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  1. Aren't they a normal release? Otherwise TJ would have said something about a time period.
  2. Wow, lovely dragons. Also, it's crazy how much traffic there is on the side right now, I don't even have the background graphics, just the text. wow.
  3. congrats to all the winners and a happy new year! No e-mail for me, well.
  4. I usually do IOUs, but only the type where I get the egg I need first up and have to fulfil my end unless I know the people from the DC IRC chat room. I have fulfilled all my IOUs until now, even those taking months (I have breed a 4th gen pink and still work on a 5th gen terrae, both PB even gens for Astreya) and have a bunch of lists on my tinsel babies, usually in order to get the mates I need for them or to work myself toward better lower gen pairings. I got a five spot policy on most of my tinsels though - only five list spots before it's closed - and on those who almost never breed
  5. Happiness is a full scroll
  6. Just caught another two, and you know what? I feel insanely giving today. ~Removed~ This makes so much fun
  7. Adorable hatchlings these two, also, I caught two more - I can't wait to hand them over to their future owners *g*
  8. I gave away two this morning and am now trying to catch for other people via my sister's scroll, but even with my lovely connection and the fastest browser settings I could work out, the drops last less than two seconds for me - If I see an egg at all. Last night was absolutely easier than this.
  9. I have time today - in fact the whole day. I can help you guys out some. (PM me) And it's crazy how fast those eggs go, but the chances are still better right now as they were last night. 100+ people per biome are still better than 200+ like last night.
  10. I am full and happy - was within five minutes of the release tonight All eggs influenced and incubated
  11. Well, we consider the lag monster attacking as soon as the world takes notice of the egg dropping. And that would be epic fail. Also, I really have nothing better to do.
  12. This is like waiting for a shuttle start. With these big yellow number ticking down to zero. And I'm at least as excited about it - how am I supposed to sleep this night at all? Then again, technically it's already early morning here... so... yeah well.
  13. The waiting people seem to be spread fairly equally through all biomes right now. Everywhere it's between 15-40 people - I just hope it stays that way until I have my scoll loaded. *is selfish*
  14. Yeah, well, truns out it has a good side that it's still 30 minutes. It will give me time to hatch that last ER eggy on my scroll to have all six slots free for the event. Yay.
  15. And here I am again, how crazy is it that I actually couldn't sleep and am still awake enough to sit in my bed with my laptop, waiting to click. At least i have no class tomorrow, so I can pretty much sleep the whole day If I want to, but man, this addiction is taking on strange tendencies.
  16. My e-mail account has not even recieved any e-mail notifications in the last couple of weeks - even although it has been marked as such up to very recently - So I have no idea where the notifications are going or if they come back as spam notifications, that is why I switched away from notifications altogether. I have the same problems with other forum sides and can't do anything about it in my spam settings - the stuff just never even arrives.
  17. Stupid Newbee question, I think, but in what time zone is DC time? That would be so helpful to find out in relation to my own. Okay, figured it out. *cringes* But I am not going to stay up until 5 in the morning to wait for your midnight.
  18. 40/40 YAY! And locked with Marrows and Pumpkins awesome! Thank you for the hard work guys!
  19. *sighs* I'm anxious what the dragon release will cause when the lag right now is already so bad that all i get is a white page for minutes on end only alternating with the occasional fronzen front page. Lovely.
  20. I'm working on a olive green/black 1872 bustle dress. For that I made the undergarmets, the corsage, the pettycoat and corset cover, the first underskit and the heavy underskirt and a 1972 pollonaise with kimono style sleeves. I'm also working on a sky blue Civil war ball gown for my mother, currently I'm working on embroideries for the underskrit - white and green flowers on cremecolored cotton. Uhm other than that, I'm working on about half a dozen needlepaintings. That's about it
  21. Inuyasha. And I recently watched a animated movie named "Blue Sky" which was also very good. Other than that, well, I have to admit to a short hormone induced flash of loving Sailor moon as I was around 15, but that's about it.
  22. The Burns unit with Blood, Ice and Ashes. A very intense song by a very good group.
  23. Neil Gaiman, very closely followed by Steven King.
  24. Twilight. Absolutely Twilight. In german the word means Zwielicht which comes with a negative contect as maybe shabby or shady would. And I think it is exactly that. And don't get me started at how bad a rolemodel bela is for todays young girls. Women rights activists are shaking angrily in their graves. Just saying.
  25. Works very well for me, thank you for the good work!