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  1. This may have to do with the topic I just made, that the cave doesn't give out eggs anymore. Something's not right in the land of dragons.
  2. No matter what biome, or what egg I click, this message follows: The egg you are looking for is no longer available. Another person may have grabbed it already. And after even a hard refresh the same eggs keep showing.
  3. I'm trying to pick up a little plant with red flowers (in Volcano), and get the same error every time this little plant appears: === The page you are looking for does not appear to exist. Try some of these recommendations: Other things to try: Search dragcave.net: halloween 15 get 164166006 === Anyone have any idea what I can do about that? Or is it a glitch?
  4. Oh shoot... I had caught and gendered two CB spring eggs, and had the event eggs, all of them! Now my spring eggs are gone, and only 37 of my easter eggs are left...