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  1. You're an hour off (I hope, ;3 ). Daylight Savings Time might be messing you up.
  2. A little more than an hour and 15 minutes left.
  3. It's pretty safe to assume that if there's a major holiday, there will be some sort of celebration on the DragCave.
  4. Okay. Lemme just say something here. TJ doesn't have to do anything; he doesn't have to release new dragons, give us special things on holidays, etc. But he does, and he puts up with whining. Math time. Let's assume you check every 12 minutes, as the new eggs appear between 11 and 12 minutes after you caught the last one. 38*12=456 minutes to catch 'em all. That's about 7.5 hours total needed. Having even this extra day gives extra time for people who couldn't be on yesterday. So all in all, he's giving us six times the time needed to catch them all. *shrug* That's prett
  5. I've been picking mine up every 11 minutes on the dot. So, as far as I can tell, it's 11 minutes, not 12....
  6. 21/38...Mmm. These eggs are just gorgeous. Great job, spriters. :3
  7. More than four hours left for me...Yeek. It'll be a late night. ): Oh well! The pretties are worth it.
  8. If you smash the computer, you'll never get 'em all! ;3
  9. How long 'til it's over? I don't know what time zone TJ lives in, eheh...
  10. I think we should only be able to freeze eggs you've bred, i.e. I could only freeze eggs that are bred from dragons on my scroll.
  11. ...It wouldn't work that way. Some people want a certain egg permanently on their scroll. This option would allow that; it wouldn't turn eggs into trees. Leetle Trees were a Christmas-time event.
  12. I'm just wondering about holiday eggs, though you can breed those (as far as we know) around their holiday.
  13. I like the idea for it being a breed-specific ability. I was also thinking that perhaps you could only freeze eggs that you've bred? That would stop it from being used for AP block relief, and it wouldn't upset breeders.
  14. Kyatenaru


    Yep. The first half or so is available on her website. x3 I'm reading it now, eheh...
  15. Kyatenaru


    BORDERLINE psychopathic? Have you read the part of Breaking Dawn she's posted? 1. He OILS HER WINDOW so she won't hear him sneaking into her room. 2. To quote Cleolinda of Livejournal: 3. He then PICKS THE KEY TO HER HOUSE OUT OF HER POCKET. Why? He can get in through the window. :/ Sorry, that was her truck key. We'll replace this with mental-semi-stalking her in Whatsit, the other town where she and her friends went shopping (was it Seattle?). He's...WAY too obsessive. (So is she, but in a not psychopathic-stalker way.)
  16. I think once the eggs are made, they are "forgotten" about.
  17. I'm responsible except for mass-breeds. Oh well. :/
  18. Haha, I'm going to name bLog something about a blog. ;D I can't wait. She's hidden right now (feminine because about 85% of my dragons turn out to be girls) so. x3
  19. I'll repet what I said. I don't see how that would happen, unless said person got a thousand of their friends to help.
  20. Emm's HIGO (higo) Tevs (tevs) PBJS (pbjs) and my newest and nicest: Emm's Exia (exia)
  21. This is an awesome idea. I've never had an over-clicked egg, thank goodness, but still. :3 Just a question: Are the descriptions based on the types of dragons on your scroll, or the egg itself? Some of them only make sense if it's from the types of dragons you have, while others only make sense for one egg species.