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  1. Just an update... I'm redoing the lineage I had stated... I'm tired of doing even gen.. and i'll be doing a gender flow lineage (with NO pink influences) So the design of the lineage will go with chance of whatever the gender of the offspring is... the offspring will only be bred with cb electric dragons... so... if you are still updating the spread sheet, just go ahead adn clear what is on there... I'll update when I get it started again.
  2. Forum name: Anannsul Description: Star Hatchling Creature: Star picture of the creature for reference: http://imageshack.us/a/img24/4844/dcsig01.png (dragon by mah name... :\ ) Pose: something like this http://PLEASE_READ_THE_RULES_BEFORE_ATTEMPTING_TO_POST_YOUR_EGGSr7cC0/1.gif if you can't see that.. it is the pose of a s2 ember hatchling Type: full body. :3 Colours: no gender difference Feeling: Playful? >_> Extra?: nothing extra.. or.. maybe put Ana the last star hatchling or something... or ana is fine on the picture somewhere...
  3. Switch your art is done.. you can find it in the Pick Up Section. 8D
  4. Tigerra79 your art is done... You'll find the link in the pick up section!
  5. if anyone is interested... I'm streaming now.. :3
  6. tigerra You have been added... I'm unsure about the ears... but I will try.. :3
  7. ARGENTS ORDER FORM I would like some EPIart! Username: ArgentDragon Headshot/half-Body?: -- Line Art/ Color: Color Reference Image/Description: BASE: http://angelicbases.deviantart.com/art/Fem...le%20base&qo=91 GAIA: (yes on the dress)
  8. Affiliates: Switch's Derpy Art - http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=114875&st=0 OPEN ~
  9. SAMPLES! Victor Calaveras | Male Group :3 PICK IT UP! ArgentDragon Tigerra79 Switch
  10. I WILL!!! Male, Female, Couples, aminal ears/tail (although it might not come out good), Furry hooomans) I WONT! Naughty stuff. (NO WAY!). Furries... I can't do their faces.. adn paws and such. Complicated stuff... Mecha.. guns... swords (unless the base comes with one) add backgrounds , pixelated stuffs... Uh... o.o That's about it.... I think. O_o Rules: 1. No BEGGING! DX it's free damn it! there is no need to beg! Totally will take bribes for a bribe slot. X3 2. Don't be rude... I work hard on my art and if you don't like it shove it! DX 3. Uh... >_> I can add more rules as I see fit... FORM: [SIZE=5]I would like some EPIart![/SIZE] [B]Username:[/B] [B]Headshot/half-Body?:[/B] (You may say which if the base you picked is a full body and all you want is half or headshot... however if your base doesn't have a body and you want full-body... sorry I can't draw bodies.. hence the needing of a base. ) [B]Line Art/ Color:[/B] [B]Reference Image/Description:[/B] (PLEASE INCLUDE A BASE and a gaia base for my palette! DO NOT DIRECT LINK TO THE BASE! I upload all images to my deviant art.. and need to know WHO to give credit to even if it says it's not needed.. if you direct link.. your request WILL be IGNORED!) Bases can be found on http://deviantart.com Gaia bases can be made here http://www.tektek.org/dream/ I'm always favoriting bases... for a quick scan of what i already have.. look here http://ulrika-anannsul.deviantart.com/favourites/ and sift through my favorites.
  11. [ EPIC HEADER HERE ] UPDATES! Like really mini.. I just won't be on tonight to accept orders or update the slots.... o.o but feel free to place orders.... just remember only the first 3 people who post the form correctly and that I feel I can do the request well will be accepted when I get back... I also realized I never made a section for the bribe slot... o.o But it's fixed now.. I'll eventually get around to making this nice.... >_> Maybe... Anyway.. I do art.... o.o But I'm complicated... so If you don't feel like doing research on your own.. don't bother ordering. Uh... I had something to say.. but these guys sitting behind me are talking about car accidents and I'm losing my train of thought. T^T OH YES! My art is FREE!! 8D SLOTS: 1. 2. 3. BRIBES SLOTS: 1. Bribe... with what?!? CB Pinks/CB Red/CB Sunrise sunset/CB Nebs/CB Ember/ CB turps/CB metals (pfft yeah right... no one luffs ana that much.. ._. let alone her art)/ any generation WHITE stripe. ( The uglier the better! >] )
  12. I have so many. (Suffix List) Anannsul - Anannsul Skylimit - Anannsul (pb even gen skywing) Eryo/Erya - Anannsul (gender based inbred even gen white) Ana - Anannsul of Grimace - Anannsul (Stairstep pb BBW) Wibble - Anannsul (Ember X marrow) Verglas - Anannsul (Ice X Black) Failmingo - Anannsul Fluffinator - Anannsul ( pb pillows ) Suta'raito - Anannsul ( pb nebulas ) Varacolaci - Anannsul ( Vampire Bite Lineage ) Belmont - Anannsul ( Not castlevania lineage ) Zarek - Anannsul ( rp OC lienage ) Sunfury - Anannsul ( rp OC lineage PB Sunrise/Sunset ) (Prefix List) Ice De La - Anannsul (Ice X white Prefix for Ice offspring) Creme De La - Anannsul (Ice X White Prefix for White offspring)
  13. two new pairs. CAPTCHA Task Altoru (Rpvc -- Electric -- Male -- CB ) and Forthho Families of CAPTCHA (OAO8 -- Electric -- Female -- CB) (i believe you already have Would Rainbows CAPTCHA but i'll include it for just in case you don't.) Would Rainbows CAPTCHA ( 4OYf -- Electric -- Female -- 2nd Gen) and CAPTCHA Best Etental ( mGVO -- Electric -- Male -- 2nd Gen)
  14. I would like to welcome my second pair of cb captcha dragons. Onefee Zaborski CAPTCHA ( Q4HS -- Electric -- male -- CB) and Spira Raltsidd CAPTCHA ( ev0Z -- Electric -- Female -- CB) These are a breeding pair. They did produce and egg but I'm waiting to post that until it grows up and has a name and a mate. I have one more but i'll post it when I find it a mate.
  15. I play. 8D Id # 98765
  16. That's what happened with the pink I caught On the ap. T^T So sad. the sad part was.. they took the first name of one of the parents.. but didn't bother to see that the other dragons in the lineage had hope in their names.
  17. I had recently (well within the week lol) lurked in the ap when i caught this egg (which quite unfortunately was bred with a stripe. =_=) which i found out was a part of the hope lineage. I was wondering if it's possible if I could be added to the waiting list. I've been wanting to join this lineage for a LONG time but was weary because of needing a cb. but after the disappointment of this egg I caught I decided there is no time like the present and figured I'd give asking to join a try regardless of not having a cb mate on hand. Oh by the way.. here is the dragon I have. (I am so disappointed the owner didn't even bother to keep hope in it's name and even bred it with a stripe! T^T ) Anas Only Hope
  18. Now presenting! Ego Staking CAPTCHA
  19. thanks.. i guess I skipped that when reading what this was about. thanks.
  20. I was wondering if you had a specific lineage name. like [name] of STOP BSL or something along those lines... Also I would like to join. I have an electric female.. and i just caught a Grey egg and I'm hoping it will be male. (and they will like each other. Dx ) both are CB
  21. I have an 2nd gen egg.... looking for a male 2nd gen captcha. http://dragcave.net/lineage/HLqG I will not take: Pygmies Rocks Splits albinos balloon vampire dinos chickens papers uhh.. I think anything else is alright. PM with offers. can't say that I'll be around to answer right away.
  22. Okay, then I'll stay. Introducting My newest electric captcha! http://dragcave.net/lineage/4OYf
  23. Wiz, I hate to say this but... I simply can't be a part of this lineage anymore. Upon going to name my hatchling I got ribaldry extensively and I absolutely refuse to name a dragon with a name I don't like. However, because my original dragons are gen 1 captcha's I'm willing to breed for those who want a 2nd gen Captcha dragon.
  24. http://dragcave.net/user/Anannsul Male X Female Great Anatomic CAPTCHA X CAPTCHA Rhadames Realty = (egg currently)