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centuri.pngThe power of eggs compels you! - I love even generation checkers. Especially Valentine's!My Ponygirl's scroll(My daughters' scrolls)My Angelbug's scroll 9Pmiftg.gifwwcb.gif

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    ~My Wish List~

    -CB Metals
    -CB Coppers (missing 2 Brown)

    *For Breeding Projects*

    -2nd Gen Golds and Silvers

    --Gold (m) x Ribbondancer (f)
    --Gold (m) x Gold-wing Snow angel (f)
    --Gold (m) x Marrow (f)
    --Gold (m) x Rosebud (f) ~need 2~
    --Gold (m) x Val 09 (f) ~need 3~
    --Gold (m) x Arsani (f)
    --Gold (m) x Black (f)
    --Gold (m) x Canopy (f)
    --Gold (m) x Harvest (f)
    --Gold (m) x Lumina (f) ~need 2~
    --Gold (m) x Magma (f)
    --Gold (m) x Nebula, Blue (f)
    --Gold (m) x Pillow (f) ~need 2~
    --Gold (m) x Red(f)
    --Gold (m) x Royal Crimson (f)
    --Gold (m) x Seragamma (f)
    --Gold (m) x Spotted Greenwing (f)
    --Gold (m) x Sunsong (f) ~need 2~
    --Gold (m) x Turpentine (f) ~need 2~
    --Gold (m) x Water Walker (f)

    --Gold (f) x Blusang (m)
    --Gold (f) x Bright Breasted (m)
    --Gold (f) x Heartseeker (m)
    --Gold (f) x Flamingo (m)
    --Gold (f) x Red (m)
    --Gold (f) x Royal Blue (m) ~need 2~
    --Gold (f) x Speckle-Throated (m)
    --Gold (f) x Spotted Greenwing (m)
    --Gold (f) x Spring (m)
    --Gold (f) x Stripe (m)
    --Gold (f) x Sunsong (m) ~need 2~
    --Gold (f) x Whiptail (m)

    --Silver (m) x Arsani ~need 2~
    --Silver (m) x Black (f)
    --Silver (m) x Electric (f)
    --Silver (m) x Horse (f)
    --Silver (m) x Mint (f)
    --Silver (m) x Royal Blue (f)
    --Silver (m) x Royal Crimson (f)

    --Silver (f) x Sweetling pink (m) ~need 2~
    --Silver (f) x Heartseeker (m) ~need 2~
    --Silver (f) x Yule (m)
    --Silver (f) x Cavern Lurker (m)
    --Silver (f) x Shadow Walker (m)
    --Silver (f) x Albino (m)
    --Silver (f) x Balloon (m) ~need 2~
    --Silver (f) x Black Tea (m) ~need 2~
    --Silver (f) x Blusang (m)
    --Silver (f) x Dorsal, purple (m)
    --Silver (f) x Magi (m)
    --Silver (f) x Olive (m)
    --Silver (f) x Pink (m) ~need 3~
    --Silver (f) x Red (m) ~need 2~
    --Silver (f) x Speckle Throated ~need 2~
    --Silver (f) x Spotted Greenwing (m)
    --Silver (f) x Stone (m)
    --Silver (f) x Stripe (m)
    --Silver (f) x Sulphur (m)
    --Silver (f) x Sunsong (m)
    --Silver (f) x Water (m)

    I like pretty lineages in general and have a soft spot for Sunsongs.