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  1. Indeed I may, because dancing cats are the best kind!~
  2. Ooh, ooh, I'm a fanfictioner!~ I've got stuff for mostly Wicked, but I've got some Kirby, Avenue Q, Pikmin, and various assorted stuff!~ I'm really into crack couples, and don't do a lot of OTPing, don't know why.
  3. Wicked, Making Fiends, Avenue Q, 9 to 5, fashion, Pikmin, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Kristin Chenoweth, BitF, Jpmetz, and Dshban. Wheee, obsessions left and right!~
  4. Not too big a fan of these, but I played Majora's Mask, Wind Waker, and Ocarina of Time. I adored MM, enjoyed WW, and thought OOT was okay. I love Navi so much, it is not even funny! She's so freaking adorable! Her cute voice, her sense of humor, her shiny little model and beautiful little wings! Gah, everything about her is so great!~
  5. Kirbster


    I liked Lea Michele's cover of Defying Gravity and For Good, but don't like too much of the show outside that. Of course Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel are always great too, so yeah. I really don't like Chris Colfer's singing voice, and that makes me feel like a bad person. :<
  6. Despite this usually being my kind of thing, I just can't get into this show. I watched a few episodes, and overall wasn't really impressed with too much. I like Rarity and Twilight, but not much beyond that. The Cutie Mark Chronicles was the only episode that I actually really even liked, so. But I love Cupcakes for the sake of delicious irony and actualy grammar, spelling, and capitalization.
  7. Kirbster

    Most Annoying

    Fawful! >n< He's such a useless character, and all he does is run around like a dummy spewing random phrases that hold no merit or logic! I don't like Cheren. He's pianfully one-dimensional and is a really bad rival. Bianca is not only a better rival, but she's also a better overall character, with actual personality and development.
  8. Not really, too much crazy pink void for my liking!
  9. No, for that avatar is depressing, and infers some kind of death reference probably! Death is nt a fun thing!
  10. Kirbster

    Sad songs

    Fine, Fine, Line of Avenue Q. Stephanie D'Abruzzo really gets across pure emotion and raw power, you can tell how much she means every word she sings.
  11. Defying Gravity - Wicked No Good Deed - Wicked Backwoods Barbie - 9 to 5 Shine Like the Sun - 9 to 5 Get Out and Stay Out - 9 to 5 The Money Song - Avenue Q Concrete Angel - Martina McBride Taylor the Latte Boy - Kristin Chenoweth The Girl in 13G - Kristin Chenoweth I'm a nerd!~
  12. Kirbster

    Justin Bieber

    I enjoy Justin Bieber, he's a fairly good singer with some nice simple songs for younger people!~ People act like he's terrible and awful when he's doing the same thing done by the Beatles, Weird Al, and pretty much all singers; making music for a fanbase that enjoys him.
  13. Gregory Maguire's "Wicked Years" series is great at maintaining a suspension of disbelief, and manages to elicit quite a bit of excitement and shock out of me at times!
  14. I'm so addicted! I really can't stop, even when I'm supposed to be studying for my SRS BZNS tests. Audino has become my 5th or so favorite Pokemon, so it's a shame I can't find any use for her.
  15. I've been told my Cruit Puffs (Cream puffs with mashed fruit along with the cream.) are to die for, but they're nothing special.
  16. Sims 3 and SBCG4AP Limozeen is not very nice, objectifying women is not very nice...
  17. Friend cheat sheet Rachel-Poetic Ian-Smart Justin-Gamer Maddie-Giddy Trinity-Blunt Will-Emotional Kevin-Foreign Chris-Street Jon-Imaginative Louise-Country. Last week, I had a dream my friends and I were all in one class with blue peices of paper pasted to the wall as wallpapaer. So Mr. Joice (my funny teacher) starts asking us questions about color. When someone was wrong, the desk would fall into the floor beneath us. Louise, Jon, and Chris had already fallen when I realised "ZOMG! THEY'RE DEAD! RACHEL GET HIM." So we all run away and leave Rachel we run in the halls
  18. Yaaaay! Fun game! Zim is now reliant on using things that humans like. So he decides to make the cow smelling earth piggy-fish to instruct to human race to bow to him. But GIR, Gaz, Bitters, and all the other characters and settings are gone, so he just takes a laser and threatens the manatees. But large zombie hamsters throw glitter at Zim, which he thinks would be poisonous to Irkens. So he throws a Demeteri pig-smelling human, which turns to paint, which mixes with the glitter.
  19. Once I had a dream where I was an octopus with a blonde wig on a stage. I was singing songs from just about every star with controversy about them. And then suddenly the stage turned into a volcano and erupted. I splashed down with the lava, and there was calamari around me even though I was unharmed. Then I walked a little bit, and came the the house of the Flinstones. Bam-Bam was on their lawn fro some reason, and he hit me into the ozone layer. I then broke a large hole into the thin area. The hole just got bigger and bigger until the just dissapeared. I then landed on the moon. But then I
  20. Meh, I'm indifferent to the whole thing. I don't have any of the games, but I don't oppose when my friends wanna play it.