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  1. There's still no way to do anything about refusals, is there? The 3EG checker cavern lurker I got refused to breed with its intended spirit ward mate, which blows because I was really fond of that pairing and pretty excited to have 4EG checker babies. Guess that's only a possibility for Halloween, if I even remember/care enough to breed them :T
  2. 1 Revive 4 Disintegrate 1 Zombie (Drake) and a lot of dodges. Happy with the drake, at least! I didn't really plan it out this time so I just killed some randos.
  3. I can't leave the bushes in the game trail? I cleared my cache and everything. I just keep cutting, then trying to leabe, but nada. EDIT - Same problem as above I guess. > GO GAME TRAIL You try to go further down the trail but fall unceremoniously back down into the bushes. You'll need to free yourself first. > CUT BUSH WITH SWORD Hoping that some horrible creature isn't about to swoop down on you, you lunge sideways and grab at the handle of your SWORD. After a few desperate seconds your fingers gain purchase on the hilt and you pull it towards you. You use the blade to saw away at the brambles and free yourself. > GO GAME TRAIL You try to go further down the trail but fall unceremoniously back down into the bushes. You'll need to free yourself first.
  4. Woah, that is really nice! I really like the... everything on that pic. Especially the shoes. I think the hair looks pretty good tbh. also dang, djibouti[/i]
  5. Thanks guys! I have a lot of practice with dragons. I gotta loiter on campus and I'm bored, so here's some unpolished phone pics of recent non-dragon doodlings. Sorry about the size. Hippokampus pen doodle on chemistry papers! Oil pastel scribbles! And a self-portrait of dubious quality!
  6. Welp, Tsunami dragon, hot off the press. Any new requests will take a while, wanna finish some pieces I've left hanging first. smol larj
  7. You're very welcome saph! I'm glad to be back ^^ Well, sorta back. Just gotta push all these art ideas outta my brain and onto paper before my course load starts crushing me mercilessly. Sure, Nightwalkerkey! Would you be open to breeding a holiday mate egg for me? I'm just really tired of trading xP
  8. *squints nervously at Tumblr notifications* I see you there Just wanted to let you know you've gained +1 thread stalker. Nice dergs! Good luck with your brain stuff!!
  9. Finished sapphiredragon73's Vengeance! I wouldn't have spent so much time on it but man do I love dragons. I've been drawing them for so long, it was pretty relaxing to sketch and ink this guy. The pose was fun too. Feel free to resize!
  10. Thanks guys! Yeah, I love evening-ish shading palettes. I'm... not sure I know any other color schemes, actually. sure, sapphiredragon! I'll do the lines in pen and color it tonight digitally since I'm on campus right now. Hopefully I can gank my roommate's camera phone.
  11. Hey, I wanna draw more this year, so people can ask me to draw stuff again! They'll be quick doodles since I want to focus on personal art, unless you want to PM to discuss. No more form to fill out, since this subforum became p casual. Here's a gift I drew for my sister. The lava brush works surprisingly well for sheep wool.
  12. Haha dear GoN, now I wish I picked a bunch of naughty options instead. I, too am curious to know how salty PERL got.
  13. it not crismas but merr crismas anyway Not very festive, but bluesonic1 wanted me to sketch out some Pyro Xenos and I have delivered! Unfortunately my camera sucks now and the pencil is hard to see. Ah well. Featuring a mage and their Crimson Flare pygmy friend. Xenos are probably bigger than that, buuuut this guy is small or something idk and also he's missing spikes oop
  14. Man, I wish we were warned before the choice popped up. I wasn't prepared after jumping that last ledge and chose the naughty choice by accident while trying to speed through the text. I didn't even get to read it but I can guess what it was. Wonder what that thing I found in the snowdrift's for. Guess we'll see! Also, is the cave we passed while leading the reindeer Reno and Ronin's? I think that was a cat in front xP
  15. Today's event looks promising. Where did that "Magelight and beans" joke come from, anyway?
  16. That was a pretty cute game! I walked into the void a few times while trying to explore but the reset button worked after a few refreshes. Thanks, spriters and coders! It is a truly impressive tiny game. I just wish I could talk to the Holly dragon. Niyaka's idea about new holiday dragons appearing in the square with each successive day made me realize that we have 8 Xmas holiday dragons already released! Last year there could've been a "7 Days of Christmas" thing, too late now though.
  17. Nah, wyv and Esko hadn't posted yet and I also had finals/getting home from uni on my hands. Gonna work on a post now, those who haven't yet can jump into the dream whenever.
  18. I know it's finals season (just finished mine last week), but it's a little sad that this flopped before leaving the starting gate! You guys still interested? How 'bout I move the RP along, and the ones who haven't posted yet can jump in later?
  19. I identify strongly with reverse centaur man yes good Oh good, I'm not the only one who gets uncontrollable urges to draw RP scenes/characters. Once I am freed from the heavy yoke of finals I will probably have a bunch of art to shove in the RP. you should post those in the OOC thread :U also hai i lurk here sometimes but don't have much to say. keep up the good b
  20. IC thread GET! It's always a struggle keeping my posts semi-short, haha. Feel free to have your character be the one approaching. And oops, you're right, Mage. I wanted this to be fun subplots and not epic grand plot fight against doom so uhhhh... I guess only some dragons are immortal if they're given enough magic for a purpose, like magic/history-guarding or dream-organizing, and these are Elders. The rest just live pretty long. (Elders can probably also take apprentices to replace them?) So not every non dragon-to-be has to be an Elder. Let's not have any more b/c OPness, shall we Thanks for the offer Esko, but let's not make this a Pern RP xP Wikipedia's p helpful anyway. And Erenik might be useful for some future stuff MidnightStar and I were talking, about memory spells. Maybe not actual time travel though. why are there so many Asians/part Asians omg, also all the elder dragons have k's in their names
  21. Hi wyv! I think less fur and more scales for Gaichu to start with would be good, since everyone else is starting with mostly scales. Otherwise it looks great! Feel free to add that octopus dragon whenever you want xP Also, what do you guys think about dragons gaining conditional immortality? They age to adulthood and stop, and can only die by being killed? Closing the RP to new people for now, because 5 is a good number ^^ Workin' on first IC post after a nap.
  22. Gonna make this thread the OOC thread and start a new thread for IC tomorrow or Friday! I feel like an OOC thread will be useful for any on-the-fly worldbuilding we have to do. Mage is correct! I like weird mind stuff so most of the interactions will be in dreams at first. Dragons are capable of "teleportation" somewhat similarly to Pern dragons in that they slip into a different dimension to travel long distances in short times, but this is pretty exhausting and/or takes the coordinated effort of a few dragons to facilitate one individual's transport. (btw I have never read Pern aside from a few snippets and fanfic crossovers, but holy heck does the worldbuilding and sci-fi sound amazing from a quick Wikipedia walk. Also, fandom was wild in the old days.) @skwerl: Eh, I don't really care about the legitness of your fantasy characters, this is a fun RP. So go wild with your race of furries xP Also, kind of related but I imagine werewolves in this universe to turn into just slightly bigger wolves, not anthropomorphic (and not so big that they can be immediately distinguished from real wolves by the untrained). Also they can turn anytime they want except the full moon, where they're stuck as wolves. This has led to a slight shift in dog breed popularity away from wolflike breeds, and also a lot of interesting variations on "your mom" jokes for Sam that he ignores. @Mage: Oooh, Kari's gonna have fun with Sam, he hates having buttons pushed.
  23. Haha, Sam sure would be surprised to hear that. And yay college kids! Dragons sure like young educated barely-adults. Oop, I think they're shifters. Did we say it was gonna be permanent, Midnightstar? Which do you guys think is better? If they're shifters, they'll probably need time, guidance, and the right state of mind to turn back from their initial transformation if they want to go back, and more training to get used to shifting back and forth in general. It's the dragons' way of having a "trial period". They're not complete pricks (mostly...). Also, should there be separate IC and OOC threads? not sure if I can handle that level of srsness but this is would be a lot to sort through to get to IC posts.
  24. Cool! In that case, all of my DC art (which is like 7 pieces, oop) can be found at http://shaydradraws.tumblr.com/tagged/dragcave.
  25. Whoo, join the party! Tralok's level of OPness is probably kinda necessary, we can work stuff out as we go. Added your characters to the first post, with link to the post they're in. New characters can be added anytime if you're able to handle 'em, and I'll link the post with their form on it. Also I got excited and drew some pics for my characters, which are now in their forms! I won't make an IC post for a day or three (so many tests @__@), so plenty of time for more forms to roll in.