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  1. Thanks for the interest, guys! If you all joined I think that's enough people. Just skimmed YAAD. Those posts are ginormous o__o I'd prefer smaller ones, lol. I guess it's similar on the surface with the dreaming and dragoning, but this is pretty plotless (like YAAD 1.0 seems to have been?). It also takes place on an Earth with fantasy creatures as skwerl56767 said. And yeah, new dragons can start off as any kind of creature with a certain level of awareness (bacteria, plants, fungi: prrrrrobably not something you want to grant fire-breathing powers), if you're up to portraying the cognition kinda realistically at first (no poem-writing dogs or moralistic vegetarian falcons until they get the dragon brains to handle it and angst about it). Humans have the easiest time adjusting and are most common, but some of the dragons picking the new blood have eccentric interests, and may be a bit mad-sciencey. I might have a dog character later, but here's a university student and an elder dragon. (oops, forgot some things in the form. fixed!) --- Name/Species: Samuel Feng / Human Age/Gender: 20 / Male Dragon Shape: Eastern Appearance: [now with pic!] -- Human: Short scruffy black hair, brown eyes, somewhat light skin, very short (5'5'' or 1.65 m), dresses in dark comfortable clothing that sometimes veers towards hipster. -- Dragon: Gold, with beige belly scales and dark brown eyes, leonine mane, tail fur, and antlers. Personality: Proud, smug about his intelligence, cagey, pragmatic, bitterly sarcastic, a little dramatic. Location / A little history: Oregon / University student (aiming for BS in Geography), child of divorcees, younger brother in his father's custody in California. Mother is an ex-military werewolf (condition was not passed on to either son). Father is Chinese and mother is from Thailand, but Samuel was born in California and knows little of his heritage. Other: Wants to be a werewolf but keeps chickening out, so he might try to change his scaly form for something a little furrier when he reaches the customization level. --- Name/Species: Strykus / elder Dragon Age/Gender: ? / ? Dragon Shape: Eastern with occasional feathered wings Appearance: [now with pic] -- Dragon: Long body and tail, seemingly variable length, with large dusk-pink scales and darker purple patterns that shift. Feathery dark purple mane that runs down the spine from head to hindquarters, with darker wing and tail feathers - the longest feathers iridesce dark green. Sky-blue mirrorlike belly scales. Doglike face, wet nose, purple ropy whiskers, dark grey-blue eyes framed by purple fur eyebrows. Personality: head in the clouds, hard to get them to take things seriously, weak sense of self, cares about others; very knowledgeable, but picky about what parts to divulge. Location / A little history: Unknown, Dreamscape / Strykus was born old. They don't remember what they used to be, but they now work as the main "dream coordinator" for all dragons. Do they even have a physical body? Who knows. Other: Very skilled in magic, especially of the mind, and has empathy skills.
  2. [iC Thread for the actual RP] sry for the lame title that took forever to think of ;; Just a fun casual RP MidnightStar89 and I want to kick around. This will be slow because I have a bunch of RL stuff happening for the next week or so, also timezones are a thing. Premise Basically it's urban fantasy Earth, with low level magic and fantasy creatures (werewolves, vampires, chupacabras) being commonplace, but dragons and strong magic are legends. There are stories, but fierce debate is to be had about their existence. Some think they were hunted to extinction by zealous knights who feared the dragons' ability to use strong magic, or people who wanted that strong magic for their own. In reality, the dragons went into hiding, using their connection to magic to bend dimensions to their will. They now hide in between places that few can reach, since they took the strong magic with them. However, they suck at repopulation and like messing with people, so for new blood they have some appointed dragons pick a few chosen humans/other creatures (doesn't have to be human as long as it's sentient!) through weird mind stuff/dreams and offer them the ability to turn into dragon shifters. Hilarity and accidental transformations ensue. As the real world is the basis for this, many types of dragons exist according to mythologies; however, new dragons will be in "default" forms, which will be Western or Eastern compared to whatever culture they identify with more strongly. They will have the ability to alter their shape more to suit them when they learn how to, which is where all those other types of dragons come from. Elder dragons live in between dimensions or in secluded areas, in small groups or alone, but they're all connected via dreams. Beginning Our human/other characters start out dreaming. At first it's the usual mundane fare, until they feel a pull that takes them from their separate dreams to this weird combined dreamscape where they meet. A stranger meets them there, and starts telling them of dragons... When they will wake up, most will have vague recollections that bother them, but nothing much comes of it until one or more of them has a surprise transformation that gets splashed on the news. Things unravel from there. Feel free to suggest things that should happen, since we need plotty ideas beyond the initial transformation/getting used to things. Things are subject to change! (haha, see what I did there) Rules, Ish - Follow DC rules, keep it PG-13 - Romance is allowed if you want - Literate, shortish posts (<5 paragraphs) preferred Characters We can have human/other dragon-to-be characters, as well as "elder" dragon characters! Just add characters as needed, with form. Also we can pick up and drop whatever NPCs necessary. Since our characters can come from anywhere in the world, the timeline will probably be pretty broken up at first, with them only meeting in dreams. Post your character forms, or just if you're interested! I'll post my 2 tomorrow (technically later today oops), and MidnightStar will post theirs, and then we can start. I'd like to start out with the first dragon to make contact in the initial dream, but other established"elder" dragons can appear in later dreams. Elder dragons also don't have to be super old, they can also be varying levels of recently turned. Here's a basic form, otherwise run rampant: [b]Name/Species:[/b] [b]Age/Gender:[/b] [b]Dragon Shape:[/b] (either Western or Eastern if they're new) [b]Appearance:[/b] (keep it short) [b]Personality:[/b] (optional) [b]Location / A little history:[/b] [b]Other:[/b] Cast: Samuel Feng (ShaydraSilversky) [x] Emma Kuusisto (MidnightStar89) [x] Nistit (skwerl56767) [x] Kari Laberge (TehUltimateMage) [x] Gaichu (rampaging wyvern) [x] Steven Murray (Esko_The_Wolf) [x] Strykus (ShaydraSilversky) [x] Tralok (MidnightStar89) [x] Erenik (Esko_The_Wolf) [x]
  3. Do you only repost, or would you be open to reblogging DC art that's already on tumblr?
  4. I suck at noticing news threads, so I was scrolling down to look at my blacks and did a double-take at the suddenly detailed shading on the split dragons I zipped past, haha. I like the new Silver adults from an objective, nostalgia-less standpoint! They actually look shiny, now. Not as drastic as the change from old to new Gold sprites were (I was kinda glad to see the old Golds go), but still will take some getting used to. They look a tad too pale in comparison to the old sprites, especially in lineage view. In fact, the male's color scheme reminds me strongly of spriter alt Rosebuds. Also, he has a pixel "missing" on the front of the chest where it intersects with the shoulder. Small thing, it just bothers me a little. Eh on the Silver egg and hatchlings. At least it's harder to mistake the Silver egg for the White when they're not next to each other, I guess. And yeah, Silver hatchlings are a little top-heavy, they look like horses in the classical rearing pose, but with weird limbs. As for the Splits, they're looking buff today, moreso than usual. Really liking the defined musculature! This update's making me fall in love with them again, I've always had a fondness as my first dragon was a Split (7 years ago, wow). The hatchlings have such tiny feets compared to the adult's stompers. I wish they faced forward, especially the S1 so the dual nature could be shown more clearly. The female S2's background head is really dark. All in all, great update with small nitpicks that I really shouldn't be typing out at 1 AM when I need to study. Thanks, Odeen and LadyLyzar!
  5. If any of you could help me out I'd really appreciate it! Thank you! .::Request::. (prefer short-named parents) - 2G White from white-winged Snow Angel mother (mate, and continuation) Traded (gold wing), thanks! Would still like white wing, though. - 2G Ice from Yulebuck father (mate) - 3EG Pillow checker from Marrow mothers (same as this) - 2G Royal Blue from Arsani mother (mate) Thank you Lantean_Pegasus! .::Have::. Influ/incu-hatchable. If not traded, I'll probably gift. I can also breed 2G mates from holidays 2010 onwards, sans 2013, in about a week. - 3G stair Silver egg, Cavern Lurker fathers | Lineage
  6. I've been on and off for 7-ish years so I have quite a scattering of milestones. - 100+ CB gray/storm dragons (if you have more pls fite me) - first dragon is a 2-headed (original flavor) from 2008 - I have CB holidays from 2010 onwards, excluding 2013 - I likewise think I have all trophies 2010 onwards, excluding 2013 - I have 1 Frill and 1 Old Pink (neither are CB) - all Dinos except 1 have 4-letter codes - leetle tree with 4-letter code
  7. Swingin' by late at night/very early in the morning to dump fangtail528's finished request here!
  8. Ooh, your fave Pokemon? I'm glad I did it justice! They're cool, I just wish the mega evo wasn't the same + a pile of spikes added on. At least it got one though. Considering the leg webbings, I saw that ankle spur when looking up references and my mind went to nerd places, like: what if Aeros only look that way (fat bottomed w/ dragon wings) in the present because they splice in DNA/whatever Pokemon have of existing species to make it complete when restoring from Old Amber? Maybe there's some stuff that scientists are missing, like leg webbings. Though that's not likely, it's fun to think about. Gonna message you, fangtail528!
  9. Hey Nine, nice to see you again! At the top of the page, too. I'm liking the consistency. And thanks, both of you! Anything's scary if it's larger than you and breathing fire. Just gonna drop this off here before I jet. I am pretty much always up for drawing Pokemon, and I also like reading about dinosaurs and seeing concept art (eee creature design and biology), so this happened. I'm pretty happy with it. No toucan this time (I don't think there's a toucan Poke either) but did you know they have adorable saw-toothed smol cousins called aracari? They're pretty cute, look 'em up.
  10. Finished a request from rampaging wyvern for their main SSB4 fighters! Wasn't sure if my pens could handle Marth, but a bit of hue nudging with Photoshop never hurt anyone. Still taking penwork requests, but it's back to really simple ones unless you have some DC eggs to add complexity. I gotta prep for all that holiday breeding, yo. Bonus eraser putty 'Zard!
  11. Hooooo god, those sprites are pretty. Loving the wings, they're gorgeous! Congrats, Infinis!
  12. I know I'm not gonna be able to get any of the last bred Halloweens, but this is a great time to catch up on the last 5-6 releases missed! Gonna lock myself with newer commons so I can stop lurking in the AP and get back to studying :U C'mere Angallis dergs...
  13. Awww, that Houndoom in costume is simply precious. I love the scribbly feel! Thank you! And nice watercolors. I haven't played with paints in such a long time, yours look so dreamy.
  14. Oh man, I've never thought of doing that! Of course, this year I got my eggs super late and nearly didn't get all of them, so I couldn't do this, but I gotta remember this for future holidays. Assuming my slow computer lets me Dx Do people do this for the limited CB holidays where you can only catch 2?
  15. Drat, I didn't get to breed my last 2 Desipis dragons... ah well, all of the other CB Halloweens have been bred! I was rushing by the time I reached the Desipises (Desipes? Desipi? It's been a while since I took Latin...) so they're mostly bred with Albinos at the top of the breed list It does make for nice contrast.
  16. Thanks for TJ/whoever is responsible for making the drops for the last hour of the day huge! Managed to get my last 2 eggs... after 2 hours of hunting @__@ Time to go breed the Halloween dragons I didn't!
  17. I spent some time between 5 minute drops looking at my old trophies and noticed that I could still play through the 2011 Haunted House one! Maybe I'll go do that after I catch my last 2 eggs (please, please let me catch those last two eggs).
  18. Grabed 5 eggs this afternoon, took an unintended nap, and just spent the last hour scrambling for eggs. It seems like quite a lot of people are doing the same, because I haven't gotten any more and the drops are tapering off pretty quickly, which sucks. I couldn't grab any at the hour drop just now, and now there's only one hour drop left. Man, I'm not even doing any actual Halloweening, at least gimme this, DC :T
  19. I'm glad you like it! And thanks ^^ Fat dragons are great, but I wish Pokemon didn't have so many! All of their large dragons have fat butts (Hydreigon, Dragonite, Zek n' Resh, etc). Sorry about late replies, I always feel weird posting too much in my thread so I try and cram as many things as I can into one post. Speaking of which, I am also really bad at pacing myself, so I finished TehUltimateMage's Flygon! I am really happy with it. The Volcarona costume is 100% certified spoop. I'm slowing down after this 'cause I gotta study, so any other requests will be simpler and not so quick unless you give me Really Nice Things.
  20. Aw, thanks! Uhhh, I guess I've been drawing since before 3rd grade. So like more than 12 years. 3rd grade's when I remember drawing the first dragon that people thought was cool. Man, I wish I still had that drawing. Ah, I'm not that tall, I'm a little shorter than average for women actually! By "only a little taller" I meant "why am I nearly eye level with a bipedal dragon". Anyway, I'm p sure no one pays attention to Pokedex measurements.
  21. Hey GoldeenTrix, this prrrrooooobably isn't what you had in mind, but I read that Falconiforms are solitary so I couldn't really imagine a group of them aside from a family. Also, Pokedex sizes are ridiculous - Charizard is apparently only a little taller than me (they're listed as 5'7''). So just imagine a Falconiform parent with chicks in tow coming upon a very lost Charizard X and just going "oh, nice colors, you are my baby now. my very fat larj baby." Colored entirely with pens because I wanted to go fast. I'll start yours tomorrow during lecture, TehUltimateMage! Flygons are really cute. I was thinking of having the Houndoom dress up as Flygon instead so it could wear red goggles, but Dragonites won out.
  22. Sure, that sounds fun! I won't start it till tonight, though, today's one of my busy days. And you don't need to draw anything in return, it's all fun ^^
  23. Which ingredients make the dino-changing potion? I want to see all of 'em realistic-like. The changed yellow dino looks really good, but the potion's faded and I can't remember. I wish we recorded what reactions we'd already done. I mean, we draw scads of the same species dragon, you'd think the scroll keeper would be more diligent. :eyeroll:
  24. Drawing each other's fave pokemon sounds fun! How about pokemon dressed as other pokemon to make it halloweeny? I'd enjoy a Houndoom dressed as a Dragonite, if you're up to it!
  25. I'm not doing so well on the "every day" part of inktober either since I just finished midterms, but now I can catch up, sorta kinda. And thank you! I slapped color on with Photoshop, yeah. I don't know if that ruins the spirit of things but hey, it looks nicer. I'm not really looking for anything drawn, do you just want ideas? What sorta stuff do you draw? And you can ask me to draw literally anything (almost), like a... cartwheeling goblin shark, iunno.