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  1. I have hatched eggs from the AP!

    Dragon Codes -


    kOCLp (Waterwalker)

    SnghB (Water)

    Zv2GQ (Spotted Greenwing)

    Dz5gn (Green)

    5aOS2 (Guardian)

    8SVS5 (Terrae)


    Scroll Name - dracodoctorwhofan

    Gifting them to somebody, or keeping it? - Keeping

    Total Points - 34 + 6 = 40


    EDIT= Editing to add a donor form, as I'm happy to breed prizes for people.


    I want to donate!

    Can Donate - I'll breed anything on my scroll, I'm also willing to bite eggs to gift Vampires, breed hybrids and hatch Vine/Black eggs in an attempt to get Alts.

    PM Link - http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=4&MID=9403

    Special Requests? - I do not mind if hatchlings are frozen but do not use the eggs I gift for biting, zombies, neglected or releasing and no killing. Also, I would prefer it if the hatchies got named.

  2. ((It's been a long time since I posted here but I think I'll enjoy it, I've been meaning to write up little fics involving my dragons and journal entries are a good way to do it. For those interested I have a date system that my dragons use, same number of days in a month and whatever but for them 1 day is 1 month, so an egg that takes 5 days to hatch online, took 5 months for in character dragons.))


    These sheets of parchment are contained inside a scroll case, the end of the scroll case is a wax impression of a rose circled by thorny vines, the wax is keeping a tag attatched to the scroll that reads "The Journal of Hayden Dracokin, Patriarch and Elder Male Vine. The Second of Autumn Wanes 160 C.E


    Dear Journal,


    It has been a long time since I have added more to this account. Balkanog was more than happy to take a break from cataloguing the various books brought back to the clan, I appreciate him copying my sand writing onto parchment with ink. I have been a long time away from the clan with my mate Ninde, adventuring out to appease our wanderlust. As far as I'm aware nothing worth reporting happened in my absence though perhaps I should urge Ergan and Lyra, who temporarily took our place as clan patriarch and matriarch, to write up their experiences in that time. I must say however that within a couple of weeks of my returning, a problem was brought to my attention and has since split the clan. I am going to document the events so that future generations can understand what has happened.


    It started with the Elder Female Vampire Damsalt approaching me and Ninde. She brough to my attention a grave situation, you see the Vampires were struggling to survive in the clan. Their weakness to sunlight means they cannot travel far from the cave and little prey is found within a days travel within our territory, as such they were starting to starve.


    This starvation in itself was a problem, such suffering is just too awful to comprehend, but what added to the urgency of the problem was that with the onset of hunger, the Vampires bloodlust was growing. Damsalt warned me that if a solution couldn't be found it would not be long until some of her coven's younger members might start to view others of the clan as prey. This was a problem and not one that could easily be solved. I consulted both Thoran and Lyra, hoping that together the seasoned healer and accomplished mage could find a solution. Alas, all we discovered was more about the dangers a dragon faced if he got bitten by a Vampire. Unfortunately it seemed like the only option was to ask the Vampires to leave and to chase them off if they refused, but then a solution was found in an unexpected way.


    Uxi, a Bright Pink dragon and an assistant to Thoran, timidly approached us and told of an issue a small number of the clan was dealing with and how it could help. This small number of dragons all knew that they had something wrong with them, and though I know they hate the word it is the only way to explain, they were inbred. This inbreeding in their line meant few of their eggs would survive to hatch and even fewer hatchlings would survive for more than a few weeks, Uxi had to endure such a loss herself. The solution she proposed was that any egg laid by an inbred dragon would be offered to the Vampires giving them a sustainable food source, in return the inbred dragons would know that they were helping others to survive.


    The idea was passed around the inbred dragons and a few agreed to it. When Damsalt was told of the idea she gratefully thanked the inbred dragons and also made them a promise, that if they desired, an egg offered to the Vampires could be turned into a Vampire egg, thus circumventing the high mortality rate of their eggs and hatchlings and allowing the parents their own little one to raise. When the offer was raised, all the inbred dragons agreed to the cause, and we thought we would have no more problems.


    We were wrong. Once the scheme was addressed to the whole clan some members expressed disgust at the idea, even though they themselves were not directly affected. Some of these members even threatened to attack the Vampires and inbreds if the plan went into affect. Luckily the quick-thinking Uxi came up with another plan, to create a new cave system a little way from the main one, those who wished to help the Vampires could live in these new caves, those who had voiced their negative opinions need never venture into the new cave systems and those who did not mind could go wherever they liked. Scylla made mention that if new caves were going to be created, we might as well make a brand new nursery cave, as the growing gaggle of frozen hatchligns were fast outgrowing their small offshoot tunnel.


    Finally the plan was accepted and the inbreds worked tirelessly to make a new cave system. When the work was finished, me, Ninde and the other elders gave our blessing to allow the clan to be split into two, the Dusk Clan which lived with and helped the Vampires, and the Dawn Clan finally giving a name to those who lived in the older cave network. The new nursery cave sits proudly in the middle and was named, perhaps appropriately, the Noon Sands and there were no complaints with raising all the hatchlings in the same nest as has happened since the clan was first founded.


    The excitement and distrust has settled down now and our clan is once again peaceful, though I still wish to know where our clan founder Draco has disappeared too, perhaps...


    Balkanog wishes me to stop now for it is late and he mourns for the amount of parchment I have already used up. So I shall leave the speculation for another day.


    Hayden Dracokin, Patriarch of the Dawn Clan.

  3. Hello, I'm Vian. I want to get better at drawing and I thought the best way to do so was to get requests from people.


    I would prefer to draw dragons, but I'll try anything. Except humanoids, I'm not comfortable enough with my attempts to post them online.


    I have a DA if people want to see some stuff I have drawn, there's not much there at the moment though: My DeviantArt


    I will only take 5 requests to start with, so fire away with suggestions.

  4. Thoran doesn't have anything that sets him apart from other Whites, except being grumpy and having slightly creamier feathers from age. Again sorry for all the confusion, I shouldn't request things when I'm loopy from lack of sleep. Since requests have closed I'll just resend the form when they open again.

  5. I have hatched eggs from the AP!

    Dragon Codes -







    Scroll Name -dracodoctorwhofan

    Gifting them to somebody, or keeping it? - Keeping

    Total Points - 10+ 6 = 16


    I have a question, if you pick up an abandoned egg and then turn it into a vampire, do they still count, or not?

  6. I want one!

    Username: dracodoctorwhofan

    What you want me to draw: My White dragon Thoran, he's an old, gruff character.

    Position: I'd like him to be sorting through a first aid bag, but if that's not possible, do whatever.

    Emotion: Not sure what I should put here, I'll leave it up to you.

    Extra: I'd like it to be sig sized please.


    Really I like to give artists their own free rein so do whatever you think would look best.

  7. I have hatched eggs from the AP!

    Dragon Codes -







    Scroll Name - dracodoctorwhofan

    Gifting them to somebody, or keeping it? - Keeping

    Total Points - 6

  8. Book Number: 4

    Number Of Pages: 478

    Book Title: All The Weyrs Of Pern

    Author: Anne McCaffrey

    Summary: At Landing a machine called AIVAS has been unearthed. AIVAS, using information from the first settlers of Pern, has been teaching the current residents all that they have lost preparing them for the ultimate mission of riding the world of thread. But not everybody thinks that AIVAS is a force for good and some Holders and Crafstmen would rather see the "abomination" destroyed.

  9. Book Number: 3

    Number Of Pages: 295

    Book Title: Dead as a Doornail

    Author: Charlaine Harris

    Summary: A number of shifters have been shot in the Bon Temps area, and suspicions are pointing towards Jason. Sookie is worried for her brother but little does she realise she is also a target.

  10. Book Number: 2

    Number Of Pages: 384

    Book Title: The Renegades of Pern

    Author: Anne McCaffrey

    Summary: Continuing the story of Pern. Thella is a renegade intent on starting her own hold by recruiting other holdless to her band, when she hears of a girl who can hear dragons she desperately wants to take her for her own use. Meanwhile Toric is worrying about Southern Hold and the oldtimers, Jayge a trader is dealing with his life travelling with his caravan during threadfall and Piemur is mapping the rest of the Southern continent on Toric and Masterharper Robinton's request.

  11. Book Number: 1

    Number Of Pages: 321

    Book Title: Dead to the World

    Author: Charlaine Harris

    Summary: Bill is in Peru leaving Sookie in Bon Temps, but things once again go bad when a dangerous witch coven appears in Shreveport, Eric loses his memory and Jason goes missing. Are all these things related and will Sookie find her brother?

  12. Book Number: 15

    Number Of Pages: 279

    Book Title: The Dragon and the George

    Author: Gordan R Dickson


    Book Number: 16

    Number Of Pages: 212

    Book Title: The Witches

    Author: Roald Dahl


    Book Number: 17

    Number Of Pages: 226

    Book Title: The BFG

    Author: Roald Dahl


    Book Number: 18

    Number Of Pages: 399

    Book Title: The White Gryphon

    Author: Mercedes Lackey and Larry Dixon


    Book Number: 19

    Number Of Pages: 328

    Book Title: The Shapeshifter: Finding the Fox

    Author: Ali Sparkes


    Book Number: 20

    Number Of Pages: 159

    Book Title: Dinotopia

    Author: James Gurney


    Book Number: 21

    Number Of Pages: 328

    Book Title: Wicked Lovely

    Author: Melissa Marr


    Book Number: 22

    Number Of Pages: 391

    Book Title: Throne of Jade

    Author: Naomi Novik

  13. Book Number: 11

    Number Of Pages: 434

    Book Title: Alta

    Author: Mercedes Lackey


    Book Number: 12

    Number Of Pages: 375

    Book Title: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

    Author: Rick Riodan


    Book Number: 13

    Number Of Pages: 761

    Book Title: Dragonheart

    Author: Todd McCaffrey


    Book Number: 14

    Number Of Pages: 262

    Book Title: Kisses From Hell

    Author: Kristin Cast, Alyson Noel, Kelley Armstrong, Richelle Mead and Francesca Lia Block

  14. My next set of books. I'm starting to get into a routine now in college so I'll have a little more time to read. Yay.


    Book Number: 9

    Number Of Pages: 369

    Book Title: Dragon Champion

    Author: E.E. Knight


    Book Number: 10

    Number Of Pages: 305

    Book Title: Rescue Me

    Author: Melissa Wareham