personalities may vary wildly, all members of the Penzik family are skilled manipulators of dust. He and his siblings were the very best of their family and trained from a young age to be able to manipulate all varieties of dust, even ones they were unfamiliar with. Like all members of his family, he was expected to develop a specialty, and indeed he was especially skilled in manipulating Water dust. Once he displayed this talent and passed the traditional family test, he was allowed to go to combat school along with his siblings. At first, they attended an academy in Vacuo, but they eventually transferred to Vale where they forged their own weapons.


Ruiten had always had a knack for tinkering, although his relatively reserved nature made it so that he often didn't get recognition for it. Secretly, he was the happiest out of the triplets when they transferred to Vale because he knew that there would be plenty of materials for him to work with. He was right, and his skill increased dramatically. Due to his surprising expertise in weapon and armor crafting, he has aided in the creation and repair of most of the team's weapons.

Weapon Name and Description: Carreaux Valet, A two-handed sword with a hand guard which transforms into two maces. The maces can also be transformed into flails with grappling hook functions. The weapon can be infused with dust by opening a compartment and inserting dust into it.

Affiliation: Team PPPR (Paper) Member, Vale, Vacuo






Name: Cyil

Universe: Fire Emblem Fates (Revelation)

Gender: Female

Species: Manakete

Appearance: Cyil is relatively short, barely standing a few inches over five feet. She has slightly messy black hair that waves slightly as it reaches her waist, held back by a headband. During most outings, she wears a black shirt under a set of segmented silver armor along with a conspicuous lack of footwear. A clip on said armor holds a piece of cloth that connects to a nearly ankle-length blue cape.

Personality: Although Cyil appears to be nice enough at first glance, she is actually relatively reserved and somewhat of a loner. The war she waged against Anankos didn't help much, nor did the new responsibilities that came with being the ruler of Valla. Although delegation lessened much of the burden, her nature made many of the ceremonies and public speeches quite tiring. On the battlefield, she manages to shed off these worries and truly come alive. Instead of dedicating her mind towards fitting meetings into timeslots, she turns it towards analyzing her opponents. This allows her to find weak spots quite easily and utilize them to her advantage. She has a slight tendency to run from her problems and can become somewhat hostile when confronted. In addition to this, she also has a habit of keeping her emotions to herself and retaining a polite, friendly exterior regardless of what she really feels. These emotions can sometimes manifest themselves in powerful bursts, but she always quickly calms down and acts as if the outbursts never happened.


Cyil wields the Omega Yato, the fully awakened form of the divine blade, Yato. While she carries the Yato, even if she's storing it in a holster, it grants her increased strength, speed, defense, and resistance. In addition to the Yato, she wears a bracelet on her left and right wrists, containing a Dragonstone and Dragonstone+ respectively. These stones allow her to transform into a dragon form, although if they are somehow removed or broken she will lose control of her dragon form. In addition to these items, she carries a forged Thunder tome and a Ragnarok tome. Due to having draconic blood, she is able to activate Dragon Veins. She is also able to control water.


Skills (slightly adapted to RP):

Dragon Fang - Deals extra damage on attack

Dragon Ward - Nearby allies take half damage

Nohrian Trust - Can use other unit's skills when fighting alongside them

Hoshidan Unity - Strengthens all triggered skills

Renewal - Restores some HP over time

Draconic Hex - Weakens enemies after battle




Name: Aine (FE Heroes Summoner)

Universe: Fire Emblem Heroes

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Appearance: Although originally from the "modern world", Aine has since adopted the white-gold garb of Askr. Underneath her embroidered robes, she wears an asymmetrical blue shirt decorated with gold lining and buttons. A brown and blue leather belt atop said shirt holds a long sash on her left hip in place. Her boots are of the same leather as her belt, though the cuts in front reveal navy blue fabric. Her hair is black, and she has brown eyes.

Personality: Aine is bold, opinionated, and not afraid to let you know it. Although usually quite amiable, she can get quite animated when discussing things she cares about. She's the kind of person whose mind is always working, be it on pancakes or politics. It can therefore be a little difficult to keep up with her sometimes, and her impatience doesn't help. She can occasionally seem careless to the point of annoyance, but she has an unparalleled memory when she puts her mind to it. She's somewhat of a jokester, especially when something involves puns. You could say it's a pun-ishment she inflicts on those who dare talk to her.

History: Aine was previously a mundane internet-loving human who lived in the "modern world". However, when she was summoned into the Fire Emblem Heroes universe by a red-haired warrior named Anna, she found herself unable to return to her past life. Her introduction to this new universe was cut short by a sudden attack, which she later learned was initiated by the Emblian Empire.


When the attackers had been successfully dispatched with the aid of a hero Aine suddenly summoned, Anna explained the reasons for the Emblian Empire's attack and Aine's surprising new ability. It turned out that the Emblian Empire had been invading various worlds with the intent of enslaving the various heroes within them. The Askran Empire, which Anna sided with, wished to prevent this from happening and believed that heroes should live free. In fact, they even had an organization called the Order of Heroes whose specific purpose was to combat the Emblian Empire.


Later, Aine was graced with the opportunity to meet the royalty of Askr, Alfonse and Shareena. She also learned that Anna was the commander of the Order of Heroes, whose members included the royal siblings. Due to being the only person in the realm who could summon heroes, she was offered a position in the Order as the official tactician and summoner. Of course, she accepted and has been fighting with them ever since.


Abilities/Weapons: Carries the Breidablik, a sacred relic that allows her to summon heroes, however it is largely useless in the Smashlands due to the lack of orbs. It is also unknown whether or not the summoning function works in the Smash realm, but it likely doesn't. She carries a phone, but it has long since run out of charge and is more of a trinket than anything else.


She's a surprisingly good cook and artist, but not much else, although she is a quick learner. Despite carrying a rather well-crafted and ornate dagger on her belt, she has no combat training whatsoever and is pretty weak. Her tactics are nothing to scoff at, but her relative inexperience makes her far from an expert.


Cyborg Duo


Username: Silverphoenixx

Character Name: Tetra

Universe: Original

Gender/Pronouns: She/her

Species: Cyborg

Appearance: Tetra usually wears a clean white suit that obscures her features and has glowing cyan circuits running throughout it. This suit extends to her head and makes her face undiscernable to the average passerby, although a cyan visor allows her to see outside. On the sides of the visor are two rotating diamond shaped pieces of tech, almost resembling pointed ears. Similar pieces of tech are attached to her arms and legs, where they may extend for close combat purposes and are thus quite a bit larger. All of these pieces of tech may detach and serve as combat drones, relaying information to Tetra and assisting her abilities.


Though she rarely removes her suit, if it is somehow damaged, one will see she has a rather lithe figure accented by sleek white tech. Her eyes are bright cyan and slightly mechanical in appearance, though this is limited to a few thin white circuit lines running faintly through them. She retains a mostly humanoid appearance under her suit, and the majority of her cyborg tech looks like clothing. The few parts of skin that are visible are a pale color, though this is mostly from lack of exposure to sunlight. She has surprisingly well-kept straight, knee length chestnut hair under her helmet, but she prefers to keep it up while in her suit to prevent it from interfering with her mobility.

Personality: After an incident during her cyborg transformation, Tetra lost most of her memory and personality, although she appears to be slowly recovering. She doesn't express much outward emotion, but she's more attached to Penta than she looks. Occasionally, she can be a bit blunt and literal, perhaps embodying a loyal robot a bit too closely. Penta usually checks her though, serving as her guide and bodyguard of sorts

History: Tetra was scouted from a random pool of people and "chosen" to be the first (and best) military cyborg of what could potentially be a military superpower. She was ultimately determined to be the best female candidate, and Penta the best male candidate. The details of the trials she was put through are unclear to her due to some comlplications in the cyborg transformation progress, but she has since developed an unquestionable loyalty to the military superpower.

Abilities/Weapons: Being a cyborg has offered her resistance to damage, although she will lose power quickly if she is damaged enough. It is difficult to kill her unless one manages to get past her defenses and injure her brain, as that is the only unrepairable part of her body. If she spends too much time without a source of power and no sunlight to recharge, she will shut down and enter a self-repairing defensive stasis. Her cyborg tech is resistant to most elements, even electricity, as excess electricity will simply be converted to power. However, extreme situations are still able to overwhelm her and potentially cause her to shut down or die.


Aside from the benefits of being a cyborg, Tetra also has combat capabilities built into her tech. The detachable weapons on her suit act as combat drones and communicate directly with Tetra, offering her surveillance and enhancing her abilities. Tetra has direct control over her drones and can direct them with extreme precision. Her drones have a built in system that allows them to levitate and support great weight, offering Tetra even more mobility and precision. If needed, she can also recall her drones to repair them. The sharp edges of the drones allow them to slice through all but the hardest materials, and are some of the only things that can cut through Tetra's cyborg machinery.


That being said, the main purpose of Tetra's combat drones is to assist her construction ability. Using her drones, she is able to "trace" an outline an rapidly construct objects, although this costs a great deal more power than her other abilities. The drones must also collect and store existing material in order to construct objects, except in extreme situations where they will utilize power directly from Tetra. The cost of such a situation is usually enough to cause Tetra to shut down.


Aside from construction, her drones can also fire various beams and harvest solar energy for Tetra. They can also set down a special field that reduces the energy cost of Tetra and Penta's abilities, though they will be unable to do anything else while setting a field. The drones themselves do not have a power source and instead rely directly on Tetra, which means they will fail to function if Tetra runs out of power.



Username: Silverphoenixx

Character Name: Penta

Universe: Original

Gender/Pronouns: He/him

Species: Cyborg

Appearance: Penta wears a white suit like Tetra, except with blue tones instead of Tetra's bright cyan. He stands slightly taller than Tetra but shares her thin frame, looking more graceful than strong. Don't let this fool you, however, as his tech enhances his strength and his speed to unparalleled heights. Under his suit, he has olive skin and loosely curled brown hair that brushes his shoulders. His eyes are a glowing blue, lined with slightly more white circuits than Tetra.


Like Tetra, he has a visor and two detachable drones. However, unlike her, he carries two bladed rings with pentagonal centers on his arms. These rings can be shot or held to serve as weapons, and are just as sharp as Tetra's drones. They can also be merged into a single large ring, however they cannot serve as repair drones. He has drones similar to Tetra on his feet, but with pentagonal shapes instead of diamond shapes. These can also be merged into a skateboard and have the same levitating abilities as Tetra's drones.

Personality: Penta is quite a bit more affable than Tetra, though he is by no means a bleeding heart. However he seems a great deal more... human, one could say. Whether or not this is true is hard to say, but Penta has a certain natural ease around people that Tetra lacks. For one, he, unlike Tetra, has a sense of humor and a quick wit, though he is careful to check it around more hostile types. Still, one can detect a hint of mischievousness under his usual responsible exterior, despite his constant guarding of Tetra. He seems surprisingly willing to go along with her and explain things, even given his circumstances... Perhaps there's something more going on?

History: Penta had much of the same history as Tetra, only he began his actual cyborg training a bit later, in part due to the delays from Tetra's transformation process. Though he was also meant to be a war machine of sorts, he ended up becoming more of a bodyguard for Tetra after complications. The two were always meant to operate as a duo and were only held back by a error in Tetra's transformation process. Penta seems much more informed about things than Tetra, but he's surprisingly tight lipped about Tetra and his history.

Abilities/Weapons: Penta has cybernetic abilities, with greater strength at the cost of speed. His rings work in conjunction with his unique ability of magnetic manipulation, allowing him to use them like boomerangs and move metal objects. Of course, this ability has a limited range and cannot move extremely heavy objects, but it doesn't cost as much energy as Tetra's construction ability. He is also able to set down a field with his non-ring drones and receives communication from them.



Name: Lucent Breeze

Gender: Female

Element: Light

Mate: Unlikely

Flock: NATM

Rank: TBD

Appearance: Lucent is very small for an osprey, being only a foot and a half in length. Her feathers are yellowish white striped with light mahogany, almost resembling tiger's eye in appearance. In dim places, her dark brown eyes look almost as if they have no pupils at all, but become a beautiful light brown when illuminated. The part that sticks out most about her are her very light, almost white talons and beak. This makes it almost impossible for her to hide anywhere, as they're so bright they almost seem to glow.


Personality: Most of Lucent's personality is consumed by her constant struggle against her visions. She's often cynical, sarcastic and snappy, withdrawing into herself whenever confronted. Seeing interaction as a distraction from her careful avoidance of her power, she stubbornly rejects companionship even when it would help her. In the rare moments when she can relax, she has quite the sense of humor and playfulness, often enjoying a lighthearted battle of wits or a discussion about the deeper things in life.


History: Lucent, like other Light ospreys, experiences vague visions of the future. However, she by no means embraces this ability. Due to her visions being overall unpleasant, she has learned to dislike her ability and has even developed a mental barrier in order to stop it. Her mental barrier is very fragile, and like riding a bike that always wants to fall over in one direction, most of her energy is spent avoiding her visions. The slightest upset of her balance will break her mental barrier and allow the flood of suppressed visions to rush through. Ironically, her suppression of her visions may be why they overwhelm her and cause her to try and suppress them more, creating a vicious cycle that can only end in her losing her mind.


As a young chick, she constantly had to deal with being the runt of the litter due to her size, a problem only exacerbated by the visions she began experiencing. Her visions often took over her during inopportune moments, such as trying to fly for the first time or catching her first fish, causing her to fail miserably at the task. Seeing this as a sign of weakness, her parents threw her out of the nest to fend for herself. She quickly learned to dislike her visions from then on, believing they were unpleasant and only caused interference. Not allowing herself to accept the visions, she fought her natural power, causing herself to become haggard and weak. Too small and weak to catch prey, she survives by stealing the food of other creatures.


Name: Arkhesis Ornaleim
Age: ~140

Gender: Female

Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Heterosexual

Species: Sea Serpent

Personality: Arrogant and disdainful, Arkhesis dislikes humans as much as they dislike her kind, although she is slightly more sympathetic to those of the sea. It isn't quite at the point of being warm, but it's better than her attitude to humans whom she believes are firmly inferior. She isn't the easiest to get along with, but if you get close enough to her she'll at least stop giving you a constant scowl.

Appearance: Being an "ancient" sea serpent, Arkhesis resembles serpents of the old myths. She looks somewhat like this picture but with smoother features, bluish-green fins, and electric blue bioluminescent patches on her sides. In both human and serpent form, her eyes are a piercing electric blue. She's quite a bit larger than most sea serpents, easily towering over small seaside towns.

Her human form isn't short either, being on the rather tall and slim side. This isn't to say she's a stick, but her human form seems to possess the same streamlined elegance as her serpent form. She displays a fondness for light, wispy fabrics and often wears various shades of blue or other cool colors. Seemingly unaffected by the cold, she usually wears loose silks even at subzero temperatures. It can be a bit conspicuous, but then again she doesn't often venture into towns during winter. Even if she did make an attempt to blend in, her long hair's natural teal highlights catch people's eyes anyway. Overall, her features are youthful and delicate, yet still exude a sense of maturity.

Ability: Can temporarily freeze those who make direct eye contact with her by forcing them to stiffen all their muscles in their current position. They're still affected by gravity and other forces but won't be able to move until her ability wears off. Duration of the effect can change but it usually lasts about a minute. As a warning sign, her eyes usually begin to glow slightly the moment before she activates her power.

History: Being one of the larger and stronger sea serpents, she got used to being respected at a young age. Since her kind lived in the deep sea, away from most other intelligent species, she was used to other animals being "below" her. When humans ventured deep enough to discover her community, she became rather annoyed. Did the humans not understand that they, the Ancient Deep Sea Serpents, were supposed to rule over everything in the sea? Human  invasion into the community's privacy was taken as an unforgivable offense. Though angered, the majority of the community decided to simply move and ensure no humans entered the new territory. However, more and more humans began to invade their territory, unwittingly and on purpose. Deciding that they had no choice, the serpents began to attack back. Arkhesis was then sent as a scout and warning to the town of Klolis, which happened to be the closest town to her territory.

Other: Can echolocate as an adaptation to the deep sea, but this only works while she's in the water and in her serpent form

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Adding my own just so I don't have to rewrite them when their respective RPs disappear.







Name:Winter Charon


Age:Unknown, but looks early 30’s

Appearance: Standing at roughly 5 feet 3 inches and with a slender, almost petite physique, Winter shares a number of facial similarities with the rest of the Charon; thin lips tinted a dark blue/purple hue, almond eyes of a shade of blue so pale as to be almost white and sharply defined features. Straight black hair, long enough to brush the floor and is always worn down. Underneath his clothes – a floor-length dark purple coat over a white shirt, black pants and a black tie, are a multitude of scars, criss-crossing his entire body, and the only accessory he wears is a thick leather band on his left wrist which has a small clear stone set in it.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Winter is a dragon (Seen here) in human form, and can shift back and forth between the two, though he prefers to use his human form only when necessary, such as interacting with those who are unaware of his non-human origins. His main ability is the manipulation of water, specifically in the form of ice/snow. His pale skin constantly emits a cold aura which subconsciously changes depending on the situation; normally it just feels like cold air to the touch, but dangerous situations turn it so cold as to be able to freeze anything that touches him, just as he can freeze something with a touch if he so desired. There is, of course, a downside to such power; heat. Winter can’t stand warmth above a certain temperature; the warmer it is, the weaker his power becomes, to the point where he starts to "hibernate" (becomes extremely unresponsive both physically and mentally) which leaves him vulnerable. And don’t let his diminutive size fool you, he packs a mean punch and can take blows that’d fell most other men, thanks to an extremely high pain tolerance. Granted, this is usually more detrimental than useful, since it leads to him ignoring injuries and often making them worse.

Personality: To be RP’d.

History: Very little is known about Winter’s childhood, other than the few snippets of information that his nephews have, which are that he is the youngest of five brothers and that he adored the second youngest, who was the father of the twins.

Winter himself rarely talk about his past, but will tell you that he was the primary carer for the twins after their parents passed away – aided by his other brothers – and that he works in a “dangerous but lucrative field”. In truth, Winter is a semi-retired mercenary, known for his work in theft, murders and other such unethical activities, his clean yet brutal methods earning him something of a reputation. Right now, his job is keeping an eye on his wayward nephews, but with the right influences, he could easily slip back into his old ways…

Other: He only fights if he must, preferring to intimidate an opponent into surrender, often with just a glare.


Username: CharonDusk

Name: Duren Charon

Gender: Male

Age: Early 20’s

Appearance: Approximately 6 feet in height, Duren is an elegant, willowy figure with a sharply featured face possessing thin lips, high cheekbones and almond-shaped amber eyes, the left of which is slightly paler in hue than the other and has a faint scar running underneath it, and straight black hair reaching his shoulders. His hair is usually either down or, on rare occasions, loosely tied back with a red ribbon. Most of the time, Duren tends to wear a very simple ensemble, consisting of a white t-shirt and black jeans, while he wears a golden choker necklace, a single red stone set in the centre just against his throat.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Duren was born a dragon (seen here) and uses magic contained within his necklace in order to take on a human form. He prefers to avoid switching forms as much as possible, as activating the spell takes a fair portion of energy, and in both forms can use a few basic spells, specialising in healing magic.

Personality: The oldest of the “triplets”, Duren is a sweet, cheerful individual. Always ready to brighten your day with a smile and kind words, occasionally a bad joke or two, he would happily give you the shirt off of his back if you needed it. He clearly loves his younger brothers and takes every opportunity to talk about how proud of them he is, usually to their embarrassment. However, close attention reveals that Duren has next to no confidence in himself; rarely does he speak of himself in any positive way, always belittling and criticising and mocking anything he does.

History: The twins came from a relatively normal background; their parents had passed away before they had hatched, and were raised by their extended family, namely several uncles. Duren was always the more restless of the pair, constantly wanting to go on adventures and explorations, often accompanied by his less-than-willing brother, and many times did they find themselves in precarious situations due to Duren’s insatiable curiosity. When they finally became adults, the pair left to travel the world in search of a place to call their own, but it was during one of their many explorations that Duren found something completely unexpected; whilst combing through the crumbled remains of an old church, they realised they were not alone and, despite Zaren’s reservations, Duren sought out the entity. What he found was beyond his wildest imaginations; the shadow demon, Malice, severely weakened after years of solitude without a living host. Sorrowed by the demon’s plight, Duren happily agreed to become the host, resulting in the “twins” turning into “triplets”.

Other: Duren's left eye is partially blind, due to a childhood mishap, and makes him skittish about anything or anyone approaching him unannounced.


Username: CharonDusk

Name: Zaren Charon

Gender: Male

Age: Early 20’s

Appearance: Zaren is considerably similar in appearance to Duren, with the same sharp features, almond eyes and tall, thin build. However, there are still blatant differences; Zaren’s eyes are a vibrant blue shade, while his black hair is much longer, almost to his waist, and is almost always in a braid that rests over his shoulder. He is also noticeably thinner and of a paler complexion. He usually wears a black turtleneck over a white shirt, with black slacks and shoes, with a similar choker, this time in silver with a blue stone.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Zaren was born a dragon (seen here) and uses magic contained within his necklace in order to take on a human form. What Zaren lacks in physical strength he makes up for in magic; he does not feel the strain of changing forms like his brother does, and can manipulate any form of electricity, though this does cause some exhaustion depending on the source.

Personality: The middle brother, Zaren would describe himself as a calm and quiet person, whilst most other people, including his brothers, would call him distant and cold. It is uncommon for him to say more than a few words to someone he doesn’t know, with those few words often being abrupt and curt. To put it bluntly, Zaren is cold, condescending and sometimes outright cruel to almost everyone, viewing social interaction as a waste of his precious time and won’t hesitate to tell you exactly that, preferring to use his barbed tongue to wound rather than his fists. The only people he acts differently towards is his brothers, especially Duren, who he treats with an affection bordering on worship. He is over-protective of his older brother, and causing anything he views as harm to Duren (even if not meant in a harmful way) will cause Zaren to react violently.

History: The twins came from a relatively normal background; their parents had passed away before they had hatched, and were raised by their extended family, namely several uncles. Even as a child, Zaren was the colder brother, always acting as the voice of reason whenever Duren’s wanderlust got the pair into trouble. When they finally became adults, the pair left to travel the world in search of a place to call their own, but it was during one of their many explorations that Duren found something completely unexpected; whilst combing through the crumbled remains of an old church, they realised they were not alone and, despite Zaren’s reservations, Duren sought out the entity. What he found was beyond his wildest imaginations; the shadow demon, Malice, severely weakened after weeks of solitude without a living host. Sorrowed by the demon’s plight, Duren happily agreed to become the host, resulting in the “twins” turning into “triplets”.

Other: Zaren has a disturbingly wide knowledge of poisons, and is always looking for ways to "test" new ones he has discovered.


Username: CharonDusk

Name: Malice

Gender: Male

Age: Early 20’s

Appearance: Once again, Malice possesses the same sharp features and tall build, though Mal is slightly more muscular. His eyes are a deep red shade and his black hair is slightly curly and is not as long as Zaren’s but longer than Duren’s, down to his midback and is always worn down. Mal wears a black full-bodysuit, covered with a heavy black hooded cloak depending on the weather, and is usually barefoot unless forced to wear shoes. His only accessory is a pair of sunglasses or, occasionally, black goggles.

Species/Powers/Ect.: Malice is a type of shadow demon; in order to exist in the mortal plane, he needs a mortal host in who’s shadow he can reside, taking a similar physical form as theirs. He CAN live without a host, so long as there are sufficient dark areas for him to hide in, but not for longer than a few months and he is much weaker in this state. He as the ability to manipulate shadows, giving them a physical form with which to attack, and can himself turn into an incorporeal shadow. However, his shadow-manipulation takes a great deal of energy, and his shadow form is extremely photosensitive, so both are used only when necessary.

Personality: This guy can be summed up in one word; jerk. He is loud, brash, so foul-mouthed he would make a sailor blush and, above all, loves pulling pranks on people and laughing at their expense, though these pranks are rarely designed to do more than slightly embarrass the target. Always happy to start a fight – usually between two other people, - numerous are the time the trio have wound up in a mass bar-room brawl because of Mal’s antics. However, he isn’t 100% evil, just a bit of an a-hole. He can be very sweet when he wants to be (which is rare) and despises bullies, with them usually being the reason he gets into so many fights, while if he thinks he has truly hurt someone with a prank, becomes apologetic and will do anything to make up for it. He loves his older brothers, though he’d rather be tarred and feathered than admit it.

History: Little is known about Malice’s past before meeting his brothers, as it is something he wishes to not discuss, even with them.

Other: Malice is naturally photosensitive, with strong sunlight causing a great deal of pain and making it difficult for him to see. As a result, he rarely ventures out during the day unless heavily protected.


Username: CharonDusk

Name: Sheridan

Nickname: Sherry

Gender: Male

Age: Early twenties

Species: Half-demon, half-human

Personality: Suave and silver-tongued, Sherry is a charmer through and through. Whenever in a new environment, he always seeks out whoever appears to be in charge and tries to win their favour with honeyed words and by stroking their ego. But at the same time, he goes amongst those who are pushed down, oppressed and angry, and with that same sycophantic tone he stokes the fires of rebellion, urging them to rise up and attack their "overlord", which is normally the same people he has been sucking up to. Then he just sits back and lets the fires burn.

Sheridan thrives on pandemonium, feeling truly alive when in the middle of the fallout caused by his actions, his playing the sides against each other. For him, there is no greater joy than in manipulating those he considers weak-willed, regardless of their social standing, and takes immense delight in orchestrating the downfall of people who are in the higher rings of society. He is little more than a conman, using his powers to his advantage, taking what he needs before casting aside his "playthings" in search of the next big score.

Appearance: Possessed of a height of nearly seven feet with a physique so slender and elegant as to appear feminine, Sheridan is pale-skinned with facial features that are soft, like full lips and wide eyes, that belie a sharpness to his face, portrayed in his blood-red eyes and razor teeth. A trio of scars run from the top of his right eye socket, all the way down the side of his head to just above his shoulder. Black hair streaked with white falls in thick curly waves down to his knees, though he normally keeps it tied up into a bun. Across his body are numerous swirling black tattoos.

When out and about, Sheridan normally wears a pair of immaculately pressed black pants over knee-high and heeled boots, a white shirt with a red pinstripe vest and a floor-length red coat. His accessories consist of a red fedora, around which is a black ribbon holding in a single black rose and feather, and a choker necklace that is a simple black ribbon with a silver bell on it.

Weapons/ Powers: Illusions - Sheridan has inherited watered-down versions of his mother's powers, only capable of using two abilities in particular. One is the ability to cast illusions, to manipulate what a person sees, hears, even physically feels. However, this power weakens with as the number of people present increases, with it being at it's strongest used against one person and it's weakest when there's more than a group of 5 present. As well, once cast on a person, further castings on the same person are less effective to the point where the victim is immune. As a result, he uses this ability sparingly, normally either to escape a tricky situation or when he's stealing.

Siren Song - When Sheridan sings, he can entrance people, making them susceptible to his commands. However, there are numerous drawbacks: 1) Once a person hears his song, it won't work on them again. 2) Large groups, whilst entranced, are very difficult to control, most of them instead just appearing catatonic. 3) It only works whilst the victim is in range of his voice. The further they are, the weaker it becomes until they snap out of it completely. 4) Sheridan can't stop singing otherwise the spell stops, not to move or even to breathe. So he is extremely vulnerable while singing. Due to these drawbacks, he only uses this ability in the most desperate of situations.

Weapon - Sheridan owns a short dagger that he calls Solas Na Gréine and a sword that he calls Solas Na Gealaí. (Literally Light of the Sun and Light of the Moon)

Other: Best way to make him flustered is to earnestly be nice to him. He doesn't know how to react to someone actually WANTING to be nice to him for the sake of it




Name: Death's Folly

Breed: Vampire

Gender: Male

Personality: The very image of sophistication, this dragon is quite the intellectual gentleman. Always thinking of new ways to improve the lives of his flock, the dignified Folly is fair and just in all his decisions, weighing all options and evidence before coming to a conclusion. All are welcome in his court, be they tiny pygmy to grand wyrm, he shows no favouritism to any species, seeing all dragons as equal.

He does not suffer fools gladly, viewing recklessness and hotheaded behaviour as unworthy of his time, and he will not hesitate to make his feelings on such attitudes known. If there is one thing Folly despises above all else, it is a dragon who thinks of nobody but themselves, especially if someone is hurt because of this behaviour.

Accessories: A thick collar made of black metal, inlaid with gold in the shape of an eye, the iris made of shimmering red stone. There are similar, albeit unadorned bands on his wrists, ankles and a trio of them at the base of his tail.

History: Very little is actually known about this Vampire's past, other than he joined the flock when he was young and within several months and with a little help from a certain pair of Halloween dragons, had organized it from small, warring factions into one well-oiled machine of community. He is considered the true leader of the flock, with even the King and Queen of each island deferring to him for judgment.

Other: Folly prefers to talk rather than fight, but when he does fight, he goes straight for the kill.


Name: The Eidolic Knight Peta

Breed: Shadow Walker

Gender: Male

Personality: Cold and distant, Peta tries to avoid interaction with others as much as possible. Not because of any dark reason, he just prefers to peace and quiet so that he can spend his time on one of the many intellectual pursuits he appears to love. Engaging him in one of these many activities is a good way to make him open up, revealing a dragon who enjoys sharing his knowledge yet possesses a deep-seated lack of trust in most others. Nobody is entirely sure where this comes from, agreeing it is most likely related to his youth before joining the flock.

The only dragon who has truly made it past this icy wall of distrust is his mate, the Black Marrow called Phantom, who Peta almost worships, much to the Marrow's embarrassment.

Accessories: A silver necklace with a bright red stone set in the middle. He also has a plain black metal band around each wrist and ankle, with another at the base of his tail.

History: The oldest of the Halloween dragons in the flock, Peta stumbled upon the fledgling group when he was himself little more than a hatchling. Homeless and alone, he quickly struck up a friendship with the Vampire, Folly, and Phantom, the Black Marrow who would later become his mate, with this bond being the driving force behind the founding of the leading council, The Coven.

Peta would be considered the main leader, but he prefers to take a lesser role, allowing him time to spend with his mate and whichever hatchlings they are currently.

Other: It's extremely rare for Peta to drop his cool, collected demeanour. Only threatening his loved ones can do so, and THAT is a fatal mistake.


Name: Gwyndolin of the Dark Sun

Breed: Gold

Gender: Male

Personality: A noble and honourable being, Gwyndolin is a firm believer in the idea of the code of chivalry, specifically that his knights, those dragons who swear loyalty to him and his chapter within The Queen's Shadow, should be honourable, courteous, brave and, above all else, merciful to those who are weaker than you. This even extends to those bested in combat, though only to a degree; traitors are treated as the insects they are, and knights who bring in the heads of traitors are granted incredible gifts.

Though, there is a darker side to this dragon: any knight who breaks the code, or worst of all brings in a head not of a traitor, quickly finds themselves stripped not only of their titles, but also their eyes or even their lives. Gwyndolin shows no mercy to those who break their oath.

Accessories: An amulet shaped like the sun, made of obsidian. There is also a plain black metal band around his left wrist.

History: An orphan who never knew his parents, Gwyn hatched into imprisonment, taken from his nest by slavetraders who planned to sell the youngster to the highest bidder. At least, that's what would've happened, had the slavers not made the mistake of passing through the territory of a certain Shadow Walker. They never knew what hit them.

After his rescue and subsequent adoption by the Shadow Walker and his Black Marrow mate, the little Gold soon became a fairly respected dragon in the flock for his surprising wisdom and noble nature, even being granted his own chapter at a very young age.

Other: Gwyn's manner of speaking is somewhat old-fashioned, but he does try to be more "modern". He finds it very uncomfortable, though.


Name: The Apothecary's Sword

Breed: Spirit Ward

Gender: Female

Personality: Normally this Dragoness is a calm and quiet individual, happy to give advice to those in need of it, always with the additional dose of the sarcasm she is well known for.

However, in combat, she is a very different dragon. Cold, emotionless, she does not hesitate to strike down an opponent, her medical knowledge put to a much darker use as it shows her exactly where to hit, which, combined with her nonthreatening appearance, makes her a deadly foe.

Thing is, she isn't a killer. She prefers her opponents to stay alive, because after all, she's got to test her new medicines on somebody...

Accessories: Apoth always carries a surprisingly ornate wooden box which houses her many concoctions and medicinal ingredients, as well as a red sash with two gold bells tied around the tip of her tail.

History: Apoth was just one of the many orphaned hatchlings raised by the late Queen Verlornes and her mate, Father Ailill, and developed her fascination with medicines after watching the Guardian of Nature that was like a father to them mix potions to help her sick nestmates.

The death of her foster mother was a huge shock to the Dragoness, and when she heard her foster siblings planned to form a group to flush out and punish other traitors, Apoth made it very clear that denying her membership was not an option.

Whenever she leaves the flock for her missions, she takes on the guise of a wandering merchant.

Other: Apoth's name isn't the name she was given at hatching.


Name: The Detested One

Breed: Avatar of Destruction

Gender: Male

Personality: Cruel, callous, manipulative...the best way to describe this dragon would be "psychopath". He cares about nobody but himself, seeing everyone else, even his mate and son, as nothing but tools for him to use to further his ambitions, namely the obtaining of the crown he considers his. Anyone who makes even the smallest "insult" against him is considered an enemy who must be disposed of in as violent and brutal a manner as possible, regardless of who they are.

Thankfully, he is easily forced into impulsive action by his pride, meaning his plans are normally foiled before they can come to full fruition...

Accessories: The gem from a Desipis' tail on a band of silver around his neck.

History: The first born son of Queen Verlornes and King Ailill, this dragon was groomed from his hatching to be the next king and leader of the flock. However, it became apparent very quickly that the Avatar cared only for himself and, amidst fears he would bring nothing but trouble for the flock should he be at its helm, the ruling couple made the difficult decision to instead name their second-born son, Keres, as heir.

While most of the flock welcomed this decision, the Avatar was enraged and, in a fit of anger one night, attacked his parents, resulting in the death of his mother, Queen Verlornes. He would've killed his father, too, had it not been for the intervention of a young twin-headed lindwurm who distracted him long enough for the alert to be raised, though at great cost to both sides: the avatar was left blinded in his left eye, though he perhaps got off lightly compared to his opponents.

Stripped of his name and exiled from his flock with the death sentence hanging over his head, this dragon lives his life in the shadows, spreading lies and manipulation to try and regain what he considers his rightful place as king.

Other: The fight and his blinding have left him with a particular hatred for two-headed lindwurms.

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My two characters are Aerolins, a closed species on DeviantArt by Oujikyuu. (: Feel free to join the group: https://aerolin-assembly.deviantart.com/


Username: Azelfion

Name: Viker Rine     Nickname: Vick

Class/ Tier: Astral
Gender: Male
Pronoun: He/Him
Sexuality: N/A
Age: 20
Sector: 10
Job: Wood Carver?
Height: 5 feet 1 inches
Viker: Aerolin Drawn by leedonghaelove
Personality: Quiet unless he gets in a fight, kinda mean, doesn't really know how to interact with others much since he closes himself off often, very self-protective, people disgust him a bit, gets attached to objects very easily (example: If he holds a wrapper for too long or something and then throws it away, he will feel like he's lost something important to him.)
History: Let's just go with dark past. He's also never had friends before cause he is cocky and gets into fights.
Likes: Being concealed in the dark, tight spaces, minimum interaction with other Aero's unless he likes them, Carving wood into little creatures, growing things (plants), living in the present, he really, really likes rocks.
Dislikes: The thought of death, his memories, sharp objects that he isn't holding, definitely does not like clocks (No one knows why. Probably just hates the hands moving. They weird him out xD), Bright light, When people get too physically close to him (Sometimes he growls a little under his breath)


Username: Azelfion

Name: Sigma Ohill   Nickname: Ziggy
(He has freckles but I forgot to add them in this drawing)
Class/Tier: Fighter/ Pilot
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Age: 19
Sector: 10
Job: Florist (Owns his own shop) and animal rescue volunteer
Height: 5' 8"
Summer Prompt: Sigma by leedonghaelove
Personality: Sigma is very, let's just say, full of himself. He tends to worry about others more than himself and doesn't always know when to give up. Definitely energetic and humorous. He makes almost everything a joke (probably because he is pfft). Pretty gay but pretends he isn't when others mention it. Sigma is also very imaginative in many ways (Wink wink, nudge nudge) and is not afraid to speak his mind. Well, mostly. He is actually pretty self conscious underneath all of his self-glorification, haha. Even though he sometimes doesn't show it, others words get to him quite often. All bark but no bite! Wait, wait..No I take that back...Definitely has bite..Oh- Oh my god. Sigma- DID YOU SEE THE WAY HE BIT THAT BURRITO HOLY-

History: Currently Unavailable
Likes:  Climbing things, humming to the point that it gets obnoxious, being around people, small spaces, adventuring/ exploring, playing with little creatures, napping, eating of course, MUSIC, okay okay he likes a lot of things. We get it by now.
Dislikes: Being looked down on (ex. treated like a kid), water (has a fear of it), other people that are full of themselves even though he totally is full of himself, and not much else. He is a pretty liking person.

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