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  1. "Oh my, they're so sweet." Kelissa squealed quietly. G'sak rolled his eyes and whispered to Kelissa, "Don't speak too loudly, if you startle them they'll go between." Kelissa nodded slowly and set to watching the young girl feed the hatchlings, she found it remarkable how similar, and yet how different, the little green was to her own Vaytith. G'sak watched the hatching with less wonderment than Kelissa, he'd seen Firelizards before and compared to the dragons he thought they were unimpressive. However, he thought, maybe if another clutch was laid in the weyr he'd try his hand at impressing on
  2. Both Kelissa and G'sak nodded in acknowledgement. "Where are you..." began Kelissa, but Heedana was already gone. "I wonder where she was off to in such a hurry?" G'sak shrugged, "I don't know, but whether it was it must have been pretty important." Outside Xynelth turned to pay attention to the humans. There are firelizard eggs hatching in one of the candidate's rooms. He related to G'sak in a bored manner. G'sak smiled, "Xynelth says that there's some firelizards hatching." He stood up and held a hand out for Kelissa. She also got up, without accepting his hand, "Firelizards? I think that mi
  3. ((Hiya everybody *waves* Draco has appeared. Currently I'm unsure how to use colour code my characters, especially in this post. I'll likely only colour different people's speech. Oh. and I'll soon have a couple of candidates PMed to you Love.)) Kelissa and G'sak where sitting opposite each other in Kelissa's quarters. G'sak was talking animatedly about healing, attempting to teach Kelissa something of his profession, Kelissa sat head cocked trying to take in what her mate was saying. She didn't quite understand what he was telling him, but she tried her best. In the weyr Vaytith slumbere
  4. Hmm, okay then. I'll just have to sit and wait for everything to sort it self out.
  5. I've been using the site to check for inbreeding. For some reason it's saying the code of one of my eggs is non-existent even though it definitely is correct. I'm not sure if this is a bug or something but I think you'd better know about it.
  6. I believe there's 5 Gold dragons in Fort Weyr during Moreta's time. At least that's the amount I can remember.
  7. I think it's fine keeping the terms in, it's useful. Ooh, playing as Lessa? I'll have to reread the first few books to remember what she's like.
  8. I looked it up on Wiki and apparently it's true. I've seen it on other Pern sites as well. There's a lot of stuff that needs to be considered to make a canon Pern RP, isn't there? Well, I've given everything I can too this RPs production. *Sits patiently waiting for it to start*
  9. Of course, but first this RP needs to get accepted. Might I suggest that you change the rule about pictures showing your characters looks, I for one find it difficult finding pictures for my RP characters and much prefer writing a detailed description. Maybe you could change it to say you need a detailed description of, say, a paragraph long or pictures.
  10. I don't honestly mind. *pushes her bisexual Pern character into a corner*
  11. Eeee, a Pern RP. I was planning on making one myself. As I've read a number of the series I'll need to ask this. It's set during the 9th Pass, but when. I know it says after Lessa has returned from the past but is the story set before or after Dragonquest? It's just that could make a big difference to how this is played/which characters are available for use. Oh, and if you follow Anne's RP rules, females can ride Golds only if they are hetrosexual, Greens regardless of sexuality, Blues if they are homosexual, Browns rarely if they are homosexual and they can't ride Bronzes at all. This m
  12. Dear Diary. Life has been busy as usual. Draco instantly fell in love with the eggs we brought back and all have hatched. Scylla has been chasing after them to make sure none get injured. The Dorkface from my clan has grown up but yet to be named, Draco is waiting for a suitable mate for her from the Yulebucks before deciding on a name. There are three eggs in the nest, now since the Yulebucks have hatched. One is a little Vine egg whom has a bright future as the first frozen Vine in the entire clan, the other two bright gold eggs, said to be a new breed. Draco brought them back yesterday
  13. Dear Diary, Apparently a human traditional celebration is just a day away. I've never been one to take an interest in human holidays, but Balkanog has pricked my attention with the stories he's told of this festival. It's about giving your loved ones special gifts. I had no idea whether Lycans celebrated this holiday but I decided since Draco has done so much for the clan I'd get her something really special. I left the hatchlings and eggs in Balkanog's and Amira's capable paws and went travelling, taking with me a Vine egg recently bred in the clan, to some friends. I knew Draco ha
  14. I am a female Autumn dragon, or at least my real-life self is. Which is cool because Autumn is my favourite season. My forum name Draco is a female Green. I'm not the only one who uses the name for a female.
  15. I support this idea, I currently order my dragons in their mates, but it doesn't half get confusing when you have a lot of dragons like me and many have similar names. However if this were implemented, it would have to be switched off some way, on my scroll I breed the dragons, but if they haven't produced eggs together for a long time I change their partners, so it would be annoying if I couldn't change it again.
  16. If a decent Vine dragon avatar gets implemented it will instantly be used by me. No questions asked, and then poor Hayden will have to go into my siggy instead. I love the Gold one too Nakase.
  17. Dear diary, It is manic here. We've had three Spring hatchlings, three Frill hatchlings and a Stone hatchling grow up recently, they've been manically running around, playfighting and what not. We've had two of those new species eggs come into the cave. Draco's been fawning over them, willing them to hatch, she didn't even seem to notice the fact that she named the newest Frill hatchling Halek, we already have a Halek in the clan. I can tell you now, the sooner the rush for these new eggs dies down the better. Maybe we can finally have our clan leader back the way she was. Hayden Thi
  18. Dear Diary, The worst thing happened today. I came back to the cave from my little adventure in the outside world, and the first thing I was told was there were new eggs. Well of course the first thing I did was ran to go see them, Scylla was glad that I was ppaying interest in the new eggs, then Draco came in. She offered me an important position in the clan, as a guard to our territories boundaries. Obviously I was shocked and backed away from Draco in surprise, but where did I back into. Into the nest. I smashed one of the Frill eggs. I couldn't believe what I did, I was so upset and S
  19. Dear Diary Draco has been very uptight in the cave at the moment, ever since she brought back those four eggs from the abandoned cave. Two are Frill eggs I know that much, but the others Ive never seen before. Draco calls them Spring eggs, she's worked up about them because she's never had one in the clan before and the hatchlings are stubbornly refusing to leave their eggs. Now Draco's getting worked up because there are some new species and she can't even get one. Scylla says that if Draco doesn't stop worrying about getting new dragons and start paying attention to the recently grown d
  20. I swear by that anyway. Yay for responsible breeders.
  21. I actually like the idea of a dragon coming back with a hatchling. Maybe it could only happen if you have only one or two of the hatchling spaces filled or could be counted as a bred dragon.
  22. A kit could be difficult. Some people don't have the artistic talent or patience to make their own plushies. I think people would prefer just getting a plushie straight away.
  23. I like the idea of the hatchling in the egg. It's better than having those ones which you have to fold inside out, I don't like them. If the eggs could be put back together that would be great. Then you could collect the eggs too.
  24. As someone's mentioned before the vine dragon would be difficult to make, what with all the vines and all so what if it came with one of the flowers it has behind it. Like it has a plushie flower with it, with a long stem so you could, I don't no, wrap it around it's body. I so need plant and white plushies.