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  1. I've recently fallen in love with this game. Makes me want to go out and plant something.
  2. @ Draco Knight: You're right; they do bring back memories. (I still have the tiger in that picture, even!)
  3. Yes! I just got some, and they're cute to boot. Happy V-Day!
  4. Just now caught one! Merry Christmas everybody! ETA: 1958 users online. Gawsh.
  5. Awesome. I'll be in hibernation 'till the 21st.
  6. I had a ton of evades, one revive, and four perma-deaths. My second-to-last kill turned into a zombie. Next year, I'll try for a hatchling and hopefully succeed!
  7. I have a some Final Fantasy games I need to get around to finishing: IV, X, and XII. But, that may not be anytime soon, as I just started IX. I love trying to find everything in these games.
  8. I'd have to go with webbed; it just makes dragons look more sleek & dangerous.
  9. My nonexistent heart always has room for evil plans! Nyuk -ahem- Muahahahaa!
  10. This is how I plan on playing: * Create families of dragon types that interest me. * Give them meaningful names and descriptions. * Stay on the hunt for the 'best' eggs. Maybe I'll join a lineage or two; I'll have to dig around this site more.