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http://dragcave.net/user/AmarraAlso, I'm german. Means different time zone. I'm a late night lurker, but when it's evening for you, I catch up on my zees. Don't expect instant answers then.

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    MY Tins,


    3rd gen Bronze+Black from Bronze Ivy (0/4)
    4th gen Bonze+Ember from Cayvyn (0/4)
    4th gen Bronze+Magma from Cayvyn (3/4)
    4th gen Bronze+Stripes from Alcoholic (0/4)
    5th gen Bronze+Black from Cayvyn (0/4)
    5th gen Bronze+Spitfires from Galletian Victory *no List*
    fake 5th gen Bronze+flamingo/harvests/Rosebud/valentine
    6th gen Bronze+White from Darkrose (0/2)
    6th gen Bronze+Ember from Bronze Ivy (0/2)
    6th gen Bronze+Terrae from Tanoth the Dragon King *no list*


    5th gen Silver+Purple Nebula from Penk (0/2)
    5th gen Silver+Green Neb./Blue Neb. from Inextrica
    6th gen Silver+Black from Dawn's Silver Medal (0/2)
    6th gen Silver+Green Neb./Blue Neb. from Inextrica
    7th gen Silver+Blue Neb. from Inextrica
    8th gen Silver+Blue Neb./Red Neb. from Inextrica
    10th gen Silver+pink from Penk

    Fake 2nd gen Silver+Shadow Walker from The Spirit of Creation


    7th gen Gold+Vine from Gold Epica *no list*
    8th gen Gold+Terrae from Apollo (0/2)
    10th gen Gold+Vine from Gold Epica
    7th gen Gold+Sunset Living in Sin


    Gold metalics...
    CB Blacks