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  1. To give people? I'd definitely recommend the Dragonriders of Pern books. They're wonderful books and a great mix of fantasy and sci-fi. I'd also recommend The Animals of Farthing Wood series, they're so enchanting and occasionally really sad. As for books I'd like to recieve. Almost certainly the rest of the Dinotopia series (I have 2), just because they are entertaining and they've got dinosaurs in them, and in my opinion any book with dinosaurs is awesome.
  2. Been a while since I posted in here, so I'll post these now. Stupid college has cut my free time to read dramatically. Book Number: 7 Number Of Pages: 455 Book Title: The White Dragon Author: Anne Mccaffrey Book Number: 8 Number Of Pages: 599 Book Title: Lonely Werewolf Girl Author: Martin Millar
  3. I speak English and I'm fairly good at German (I should be I studied it for 5 years ). I've picked up a few random Japanese words from watching anime and a few phrases in Latin due to studying Ancient Rome and I'd love to learn more of both. I'd also love to learn Russian (because it's an epic sounding language) and Welsh (because I'm pretty much Welsh and think it'd be good if I learnt it).
  4. Just posting the last few books I've read. I should be able to update the list on the weekend, as I've twisted my ankle and won't be able to anything other than being on the computer. Book Number: 4 Number Of Pages: 460 Book Title: The Black Gryphon Author: Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon Book Number: 5 Number Of Pages: 342 Book Title: Dragonhaven Author: Robin McKinley Book Number: 6 Number Of Pages: 305 Book Title: A Companion to Wolves Author: Sarah Monette and Elizabeth Bear
  5. Book Number: 4 Number Of Pages: 460 Book Title: The Black Gryphon Author: Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon
  6. Idiot that I am, I posted this using the BookChallenge account. *facepalm* I own None I don't have the money to buy manga, I read it far too quickly so I'd rather buy a larger book that will take me longer to read. That being said, I read manga online. I've only really just started doing so, so I haven't read a lot. So far I've read: Naruto (the first 3 books) +Anima (the first 3 books) Fullmetal Alchemist (I've only read my favourtie episodes in manga form, I will get round to reading it from start to finsh soon) Hetalia (The published versions. As soon as I fi
  7. Book Number: 3 Number Of Pages: 340 Book Title: Temeraire Author: Naomi Novik
  8. Book Number: 2 Number Of Pages: 445 Book Title: Dragons of Autumn Twilight Author: Magaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Was my birthday on Thursday and I got 11 brand new books on Friday with my birthday money, so looks like I'll be spending the rest of my holidays reading.
  9. First book finally finished. Book Number: 1 Number Of Pages: 355 Book Title: Kissing Sin Author: Keri Arthur Nimrodel, just out of interest, what language are those Agatha Christie books you are reading in?
  10. It hasn't started yet. It starts tonight at midnight, seems we got the times a little muddled on the first post. Ack, so many difficult questions, Eilsel, kadoatie, I'll get back to you on those questions, I'll have to try and contact Freddy to answer them.
  11. Kanaye, if it's a fanfic it doesn't count. It has to actually be a published book. If you read it from PDF it should have a page count. Hell, if fanfics were allowed I'd hit the 250 mark in about 2 weeks.
  12. Category: Breeders. Title of Record: Breeder with the most Regular Vine Dragons: 27 Name of Submitant: dracodoctorwhofan Proof for Record: www.dragcave.net/user/dracodoctorwhofan I think this is the right colour for the record.
  13. Mind if I join this? It seems like it's for a good cause. I've already chosen five dragons I'll watch, I might add more later: UWUI the Female Magma Dragon DSPV the Male Ice Dragon WFXR the Female Sunsong Amphithere BaM4 the Male Silver Dragon 1lkI the Ungendered Nocturne Hatchling By the way, I love the name of the mascot. cream cheese enchilada EDIT: Just looked at the lineage of the Nocturne, and it's a Dorkface.
  14. Remarkably I just got a green one from the AP, after staring at it for a while wondering what it was doing there. And I think I know what it's going to be. *hugs egg while squeeing*
  15. B-b-b-but I like wingless dragons *hugs her Vines and Waters*. I suppose I prefer feathers over webbed, feathers be pretty.
  16. Just a quick question. Are Vine dragons considered too complicated a request? I'm not asking for a request at the moment, I was just wondering.
  17. I'll sign up, if only to help others get CB Blacks (I prefer dragons with lineages).
  18. The Vine dragons. I loves them, they are so unique and I just love the positioning. And I've recently fallen in love with the female Grey sprite, it's so sweet and looks quite playful too me.
  19. I'm not picking up these new dragons as I'm currently scroll-locked with Frill eggs which I'm not letting go. However my friend, whom's known as freddyness here, has gone away for the weekend and has no computer and she entrusted me with the task of getting her all of the new eggs. About 30 minutes after I take control of her scroll I've got all but the green speckle egg. I'm feeling pleased with myself.
  20. Excuse me Freddy, FMA is a five star. I can't recommend any more animes because I've only watched the famous ones (Pokemon, Bleach, FMA, Digimon, Wolf's Rain ect.)
  21. I remember the Guardians and Alt Blacks being released. We didn't have an announcement post, we just looked at TJs scroll. Paper's had genders *hugs my male Paper Balkanog* Back when the Black egg's didn't have glows and the Water egg's didn't have puddles. When people would rush to get an abandoned egg because they were so uncommon, and when abandoned hatchlings were extremely rare and would stay on the AP for less than 2 seconds.
  22. ((Like I said writer's block, I had that scene already thought out last night, I was just kicked off the computer before I could post it. I'll probably come up with something, in the mean time I'm going to re-read through the last posts to see what's happening. Edit: Thought of something.)) G'sak was about to accept Heedana's offer of going to help with the candidates but a flash of anger from Xynelth made him grimace, "I'd love to help, but Xynelth is really, really annoyed at someone. I'd better go calm him down." And with that he ran off for Kelissa's weyr. Kelissa watched her mat
  23. ((Thanks Odio.)) Vaytith, whom had just woken up and come out on the ledge was not amused with the small blue's antics and pointedly turned away to ignore him. if he wanted to catch her, he'd have to work for it rather than trying to woo her with acrobatics. Xynelth however was far from just not amused. His eyes swirled blood red, and his lips parted to show his teeth. Purposefully he moved in front of Vaytith, wings flared slightly. ((Oh great, writer's block.))
  24. ((Um, from what I remember all you do is keep feeding it, and encourage it onto your lap. Then you feed it to bursting point, once it's full it'll fall asleep. This link may help you: http://www.cibryen.com/firelizards.html . It contains info about fire-lizards, off course you can ignore the parts about filling out forms for the RP and such.))