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  1. Trying to breed a broze shimmer and a gold. Using fertility on both. 3 times, no eggs. *This post is being moved to "Help" momentarily I have been asked to elaborate, so basically I am asking for other people's experiences/results with fertility and general parings?
  2. Mine appears to have the same color shadow walker...or maybe I'm blind. Or maybe our dragons are being two timed *edit* Wiki says shadow walkers are all a darker color now after update
  3. ok...so thi dragon is not actually a breedable as it oonly shows up in the specialty cave, not the scroll, right?
  4. Shadow walker...but she doesn't show up on my scroll....
  5. How's you get that Lava cave?
  6. I'm still not seeing the visiting dragon even after adding more decorations and saving
  7. Ugh. A Fleshcrowne today
  8. Do alt sweetlings turn pink if traded? Becauseif they stay true to color Id like to try to trade for one
  9. Anyone gotten any really rare dragons visiting
  10. I personally love origional Valentines breed with Black Marrows I call them DeathHearts
  11. Just tossed Roars on ND incubator. Hopefully he/she will hatch soon(I decided not to influence) even though a male would have better mate options.
  12. I got the code I asked for..I wanted a very dragony code and asked for Roars
  13. Please do not PM me about breeding, as I am not well and not currently doing requests Anyways,how do I know my entry was accepted?It went straight to the gift tags after I entered the custom code it says I won a 3rd prize and I entered a short word but I would like the opportunity to change that if it's been taken....says I get a random code insteaad if it has ...and, not to be rude,but since I've heard horror stories,please note this is not an open invitation to pm me asking for offspring of whatever it was I won. What did I win?
  14. I do wish it was longer or the wait time was more predictable.Wanted a hatching FionaBluefire egg. Unfortunately I have developed a chronic illness and often cannot tolerate staying on the computer waiting for lengthy periods.
  15. Happy Birthday to me! Forum name:skyie Scroll name:skyie Scroll: http://dragcave.net/user/skyie Birthday: November 24th List: 1.neglected of any sort 2. Offspring of spriter alts
  16. This is the kind of thing where I've now begun to wonder if it's gotten more or less complicated. First of all, there are a lot of societal perceptions.When I grew up(80's-90's) there was a general attitude that girls basically couldn't do as much as boys. Oh, you're female? Well, why would you want to do anything but clean, cook,shop, raise babies and look pretty for boys. I just didn't like it. However,I refuse to use cliche terms now either. I was born with female genitals and have always been female. I got really awkward about my body and life in general circa age 14. I didn't want to be a boy but for awhile zi cut my hair short, and some people thought I was one.I quickly went from having the body contours of a child(including being quite small for my age) to having a body much curvier than most 14 year old girls get. But with baggy shirts I could hide it.Also I had a very young looking mom who was usually mistaken for my sister, and huge, obnoxious, oddly behaved dad. Perceptions have changed a bit from then and I now have my hair longer and am not likely to pass for a man in my adulthood.I just figure I am me, and nuts to people's perceptions...I don't usually wear makeup(so I guess I am percieved as ugly then even though I am actually quite decent looking,I just don't like smearing stuff on my face)I love hockey, which doesn't make me a man, or gay It's just what I like. I shudder to think some kids start thinking they're the opposite sex because they're playing with the wrong toys....toys today seem to have gone from largely gender neutral to "boy" and "girl" with some dolls dressing more like call girls. It just makes me wonder when most of the cases of transgender children seems to be male to female,I hope these kids aren't been told by everyone that they are girls simply because thy like oversexed dolls(which I don't know if I deem appropriate for a child of either gender) or sparkly things of girly girl clothes(in my day we had a lot of gender neutral clothes)finally after the umpteenth person tellling them they are a girl because they like certain things, they start to believe they are(I'm not saying this is always the case, but I think it sometimes might be)
  17. How are these so easy to get this time. Not complaining...it's just odd.
  18. Apparently the event ends Thursday, so in 5 hours or in 29?
  19. How much more time do we have to gather/send flowers, do we know?
  20. The dragons match well with Snow Angels if you ask me
  21. So how many days does this flower frenzy run?
  22. OOh got a mystery seed I have been sending the message "Stop dragon my heart around"
  23. Some girl asked for a rose, but I didn't have one. So I sent her some kind of pansy with "I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden"
  24. If I keep some does the garden stay bloomed when the event is over?